Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Winter Or Summer? Make Up Your Mind!!

Monday 11th Oct, Had a bizarre dream about being at an event with an Ex, who meant a lot to me, at the event (in my dream) he showed me some photos that he'd kept, of our time together in the past! I was looking at them, but one was odd, it was moving like a video, it was me with a GF somewhere, I was in a pale pink top, cropped to just under my chest, with it I wore a long clingy shocking pink slim skirt that started about 4" below my navel, above my bikini line. I was gyrating round & round dancing & it seemed to be in my belly dancing days. My waist was slim & my tummy concave & toned like it use to be (& also how it was 18months ago) and I thought I'm going to get back there again!! Woke up thinking "what the hell was that all about?"

Woke up to a hot, sunny day (our weather is F**ked!!) listened to Paul McKenna "I Can Make You Thin" CD, had a shower, slipped on my cropped gym trousers, my Trimsole thong sandals & my turquoise Pineapple "Party like its 1979" T-Shirt. Ran round The Park with the dogs for 2hrs enjoying the lovely weather & feeling the burn!! I popped to shop after, for a diet coke & newspaper & one of the builders, who chats to me, said "Been for a jog?" I replied "Kinda, a run round the park with the dogs!"  he smiled & said "That's why your so fit!!" I laughed & said "I wish!!...... but thanks!!" Text Candie to see how her Birthday was? and how the Plan B concert went? she said it was fantastic adding "he has an amazing voice!!"

Birthday Girl Candie

It got to 5.30pm & I suddenly realised I'd not eaten breakfast or lunch (damn that Paul McKenna CD is good!) so I grilled some Tuna & steamed some veg & then segmented a grapefruit & had with plain Total yogurt (my favorite yogurt!!) Then after a few more job & audition applications, I watched Home & Away on Fiver, then a bit of online chat & more job & audition searches. Noticed when I took dogs out that the decorator had put new numbers on my front door, but they are wonky (the useless sod is so slap dash & cack handed!!) hasn't replaced the lock surround though, making 2nd chub lock difficult to lock from outside, it's OK from inside where its not been removed!

Still trying to find out where Jordan (AKA Katie Price) got the T-Shirts, Sweat-Shirts & Tracksuit Tops, she wore on her show as well as Pete (when they were together!) that had big diamante Angel wings on the back, I tried Heat Magazine & Closer who are meant to hunt down celeb clothing items for you but neither got back to me with answer, and had no response Tweeting Peter Andre & Katie Price either (Bummer!!) spoke to a pal on twitter @frenchcuk who said that it might be by @lamiskhamis who is sold on spoiltbrat.co.uk, looked on Spoilt Brat site which Katie Price buys a lot of stuff off of, but the Angel wing tops were not diamante studded & the wings shorter, fatter & lower placed on tops!! hmmmmm so I contacted Lamisk Hamis on Twitter & asked, she said Some may have been her old style tops, and also ones Katie got from LA by someone else ...... so the search goes on!! next stop Katie Prices Ebay Site!!

Looked a bit more & think I have found it or at least something that is pretty close!! on Hotfix Rhinestones & Crystal Designs site picture examples below & link to their site in YELLOW

Watched Corrie & EastEnders, Billy Jackson died on EastEnders tonight, a brilliant bit of acting only ruined by one thing, Billy had died in the night lying on his side, face down on the sofa, later the paramedics laid him  out spreadeagled face up before laying a blanket over him!!....... errrrr rigor mortis  would of set in & he would of been rock solid, in the position he died in on the sofa! so they wouldn't of been able  to lay him out like that, also his skin colour would of changed & his lips gone a blue colour!! ......

Still nobody has claimed the £113million Euromillions win that was in UK yet!! wished it had been my ticket boy would that change my life & the life of those I care about!!

Watched Josie & John James: what happened next on Ch5, not a lot it seems except getting a flat over looking The Thames near Vauxhall, over looking my Exes Apartment building.

Exes Penthouse Apartment Opposite Josie's
Josie & John James in The BB Diary Room

Plus Josie is bringing out her own perfume, which she said she wanted to call "Randy Mare" or "Desperate Minge" lmao don't fancy putting the aroma of Desperate Minge behind my ears!!!

Then I watched The Inbetweeners, made myself some salted popcorn around 11.30pm as I was peckish & did some more job & audition searches, while listening to Paul McKenna CD finally going to bed at 2am. Couldn't sleep though so ended up watching Cherry Goes Dating on BBC3, she follows girls/women dating in their teens, 20's, 30's, 40's & 50's to see how it differs not bad but a bit irritating as it said the 40 & 50yr olds were experiencing it all over again after being divorced or widowed errrrr what about us 40+ women who have NEVER been married or lived with someone?? think that was somewhat narrow minded and stereotypical!! they should of done 2 women in 40's & 50's one who'd been married before & one who'd never been married!!! One woman in her late 20's early 30's was quite bunny boilerish when she thought she had found the one, by following a self help romance book to the T, in fact if a guy did for me, on Valentines day what she did for him, I'd run screaming out the door!!..... Mind you not much chance of that though, as in 46yrs I have only ever received 1 Valentines Card, in my life, when I was about 19-20yrs old (& although he deny's it I'm sure my Brother sent me it out of Sympathy!!)

Tuesday 12th Oct, Had a dream about George Lamb, I was round his home standing in the hallway chatting & petting what seemed to be his dog, we had a bit of flirty banter going & then we seemed to be at a function, but then he seemed to be behind a red curtain, behind a counter, a blonde girl came in with 2 skirts that needed altering & put them behind the counter, confused I thought "this is not a dry cleaners or alterations place, surely George doesn't do alterations??" a short time later, Kim Marsh came in, wanting to collect her 2 altered skirts, annoyed that they were not ready!! I replied "but the girl only brought them in 3minuits ago!!" Then the place seemed to become a restaurant, & Kim, George & I, plus a group of others, were sat at a long table & the foreign owner/manager, was fawning all over us providing free goodies, I was given a chocolate ice cream Knickerbocker glory, we got up & went through a function, to head off somewhere else, when I suddenly heard my name called on a microphone, thinking I'd won a raffle or something. I went back in to the woman on the microphone, she said she wanted me to stand up & talk to the crowd on survival. I said "well I have survived  7 car crashes & a few critical illnesses, which do you want me to talk on?" then I woke up!!  thinking "What the hell was that all about?", that's been about the 4th time over the past few yeas George Lamb has starred in my dreams, cant even blame it on BB being on at the mo!!

Dream Guy - George Lamb

Today is cold grey & overcast, a complete contrast to yesterdays glorious sunshine (like I said yesterday UK weather is bonkers!!) Made a bowl of porridge with a dollop of crunchy peanut butter melted into it!! Yummmmy!! Watched my pal TV Psychologist Jo Hemmings on This Morning as their Sexpert!! Jo reminds me a little of a younger Jane McDonnald to look at (not sure if she'd find that flattering or not?) By 2pm the sun came out a bit & I chilled listening to my Paul McKenna CD with a cup of Green Tea with Pineapple & Grapefruit (Hate the taste of Green Tea, but its good for you, the Pineapple & Grapefruit almost make it bearable.... ALMOST!!)

I was Contacted by Angel Sinclaire about becoming M.O.D's (Models Of Diversity) Mature Models Ambassador, & I am now awaiting details via Ricco, looks full on but nothing I'm not capable of!! did some job searches & made myself a tasty tuna casserole, for a late lunch, washed down with a few Caffeine Free Diet Cokes.

Spoke to Candie, Jennie, Lollie & Nat via the phone, told Andrea I could pop into her Halloween Party at The Green Dragon, before going on to the other Big Organised Event later. Discovered a hard painful lump of a spot on my scalp, in the centre of my head, just behind where my fringe starts. whats that all about?? (how sexy....... NOT!!!) actually think it might be a wasp sting, one flew at my head in the park yesterday!

By 2.30pm the weather had turned warm & sunny again like yesterday, &  had a Tuna Casserole for lunch while watching 60min Makeover lovely job done by Richard Randall, he is consistently good.

Applied for for Dynamite Modeling/Casting Agency's Books 2011online, use to do extra work for them years ago when I lived in London, also chatted more to Ricado re Mature Models Ambassador for M.O.D (Models Of Diversity) looks like a fare bit of work and I am assuming its unpaid, but will pay dividends at a later date. Listened some more to my Paul Mckenna "I Can Make You Thin" CD while reading the paper.

Later had home made sweet & sour quorn with cashews, for dinner & got a random flirty message on Facebook, from a guy called Scott who from his Profile pic looked a bit like Buffys David Boreanaz, for once his  random approach, wasn't smutty or cheesy, so we had a bit of banter back & forth, it turns out he is 33yrs old, 6ft 6" (my ideal height for a guy is 6ft 5"- 6ft 6") he is a Telecom Sales Manager (thankfully NOT Talk Talk) the only snag he lives up in the NE in Newcastle.... he offered to fly me to Newcastle (his treat for a date there) but to be honest I have my 1st dates on home turf  99% of the time, after a day of chatting back & forth  I added him on Facebook & I was shocked to see his Birthday was the day before mine (no wonder we were on the same wavelength!!) so the question is should I play it safe, or take a risk & have an adventure up North?? (any views??)

Watched Wedding House on Channel 4 what a Bloody Bore that was 4-5 themed weddings crammed into one show, sounds good but the reality is Dull Dull Dull its no 4 weddings, I think its mostly because you are cramming too many weddings into a 1hr show, you don't get to know the couples enough so you couldn't care less about there wedding & there make over is quickly glossed over so no interest to be added their either, the minister is quite dour apart from the over sized sequin & bugle bead necklaces she seems to love to wear! I'm afraid Channel 4 your programs are sliding!! The Wedding House gets a big fat ZERO!!

The Wedding House - Dire!!
Four Weddings Brilliant!!

Later  watched the Awful Seven Days, as there is bugger all else on that I haven't already seen, though the blonde actress one, did make me laugh when she spoke about Ben the Estate Agent, saying she wouldn't really fancy a date with him after he slobbers over the face of every date he has had on the show so far. I always wondered why he snogged them in public across the dinner/bar table? why didn't he wait until on the door step or at the station, in a secluded spot? Public snogging makes me cringe, either other people, or guys trying to snog me in public ..... (oh pleeeeeeeeeeze get a room!!) it smacks of insecurity, it's like "Look at me... LOOK AT ME!!!.... see I must be hot/great..... somebody fancies/loves me!!"  Ughhhh!! Also how can Ben still be living at home with mum at 27yrs!! jeeeeeeze!!! I got my own place at 16yrs & I'm a girl!!! Also being an Estate Agent he'd be able to sort himself a good rent/mortgage too!!.... I really laughed when his mum had a date with a Toyboy, who was also better looking than Ben, although he did cancel the date later.
Seven Days
Estate Agent Ben
Ben's Mum

Watched new Lesbian drama Lipservice before going to bed, not very good a bit gratuitous in places but maybe it will improve in time!?
Lipservice Girls

Wednesday 13th Oct, Woke to a bloody freezing cold, grey, overcast day. Had peanut butter poridge, for breakfast, while checking my hotmail & Facebook, my friend Ian was moaning on his FB status about being stuck indoors on a beautiful day... WHAT!!! how can the weather be lovely in South London yet here a short distance away bloody freezing!!!? Wrapped up warm fixed hair & make-up & went round Jennies for coffee, taking my zips with me as she needs some, had a chat & she bought 7 zips at £1 each, then she went off to pick up her two girls & I got a few essentials at Wilkinsons.

Got home applied online for a few auditions, spoke to Scott briefly & read the paper, it's all about the Chile Miners being rescued, in the papers & on TV today, only a few more days for the Miners jokes before its old news such as ;-

Gary Glitter is on route to Chile, apparently the news of 33 trapped minors was just too tempting to ignore!!......

& :- Gary Glitter is now in Chile. As it's the only place where you can slide a minor up & down your shaft & get applauded!!

Scott sent me his mobile number on Facebook & we text back and forth and at 4.50pm he called, he didn't have the Newcastle Accent I was expecting & I was also expecting a deep manly voice, but it was a bit soft, high & girlie, which to be honest, was a bit disappointing & off putting!! had a brief chat & then I had a Tuna Steak & Ratatouille for a late lunch at 5.30pm then sent off my completed online application to Dynamite to go on their 2011 Modeling/Casting Books. Then I watched the new version of "V" on Channel One, I loved the original series that started in 1983 now special effects have moved forward in leaps & bounds, I couldn't wait to see the new version & it didn't disappoint.

The Original 1983  "V"
 The Original 1983 V Space Ship
The Original V Baddie
 The NEW "V"
 The New V Space Ship
The New V Baddie
Though She Reminds Me More
Of Blake Seven's Baddie

Watched the Apprentice, what a bunch of Muppets!!!, they had to design something for the beach, the guys came up with The Cuuli  (pronounced Coolie) basically a beach towel that rolls up at one end to form a pillow with one of those keep cool bags inside to keep drinks & belongings in (too bulky really for packing in your holiday suitcase, so unless your going to beach/park in UK by foot or car, not exactly practical) also you couldn't take it on as hand luggage with a drink or baby food inside, with the new security checks. The girls designed a dire book holder for the beach, called Bookeeze that came in 8 bits to put together which held it in a vertical pocket, which meant as it wasn't tilted it would be very uncomfy on your neck to read & as its in a pocket you would have to lift it up each time to turn pages, totally impractical, also it stuck in the sand, how would you use it on a sun lounger?.....surprise surprise they lost!!......

Later I watched a Film "A Complete History Of My Sexual Favours" which my friend Nat always use to go on about, very amusing if you have our kind of warped sense of humour, and like things like Nighty Night, My New Best Friend & Shirley Ghostman. But it still didn't beat my favorite Comedy film "Skin Deep" with the late great John Ritter!....

Watched The Camptabulous Rupauls Drag Race, after that & the contestants had to be both the Bride & the groom in a wedding Pic, with some fab pics resulting, but lots of bitching among the queens Rupaul had to put his stiletto'ed foot down!!!.....
Oh No She Didn't!!!?

Got a text out of the blue in the evening from my Ex Charlie asking how I was? I replied "ooh hello there is a blast from the past!!" he replied "Well I'm Single now, so I thought I would drop you a line. Still up in St Albans?" I said I was. That's a surprise we broke up about 3yrs ago, funny how all my exes contact me as soon as they break up from their next relationship!.....

Thursday 14th Oct, Another cold morning begins, checked my Inbox & had the  message from Dynamite below, informing me that I'd made it through to the casting & listing what I needed to bring/do

Dear June,
Thank you for returning your completed application form and photos. 

We would like to invite you to our casting tomorrow evening at Amika. Please see below for all the information you need to know before coming:

DATE:              Friday, 15th October 2010
TIME:               7pm (Please no not be late as we have a very limited amount of time to get through a lot of applicants)
LOCATION:      Amika - 65 High Street Kensington, London, W8 5SE (Nearest tube - High Street Kensington on Circle/District lines)

 - Tight t-shirt.
 - Jeans/trousers (NOT baggy).
 - Smart shoes (NO trainers).
 - Although we prefer to see you clean shaven, facial hair is acceptable as long as it is properly trimmed.

 - Tank top.
 - Skinny jeans/leggins/jeggins or skirt/tights combo.
 - High heels.
 - We prefer to see you without make-up, but if you must wear some keep it very light and natural.
 - Keep hair natural. 
 - Hands must be manicured.

 - Any/all photos you would like us to consider. Please bring digital copies of these on a USB memory stick or CD. You may also bring hard copies if you wish.
 - A completed hard copy of your application form (if you can't print one off, don't worry as we will have blanks available for you to complete at the venue).
 - A 'dress to impress' outfit  for the after party to network and party with our bookers, clients, photographers and partners, etc.

Had a wash & got on the scales (lost another 1 & 1/2lb since Sunday) good old Paul McKinna CD!! Decided to wrap up warm & have a run round the Park with Aku, every little helps shift the lbs. Got back in from the cold Brrrrrrrr & had some of my spicy home made soup to warm me up & flicked through the newspaper.

Chatted to my BF Candie who wanted to know if I was coming over for the weekend? I said yes, but  I would be dumping my case at hers & then going on to my Casting before going back to hers, she said she thought I should go for it, re Scott in Newcastle & have an adventure up North.

Watched "What Katie Did" Next while snacking on Salted Popcorn, Bless Katie (AKA Jordan)  she did an IQ test & was happy with a score of 99, 100 is average so that's below average, any IQ tests I do, I score between 140 & 150 (who Say's blondes are dumb!!?)

Watched Celebrity Juice with McFly as the guests, They have all grown up & got buff & Tom has gone from the fat one to the best looking one out of the band

Went to post something on Mr Keens FB wall, when I discovered Scott had deleted me as his facebook friend, which was odd as his last text to me was "How Cute are u! Yummy xx" so what changed?, what did he see on my profile that made him run scared? I inboxed & text him "I see you have deleted me on FB as a friend, was it something I said?" Charlie Text me again saying "Bought a place in Vauxhall London xx" I laughed & thought "it would be funny if it's in the same place as my other ex who keeps contacting me again" So I said "Don't tell me, let me guess St Georges Warf overlooking the Thames!!" he replied "Yep send me a pic of you" oh how funny two exes living in the same apartment block!!

St Georges Warf

What is it with my exes wanting to see me, or pics of me as soon as they break up from last relationships? do they suddenly realise the grass is not greener or do they think I will be a soft touch? a hour passed and Scott hadn't responded to my text or FB message nor the "hows it going?" one 5hrs earlier .... oh well easy come easy go, buggered if I know what has spooked him if it was the Gary Glitter/Minor/Miner joke from earlier, that I put as my FB status, then he obviously doesn't share my humour, and as he can't be man enough to answer sod him!!

Watched Vampire Erotica True Blood, & tried out new BBC2 comedy Whites, won't bother again not very funny despite a good cast, not a fan of BBC3's Him & Her either. Not sure what to wear for tomorrows dress to impress party for Dynamite. My ex Charlie text me at 1.08am saying "Want to meet in London now? X" which I ignored I'm hardly likely to get out of bed at that time of the morning,get ready & then get a train to Kings Cross & hang around outside (a notorious prostitute area) in the wee hrs waiting for a night bus to take me to Vauxhall!! he tried to ring 3 times as well at 2am!! also Ignored, what is it with men late night calling me!!??

Friday 15th Oct, Woke at 8.30am to a cold, gloomy day, had a long bath & pulled on a pair of jeans & a sweater, my Tommy Hilfiger Cream Cashmere Coat & headed out to get my cracked left little finger nail fixed at the manicurist, someone trod on my finger at the Brighton wedding reception I went to on October 2nd, it took almost 2weeks for the flesh under nail to calm down & be less tender so glue could be put in the crack, or else it would of burnt like hell & I would of screamed the place down!!.... got in & had 5 mins under my sunbed, for a bit of colour, as I had to be make-up free for casting, then packed my case, decided on my purple dress for tonight & my blingy KG heels, plus some clothes to wear at Candies.
 The Purple Dress

The Bling KG Shoes

Got ready to go to Casting, wore dark denim jeans, tucked into knee high black heeled boots, electric blue, spaghetti string strapped vest top, under a electric blue jersey shirt, & silver lurex mix cardigan (I can take both of those off once in the warm) pulled on my coat & grabbed my electric blue & yellow Versace umbrella as it had started to rain (great) grabbed my Ferragamo bag & case & headed for the station, wheeling the case behind me, while sheltering under my umbrella, caught the 6pm stopping train to London & got chatted up buy a guy opposite me on the train, who gave me his card with his number on it, he is a footballer who did acting in his youth, (guess I don't look too hideous make-up free then?) I texed my ex Charlie earlier, saying I saw his 1am text & 2am missed calls & there was no way I'd travel to see him at that hr at short notice! He replied at 12.40pm ":-) Sorry!! Bad habit! how's you? Do you work in London?X" I said sometimes. he asked if I was today? I said I'd be in London tonight & over weekend but would not be free to meet up.

I got to Amika (65 High Street Kensington) and filled in a form & chatted with some of the other girls, filled in a form & then went to the ladies, a Middle Eastern woman of about late 50's early 60's was in there, who I assumed was the club toilet attendant, in a black shift dress dark burgundy lipstick & black eye liner, she asked if I was there for the casting & I said "Yes & it's obvious I'm the oldest one there" (as most were 18-21yrs) "No that would me!" she said, "Oh how old are you?" I replied "45" she replied "No I'm still the oldest!" I replied, hoping that the shock didn't show on my face or in my voice!!... sat & waited in main bar area for my turn to be seen by Robert Fenton, meanwhile 3 girls in lingerie flitted around.

While waiting I saw my friend Richard Austin-Rees, there organising the photographers to take shots of the models etc, chatted to him for a bit, he said Big Brothers Seeavash & another host of BBers Inc my Nemesis Aiselyne. I got chatting with 2 photographers there, who said I didn't look anywhere near my age of 46yrs, eventually Robert saw me & was chatting about Big Brother & different things I'd been doing (as he is also a facebook friend of mine) he said they are concentrating now more on modeling than the casting work (like they were before when I was working for them) & he asked what kind of modeling I'd like to do? I said Editorial. He was with a female & a tall thin guy, who looked like a colourful version of The Child Catcher, from Chitty Bang Bang!....

Went to the Lady's and changed into my Purple Dress, my KG shoes & a load of Bling Jewelry, & applied my make-up & headed back to the bar area, the girls oohed & ahhed & said I looked very glamorous, chatted to a few more people & the photographers again, one of which who introduced me to his friend, David Soames who is the Creative Director/Producer of Braveheart Films Ltd, he also wrote the stage production TIME & wrote songs for Freddie Mercury "In My Defence", Cliff Richard "Born To Rock & Roll" & Dionne Warwick (among many others) we got on like house on fire talking about music & films he has written & is producing 3 films he has on the go at the moment, including a stage production called Blockbusters based around music from Mud, Slade, Sweet, Suzy Quatro etc which Paul Nicholas is directing 

We headed into the VIP Bar (above) we must of looked very odd walking in, me 6ft 3"+ in my heels & him 5ft 5" he was very funny, a real fireball of energy, he reminded me a bit of Woody Allen, more so in his glasses. We chatted all night, he was tee total, while I drank Vodka & cranberry's  about his new project "Blockbusters" oddly enough I was playing my Blockbusters album only last week. It turns out he lives half way between Muswell Hill & St Albans, which was handy as I was staying with Candie tonight in Muswell Hill, and he offered me a lift to Candie's, stopping off at his for coffee en route, to watch the taping of the Blockbuster rehearsals, So we left the club just before it was due to close, no Aisleyne in the VIP room, I guess she didn't get one of the limited orange wrist bands.  

Drove to Davids, where he made me a coffee & I made a fuss of his two adorable cream dogs, Watched the tape of Blockbusters, which looked great!!! Then got back to Candie's said goodbye to David, putting his card in my handbag, (Link to his website below) then got in had a wash & crashed out in the spare room.

Braveheart Films Website  

Saturday 16th Oct, heard Candie Get up at 7.30am & go to the gym at 8.30am, came down & made toast for breakfast with a coffee at 9.15am when she was back again. Went out to Tesco with Candie & Tiger, to get a refund on a toy, bought for Tigers Birthday Friday, but it had bits missing, and bought the boys some gloves, as its bitter cold out today, I wished I'd brought my "Chelsea Girl" River Island Panda Beanie hat!!. Xavier was out with Costa chopping up logs, for their open fire & to bag up & sell.

Candie & I picked up Xavier after & went for a walk up the park & the kids played on the slide, swings, climbing frame etc, then we went looking for conkers, before going home for some pumpkin soup with beans & a lentil lasagna, to warm us up. Had a coffee and watched some Come Dine With Me, did some drawing with Xavier & then had half a cheese & tomato baguette & a Cornetto for tea, then went upstairs to get ready for the Burlesque Event tonight, wore my dark denim jeans, tucked into black knee high boots, a white blouse with a frothy heart ruffle down the front & at cuffs, under my black sequined fitted jacket (think I was channeling Liberace!!) and some bling jewelry "of course!!" Watched the start of Xfactor up to Diva Fever with Candie & Costa, while we waited for the cab & then set off to The Stapleton Tavern, 2 Crouch Hill, Crouch End, part of The Grand Stapleton Hall.  

We got inside & saw Candie's two friends Stuart & Marie & joined their table, along with 6 others, the event was for charity & was to promote two of Candie's female friends, who were being sponsored to climb Kilimanjaro for charity. Candie & I were making the people at our table laugh, about the prank she & Nat pulled on me, years ago making up business cards like the ones hookers put in phone boxes, with my mobile number on & the words, "Posh Lady - Let One, Give One, One!!" which they put in Muswell Hill phone boxes, through letter boxes & under windscreen wipers, funnily enough nobody ever called, guess Muswell Hill prefer a bit of rough, to a posh lady, when it comes to doing the nasty lol....

I told them of the time I got a topless photo, that I had of Candie with just a towel round her waist, & one on her head. Had it turned into posters & drink coasters with a bubble coming out of her mouth saying "If you can find me you can have me!!" I put the posters (with the aid of a male accomplice) on the back of all the cubicle doors of the men's toilets in Stringfellows, and placed the coasters on the bar & on tables. So Candie & I were in Stringfellows having drinks & guys kept coming up to her saying "found you!!" & she just smiled & grinned not knowing what the hell was going on, until she looked down as she lifted her glass from a coaster, and burst out laughing.

Then she told of their Estate Agent Prank on me & I told of the Christmas Prezzi prank on her (I'll save those for another blog) Stuart bought us a bottle of red wine & Candie & I got through 2 bottles between us.
Folly Mixtures

The Act The Folly Mixture's started with bunny girl outfits, Costa's eyes were like saucers & when they started to strip he looked pleased but worried if he was allowed to or not?  Candie & I were really laughing, even more so when it turned out he didn't know what burlesque dancing was, so we realised he must of thought  all his Christmases had come early!! the girls did several dances with an array of outfits inc a cute baseball one, and a fab fan dance, one guy came out dressed as a nun after each dance to collect the discarded costumes, faking anger & waving a fist & threatening to slap the guys, so for a joke I stood up lent over the table & stuck my butt out..... which he slapped so hard he hurt his hand lol & I just shrugged my shoulders & said "I've had harder!!" Stuart sat at our table was cracking up laughing!!

Candie & I both got the standard cheesy line "Are you getting up to do a routine?" when we went to the toilet (separately not together in a group) She said the guy who said it to her looked like Omar Sheriff where as mine looked like P Diddy!

We then checked our tickets for the raffle draw, and then hit the dance floor, had a laugh with the Nun now out of costume & his GF & his girlfriend asked for my facebook details to add me. Danced with Stuart & Candie until Costa told us our cab had arrived & then the 5 of us (Stuart, Marie, Candie, Costa & I) set off home to Muswell Hill, got in and we went to bed.

Sunday 17th October, woke at 8am & went downstairs at 8.30am and watched Heir Hunters with Candie, the kids came down at around 9.30-10am, we watched the Xfactor repeat as we missed most of it yesterday when out again I'm sure the sound must be better in the studio than it is on screen as many of the acts voices were drowned out by the backing music, but this weeks critique goes as follows:-

Mat Cardle :- Nailed it, like a better Bono, glad to see the soddin hat gone

Rebecca Ferguson :- Not keen on dress & hated black/purple lipstick, decent vocal but didn't wow me

Mary Byrne :- Again the lacking imagination stylists dressed her head to toe in black, and the hairstyle was too severe for a large face! but like last week she belted out the song the way it should be done, excellent!

John Adeleye :- Bland Styling & Another Bland Performance, yet again I didn't recognise the song! didn't move me at all!!

Paije Richardson :- OK performance, didn't set the world on fire, yet another hideous outfit from the stylists

Treyc Cohen :- Great Voice, OK outfit

Aiden Grimshaw :- Shaky and all over the place, disappointing after such a great performance last week, also face was contorted like he had the squits & there was no loo near by!!, styling was an improvement though.

One Direction :- Great performance, great vocals, styling improved on last week!!

Katie Waissel :- Did nothing for me, vocals didn't come across well, but better than last weeks vocal, not keen on outfit either! at least last weeks perspex hat hid her sticky out elf ears!!

Belle Amie :- Loved the 60's make-up but the outfits were a mish mash & (apart from the pink one) not attractive or flattering & their singing left me cold!

Diva Fever :- A Boney M remix of Sonny (that's 2 boney M records in a row now) good fun performance, but again only one of them was doing most of the singing

Cher Lloyd :- Good stage presence & swagger, but singing left me cold & hated the trousers, which made it look like she had a thick Brazilian pubes down the front of her trouser crotch!!

Storm Lee :- Fair performance, but dire styling again, that hat looked well too small for his head & it didn't suit him, the song, or the outfit!

Wagner:- A Fun, Comic, performance, but no recording star!

Had scrambled egg on toast for breakfast & then went to Sainsburys with Candie & the kids, so Candie could do her shop for the week, Saw a cute little witches hat on a hairband (almost burlesque style) for £2 which I got for Halloween Party. Xavier was being a bit naughty in the shop playing up to his audience!!

Got home put the shopping away & had some Spicy Pumpkin soup for lunch & a banana, then Candie & I took the kids for a walk up Alexandra Palace, it was bitter cold out, put on my gloves & wished I'd brought my Panda bobble hat & a scarf, the weatherman said its going to get colder by the day throughout the week with it being 6deg Celsius = 42.8deg Fahrenheit, tomorrow (oh yuck!!) I'll defo be wrapping up when out & about next week!!....

Looked after the kids doing stuff on ipad with Xavier while Candie popped out to paint Marie's nails for her. Put the roast potatoes & veg in while she was out too so they would be ready for dinner shortly after she got back. Costa Came home & he & Xavier lit a log fire (it was defo the weather for it!!) Candie returned just in time for the Xfactor results show. Diva Fever & Storm went out. I have to say I found Katy Perry & Diana Vickers performances disappointing, the backing music came over louder than their vocals, which was probably just as well as the singing I could hear from Katy was BAD!! and although I'm not keen on Diana's new song anyway, at least you can make out the words on the record/video version, she mumbled her way through her Xactor performance, if you'd never heard the song before you would have  no idea what she was mumbling on about!

Costa & the kids had a roast chicken dinner, Candie & I had the same, but without the chicken, with mini treacle puddings with custard for desert.

Then at 9pm Candie gave me a lift to Finsbury Park & I got the train back to St Albans & walked home from the station. Got in at 11pm  made a coffee (decaf) and watched "The Only Way Is Essex" on ITV2 +1 didn't realise it was on and Wednesday's soon so missed an episode, told Candie about the Vajazzle's on last weeks show, and we had a good laugh about it, Candie said we should start a list of things to do before we are 50yrs & that should go on it (so I have 3 & a half years & she has 9yrs) that will be funny!! or is that fanny!!??

Watched a bit of  TV in bed, then crashed out for the night, wondering what the next week will offer, other than cold weather?

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