Monday, 4 October 2010

It Could Be You! But Tuesday It's Definately Me!

Monday 27th Sept, woke from a bitter cold night, in pain to a bitter cold morning at 8am, to the sound of Hammering & Drilling in the Hairdressers below, hope she's getting a better job done than the idiot doing my windows is doing!! I got a call from my acting agency I am playing the part of one half of a couple in a Cafe & later a commuter, in the Lottery Scratch Card Ad, I have to have two outfits Casual Smart for Cafe scene & business dress for other, its being filmed in Hampstead area at 6.30am, so early night tonight!!

Had Porridge for breakfast, and took Stan, Betty & Aku for a walk in the park, hoping that it will help ease my back, saw some real cute dogs out, but if I was to get another dog, it would be a Ginger Chow Chow, I Just love them, they're so cool!! or a Pomeranian like a mini Chow Chow crossed with a Chihuahua

Chow Chow Cooooooooool!!!

Got home did all the boring household chores then watched the funny "Two Guys & A Girl" while I stopped for a coffee, more boring chores later I stopped for another coffee & a catch up with today's paper. The owner of the Pink Cat (dubbed the Pink Panther was found) she used food coloring to dye her white cat bright pink, not unlike what many people do to poodles, I think it looks kinda cute like a slim Bagpuss!!

checked my emails, Facebook & Twitter & made Dinner, a Tuna Salad with Jacket Potato. Read the rest of Thursday 23rds Sun Paper as I didn't get to before due to going to London for Big Brother Party, and discovered my letter had been Printed in the Sun Letters Page (Page 53) Watched  The Inbetweeners hilarious as always, then went & had a long soak in the bath, washed & styles hair & re did make-up as I got a call telling me the location & I need to be near Bishops Avenue on Hampstead Lane at 6.30am for the Shoot of Camelot's, Lottery Scratch Card  Advert, that's at least a 30min walk from the nearest tube Highgate, so I'm going to have to set off at around 5am for the train station, so there is no point going to bed, as I'd need to get up at 3am, to get myself ready & even if I got into bed at 9am, with my insomnia I'd never be asleep before that!!!... watched some TV read some magazines & got dressed in jeans, peach velour top & Channel style french designer Jacket, for my 1st smart but casual look. Packed my black shift dress, my white frilled blouse, black trousers & Aqua short fitted french designer jacket for my 2 business commuter options for later.

Tuesday 28th Sept 5.15am set off to the station with my change of clothes in a holdall, walking trough misty rain, my back aching but bearable, got my ticket & waited for 6.09am train to come. I got the slow stopping train to Kentish Town & then caught the Northern line tube to Highgate Station. Then walked from Highgate Station to Hampstead Lane sending Candie a text en route.

There was no number Hampstead Lane on written instructions, but when you clicked on the map to zoom in a picture of No26 came up a pine coloured door of a big house, with black wrought iron security front gates, so I assumed that was the venue. Walking down Hampstead Lane I came across the house at 6.25am couldn't see anyone about but upstairs lights were on so I buzzed the gate & they buzzed me through & a tall handsome, posh guy, with dark foppish hair, around his mid 30's I'd say, opened the door in a white bath robe, I asked if this was where the filming was being done? he said "No!?" (whoops but nice bit of eye candy to start the day on!!)

I apologised for disturbing him & text the shoot contact, she called back to say they were parked outside a playing field with goal posts in in a big catering site Double Decker (why was that not on the info emailed? and why did number 26 house come up when you clicked on pin marking shoot spot on map?) I'd passed a playing field earlier so I went back looking for the bus, no joy, so I turned round and headed back in original direction & came eventually to another playing field & the base catering bus.

I had a fried egg sandwich for breakfast via catering van, which I ate sat on the bus, while waiting for 3 other agency actors who were having trouble finding the location too! Once all had arrived we were driven down to set 1st to the wardrobe van, the wardrobe woman said I looked great as casual smart shopper, but would have to be made plainer later when with my screen husband, as he is less groomed & looks out of my league, never had having to be dressed down been more flattering. I was sent off for 1st background scene at The Hampstead Tea Rooms. I had to be walking past the Tea Rooms in the opposite direction past a bus top (below) as a red haired girl pushing a guy in a wheelchair, went in other direction,  as I pass by steamers burst into the air from the wheelchair & inside the cafe, and I turn & look at them with amusement (they had just had a scratch card win)

Then without the chance to change into my smart commuter outfit, that i'd been asked to bring, I had to be one of 4 people sat waiting for a train on a platform who turn to look when streamers go off on a train platform.

These scenes were taken over & over again from 7am until 12.30pm, then we were then mini bussed back to the base catering Double Decker for lunch, I had steamed salmon in a white wine sauce, with steamed veg, with a diet coke & a Banoffee Pie for desert, then we were all driven back to set where I had to go into wardrobe & be drabbed down, I had to put on black trousers, a long high necked leopard'ish  print top with a beige cardigan pinned with a broach across my chest to look less busty & more frumpy, and wear my flat suede lofas, as I was as tall as husband in flats, so would be taller in heels. my hair that was curly in 1st part was smoothed back into a ponytail & my hairpiece added (that I brought just in case) which was curled under & pinned like a chignon bun. they put on purple gloves to hide my trendy neon orange nails but the director didn't like it, so I hid one lot curled into my acting husbands arm & curled the other loosely as not to show.

We had to walk away from camera from Hampstead Heath train station, past a fruit & veg stall, then across a zebra crossing towards a Newsagents with a Lotto sign outside, but a load of streamers go off as we head towards the crossing & we turn to look at it & then as we cross the zebra crossing, streamers go off in a car with a couple of pensioners in, that had stopped for us, and we turn to look at them too! I was clowning around between takes with my American husband, saying he was lousy in bed & I was divorcing him & he was joking about his mistress back & knowing how I love it when Americans say Mam, he kept saying yes mam no mam etc

After that shoot I changed into Black Trousers, White blouse & Aqua Jacket & was in background of final scene where I was sat outside Starbucks (next door to Hamstead Tea Rooms) with others done up in office clothing, behind a small garden area with a (scenery) phone box, we look on when streamers go off in the phone box & then again on a passing bus, I was sat chatting with the charming Kiran Nirmal who is a business & personal developer mentor, (you can find her on Twitter as @everydaysharekn) one of the guys there gets a lot of period extra work in things like upstairs downstairs (remake) but recently did some Eastenders work, and was in Queen Vic when Alfie sets it up the bar for a football match piss up & the flat screen TV he sets up falls off the wall, he said Sean Richie fluffed his lines a lot. I will be looking out for that scene in Eastenders!!

It was finally a wrap at 6pm after 11hrs of shooting & I got a lift back to Highgate from one of the crew & got the tube & train home, it was obviously now winter as it was getting cold & I'd walked to the station in the morning in darkness & I was now walking home in darkness. Got in & made a decaff coffee & despite being awake now for 37hrs I stayed up another 4hrs either chatting online, when I checked my Facebook account, a complete stranger Oskar Makay had sent me an abusive inbox message, as he doesn't know me & I have never spoken to him I assume he can only be a reader of this blog, or one of my online groups? not sure if I was supposed to be hurt or upset about it, but if so he will be sorry to learn that, I found it Bloody Hilarious & posted it for all my friends to see & we spent an hour or more absolutely pissing ourselves laughing at it & him, with over 100 posted comments. Apparently we have a mutual FB friend (my best friends, sisters boyfriend) plus he works in McDonald's Devon (my friend & her family are originaly from Torquay) also he is a Sunni Muslim (if that's a Sunni attitude I'd hate to see a cloudy one) his Spelling & grammar also point to someone of great intellect, NOT!! I think he may be related to GLP Goddess, here are his insightful put downs, for those of you interested in one of my critics thoughts.

oh dear
28 September at 13:05
are you a celebrity? no you're a piece of shit. a wannabe skank. yet you rip certain people for pretending to b e aceleb to take the piss. i been to one of those bb partys and it was the cringiest thing ive ever seen in my life. failed Z lister's tryna claw back some credability by doing anything they can. fuck you.

To which I responded
28 September at 20:21
Whatever!!!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

He replied
28 September at 20:32
no it's not a whatever response. you should be ashamed of yourself. a 46 year old woman/man whatever the fuck you are( a freak) talking the way you did. never heard anything like it

Amused I asked
28 September at 20:36
about what? what is so shocking & shameful?

Still waiting for an answer maybe he internally combusted with the strain of trying to think of something credible, that he can spell.  Its his birthday soon 19th November, maybe I could get him an English Tutor as a peace offering, birthday gift. I was half tempted to friend request him for a laugh!!
My #1 Fan
If Your Ever in McDonald's Devon
Ask him what his beef is with me ?
Apart from a Quarter Pounder of course!

Continued watching TV or checking acting websites. eventually hitting the sack at midnight, after 41hrs with no sleep.

Wednesday 29th Sept, I thought after 41hrs with no sleep I'd sleep in, but no I woke at 8am which is just as well as I had a flat inspection from my landlords at 9am, pointed out the windows that had still not been painted properly!! Got a call from agency asking how shoot went & I said it was fun. I had a tuna jacket potato & salad for lunch, did some household chores & then chilled with a coffee with the paper & Closer Magazine.

It had an article on Michael Roberts, the cheating husband who murdered his wife, whenever I see his pic I get this gut feeling I know him! but I can't think how? (although I do have a photographic memory!) so unless it comes to me, I'm wondering if it's maybe because he looks a bit like Jack Tweedy & Kenzie, but somehow I think not, which again begs the question why does he seem so familiar??.

Michael Roberts
Jack Tweedy

Read some of The Sun paper a bit on the Beckhams in LA. They said yesterday was the hottest day in LA on record, lovely Simon Cole went back to LA yesterday, so the lucky devil had a heatwave to go back to.
Simon Cole LA Bound
Filed some paperwork while listening to the TV & stopped for a coffee & watched the very funny "Two Guys a Girl & a Pizza Place", I like the character Burge in it he is very funny, they all are, but he is my fave, he is played by Scarlet Johanson's husband Ryan Reynolds, who is in the new film Buried about to come out.

Two Guys & A Girl
Ryan Reynolds AKA Burge

Did a load of laundry & house chores & had chili bean soup for dinner & watched TV while filing job & audition applications watched the brilliant NCIS & braved the god awful Seven Days for a 2nd week in the optimistic view it can only get better (it didn't!!) what a bore I wont be wasting my time on that again! Jennie called me to see if I was free to come round tomorrow night I said I was. Spent next hr listening to the brilliant Law & Order while sorting back room, stopping at 12.10am to watch the brilliant RuPauls Drag Race, Mystique the Alison Hammond look-alike went out tonight!
Alison Hammond

Thursday 30th Sept, woke up with excruciating back pain again, I think it must be the weather affecting my injury, as it was OK when it was mild, when we filmed Tuesday, did more boring chores, with difficulty, due to finding it difficult to move or bend, due to the pain & wrote a letter to OFCOM regarding Talk Talks abysmal treatment off me plus taking £80 out of my account when I didn't owe them any money & not telling me, so my direct debit made me unknowingly overdrawn & running up £75 in bank charges that were not my fault grrr. The bastards wouldn't even return the wrongly taken funds back into my account, saying they would put my account £80 in credit (how Flaming kind!!!) One of the extras at the Lotto shoot said she has been in battles with Talk Talk for over a year & that they are diabolical & she rued the day she ever signed up with them, saying the neon rainbow tune on the TV in Xfactor Ad breaks makes her want to punch the TV, god I thought that was only me!!

Watched the funny Two Men A Girl & A Pizza Place, Ryan Reynolds who plays Burge was also in Deadpool, looking a lot less cute & geeky, looking very ruff & buff instead!! as you can see below!

Oh Helloooooo!!!

Had a Veggie bacon Bagel & some chili bean soup for tea, before arriving round Jennie's at 8pm, talked about the typhoon that just missed her house in Catalonia & she said she would be round to check out my zips next week some time. Talk Talk were being slagged off on Watchdog tonight ironically after a load of complaints to OFCOM well they will have some more soon!! Watched the rubbish Trinny & Susannah mocumentry "From Boom To Bust" comedy is not their forte, then True Blood (I love that series it's dark, cool & sexy!!) I suddenly realised that Sookie's super hot brother in it, looked like Ryan Reynolds who I like from Two Men & A Girl, never realised that before. The guy who plays him oddly is also a Ryan, Ryan Kwanten they could be brothers (except Ryan Reynolds is Canadian & Ryan Kwanten is Australian!!)

Ryan & Ryan Separated at Birth?

Talking of looky likeys Anna Paquin who plays Sookie reminds me of a blonde version of  Lea Michele who plays Rachel Berry in Glee. Both the girls are pictured below what do you think?

Anna Paquin Blonde
Lea Michele
Anna Paquin Dark Hair

Left Jennies at 12.30am saying to meet up some time next week for a coffee, plus look at my zips & cottons.

Friday 1st Oct, more household chores more battles with inept authorities who owe me money & have conveniently lost paperwork (funny how they only do that when they owe you money, never when you owe them, then they are on your back like a ravenous werewolf!!) went into Santander & got the £75 bank charges removed from my account, as they were not my fault they were caused by Talk Talk removing £80 from my account which was NOT theirs to take, the thieving scum!!

Went into town in the torrential rain, paid my quarterly Gas Bill £22.75 (a nice change from my past two) then set off to get my nails manicured ready for Richard & Jason's wedding tomorrow in Brighton, not sure what I'm going to wear yet as the weather is so changeable, so I went for a french polish with a shimmering china glaze on top as that will go with any colour outfit. Then lay under my sunbed for 20mins for a bit of colour.

Chatted to my friend Jennifer Anderson, who lives in Manhattan America, she wrote & directed & stared in the Vampire sitcom I was in "Georgina" she was singer & keyboard player with The Gothic looking, Punk/New Wave Band, "The Nuns", under the name Jennifer Miro "The Nuns" were big in San Francisco in the 1970's, a clip of part of one of their Raunchy Music video's "White Slave" is below in the link in Yellow (for the non prudish amongst you!!)  

The Nuns Raunchy Video Of "White Slave"

Jennifer Anderton AKA Jennifer Miro

Watched some TV & got my stuff ready for the trip to Brighton Saturday, I was about to put my head to the pillow at 2.30am when I saw that the film "Real Women Have Curves" with America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) was starting, so I watched it in bed. But I wish I'd not bothered....  Just as looked like it was about to get started at 3.55am it ended, I felt bloody cheated!!

Saturday 2nd Oct, woke at 8.30am, finished packing my case with a few dress choices (I just couldn't decide) but packed my blingy black Kurt Geiger shoes, you cant go wrong with blingy shoes!! 

Had 10mins under the sunbed, washed & blow-dried hair & changed into Jeans & my stripey Reiss Top

Its a lovely bright mild day out & I thought I am glad the weather has changed from the torrential rain of last night for Richard & Jason's Wedding day. Pulled on my Cream trench coat & fit flops & headed off for the 712 bus stop to catch the 2.25pm bus to Brent Cross, chatted to Dave the Driver en route, and watched the sky getting darker & greyer (bugger!!) got a 102 from Brent Cross to Muswell Hill & walked to Candies place. Got to Candies around 3.30pm & her son 9yr old Xavier was showing me some of his projects he has done on his PC. I had a slice of Pizza & a Coffee at Candies & we set off for Brighton a hr later around 5pm when the baby sitter arrived. The roads through London en route to motorway were chockablock!!

The sky got pitch black and most of the long journey to Brighton, was poor visibility, due to rain lashing on the windscreen, plus once we got into the good old area of Sussex (where I use to live) there was no lighting on the motorways. We eventually got to The Regency Hotel at around 8pm a Really lovely Hotel with friendly staff, very boudoir decoration, which goes with the Burlesque classes available there.

The Regency, our room was the one with the balcony above

Candie & I had the Bridal Suite with a massive King Size Four Poster Bed, which we laughed about, we opened one of the half bottles of red wine on he side, to drink as we changed.

Our Bedroom & part of our Bed

Decided on the black cocktail dress & fixed hair again, as it had been rained on somewhat. We headed out to the Venue (The Barcelo Old Ship Hotel on the seafront) at around 9pm luckily we spotted a taxi dropping some people off at at a near by hotel & jumped in to get a lift to The Barcelo Old Ship Hotel, before we got too soaked, The Cheeky cab driver said he would give us special rates later if we called him to go back to our hotel (yeah we know what his special rates entailed & he wasn't that special..... except maybe special needs!!)

Made our way to the wedding reception area & Found Richard & Jason & one of their 2 little girls, who was a bridesmaid. Must be about 15yrs since I'd last seen them both, it was either at their fancy dress party or when we (Candie, Richard, Jason & I) went to the Ideal Home Exhibition. We had been to the Exhibition 3 days prior, as we had lots of free tickets, as numerous friends had stands there, so we decided on the 4th day that we'd seen it all, so it would be amusing to see if we could be thrown out?

So 1st they locked me in the boot of a show car (nothing) then Candy Jason & I sat on a sofa, on a furniture stand, looking towards a bedding stand opposite & Richard got in one of the wardrobes & waited, then when people opened the door he use to say "Is this the 1st floor or basement?" the funniest result was when a Chinese couple actually looked at the side outside the wardrobe for buttons or something that had a floor level on it!!  lmao (still nothing) So we took over one of the show rooms Candie & Richard laying in bed together, with him passing her a roll saying "Cheese Roll darling?" & Jason & I in the kitchen fixing food & selecting a bottle of wine (which we opened with a bottle opener from a kitchen stand) but people trooped past assuming we were part of a "living home exhibit" & obviously we were not reported, as nobody came in to stop us (nothing) we even sat on another stand, drinking wine from one of the houses (nothing) So Candie & I stripped off to our undies & got in one of the Jacuzzis on a stand, but instead of being told off, the guy on the stand thanked us, for making his stand more of an attraction, bugger!! (nothing!) we gave up after several other attempts & left on our own accord & went to the pub. Jason said That was one of the funniest days he can recall. 

Candie, Richard & I chatted about the old days & the now infamous France for a pound with The Mirror, where the whole trip was so outrageous it could be turned into a sitcom, although if it was, most people would say that's crazy, that many things couldn't happen to a group of people in just one day (oh believe me it can, if its Candy & I and a bunch of our pink posse) believe me that's a blog in itself & one day I might just post it!

Signed their wedding book & filmed a video message for them, chatted to Richards Sister & Parents, had a bit of a dance & chatted to some of Richard & Candies friends from Torquay, then a bit more dancing & drinking and a selection of goodies from the buffet.

Later the entertainment arrived, well known Brighton Drag Queen, Dave Lynn, who I have bantered with many a time before, he was good, but with a much toned down act, due to the number of kids present. Only down point was when a guy sat on the floor behind me decided to get up & trod on my left little finger, cracking my nail at the base, cant describe how much that hurt!.

We had a bottle of Champagne in the bar, when the wedding reception area closed, chatting with Candie, Jason, Richard & family members, then Candie & I headed back to our hotel, along the rain soaked pavements, along sea front, through the drizzle, stopping off for a cone of chips at around 4am. Walking back I slipped on a slippy rain & chip coated pavement, cutting my knee & elbow OUCH!! luckily I didn't scuff my shoes. A tall blonde guy out on his 40th Birthday helped me up & chatted me up, which was quite funny. Candie & I said our goodbyes to him & his friend & got back to our room, where I cleaned up the blood on knee & elbow & crashed into our huge four poster bed with Candie, really comfy firm mattress

Sunday 3rd Oct, woke at 9am back feeling a lot better than of late, think that firm mattress has worked wonders, Got freshened up & dressed & went down stairs for breakfast, we got ourselves a fruit juice & sat down & were waited on by to very charming oriental girls, Candie & I ordered a hot chocolate & vegetarian breakfast, which wasn't bad & filled the spot, though the tomatoes were a bit hard & the beans not Heinz!

We checked out & after putting our stuff in the boot of Candies convertible, we headed out along a dry but very windy & cloudy seafront in search of a toot shop to get Candies boys Tiger & Xavier, Brighton rock & candyfloss etc. Then it was back in the car & a drive back to Candies in even more soddin rain (you'd think the sky would have run out, after the copious amounts on Friday & Saturday!!)

Got indoors, running in from rain & Xavier told us about his trip to the Local Farmers Market & his School project on mummification. He wanted me to help him set up his own blog which I did & then read News Of The World & watched "Drop Dead Diva" which I like, as don't get Living channel at home!

Had a toasted veggie sausage sandwich & at 8pm Candie gave me a lift to Finsbury Park Tube where I saw the same Golden Labrador & Lassie /Collie Cross puppy, that I saw last time I went home after staying at Candies, which was funny as I was just thinking of it, as I headed towards the station, it ran towards me & jumped up for a stroke & a cuddle ahhhhhhh

Got in at 9pm & watched "27 Dresses" on Ch4 +1 I think James Marsden is kinda cute, & it was a easy film to chill to on a Sunday night!

Chilled with my book on Marilyn for a few hrs after & went to bed listening to the rain lashing against my bedroom window. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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