Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Quiet Start To October, Only Xfactor to Amuse & Irritate Me In Equal Parts

Monday 4th Oct, I got up at 8.30am knee & elbow still tender, but its my trodden on little finger that's the killer, did a job search & sent off a few job applications, though its getting close to the season where its only part time Xmas Jobs. Then wrapped up warm & took Aku, Stanley & Betty out for 2hrs over the park, to get myself some exercise, walking is good for the legs & you can cover a lot of distance in 2hrs blisters on heels have almost healed so I will be able to wear my trainers soon & get down to some serious exercise in the gym, not just in the park. Cold out today feels like winter, even though British summertime doesn't end until Oct 31st.

Got home finished my last blog & also posted my Big Brother Party photos on one of my past blogs & Facebook album & also uploaded my Two Pics taken outside the BBC by the Tardis, when Ian & I went to see the filming of "8 Out Of 10 Cats" (below) into one of my Facebook Albums.

When The Dr told Ian  he'd be "sucked off" to another Dimension
This wasn't quite what he had pictured!!!

The Newly Generated Gay Dr Who
With his Cougar Fag Hag, New Assistant

Went on my facebook & found a message from someone I named & shamed in a prior blog (Still Can't Give Up The Fags & I Don't Even Smoke) lets call him *Lenny King he was most perturbed, no doubt present or potential employers googled him & my write up of his antics popped up GOOD!! which no doubt reflected badly on him (GOOD!!) as he has a rather high powered job, which is no doubt why, like some footballers he has a inflated ego, that makes him him wrongly assume, that  he can treat women like dirt & get away with it (he picked on the wrong woman when he picked on me!!) the correspondence & my views below :-

04 October at 19:19
Dear June

I write to you in relation to your blog, namely "Still Can't Give Up The Fags & I Don't Even Smoke" that make various references to me (including photos you have taken from my private facebook page) They were not private while he was my Facebook Friend & were/are profile pics so also come up on Google & he has obviously forgotten he also sent me them via email about 2yrs ago, when we 1st corresponded & so are now also my property, as are any emails or text messages sent to me (hence why such private things can be printed in papers & can escape privacy laws, once in your possession they are yours to do with as you please, unless you either stole them to posses them, or signed a clause or made a promise to keep secret that had a witness) I have many friends & relatives in who are either Court Judges, Lawyers, Police or Reporters, so I know what I can or can't do!
I understand your anger and frustration at my missed call in the early hours on that saturday morning, but i think your comments are extremely damaging and unjustified. The information, including my surname and the photos you have used will cause me a huge amount of personal turmoil if not removed. I do not need to highlight the seriousness of this posting; it is extremely damaging to my professional and personal reputation, defamatory, slanderous and totally unjust. It wasn't a missed call, it woke me & I had to cut it off to stop ringing at 3am as not to wake the two girls, sleeping in their bedrooms, before texting who is this, as it was a new phone & the number not stored. My comments may have been damaging, but certainly NOT unjustified they were 100% true. I was well aware that if potential Girlfriends or Employers Googled him, the info with name & Pic's would come up & cause him turmoil, but after the abuse I received over the past 2yrs since he'd had my mobile number, I thought it was about time the boot was on the other foot & he tasted some of his own medicine. Indeed it was defamatory, but what I said was 100% true so his own behaviour defamed himself, he is a fool to think he could hide his personal nature forever! It certainly was NOT slanderous the comments would have to have been false or exaggerated comments to be so & in fact they were a lot milder than the truth or that he deserved, and most certainly NOT unjust!!

I know from previous conversations a long while ago when we spoke that you are a compassionate and decent person, so I will provisionally appeal to that good natured side of you and ask you to kindly remove any specific references to me (i.e. remove my surname and the photos, to protect my anonymity without altering the content of your blog) and that will be the end of it. However, if you cannot find the goodness inside you to remove this slander, you will leave me no choice but to instruct my solicitors to resolve this matter through the relevant legal channels which I will not hesitate to do if this not sorted within 24 hours. As before, given the potential consequences of this for me personally, I will take no hesitation in instructing solicitors in this matter and vigorously defending my reputation. Should I not have taken pity on him, which I did (though he doesn't deserve it) He would of spent a lot of money on a Slander case which he would of LOST. As I write a page a day diary, in which every one of his nuisance calls over the years was logged, as was every one of his abusive comments, said text or left on voicemail, when he got angry, when I either wouldn't answer my phone, or put it down on him, saying I was tired & he'd woken me, at times varying from 2-4am occasionally 6-7am when he was fresh from clubbing, pissed & wanting me to talk dirty to him, so he could jack off!! or obviously when he had a morning glory needing attending too, who the hell did he think he was? we'd never even gone out before, let alone slept together, what the hell made him think I would be happy to be woken at all hrs to attend to his sexual needs?? there are 0898 numbers to sort that & at least they get payed for the service!! Unlike me !!... I'm not the Samaritans flaming phone sex service!! I also kept every one of those abusive texts & voice-mails too, so all my lawyer would need would be those & my call records to get the proof off nuisance calls off the phone company!! Case Closed, its not Libel when its true!! I know my rights & I'm never stupid enough to lie in print (unlike the dumb Whore being sued by David Beckham) 

I am of course happy to discuss this if you wish, because you will no doubt appreciate the seriousness and gravity of this posting. I am available on 07921 ******, or if you would like my office contact details I will happily liaise with you there too. No need for that number, after his last call & text on my new phone I  listed it in phone under barred numers!!

I look forward to your comments, and am deeply regretful that a simple missed call has resulted in this.
That bit made me laugh. A Simple Missed Call, errrr your forgetting that call was not missed, I cut it off, it was at 3am, after a LONG history of such nuisance calls & abusive messages, (sent when I would not answer, or put the phone down) also the fact that he had continued to try to call that night, after I'd turned the call & then the phone off as I always ended up needing to do!! despite me texting who is this you have just woken me up!! so obviously not happy about it!!


Amused I replied :-

04 October at 20:11
You are right I am a decent & compassionate person, I hope now in future you will treat women with some decorum & respect!!

If you were to involve lawyers in a case of slander you wouldn't win & if it was one missed call, I'd hardly be that pissed off as to name & shame you, the calls were constant over the past few years at a very unsociable hour always between 2-4am & if I said I was sleeping & put down the phone you would constantly keep calling back until I had no choice but to turn off my mobile.

When I told you not to keep doing this you said "turn the fucking ring off then!!" I told you I had an elderly mother living near by & not having a land-line I needed to leave my phone & its ring on at night, in case of an emergency & I don't appreciate 2-4am calls from you wanting me to talk dirty to you, just so you can jack off!!!

Last time you did this, yet again causing me to have to turn my phone off, was a few days before I had a emergency call from the police, saying that my mum had collapsed & was being rushed to hospital at 3am (8hrs later she was dead!) If it had been on the day, a few days earlier when you hassled me so much I had to turn off my phone (even sending me a text saying "answer your phone you fucking bitch", which I still have on my phone among others if you wanna talk libel!!) & if I then was not able to be contacted by the police & she had died without me by her side, I swear that blog comment would be the least of your worries!!

Because I am a decent person I will amend my blog, as hopefully this has taught you to treat people (namely women) with a modicum of respect, or at least I hope it has, and let me make it quite clear your threat of libel had fuck all to do with it, as I keep a page a day diary & every call time & date are logged & every offensive text kept, so phone company records would prove numerous nuisance calls & abusive texts.

No need for your number I have it on my phone under barred numbers, so I can get a nights sleep without being disturbed or abused.....

So fortunately for you, other future employers will not know what a rude, obnoxious, disrespectful little shit you are..... If you don't recall any of this behaviour, then I suggest you cut down on your drinking or whatever poison it is you like to party on.

But thanks for the laugh at the simple missed call comment ,if you can call, a call at that hr simple!! if only it was just that to rile me!!

Shame as the 1st time we spoke years ago you seemed to be quite a nice person, that seemed to vanish as soon as you had my mobile number, if that's how you treat people you have never met I pity those you have got in the sack

On that note I will say adieu & hope you start treating a Lady like a lady, as if not one day you will come up against someone, with less compassion than me!! Who will take revenge to a much greater level, it's amazing how many girls out there know some very dangerous people if they need them.

He replied with :-
04 October at 21:11

I appreciate your comments and your taking the time to reply.

I am genuinely grateful for the compassion you've shown and I am very upset with myself over the whole affair - rest assured whilst these simply look like typed words, the anxiety and stress I have experienced as a result of this has genuinely taught me a lesson. I hope this is genuine not kiss ass words
I can only apologise unreservedly for the anxiety I may have caused you, and I am again thankful for you exhibiting the true decency of your character.


I responded with :-
04 October at 21:22
Good!!!!..... I am glad you now know what stress caused by another is like

I hope from now on you will refrain from talking to women like dirt & calling them at unsociable hrs, under some arrogant impression it is your god given right & that if they put down the phone on you, they are no longer bombarded with more calls, or called bitches or much worse either by voicemail or text!

His Response :-
04 October at 21:27
Genuinely, I am so so sorry for causing any distress to you (I feel awful).

Believe it or not, I have learn't my lesson and I am actually a good person - not an excuse, but when I drink I am so unlike my true character. (stop drinking then if your a horrible drunk!!)

Appropriate or not, I do wish you all the best and I can only again apologise for my totally unacceptable behaviour.


Hoping he has genuinely learnt a lesson from this I replied :-
04 October at 21:39
Then I suggest you curb your drinking, I know how to have a good time, but it's never at the expense of others!

In the last 3 years I had to battle 3 crippling illnesses 2 potentially  life threatening (one I nearly died off) & just as I am recovering my mum dies unexpectedly of an aneurysm you have no idea how stressful those years have been (your stress over this is nothing by comparison) the last thing I needed, when critically weak & in a lot of pain, is being constantly disturbed, when the pain had finally subsided enough that I could sleep, nor being woken from a Temazepam induced sleep, when the pain was too bad to sleep any other way. Believe me I also did not need to be called a Whore, Bitch or Cunt, when I politely kept asking you to stop calling, as I was too weak to argue when you got abusive.

So I really hope you have learnt your lesson, if not for me but for anyone else who would get that treatment in the future if you haven't! & if the drink brings out the devil then you need to address you have a problem!


I truly do hope he does mean that, because I am sure I am not the only woman/girl out there who has been on the end of his abusive late night/early morning phone calls & some would not be as hardened as me & would be either scared by it, or stupid enough to play along in the hopes it would make him like them, believe me any girls that did he would have no respect for & would at best use them for a throw away booty call when needed, girls please please please have some respect for yourselves, and don't allow yourselves to be treated like a piece of meat by men like *Lenny King, in the hopes the guy will fall for you!!..... HE WON'T,  he won't even respect you, plus you will be a laughing stock between him & his mates & any nude pic's sent to his phone, will be passed round the lads to pass comment on!! Please gain some self worth I see so many young girls out their undervaluing themselves & it saddens me. Spent the rest of the evening sorting out the back room some more & went to bed at 2am

Tuesday 5th Oct, another drab cold day brrrrrrrrrrrrr but decided to wrap up and take the dogs for a walk to keep up with a bit of exercise, put on my leopard print wellington boots as the park is very muddy with all the rain this past week, wore jeans, silver lame knit polo neck & Parker coat, as it feels so cold & wintery out.

Got home buying a Sun Newspaper en route it had a voucher for a free sub at Domino's so decided to go get one as I'd had no breakfast or lunch & it was now 3.15pm walked all the way to Domino's & they said they had no Subs despite the offer being valid until 4pm, so still hungry at 3.30pm I dropped into a fave local cafe JK Palmers, 13 High St St Albans,  which has good, fresh, tasty food & lovely staff (I recommend it if your in St Albans & peckish) & also as it will be quicker than walking back home & cooking from scratch.

Had a Veggie Toasted Club Sandwich & a Cappuccino, then strolled home cutting through Boots & tried on some of Marc Jacobs Perfume Lola, very nice & loving the bottle, I do love a good perfume & bottle , plus having been a Manager of, Designer Italian Perfumes, I own quite a collection as you can see below.

Marc Jacobs Lola
Just a few Perfume's in my Bathroom

I was just finishing off one section of back room, when I realised I'd forgotten my acupuncture session at 4.20pm bugger!! Had a small portion of Fish & Chips for dinner, later I got a call from a good friend, inviting me to A Big Halloween Bash in London, & I jumped at the chance, I LOVE getting Done up for Halloween as you can see Below

I'm friends with two of Sid "Carry On" James'es sons Alan & Graham, who often tell me jokes, Graham made me laugh with an Xfactor themed one today.....

Cheryl Cole, Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell are walking down the street when Cheryl trips, falls forward and gets her head stuck in some railings. Simon, quick as a flash pulls down her knickers and bangs her senseless from behind. Slapping her tight little arse, he turns to Louis and says, "Your turn." Louis starts crying. "Whats wrong?" says Simon. Louis Sobs, "My head wont fit in the railings"......

Wednesday 6th Oct, Woke at 8am to a gloomy day but by 11.30am it was bright & sunny out!! I had porridge for breakfast & a coffee. I did some job searches & wore my ripped jeans, multi coloured, French designer, striped, long sleeved, jersey top, my faux fur Oasis Gillette & my Mustard Timberland boots, as it appeared to be mild enough to go without a coat today & spent an hr down the park with Aku getting some exercise, ended up taking off my Gillette as it wasn't just sunny .....it was HOT!!!! the English weather is definitely weird!! the past week has been bitter cold & rainy & now this??

I popped to Domino's at 2pm for my free Sub with The Sun, I got a Veggie Deluxe (as the guy said I could have it today as they couldn't do it yesterday) I was the 1st person in there, but in under a minute there were 8 others, my simple Sub took them 20mins to do, don't think Subway have anything to worry about with that long a wait a subway would be done in about 3mins tops, it wasn't as tasty either, and at £3.49 its also more expensive than a Subway!! They need to either re think their speed or their pricing!

Got in & realised why I'd hardly ever worn my Timberland boots (about 6 times tops) when I saw my bleeding bony ankles, that had been rubbed by the inside seams of the boots, causing grazes that were bleeding on my bony ankles & blisters just above the blisters at back of heel, above old blister scars caused by trainers, think they are destined for Ebay, damn my stupid baby soft skin Grrrrrrr!!!

Slipped into chocolate suede lofas & took 2 lots of air fresheners back to Poundland (useless no scent at all, you might as well be spraying water in the air!) Did the hoovering & put a white & a black wash in the machine, & parcelled up a horse ornament I'd sold on Ebay, then back to more job searching online. Had a couple of texts & arranged to go round to Jennies Thursday night & Nicky's Friday night, Andrea Text me inviting me to a Halloween Party at the Green Dragon, in Winchmore Hill on the 30th but I already have arrangements made for the 30th now.

All the papers are running with the story that Cheryl Cole has had death treats over not picking Gamu, and choosing Cher & Katie who both fluffed auditions, OK fare enough Gamu was a decent singer & didn't fluff her auditions, but don't forget we heard her original audition through auto tuning, and though good didn't set the world on fire. These sicko's who make death threats over something so minor need to be locked away  for their own safety as well as that of others (one saying if he couldn't kill her he'd get anyone else with the name Cheryl Cole, what kind of psycho is that!??) many called her racist errrrr hello!!! black husband, good friends with Will.i.am & one half cast girl going through, hardly the behaviour of a racist, typical of the bitter hatemongers with nothing better to do, that rant hatred at people they don't know, on forums like digital spy, why not go out and have a life, instead of just sitting at a PC and spewing bile all day & night?

Chopped up red onions, green, red & yellow peppers, courgettes, aubergines & butternut squash & stir fried with ginger, chilli's, Garlic and various herbs & spices & ate with Krisprolls spread with humus very tasty, put 2nd load of washing out to dry & later settled to watch the Apprentice Stuart & Dan are prize knobs, Dan was fired & it was almost a double firing Stuart very narrowly avoided joining Dan.

Your Fired!!!!

Discovered by accident (while looking for something to listen to while doing chores before RuPauls Drag Race started) that Blade is now a series on FIVER USA cool!! ..... RuPaul Drag Race Came On very funny I Loved Pandora Boxx impersonation of Carol Channing very funny, plus a brilliant Brittany impersonation, by Tatianna the right one went, when it came to lip syncing for their lives, Sonique is a Beautiful Drag Queen but a total BITCH!!!......

Turned the TV over to ITV before turning off so it was ready when I turned it o in the morning, only to find Jason Donivan Singing on "The Zone" in an attempt to flog his new Album of songs from the 80's they were selling on there, oooh a live performance on a Telly Shopping channel he must be desperate to sell a few at full price, before they get destined to the music stores bargin bins!!.....

Pandora Boxx
Pandora Boxx as Carol Channing
Pandora Boxx
Tatianna As Brittany
Beautiful But Bitchy Sonique

Thursday 7th October, I woke to another beautiful sunny morning, so after a shower I did my make up & dressed same as yesterday (except for the Timberland Boots!!) & took Aku for a run round the park (got on the scales this morning 1lb lost since Sunday, not a lot but it's only been 4 days & it's in the right direction!!) Ran into a blonde woman I often seen in the park when out with the dogs, she stroked Aku & said "I'm not a vagrant, my 7yr son is Autistic & goes to the school at the end of the park, he is smart & often gives the teachers the slip & escapes & is also a self harmer, so I like to be near the school just in case they call, to say he has vanished again!" I said "I would never question why your always in the park when I am, if anything I'd just assume you go to the park on your lunch break!" she said a guy had come up to her once giving her a leaflet & saying they provide warm food & bedding thinking she was homeless, after seeing her in there a few times. I laughed as she was always well dressed & groomed & often with her ipod, & I said "I bet you were thinking, gosh I must look rough today!" she laughed & said "That's exactly what I thought!!"

Vervlamivm Park, St Albans

Got in & had some Moroccan Vegetable soup & read the paper it said we are heading for a Indian Summer up to & including the weekend with it being 69deg F yesterday & it forecast as 72deg F tomorrow, 68deg F Sat & 64deg F Sunday, Also in the paper was the disgusting news of Ch4's new Mocumentry about to be aired soon depicting Prince Harry, Kidnapped by the Taliban, while fighting in Afghanistan & him turning Traitor!! Surely that is treason (a few decades ago someone would of been executed for that!!) What Sick Moron thought that plot up? & what Arsehole thought what a good idea, lets put that on TV?? talk about kissing the arses of the wankers that are Taliban, Muslim, fanatics!! .....

I for one will not be watching this unpatriotic, treasonous, blasphemous pile of tripe!!......

Kelvin Makenzie was writing in The Sun today about being overjoyed after seeing the film "The Americans" that George Clooney was starting to look old!! WHAT!!!  STARTING???? he has ALWAYS looked 10-15yrs older than his supposed age (always wondered  if his age had been massaged somewhat by his agent!?) Even in his E.R Heyday he looked mid 40's to early 50's & he is only meant to be in late 40's now!!.... I am sure he is a lovely guy, but I have never got his heartthrob status?,  he has never been a heartthrob in my eyes!

George Clooney

Bought some blister plasters for the grazes & blisters caused by my Timberland Boots yesterday, they are going on Ebay at the weekend! Injured elbow has a scab on now & is a bit tender & knee is grazed and bruised, but its my injured left little fingernail, that is smarting like a bitch, wanting to put nail glue or superglue down the crack but it will seep down onto the raw flesh below the nail & burn like hell.

Went round Jennie & Edgar's at 8pm & their daughter Lara was showing me her finger-knitting belt she was making (I use to do that as a kid) caught up with some of the gossip with Jen, watched Drop Dead Diva, A Very Funny Celebrity Juice, who had my friend Kavana behind The Giant magazine & then watched a deliciously erotic True Blood, then went home some time after 12midnight arranging to go out for a drink with them both on Saturday. My Squaddie friend Ozzy text re arrangements to meet up, before he go's back to Australia for good in 3 months, so we have decided on the weekend after Halloween.

Chilling with Kavana

Friday 8th October, woke to a gloomy day that didn't get much better, but was mildish (but not exactly the Indian summer up to the end of weekend weather promised, and certainly NOT the 73deg F predicted for today!!) I had two boiled eggs for breakfast. Went under my sunbed for 10mins as it lifts my mood & lightens my hair, like the sun. Popped out & posted off another Ebay item I'd sold. Came back did another laundry wash & changed bed linen checked Audition sites but things are quiet at the moment. Also did a job search in retail management, promotions & fashion design & sent off a few spec letters too. Nicky Called me at 4.15pm & said she would be picking me up a bit earlier than planned at 5pm so I quickly packed my overnight bag.
Nicky & I

Got back to Nicky's & had a laugh with her cute as a button Daughter Emily Louise, caught up with the news on her poorly dad & the latest news on mutual friends. We had half a mini pizza with garlic bread & chips for dinner & a couple of bottles of beer, then chilled in front of the TV. The Mentalist, 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Framk Skinner : live from the NIA Birmingham & my 1st look at Richard Bacon's Beer & Pizza Club, not bad looks quite cozy with a smallish audience. My friend Paul text me with an invite out tomorrow night, but I'd already made arrangements with Jennie & Edgar so it was too late!!

Had a fairly early night going to bed at 1.30am as Nicky has an Electrician coming round at 8am tomorrow, definitely having a much slower laid back week this week!!......

Read a bit of the paper in bed more on the Beckhams although I have never lusted over David I think David Beckham is handsome (except for all those tattoo's) but when he got angry with his own Galaxy soccer fan who said "stop with the prostitutes!!" which was caught on cine camera I have to say angry Beckham is sexy!!

Saturday 9th October, heard Mini AKA Emily Louise go into Nicky's room at around 5am & making sure Nicky didn't get much sleep, got up around 8.30am & chatted with Nicky about how odd some mutual friends are getting these days. The electrician arrived about 9.30am, I had a slice of peanut butter on toast for breakfast & got a lift into town with electrician friend Dave, when he had to pop out for a few bits to sort Nicky's electrics,  having to go past mums old house on the way, which gave me a pang in the chest, we'd also passed the cemetery en route back too!

Its grey & cold out, looking like rain soon, so Weathermen deffo cocked up their prediction for a hot Indian summer weekend!! it is nowhere near 68deg F predicted for today.

Got a Sun Newspaper En Route home & read it at lunch time when I had a beetroot soup & roll. 
Popped out for a few essentials needed to make a big vat of homemade vegetable soup, with Butternut Squash & Courgettes for next week.

For those interested in making it themselves, the ingredients are as follows :

Evil Barbie's Spicy Winter Warmer Soup

550g of Asda's  fresh tastes chopped Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato chopped
1 carrot chopped or grated (you can use more, I don't really like cooked carrot but it adds sweetness)
1 green , 1 yellow, 1 red & 1 orange Pepper chopped
3 balls of Asda freshly frozen chopped fresh spinach
2 medium beetroots chopped
1 Onion (red or normal) chopped
3 cloves of Garlic
2 tins of cheap own brand chopped tomatoes
1 tin Heinze lentil soup, fill emptied tin twice with water & empty in too
1/2 tub of Tesco Finest cherry tomato sauce
Splash soy sauce
Splash Lee & Perrins (optional)
Splash Balsamic Vinegar
2tblesp Total 2% fat yogurt
1-2tsp Asda Easy Chillies
1-2tsp Asda Easy Ginger
1-2tsp Asda Easy Garlic

Additional herbs & spices add to personal taste :

Salt & Black Pepper
Chopped Marjoram
Curry Powder
Chopped Oregano
Chopped Basil
Ground Cinnamon
Powdered Garlic or Garlic Salt
Ground Turmeric
Ground Coriander
tsp Marmite
tsp English Mustard

Put all ingredients in a large pot or casserole dish & stir well place on oven hob, on a high heat stirring, let boil for 4-5 mins stiring as it does, while all the herbs & spices infuse the vegetables, then allow to simmer for about 45-60mins, the 2 cans of water may not seem like a lot of liquid, but you have the liquid from the lentil soup & chopped tomatoes & as the courgettes & frozen spinach balls cook down etc more juice & fluid is created, but if for any reason yours still looks too thick/dry add more water, by 45-60 mins the liquid mass should of reduced by about a third, take it off the heat & allow to cool if you like a brothy soup & you haven't cut the veg to chunky, you can have as is, or if chunky you can have like a stew, or you can when cooler, put it into a blender, & blend it down a bit so chunks are smaller, or you can blend right down into a thick creamy soup, I tend to blend half down really creamy & the other half to a small chunk variety & then mix the two together & then freeze in portions in freezer bags, or in old washed out, lidded fresh soup pots.

I often serve with a dollop of Total yogurt in middle & a few pine nuts sprinkled on top.

Had some of the soup for diner & VERY tasty it was too I have excelled myself, watched come dine with me while dusting & hoovering, then washed my hair before going out, round to Jennie & Edgar's. I was invited to a private showing at an Art Gallery, at 12 Vyner St, in Hackney today by my friend Paul who is playing Piano there, but he only told me last night which was far too short notice!

Neck & shoulders have been hurting me past 2 days (that will teach me for forgetting my acupuncture appointment on Tuesday) Got to Jennie & Edgar's & in just 5 mins were out the door to the Pub, quiet night so got in at 11.45pm neck was hurting anyway.

Got home & caught up with Xfactor, apparently there are two ejections tomorrow, well after watching tonight's show I know for sure who definitely should be straight out the door!!....... The Bloody Xfactor Stylist, the outfits were diabolical, the only people who looked good were the judges, there was only one acceptable item in all the contestants dire outfits & that was Katie's Blade Runner esque Perspex multi coloured hat/head piece!! Also The Wild Card Secret twist has to be the worst kept secret ever!!

My Personal Critique of The Xfactor 16 are as follows!!

Matt Cardle- Oh God No Not that same soddin hat again!! doesn't even go with the lame, dull outfit, good strong vocal though!... but he looks like he should be emptying my bins in that fucking hat!

FYD- Bad, Bad, Bad Styling! But acceptable Vocals, good song choice!

John Adeleye- Boring Clothes & A Boring Song, I don't know how its one of Cheryl's all time favourite songs? I don't even recognise it!! his vocal didn't impress me either!! Yawn!!

Rebecca Ferguson- Still nervous didn't belt out the song like it needed, and that she is capable of, didn't like the arrangement of the song either, she's still lacking in confidence & the stylist dressed her much too old for her age of 23yrs, at 46yrs I'd find it a bit frumpy, it was like an attempted stab at sophistication on the cheap!

Paije Richardson- God Damn Awful Styling, He is far too fat to have trousers below his pants at the back, the trousers fitted awful at front, fuck knows what that Miami Vice Reject, Fabric Print, Bomber Jacket was? & don't get me started on the Yellow canvas trainers/plimsolls WTF his feet looked huge!!! Singing was so so but the outfit distracted you from his singing anyway & NOT in a good way!!!!

Cher Lloyd- Vocal wavered & nowhere near her 1st audition standard, either that or they are not getting the same sound from the studio sent down the TV lines to the viewers!!... she worked the stage, but outfit was diabolical, the harem pant like trousers made her bottom half look totally out of proportion with her top half, was it a shit attempt to hide how skinny she is?, or a piss poor homage to the awful split harem trousers Cheryl wore for "Fight For This Love" video? Her head looked like a Thunderbird Puppet's head too, bad hair & make-up.

Diva Fever- Fun Camp, Rainbow Lycra outfits were bad, but in a good, fun, camp, way, very entertaining, surprisingly good vocals too but only one was really singing the other was rarely heard & their in the groups!. Plus being a Fag Hag I was bound to like them!!

Katie Waissel- Nice Make-up, interesting fun Perspex Hat/Head Gear, a bit Blade Runner, but from the neck down the outfit was absolutely atrocious!!! Weak Vocals, song was too big for her, the suspended hanging keyboards & crouching men below were very, Very Naff!!

Storm- I didn't mind the quirky sparkly eye make up mask, or his fire red hair, but the clothes were goddamn awful!!  The vocals were not bad, but backing track seemed to be coming over louder than his vocals at times, I don't know if it was different in studio & this was a TV technical hitch when being broadcast to viewers at home?

Belle Amie - Very average & God Awful styling, Camel jumpsuit fitted terribly & crotch hung down unattractively, black floral jumpsuit was unflatteringly baggy too, the other two outfits were boring, what you'd wear on a trip to the shops, they also chose wrong girl to do the lead vocals, they should of chosen girl who's black bra was showing a tad through the fabric of her boring beige shirt! as she had a stronger voice.

Mary Byrne- Showed all the others how a number should be belted out! A stellar performance, scrubbed up quite well, but stylist dressed her head to toe in black, the stylist is obviously so bad they believe the Black is slimming rule is law! she looked a tad funeral-ish

Treyc Cohen - Good Vocal again, like Mary she belted out the song the way a song should be sung, Blue dress a bit short & a bit clingy for such a big booty, but good colour & the multiple chain ribbon necklace like applique at the front looked a bit of a cheap Primark version of a catwalk look, but forgivable compared to other styling atrocity's to the rest of the contestants!

Nicolo Festa- Quirky, but Vocals not the best, song too big for him, Boring styling, plus naff red sunglasses, only added just because Lady Gaga wore sunglasses in her Video of "Lets Dance" only hers were funky & not naff red ones!! which only goes to show how Unimaginative The Xfactor Stylist actually is .....YAWN!!!!!

One Direction- Not bad, acceptable vocals, safe, styling looked OK from the waist up, but went awry from the waist down, but bearable unlike other outfits.

Aiden Grimshaw- Good Vocals & his face told the story of the song well, shirt OK even don't mind the neck not being tied, but hated it only tucked into the front of trousers, trouser shape was awful almost harem, but slung low, making not only both of his legs look deformed, but also his body looked  too long & his legs too short which is not attractive & won't win him any girly votes in the looks stakes, although he looks gay if you ask me anyway!

Wagner Carrilho- A Car crash performance, but amusing & again styling was awful, they could of used a white or grey band to tie his hair back with the black one looked like a beetle had camped at the back of his head!!!

So to sum things up: Only Mary, Tracy, Aiden, Diva Fever & Matt's talent stood out, Wagner to go & maybe Katie, Paije, Nicolo or Rebecca, possibly even John, but the person who should be going is the god awful stylist!!!! SIMON SORT IT OUT PRONTO!!!! They should be put against the wall & shot for crimes of fashion!! Also did the make-up artist have a job lot of red lipstick they wanted to shift? as well as judge Dannii Nearly all the girl contestants have been coated in it on Sat night (whether they suited it or not) on the stage tonight & on nearly all the female contestants in their moody opening show shots!! I know Red lippy is in this season but that's overkill!!....... obviously an unimaginative make-up artist too!!

Sunday 11th Oct, Today is my BFF Candies 41st Birthday & she is having a weekend away with the family, so I am happy the revolting cold weather of yesterday has been replaced with the sunny weather of today on her big day. Tried to text her Happy Birthday this morning but discovered I was out of credit (bugger) will have to go out & get some later, so sent her a FB Happy Birthday in case she checks by phone, as I don't want to disturb her weekend away with he family with a call.

BFF Candie

Had 2 boiled eggs for breakfast & then listed more items discovered, while sorting out back room, on Ebay. Odd thing is today although its warm and sunny out, it was cold indoors?

Read some of News Of The World. and again Gamu is front page & her Xfactor & Immigration plight, I feel for her, nobody wants to be sent back to poverty, or a firing squad, but her mum is all I hate about Selfish Immigrants, if it is indeed true they will face firing squad (& many immigrants lie about this to get into soft touch UK!!) why be so greedy as to claim £16,000 your not entitled to from UK & in doing so stealing from the country that offered you protection from danger & a better standard of accommodation? As doing so would risk you being deported, would anyone truly at risk of being shot if sent home, risk their & their family's life for an extra £16K ?? which makes me think Gamu's mum is either exceedingly greedy, or lying about their fate, should they be returned to Zimbabwe, Simon Cowell is reported to be trying to help the family, if they stay I hope he doesn't pay off the £16K she owes, as it would be condoning the thieving from the Government & the tax payers purse by yet another greedy immigrant, who already get more help & hand outs than needy Brits & still is after more that their not entitled to! If she gets to stay she should be made to pay back the £16K in installments. I am sick of lying immigrants taking from the hand that feeds them & still wanting more & stealing from the owner of that same hand!

Got to 6pm & realised I'd not ate lunch let alone dinner!! wow listening to that  Paul McKenna "I Can Make You Thin" CD really works lol  (actually I know it does as I used it & easily lost the 3st gained while ill, so hopefully it will work again on the 2st gained due to heartbreak over mums unexpected death)  Buy it for £6.00 instead of £10.99 by clicking on link in YELLOW below.

Had some of my homemade soup for a late lunch, early dinner at 6.45pm (VERY Tasty & Healthy) with a Multi seed wholemeal roll. YUMMMMMMMM!! Listed some of my Pro Zenit (Zenith) Cameras, lenses, filters & other attachments on Ebay & then settled down to the Xfactor Results, to see which two go out!! Cute little Joe McElderry was on the show singing, bless him. He really didn't need to publicly "come out" we all knew, probably before he did even lol. Surprisingly enough people voted for Wagner for him not to be evicted, Nicolo was (he can thank the stylist & the bad song choice for that!!) the next two lowest scoring acts were Katie & FYD, Thought Katie would be in bottom 3 she sung weakly & apart from her Perspex hat her outfit was Dire, thought Paije, John & Wagner were worse than FYD though. It was no surprise that out of the two the Judges saved Katie (she has a more quirky saleability factor than FYD)

I really like Mary Byrne but she has to smile a bit more or she tends to look a bit like a monsters Inc Character
Mary Byrne V Monsters Inc

Watched Undercover Boss USA (funnier & more hardcore than ours) it was in Hooters quite amusing!!

Then what I have been waiting for "The Only Way Is Essex" the Brit answer to "The Hills" PML!! Funny for all the wrong reasons. Thanks to The Only Way Is Essex "Vijazzled" will be making it's way soon into the New English Dictionary!! no doubt described as a bejeweled diamante Brazilian!! Mark Wright is handsome (far left of above pic) but is pining after some thick Ex GF Lauren, who he has dated for 9yrs which as he is 23yrs means since he was 14 or younger, he says since 15yrs so that's 8yrs!! and he isn't coming across as intelligent emotionally or otherwise. I do tend to Hate the Essex accent, it makes the guys sound Common & Thick & the Girls Mega Common & Super Thick!! One Guy Kirk Norcross comes across as nice but dim, he reminds me a lot of Tobey Magire to look at.
Kirk & Tobey

One Blonde girl who works in the Bar was wearing the Black version of my Riess Dress, prefer it in the Olive.

Went to bed after making a coffee (decaf) at 2.30am this was one non eventful week,  but I might as well enjoy it as the chill time won't last for long!

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