Sunday, 13 February 2011

Another Week & Another Beautiful Month?

This is probably going to be a lot briefer than my normal weekly blogs as most of this week was taken up writing last weeks blog of a very fun packed & Camp as Fook week!!

Monday 31st Jan, I was still awake at 7am unable to sleep even though tired, just felt like I was drifting off at 7.30am when my phone went, it was the plumber saying "I hope I didn't wake you but I can come fix your taps in 20mins if your in?" I said he hadn't woken me as I'm yet to fall asleep!! He said "well if you let me in & go back to bed, I'll be quiet as possible & lock up after myself & post your keys back through your door!" Sounded like a plan so put on a nightie & dressing gown to let him in. Plumbers from my letting agents are normally pensioners or fat middle aged men, so didn't mind him seeing me dog rough & bleary eyed!! He turned up 'young & cute' bloody typical!! Went back to bed & true to his word he was as quiet as a mouse, but I still didn't fall asleep until he quietly dropped my keys through my door at 8.30 am

Woke at 11.30am & had a bath & hair wash now that my taps were working (heaven!!) dried hair, had some Special K, Red Berry's plus a coffee for breakfast & popped to the park with Stan & Betty, for a few hrs to get some exercise. My neck still in excruciating pain, at least it's just over a week until my Acupuncture, so hopefully some release soon!! Bought a paper on the way home & got in & made a prawn curry for lunch (with lots of chilli's to burn more calories) & a diet coke. Did some laundry & housework then got stuck into writing last weeks blog (so much to tell!!) Very excited that Blue are The UK's Eurovision Entry 2011 (for once someone decent!) Then read the paper. 

The front page tells of Anarchists planning to target Prince Williams marriage to Kate. What morons, as if there wont be enough grief with terrorists trying to use it for a massive attack!! Meanwhile 30,000 Brits are stuck in Egypt, while all hell lets loose over there. Gangs are digging night and day to raid pyramids (Mummy's are being destroyed in the grave robbing frenzy) what a awful fate for such amazing ancestry!! News of Lesbian rumours about Rihanna (who cares bi, straight, gay, whatever!!) Piers Morgan's US chat show 75%. He is paying the price, of being a fawning ass licker, the clip of him, smarming all over Opra Winfrey, asking to touch her, made me cringe!!

More news of teens shot & stabbed at a party (seems to be a daily occurrence these days!!) Plus 3 teens died in a Joy ride smash, no pity for them the criminal scum, my only sympathy is for the owner of the car they smashed up! Charlie Sheen is said to of lost all his teeth due to drugs & has gold implants with caps on (someone else I have no pity for)

Charlie Sheen, Looking More Like A OAP By The Day

I wasn't hungry enough for a meal at 6pm so had a Twiglets & Chunky Kit Kat snack,  Then continued with my blog while keeping eye out for Twitter & Facebook messages in other windows, I didn't get the Vogue photo shoot job in the end, that's running from 1st-3rd of Feb. Chatted a bit to Stephs new band Daylight Theory (3 ex Starman members) you can follow them on Twitter @Daylighttheory. I asked them where the band name Daylight Theory came from? They told me at 6.20pm "Steph thought of it. we wanted something with daylight in it, as we feel like we are stepping into the daylight" To keep up to date with Daylight Theory click on:-  For all the latest Band News

My ex (of over 10yrs ago) Kieron text at 6.25pm saying "Fancy a mid-afternoon piss over some time this week" which was somewhat unexpected, didn't reply as didn't know what I was doing yet, re OMG filming etc!? Also I don't have any phone credit & I still owe £300 in Electric as idiot Landlords forgot me for 3/4's so charged me all 3 at once! plus £650 for last Months rent & this months is due too! So no cash to spend on things like phone credit!

Spoke a bit more online to Daylight Theory on Twitter, I asked what made them decide to break away & the answer was "The main reason was wanting to play live. Definitely x" I replied "What?? couldn't you do that with Starman??" & the reply was "No!! and Andrew had issues with Steph too" I replied "Omg along with the camaraderie, the feedback reaction of an audience when playing live is the best bit of being in a band!!" to which their reply was "Hit the nail on the head ;) "

Watched the Soaps & 'The Biggest Loser', nobody lost much this week, some lost nothing at all!! Couldn't face the moronic Tools on tool Academy this week, so sat through another episode of Episodes, still only mildly amusing at best! 


Had some Special K as I had the munchies, then I watched the Chatty Man, that I'd missed last week, with Kerry Katona on it & James Cordon (who gets right on my tits) it wasn't as good a show as usual. Then I ended up watching the Brand New 'Apprentice USA' double bill at 12.20am after my remote control accidentally flipped to it, as I was turning off the TV, so I ended up settling down to sleep at 2.10am (Calories Consumed 1,657)

Tuesday 1st Feb, Had a bizarre dream about Davina McCall I had gone to her home with a man & her house was on top of a tree that was encased in a huge hedge, a overpass like path led to the top of the tree & the house and the flat, trimmed, flat, tree top height hedge made a bouncy lawn, we were both set a challenge to select 5 books out of a chosen 15 to write a passage about, I selected my 5 one was a book I knew that contained a lion character, I think it may have been 'The Lion The Witch & The Wardrobe' Woke up at 9am wondering what that was all about? 

With Davina 

Today is The Big Love Of My Life's 41st Birthday, from many moon's ago. I don't know if you only get 1 soul mate in your lifetime or not? But if so, he was definitely mine! Lets hope we can have at least a 2nd, as I'd love to have such an intense, emotional, spiritual and mental connection & attraction to someone, the way I had with him! I could sense him in a room, even if he was somewhere I had no idea he'd be, or if he had landed back in England a day or week (whatever) before he was due to be back. I'd even go to pick up the phone seconds before he called on it, we had a real psychic/telepathic connection.

Heard the letterbox go & went downstairs & I saw I had a brown envelope posted through my door, that looked empty, checked the postage stamp it said South London & I thought "oh no don't let this be from Ian as there are definitely no contact lenses in there!!"

Opened the letter (nothing not even a note inside!!) great either the seal had come unstuck & lenses fell out then re stuck down (as I can repeatedly stick & unstick the envelope) or post people opened my envelope as a suspicious package & didn't put them back in after, or did, but as they didn't re seal with sellotape, it came open and they fell out!!) they can't of been stolen, as they're unless you know the prescription, they are of no use, whatever happened I'm fucked again (as usual) & needing to buy lenses I can't afford!! I have some really shit Karma, someone somewhere must have a Voodoo doll of me with a million pins in, and a pile of mini ripped up envelopes!! I had some Special K Red Berry's & a Coffee for breakfast.

Dressed the same as yesterday & popped to the corner shop for a Sun Paper, then went online and applied for 15 auditions & 10 retail management jobs, all via a bloody retail agency, I much prefer to go straight to the company itself, as I always get an interview from the company's, when I apply direct, agency's rarely respond, or let you know why they didn't put you forward (especially when you know the job description describes you to a T, and you know you are more than qualified & capable for the position....... it's so F@#king frustrating!!) I did some ironing & took the white bed linen off the bed, to put in laundry basket & exchanged for lemon bed linen, duvet cover etc.

Made some Macaroni Cheese for lunch, with a Side Salad & went to watch a bit of Sci Fi, on Channel One while I ate, only to be shocked to see a dead screen, with a message saying "Channel One is no longer broadcasting" with no other explanation? Bugger I guess I wont be getting to see the 2nd Series of the NEW 'V' now!! wonder what that's all about? I was watching it yesterday, no mention of closure then!?? Most Odd! 

Read the paper the father of the 14yr girl who died (Antonia Browne) with two male friends (Driver Michael Gallagher 16 & Tom Hughes 15) when they crashed the car they were joyriding in, said "They paid the ultimate price for being silly" Errrrr they were not being SILLY, they were being CRIMINALS!!  

Later I did a twitcam chatcam with @Daylighttheory who were very frank and honest about their departure from Starman & pretty much reiterated to fans, what they told me last Friday & Saturday night . They were chatting munching pizza making my tummy rumble so I had a Marine Crumble with steamed veg, then watched "The Betty Driver Story" quite interesting, she had a real roller coaster life!!

Later I watched 'Gok's Clothes Roadshow' which was reliably disappointing, though one long animal print summer dress on the High St runway was lovely. Watched the FAB My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, where a lot of 'grabbing' went on!! Then to finish off my Tackfest 'Snog Marry, Avoid?' & 'Hotter Than My Daughter' some states on both, but the make-overs were dire too, they made the potentially pretty girls/women on both show,s look so frumpy/nerdy after that I almost preferred the before's!!! WTF??

Ian contacted me earlier saying did I see that StarNow were talking about a Cougar & Cub Party  for OMG? I said yeah Steve & Co had mentioned it to me when I was at ITV a week ago, they also mentioned Cougar & Cub Speed Dating, Ian said  "That's Hysterical!!" Finally went to bed at 1.30am  (Calories Consumed 1,703)

Wednesday 2nd Feb, Woke at 9am, If I dreamt I can't recall any of it? Went downstairs, wondering what the day would entail?

I had a shower & a breakfast of Special K Red Berry's & a Coffee, then put out the rubbish & popped to the corner shop for a Sun Newspaper. Did a bunch of chores round the house then made Macaroni cheese with a salad & ate lunch & chilled a bit with the paper.Jordan is to file for divorce on the anniversary of their wedding, she says she fell out of love with Alex when he lost his cage fight with Tom 'Kong' Watson & got his face smashed in. 

A British Airways worker was given secret orders urging him to get a cabin crew job & blow up a plane, something that sum Rajib Karim was keen to do, but bemoaned needed to have 5 years service before he could apply for aircrew training but he had only 3 so far (thank god for that) his encrypted emails to al-Qaeda Cleric al-Awlaki thanks to a police computer analyst! Another bad Muslim (unlike my lovely Muslim brother-in-law)  Mohammed Hanif Khan one of Britain's most respected Muslim ministers is in jail for raping a boy of 12yrs telling him "You are my bitch!" & abusing another!

Some twat on Facebook has set up a Fake profile of my friend Stephany Ledigo, Slagging off Andrew Stone & the rest of Starman trying to make her look bad so I reported it & posted link to it on my profile for friends to do the same! Then Friend Requested Louie Spence's nephew Lotan, with a message attached, as we have a lot of mutual friends, did some more chores, stopping to watch 'Home & Away' then went online & did a load of job searches applied for 18 retail management/assistant management jobs & 8 auditions!

I was peckish not hungry at 7.30pm so had a bowl of  Special K then watched the New Show 'Beauty & The Beast : The Ugly Face Of Prejudice' which featured looks obsessed Yasmin with a massive pair of boobs (natural) & childhood burns victim Leo. Yasmin was a sweet insecure girl, who Leo fairly easily convinced to go out, without her clip in hair extensions & make-up, to help her realise she was a young pretty girl & people didn't recoil when she was eau natural. Leo was a beautiful lad of around 11 when he was horrifically burnt, & to be honest, in spite of his scaring you still can tell that he would of been a very handsome man indeed, if the accident had not happened, he was an absolutely lovely guy & his eyes sparkled from behind his tight fire scared skin. They spent a day or two in each others lives to see how they live and prejudices etc they face, Leo realised the hassle the JJ cupped Yasmin got from men for being so busty & became more understanding on why she wanted a boob reduction (her back must of killed her too!) 

 Leo & Yasmin

Andy the Identical Twin I mentioned in my blog "The Week Before, The Week After" Adam who suffers with neurofibromatosis, who's condition affects him on the outside while it affects his identical twin brother Neil on the inside. Adam was great fun posing in white pants mimicking David Beckham in the Armani Ads in a photo for a billboard, to gauge the public's reaction, along with a model with half her arm missing, mimicking the Hello Boys Wonderbra Ad (the public reactions in the main were good!) 

 Adam with Identical Twin Brother Neil
Part Of The Poster
With Adam In His Pants

Watched Mary Portas: Secret Shopper, she took on phone shops (one stubborn guy took ages to convince to make a move forward but did in the end) disappointed she didn't take on phones 4u, but the fault with that company to be honest, lies more with the company than its serving staff,  most of their staff are good with customers, but the company behind Phones 4u and Globe treat their staff appallingly! Maybe we need a secret boss, not secret shopper for that to be sorted! 

Louie Spence's Showbusiness - The Extras

Word is, the extras are not on Louie Spence's Showbusiness again this week, but my friend Ian Mann was briefly, moaning about being in audition queue for over 2hrs lol. I think we will be mostly cut as, they wanted desperate delusional wannabes, who talked up themselves big & then couldn't deliver, but I think we disappointed them by being good, at all we took on! Which defeated their reason for filming us I feel, hence we were cut mostly. Chilled with Closer magazine in bed & crashed at 2am (Calories consumed, 1,411)

Thursday 3rd Feb,  I woke at 9am & know I had a very hectic action filled dream but I no longer recall it. Went downstairs to get breakfast & discovered my Beauty Biz package with my freebie products had arrived I'm going to try them out & give you a honest account of if they work or not & if so I'll tell you where you can buy them, in the package are NEW slimming pills from Bulgaria they claim you will lose 6-8lb (3-4kg) a month without having to change your normal eating habits (so imagine how well they'd work in conjunction with a diet, if they do indeed be proven to work!!) I am going to eat what I fancy, as if I'm not dieting, but just eating normally, while I try them out, to ensure I don't lose weight by just dieting!! It says on the bottle to take 1-3 capsules per day, but I am told to take 2 every other day one in the morning & one in the afternoon & not to exceed this!

I'm also trying out a liquid treatment to make eyebrows thicker & eyelashes thicker & longer, I will coat it on each night before I go to bed & let you know my progress's, it says for the most stable results a 8 weeks course is recommended (so that will be April 1st lol, April fools day promise I wont joke about results!) it costs £55 for a 6 month supply at time of typing so will get back to you on progress. 

I am also trying a water resistant liquid eyeliner, that cannot fade, smudge, run or flake even if you rub your eyes!! Only warm water & gentle pressure from finger or facecloth will remove it by sliding it off. Along with that I am trying the coordinating mascara which removes the same way. 

Had Special K & a slice of Toast with Nutella for breakfast as I'm hungry & not watching what I eat then had a bath & put my hair in a pony tail & did make-up, and tried the new mascara & liquid eyeliner, eyeliner is not bad it reminds me of the rubberised stuff you could get in the 60's/70's that you could just roll at outer end & then just peel off, but I feel the long thin bendy brush, lets it down a bit a shorter firmer shaped brush would suit me better as I like to do a 50's style winged liquid liner & the brush is ill equipped to achieve that look well. 

The mascara is a good deep black but not as thickening & lengthening as those I like but will save some to try on 1st April as may look good if the eyelash/eyebrow has done it's stuff & did what it says on the box, and I have long thick eyelashes anyway!!

Today  is my niece's birthday (her 16th I think? there are so many of them, it's hard to keep up with their ages) I feel bad I've had no Money to buy her a card, and all the cards I'd looked at in my pre bought card box (mostly bought in Joy, before it closed down) are inappropriate for a young girl. Once I have paid off part of my Electric Bill, Last Months Rent & my red Gas Bill, I will post off the 1st lot of their Xmas prezzies as they obviously won't be coming down south for a while & I just don't have the money to send it in one big heavy parcel (which will have to go recorded delivery after what happened to last eBay Item I posted off & my recent postal disasters!!) Then I will concentrate on scraping together this months rent! I don't even have any credit to text her Happy Birthday, mind you, I lost her mobile number when my last phone broke.

Jennie Called inviting me round for a girly night at 8pm dressed in black wet look leggings & ivory polo neck, with faux fur oasis beige gillet, checked my inbox for work/audition responses (ZILCH!!) so applied for some more (Never give up, no matter how much defeat looks you in the eye!!) 

Watched 'May The Best House Win' had lunch of Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni & oven chips, then cleaned the kitchen & bathroom tiles before reading The Sun paper. The front page news is Kate Moss is to get married (who cares!!?) Meanwhile the small strip at the side says 3 killed & 1,500 injured in Cairo (I know which I think is the more important news!!) Cheryl Cole is moving to Hadley Wood, North London, not far from where I once lived, I still have a few friends living there.

A Islamist female suicide bomber was waiting in her Moscow safe house on NYE before preparing to kill 100's of revellers in Red Square, her bomb was to be triggered by a mobile text message, but that message came 6hrs early, when 6hrs before set detonation time, she was text by her mobile phone operator wishing her a happy New Year, causing her to be the only one to die by the bomb!! Ha ha ha ha ha that's Karma!

There is a picture of Model Lara Stone as Marilyn Monroe for Red Nose Day, her body looks great but her face mouth & teeth look awful surely they could of airbrushed that somewhat??

 Lara Stone

Police are trying to desperately get scumbag Crossbow Cannibal killer to tell them what he has done with his 1st victim, before he dies of self inflicted starvation! As nothing has been found of her remains! WANKER!!

Watched Home & Away & then set off to Jennies, Chatted to Jennie over a glass of cider, after popping up to see her daughter Lara & have a chart. Jennie was telling me about a film or play she went to with her mum, as she chatted, I realised we have nothing in common really anymore & nothing of any interest to tell each other either (as the fact that I can now no longer recall, a few days later, whether she was talking about a film or play, belies) we really are more like strangers, with awkward silences these days. 

I said my Ex Kieron had asked me if I fancied a afternoon drink up this week, but hadn't responded as hadn't had time, or the credit to reply, nor felt like an afternoon drink, this week as of yet. She said he has a new girlfriend, a Lapdancer from Oxford who works in a Bedford/Luton Club, again I didn't bother paying enough attention to which it was! "Maybe he wanted to brag over an afternoon drink" I said. Watched last "Outnumbered" quite funny, then 'Not Going Out' very funny!!


Had some Brandson Pickle Mini Cheddars & a Diet Coke & went home around midnight. Went to bed soon after, putting the liquid treatment I'm trying, on my eyebrows & lashes (Calories consumed 1,440)

Friday 4th Feb, Woke at 9am I know I dreamed but can't recall any of it, quite bright out,had a bowl of Special K for breakfast with a coffee & took my 1st diet pill, wore baby pink long sleeved Petit Bateau V-neck T-shirt with grey cargo pants. 

Did a natural make-up but with the new liquid liner I tried using it with the short hard shaped liner brush from a finished Constance Carol liquid eyeliner (very good I recommend Constance Carol liners) the result was much better. 

I also used the mascara I'm testing again. Spotted a red lady bird, on my bedroom sheer curtains, wow thought it was too early to see any of those does that mean the weather is getting hotter & spring is near?? Popped online to check if I had any job/audition replies, and checked my Hotmail/Twitter & Facebook messages, and was Horrified to discover Facebook has changed our photo albums to stupid album slide shows which makes your photos & your friends a fraction of the size, bloody awful!! Applied for some more jobs & auditions online.

Popped to the shop & got a Sun paper & then made lunch  of a toasted fried egg sandwich with veggie bacon. Went to my local nail, bar, and used my free manicure voucher I'd got at Christmas, as my nails had really grown a lot, since they were last painted black, with glittery sparkles, today I went for a sparkly pearlized white so the complete opposite almost, was chatting to a woman there who just came back from holidaying in Egypt, she said their were armed soldiers round their hotel protecting them, but they were in Sharma Sheik, but not in the hub of the troubles in Cairo!

Got home watched 'Home & Away' then read the paper. Front page is the Amanda Knox Movie outrage about the murder of Meredith Kercher, do the film makers have no compassion for the victims family, to make such a film when it is still so recent & raw? British women have become Europe's fatty's with an Average BMI of Almost 27 mine was 21 before mum died, now it's 25, many Europeans are a healthy 24.2

A awful story in the paper about a Strict Indian father, in England who did not want his daughter to date a soldier, who strangled her (so dead is better than a soldier boyfriend? Madness!!) 54yr old Gurmeet Singh Ubhi, did not like the fact she had a 'white English boyfriend' (why? if they did marry & had kids, with him being white, their kids would be higher up the caste system!!)

Two Muslim councillors sparked anger (rightly so!!) by refusing to join in a standing ovation for a war hero. Respect party members (Respect, that's a joke for a start!) Salma Yaqoob & Mohammed Ishtiaq were amid 100 city council workers at a meeting where George cross winning Marine hero L/Cpl Croucher 27 was the guest of honour. Ignorant bastards!

Made Ocean Pie with Oven Chips for Dinner, washed down with a Diet Coke (lol how Irish 2 lots of potato mash & chips) Watched the Soaps & Comedy Rocks (not bad Russell Kane still wasn't funny tho) then the Graham Norton Show (very Funny) but he had the band, The Wanted on (Wanted by who? certainly not me)

How did they become famous? Naff songs, average voices, even worse when singing live, they don't even conform to the pretty boy boy band look, three absolute mingers, an over grown lookalike of the curly haired kid from BBC's Outnumberd & the only attractive one that looks like the love child of Gok Wan & Raef Bjayou.  Then I watched the film 'Perfect Creature' snacking on some Twiglets, followed by an odd Nichole Kidman film 'Birth' before crashing out for the night (Calories consumed 1,570)

Saturday 5th Feb,  I Had a weird dream, I was in a room and was being observed by someone in a car outside my window, but I was confused as I was living on the 2nd floor, but it turned out the car was on one of those car transporting lorries, though why a top car had people sat in it I don't know?? It confused me in my dream. Woke at 9am had a bath & then had some Special K for breakfast, popped to the shop & got a Sun Newspaper & got a text from Nicky. 

Went online and did a load of job searches & applied to 15 online then went on StarNow & other audition sites and applied for 8 auditions. One got straight back to me but they wanted me to film all day Monday for £40 & lunch, it's The Walkers Crisps, Comedian Challenge, Ad for Comic Relief, but I had a important Hospital Appointment I had to keep at 3pm so I couldn't do it, bugger!! mind you after travel I'd of only made £25 for a 8-10hr day, so around £2.50 per hr

Wrapped up in my Black studded leggings, cream cashmere polo neck, long flat black boots, my long black coat plus cream wool scarf, gloves & hat as it was very cold & windy out. Popped to letting agents to pay in a £200 cheque towards my Electric (they didn't send me a bill for 3 of my quarterly bills & now I have to pay almost £300 for my last 3 quarterly bills, in one go. It would of been a lot easier to pay idiots quarterly, I thought the meter reading was a bit late, but with so much going on, Chasing jobs, auditions etc I just didn't notice just how late!!) Then I went to Wilkinson's to get some cleansing wipes, with some of my vouchers. 

Passed Jane Norman & saw a top & sweater dress with leopard head designs on which appealed to my love of Big Cats (This is when I hate being broke)

Bought a Sun paper in Tesco's got in & had 4 Veggie Sausages & Weight Watchers Chive Mash, for lunch with a Coffee & Chunky KitKat for dessert, put in my 2nd white wash, and  hung the 1st lot out to dry.

Then read the paper, Posh Spice has been told their baby is a girl (after 3 sons) David Cameron has declared a zero tolerance approach on Muslim extremists (about time) said that Tolerating Muslim extremism has fuelled terror in Britain & Labours forced multiculturalism has failed (here here, spot on!!) Picture of Paddy McGinness'es stunning model girlfriend in lingerie is in on page 3. 

More madness a prisoner has changed his name officially to 'Sir' by deed poll, after stupid prison service guidelines, instructed to call inmates by their name of choice! The inmates are paying the £33 fee to change their names to wind up officers, even framing their certificates. Some changed their names to obscenities, but governors ruled staff did not have to use those. Other name changes were to My-Lord, Majesty, Great One, Your Highness & Magnificence which are madly valid! It's crazy as the prisoners certainly don't treat the officers with any respect, yet that's all geared at the scum prisoners.

At 7pm I watched the New Harry Hill Show & among others lampooned was 'Louie Spence's Showbusiness' gutted his new series didn't start a few weeks ago I'd of loved to have been Lampooned by Harry!!

The Fab Harry Hill

Hung out my 2nd white wash after collecting the dry white laundry from the 1st one, then put a black wash in the machine. Had a Tuna & Salad Sandwich & some Brandson Pickle Mini Cheddars for a light supper while watching 'Take Me Out' 

I think I should of opted out of 'Louie Spence's Showbusiness' for 'Take Me Out' seeing that it appears, all of the good footage I did for the show, has been cut out of it (for whatever reason!!?) one or two guys were OK, 2 got buzzed out with no dates, one being a black muscle guy who was in 'Louie Spence's Showbusiness' this week (They decided not to put me on, Take Me Out, as I was in 'Showbusiness' while Take Me Out ran, he was obviously not as honest as I "Note to self be less honest!!")

My Friend Ian Tweeted me about that very fact saying @ian_mannly @The_Evil_Barbie Live & learn baby. NEVER be honest unless you have a REALLY big part. They can't sue you.

I replied 'well if Showbusiness hadn't cut so much of my filming I would of had a Big part & was not to know it would be on the cutting room floor due to being too good!!' He replied .....

@ian_mannly @The_Evil_Barbie I've never been more gutted for you because this was a bigger opportunity. #takemeout

@ian_mannly @The_Evil_Barbie They fooled us all, and I kind of got that vibe as soon as they started with Andy. That's why I didn't go to Polly or Andy.

@ian_mannl @The_Evil_Barbie No, I mean that's why I didn't go to Polly or Paul's things. I just got a vibe instantly. I did the video because it was us

I said he was right, in the end something like Take Me Out, would of better for me in the long run, than Louie Spence's Showbusiness, that promised us so much, that we were willing to give our time for free (like cast of The Only Way Is Essex) and have expenses only (still unpaid 6 months on!) which in the end it seems delivered nothing, due to the crime of being good, if we'd made our self look like morons we'd of got lots of air time! He replied....

@ian_mannly @The_Evil_Barbie In this business you can't be honest hun. You just play both sides & see how it goes. x

Did a few household chores then watched The Tudors on BBC2 (One of the rare good BBC programs) then chilled reading my Marilyn Monroe book in bed crashing out around 3am (Calories Consumed 1,554)

Sunday 6th Feb, Woke at 7am but went back to sleep until 11am (well it is Sunday!!) Dreamt something about going to a bar & a party and getting a coach somewhere. Base of spine in a lot of pain today roll on Acupuncture Tuesday!! Had a wash did hair & make-up slipped on black leggings, my black Petit Bateau scooped neck cotton top & my black TrimSoles (still irritate my toes 1yr on!!) & popped to the shop to pick up my News Of The World paper & 2pnts of milk. Had a coffee & bowl of Fruit & Fibre for breakfast & took one of the slimming tablets I'm testing.

Did a few chores & more laundry then chilled reading the newspaper, munching on some Branston Pickle Mini Cheddars. The front page news was Amanda Holden losing her baby at 7 months period, I knew it would be after learning of it on Twitter yesterday, she & her husband must be devastated.

Text my ex Kieron's best friend Vaughan, to ask about fitting brackets to put back up both my wardrobe wooden poles (I can't find brackets to buy big enough & the original ones were stupidly plastic, not metal so weight of clothes on pole, made them crack around the holes for screws, and fall off) so they have been hanging on hangers from edge of wardrobe shelf (making doors unable to close & taking up room!!) As he said, when I saw him at Hawaiian themed 50th Birthday Party, that he'd sort it for me. So I text "Be careful what you promise when drunk, but if you can sort wardrobe poles for me that would be most appreciated" he text back "Leave it to me, I'll get back to you!" 

Re arranged more stuff in the back room, then had an Admirals Pie with Salad for lunch & took the 2nd diet pill of the day, then Damon the brother of my Ex Murray called for a chat & catch up & we had a laugh about mutual friends/acquaintances etc. for about 20-30 mins. I have a painful spot just inside my left nostril (How sexy ...... NOT!!) probably due to an ingrowing hair (How unsexy again!!) Funny how they hurt 10 times as much as spots on the outside of your nose!! 

My mum told me (When she was alive) that she heard from someone that you must NEVER burst a spot that's inside your nose, as poison from it can travel upwards to your brain & kill you!, I don't know who she heard that from & how much credence it has?? But I want to burst this bugger & burn it into submission with alcohol/perfume!!

Having difficulty squashing clothes in my wardrobe & my 8 chest of draws & the 4 draws below my bed are already fit to bust & I have removed everything I don't want, to put on eBay. So I wondered if I put all the clothes on thin wire hangers instead of their normal wooden/plastic ones, if it would make the squeeze somewhat less?? So I did so & wow its loose enough to put in a few more bits now! Along the way I found some fab garments I'd forgotten I had (due to layering several things on one hanger) must remember to wear them this summer.

Had a veggie sausage sandwich for tea with a diet coke & watched this weeks 'Dancing On Ice' and wrote my weekly review on it (To read it yourself click HERE) I could not believe who was in the bottom two it was total madness!!

Took another laundry load out of the machine to dry, then watched 'That Sunday Night Show' which was a damn site funnier in the 1st half than the entire past 3 shows of '10 O'Clock Show' which has been a massive fail & huge let down, in spite of the Jimmy Carr & David Mitchell who I both love are on it!! Need to get some 10p rubber bands tomorrow to bundle plastic & wooden hangers together to box up. Had the munchies so had a coffee & a bowl of Fruit & Fibre, then watched 'Asylum' on Film4. A odd film, a Tad Lady Chatterley's Lover in places. (Calories consumed 1,434)

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