Sunday, 20 February 2011

Rushing Head First Towards Romance

Monday 7th Feb, woke at 9am, had a shower & made myself a coffee & Fruit & Fibre for breakfast, piled hair up into a bun & wore dark blue jeggings & Cream V-neck Cashmere sweater, with my long black boots, put on my ivory magic scarf & matching gloves & my cream beanie. As it was bright, but crisp out & I have decided to have, a 2hr power walk round the park. I then popped into the job centre, to see if there were any suitable local jobs & I printed off & applied for two, after that I got a tuna 6" sub & a caramel cappuccino (lush!!) en route home, for lunch & got in and ate my Sub, watching 'May The Best House Win' put a Blue wash, in the washing machine, I then popped out to the corner shop for a couple of diet cokes.

I did some hoovering & watered the house plants & put a new bulb in the oven hob. Did some ironing & hung items in my wardrobes, or folded them & put away in my chest of draws. Watched  'Come Dine With Me' then sorted some more bits and pieces then Chilled with the paper until Home & Away came on. I was peckish but not hungry so had a couple of boiled eggs & some Twiglets & a coffee.

Watched the soaps & The Biggest Loser. I wonder if I will lose any weight this week, with the Slimpam diet pills? They seem to be doing wonders for my friend and husband, but not for me thus far sadly, but I will persevere!! 

Watched Glee the Rocky Horror themed Episode, The big black girl, played the part of Frankenfurter, her outfit was good apart from the boots that were extremely unkind, they cut off just below the knee making her big knee's look huge like 2 bowling balls either a shorter skirt & longer boots above the knee or shorter calf length boots would of been much kinder!! Love Rocky Horror, I've been to many a Rocky Horror Themed, Fancy Dress Party (As you can see, below)

Lets Do The Time-walk Again!!!

I gave Episodes one last go. but it just isn't that funny, at best I may have smirked once! Not once have I laughed out loud at it! Pity as with the lead 3 cast, it looked like it would of been very promising! I didn't bother with Tool Academy either (There's only so long you can stomach, this bunch of arseholes) I watched Chatty man, not bad, but I've seen funnier episodes. 

Watched Graham Norton very funny. (Alan Carr, Graham Norton & Glee. I think I now have done my gay TV quota for the night, like a good fag hag!!) I had a bowl of fruit & fibre, as I had the munchies, then did some job searches & audition searches & made lots of applications & went to sleep at 3am (Cals consumed 1,288)

Tuesday 8th Feb, Had a Bizarre dream again, where yet again, I was with Davina McCall. We went somewhere & a young lad said "Hello Madonna" she found it amusing & flattering that he thought she was Madonna & then knowing I was blonde she said "maybe he meant you?" Then I was modelling lots of different wedding dresses, for some reason, I had my half wig in & it was being dressed up, to fit veils into. Then I went to a do, that a lot of my male Italian friends were at. Still in a wedding dress it seemed, one friend Marino kissed me. Then I and two others set off to catch a bus, we saw it coming along the motorway, and we were a fair way off from stop, so started running (not easy for me in heels & wedding dress (talk about runaway bride!!) it zoomed past us, and we decided to climb a stile and a fence, for a short cut, & through a building. When we got inside it, a guy was serving free chocolate ice cream, in chocolate Baps, or between to big chocolate cookies & we stopped for one. I thought 'surely we will miss the bus now?!!' Then I ran into a drummer I know & he passionately snogged me, which both shocked & surprised me!!!

With My Dream Girl, Davina

Woke with a start at 8.30am when my mobile went off, it was a taped sales message about debt management (at 8.30am!!! F*#k right off!!!) I had a wash & slipped into black studded leggings, my white Petit Bateau top & my long black boots & faux sheepskin gillet by Oasis. I pulled hair into a ponytail & did natural make-up, my pocket diary, that I asked Candie to posted back to me has never turned up (It got left at Candies, when her cleaner, tidied it away in Candies draw) when it was with all my stuff on the side in the spare room, when I stayed their over Christmas. Why did she assume it's Candies when it was with my stuff?? if she had looked at 1st page she would of seen owners name & address!! So it looks like it never will turn up now!!

Great!!... it has everything that someone dodgy needs, to bloody clone me, my name, address, mobile & home number & NI number & Passport number, as well as a load of info I needed, contact numbers & email addresses etc & plus all I'd done last year, which I wanted to transfer into big diary, when I had the time, plus my private personal stuff (I'm both fuming & upset) Useless fucking post office, 1st they send me an envelope with nothing in (having either removed, or lost my contact lenses, from it!!) Now no diary!! I so wish Candie & Ian had sent my things via registered post! As its only 30-60p more!) but would not leave me needing to buy new lenses, or the stress over my lost diary!

Had Fruit & fibre & a Diet Coke for lunch  & a diet pill (I've been taking them 2 a day, on alternate days like told, since Friday) I weighed myself Sunday & I'd gained half a lb, which is crazy, as I lost 1.5lb when I had a week of boozing & stuffing my face, with no diet pills!! (hopefully it's just a glitch before getting results!!) I seemed to be peeing more, so not sure if there is a diuretic effect with it?? But I want to see weight loss on them, not fluid bloating loss!! So I will keep you updated on my progress!! 

 Al Murray - Pint For The Gentlemen 
Glass Of Wine For The Ladies

I was phoned by Avelon TV wanting me for a Al Murray, Game Show "Compete For The Meat", I am to meet with them 12noon Thursday, before going to Candies. Popped to the shop & got a Sun Newspaper. It's a very bright & sunny out, for the 1st time in ages, but still cool and crisp. Watched the Yorkshire episode of 'May The Best House Win' I didn't like a single house today, especially Lucy's the supposed interior designer Yuck!!

Had Battered Cod & Oven Chips for lunch, then at 4.15pm went for my Acupuncture appointment. The automated check in for some reason didn't recognise my appointment, so I was stood at the reception desk for 15mins, with the phone ringing solidly, all that time. The woman at the front desk fare enough was busy, but there were 3 women, sitting at their desks, with phones on ringing, in the room behind reception, while they were chit chatting away, totally ignoring the phone!! 

No wonder that I'm left hanging on a ringing phone for ages, whenever I try calling the surgery for info, or to make an appointment!! NOT IMPRESSED!!  I sat in the depressing waiting room, where they play bloody Classic FM. God how I HATE that radio station (I Don't HATE Classical Music, just the dirge they choose to play on Classic FM, with their morose sounding DJ's to match!!) It makes me feel like I'm in the undertakers about to talk about mums funeral. It's bad enough when your just there to get a prescription, but when your ill, it really is music to slash your wrists to, as it's just so depressing!!

Eventually got to see the the acupuncturist, he said he'd not seen me since October. I was said I'd been ill with Swine Flu & then when they couldn't offer me a sooner appointment than today, I'd been trying to contact him via notes & hanging on an unanswered phone on Tuesdays, trying to get through to him (as he said if they said he was fully booked to contact him & he'd squeeze me in!!) but had no joy, with my call not being answered (which is no surprise going by what I saw today!!) 

He was disappointed I was let down, when in considerable pain & said "next time just come sit in the waiting room & I'll squeeze you in some how anyway". He then inserted the Acupuncture needles they really throbbed this time, maybe as neck has deteriorated since October, when I last saw him. When he left the room he went and saw the duty manager & made a complaint on my behalf. Then he said to come back in 2 weeks time at 4.15pm

I had a Lazy evening in front of the telly, bundling a few 100 coat-hangers together in same types. Watched Home & Away, as I sorted and bundled coat hangers together. I Love Home & Away, it has the best scrip writers, of all the soaps shown on the UK, with dramatic but believable plots, with great twists & turns that were most unexpected, that links to what happened months/years ago (very clever) Watched EastEnders (pretty boring & full of doom & gloom) In the Angie & Den days, EastEnders was very popular in the USA. I'm curious to know if it's as popular these days?? I wasn't very hungry tonight, so had a big bowl of fruit & fibre for tea. 

Raja & I Having Fun

Watched Lion country, I love big Cats, I Wanted to be a modern day Joyce Adams when I was in my early teens & I have worked with Lions & Tigers in my past. I really would love to do some work with Cheetah's, although officially they are NOT Big Cats. To be categorised as a Big Cat, you must have lost the ability to purr, and gained the ability to roar (Cheetah's purr & do not roar)


Watched 'Gok's Road Show', pretty crap but I did Love several of the designer outfits (not so much Gok's High St stuff, just a few bits here & there) Then it was 'Big Fat Gypsy Wedding', this week it focused on the men & grooms (not as interesting this week, I bet Thelma is gutted that, she is not getting so much of a free ad for her dresses tonight!) Watched a bunch of CSI's on Ch5 & read Closer magazine then went to bed at around 2am (Calories consumed 1,087)

Wednesday 9th Feb,  Woke at 9am, today I have my date with Nick the older guy (I think he's in early to mid 50's) who I met in burger King briefly, 2 weeks ago. After my Cougar Audition, just before my 2 night bender with Ian Mann. I'm meeting him in the Peahen at 7pm as it's a nice pub, that you can hear yourself speak in, despite them having live music Wednesday & Sunday. So I dry brushed myself & got in the bath & washed my hair, moisturised & slipped into my Juicy Couture tracksuit, while my moisturiser sunk in. Dried hair & applied tinted moisturiser & mascara. Had fruit & fibre & a coffee for breakfast, then popped to the local shop for a Sun paper. Did the washing up & mopped the bathroom floor. I had a read of the paper & then did some more job searches, then made a salmon salad sandwich to keep me going until tonight & munched some Twiglets.

At 6pm I put on black studded leggings & Khaki military style tunic top with scoop back & large faux jet jewelled, chained, leather trimmed epaulettes, worn with my calf length suede heeled boots, put in my 'Annabelle's' half wig & retouched my make-up. I was just about to leave & I was called on my home phone, about being on another TV show, a dating show set in a gym, while working out. So I left at 7pm, rather than getting to The Peahen at 7pm so I was 10min late (which is supposedly a woman's prerogative!) 

I took off my long black coat & black sequinned knitted beret & spotted Nick, on one of the sofas & he got up to greet me. He seemed shorter & a lot less attractive than I recalled, compared to when he came over & spoke to me, when I was sat in Burger King. His hair seemed different somehow, I sat down & he got me a Vodka Slimline while we perused the menu. 

He chose the typical male choice of steak, and I had Moules Mariniere, we chatted briefly, about ESP, and Astrology (he's a Libra) as well as South Africa (where he originates from) Plus him saying how I was just as gorgeous as he'd remembered, while I was thinking, 'No this is not going to work, I don't fancy you you look about 55yrs old, and are a bit boring'. It then turned out, he was in fact actually my age (making him actually 4 months younger) Wow he looks much older than 46 (So I'd actually pulled 5 younger guys over that 2 day bender with Ian, and Not 4younger + 1 older guy!!)

Then he casually came out with "Well what can I tell you about me? I'm Married!...... Happily!....... I just realised that monogamy was never going to work for me! I live in Kensington & I have 2 children"....... Errrrrr hang on...... just rewind that a bit!!......... Your Happily Married with 2 kids, but have trouble with Monogamy!! So basically your saying, Your Married & although you have no intention of leaving your wife, You fancy me, for a bit of sex on the side!! & by the casual way, you have just come out with this, you obviously assume that, that will be quite OK with me!! ...... Fucking Stroll On Matey!!!!

So Now I no longer felt bad about thinking, that he was a bit boring & unfanciable earlier. Now if dinner had not already been ordered & I'd not been bloody starving, I'd of probably just got up & left. But as it had & I was famished, I thought, "fuck it I'll enjoy a good meal, before fucking him off!" I'm certainly NO man's bit on the side! But curious I grilled him, more than his Steak! As I ate my Muscles & downed another V&T!

So how long has he been married? "8yrs" how long have they known each other? "10yrs" kids? "One boy one girl" does he have an open relationship & is his wife is aware of his inability for fidelity? "No!" (what a sweetheart!) Where does she think he is, when he is cheating? "At work or at a meeting or works drinks!" How many women has he been involved with since he got married? "Four!!" (WTF that's one on average every 2 years, how lovely!) Does he have a type? "No!" Then he thinks adding "It's rare when a woman catches my eye, as I'm very fussy!" (This guy is unbelieveable!!) He thinks again, then adds "Now I think of it, they have all been blonde & tall like my wife!" (bet she'd be so flattered!!....... NOT!!)

He then goes on to say, he doesn't feel 'at all' guilty about his cheating ways! As far as he is concerned, he gives his wife & kids a good life, (lucky her!!) and what she doesn't know won't hurt her (it will when he slips up one day, which with his arrogance he will, and she catches him out, then with a bit of luck, she will hurt him too!! where it hurts!...... right between the legs & the wallet!!) He also obviously doesn't feel guilty either, about viewing me purely as his possible concubine!! Fucking cheek!!! 

I had the cheese board for dessert, he had a chocolate brownie & ice cream. The live music that night was fantastic. A Belgian girl called Gabrielle Ducomble, with a beautiful voice who sings Latin Jazz to hear her on her Myspace page click HERE I'm sure you wont be disappointed! Unlike how I was with my Date!! He tried holding my hand a few times, which made me cringe, so I moved my hands out of reach, he also moved in for a kiss, which I also dodged!!

We listened to her as we drank our final drink & he said I'd made a great choice of venue, adding that the live music was exquisite, in fact it made him feel like dancing, asking me if I liked to dance? I said "I love it, but my nearest club (The Old Adelaide's) is not really my idea of somewhere to go dancing. I don't have anyone to go Latin American Dancing with, in Havana's & Batchwood is a bit far to go to to on my own!" He said "I bet your a great dancer! I'd love to see you dance!" I bet you bloody would, I thought, then it was closing time & time to go. So I walked him to the Taxi Rank (en route home myself) 

He was trying to offer me money to get a cab home & I said "No it's close enough to walk!!" He kept insisting, but I insisted more (I'm not taking more of his cash, that should be being spent on his wife & kids!!) I said goodnight & thanked him for a lovely 'MEAL!' Got home & had a wash & went to bed & Tweeted & Facebooked, "Lovely Meal Ate, on my date, BUT he was married!!.......NEXT!!" Then saw that Nick (if that is indeed his real name) had text me at 11.43pm saying "Thanks for a wonderful evening. I'd love to dance with you. N x" I ignored it. 

At 12.27am my phone got a text message. I thought it might be Nick again, but it was Neil who has been flirting on and off with me, for 3-4yrs saying "Mooooooo" so I text back "Talking a load of bullocks again I see!!" he replied "oh I like you ;)"  I joked "That's because you have impeccable taste" he Joked back "No I just love bad girls"

I watched 'Beauty & The Beast: The Ugly Face Of Prejudice', on 4OD as I'd missed it while at dinner. This weeks Beauty Sarah Burge Just didn't get it, she was just too self absorbed (a link below for those of you who wish to watch it while it's available)

I settled down to sleep as I have to be up early tomorrow for my "Compete For The Meat" audition, then it's on to Candies for a couple of days. (Calories consumed 1,751)

Thursday 10th Feb, Woke at 7.30 am, as I had to catch the 712 bus to London to be in Ladbrook Grove by noon. Had a wash & had a tiny bowl of Fruit & Fibre as I had hardly any left, & a coffee to wash down my diet pill, did my make-up & put on my half wig. Dressed the same as yesterday & packed a overnight bag including my England Bikini, for The Grove tomorrow.

Flying The Flag In Dubai

I set off at 9.10am just in case the bus was early, I waited a while & didn't see the 712, come up on the electronic timetable, went to look at the timetable on the side of the bus shelter & was horrified to see that since New Year, they now only run one bus at around 3pm Shit!! That means I now have to pay two lots of £15 train fares, not two £5 bus fares, costing me an extra £20. Then as I walked to the train station, I saw I had a text message on my phone, It was Nick again, sent at 9.40am saying "Woke up thinking about you xx" 

I didn't reply, he followed it up with "Tube had stopped last night so I got stung £25 for a cab, Good luck with the audition" I replied "You should of got a night bus, loads go in your direction from Kings Cross" To which he replied "Now she tells me! I think a luxury St Albans B&B sounds like a better plan next time ;)" (Cringe!!)

What next time!!? There is NOT going to be one & even if he was single & I fancied him! Which he isn't & I don't. No way would I let someone stay at mine, on a 2nd date, which what he was alluding to! What kind of easy slut does he think I am? It's not as if I came on to him, or allowed him to kiss me last night!! Cheeky sod!!

You Look Gorgeous, Stunning!

Got to the station The usual station guy who flirts with me was there, he puts flirty messages on the thing the ticket price comes up on (see above) & I waited for my train (I'm going to be very early, but it gives me time to find the place) I ignored the B&B comment, from Nicks last text & just said "Well one would expect a Londoner to know there are available night buses" He text back "I don't do buses" Well he wont be doing me either! & if he doesn't do buses he can hardly moan about having to pay £25 for a taxi. I didn't reply. Got to Kings Cross & did the long walk from train station to tube (past a load of shops & cafe's..... such a commercial, money making, driven layout!)

I text Ian & Nerissa that, I was en route to the TV studios, but was running around a hr early, so I may find a cafe near by, to pass time in. Nerissa said she was just finishing up on 'The Wright Stuff" then she'd be heading my way & Ian said he'd be setting off in a bit! The weather was bloody awful, windy & pouring with rain. So I didn't take an umbrella, as it would blow inside out anyway!  

Wore my half wig, as that's synthetic so waterproof under my sequinned beanie beret, so only my fringe got soaked and stuck to my head, Hitler fringe stylie, very attractive NOT! I found the studio just over a hour early, so I found a lovely little cafe, just round the corner (wish I could recall the name now) It really was wasted out of the way, where it was. It would be a hive of activity in the West End. It had a lovely little restaurant area that served all day breakfasts, lunch, tapas & coffee & pastry's etc with a large TV screen at the end , then at front there was a trendy area with a kind of light show wall, that also showed music video's, with lots of different coloured, cube like pouffes dotted around, and bonkets with trendy circular Perspex tables, if it wasn't for their sandwich board outside, you'd easily miss it!

Ordered a coffee & porridge with honey & banana, as I was hungry as the meagre cereal I'd ate 3hrs earlier, had not been substantial. It was nice but would of been better if the banana had been heated in the porridge as it was made, rather than sliced cold on top! & I had my 2nd diet pill with the coffee, then went on to Avalon TVs headquarters at 11.50am. Nerissa called me for directions from the station, and eventually also arrived, soaked to the skin, looking like a drowned rat. 

 Adrian Chiles

Ian text he was probably going to be 15mins late, so I let them know. Adrian Chiles came in looking much taller & less chunky than expected, from seeing him on TV, and he vanished upstairs (the camera really does add pounds) Then Ian called again, the fool had gone to Old St, NOT Ladbrook Grove (Old St is where we can go tomorrow at 9am to film the opening titles for "Compete For The Meat" with Al Murray, but I'm not interested) I must be crazy as it is anyway, going in for a quiz where the prize is a chicken!! When I'm a vegetarian. So we had to wait around for him & take the 1pm slot instead of the 12 noon slot. So now I have been traveling since 9.30am & been waiting to audition for 2hrs! Eventually a very soggy Ian Arrived.

We were given refreshments (a coffee & an Appletiser) and we sat through a run through, of the pub quiz like quiz & asked some stuff about ourselves, then eventually they said they would let us know. It was 2pm & Ian ran off to an Interview, so Nerissa & I popped back to the cute little restaurant for a coffee, before I headed off to Muswell Hill & she headed back to Essex. 

Caramel Slice Anyone?

She had a Danish Pastry with hers, I had a Caramel Slice. We had a catch up gossip then it was the train to Kings Cross, where we parted ways, when I took the Piccadilly line, to Finsbury Park (as the Victoria line was closed, for some reason) Then I got the W7 bus to Muswell Hill. Candie had asked me, to pick the kids up from school for her, as she was popping out with some of the girls after work. She text me that the school had contacted her, about Xavier being in a fight, and she was not happy about it & said to ignore the subject if he brought it up, saying to him that Candie would talk to him about it in the morning & refuse to discuss it further, then drop him off at Drama Class.

I got to their school a tad later than intended, due to having to delay my audition 1hr, due to Ian & the Victoria line being closed, lengthening my journey! So Xavier was waiting in Tigers class with him, we headed off to Xavier's Acting Class in a building not far from his house, stopping off for some sweets/crisps en route. Xavier was trying to get his side of fight out (pictured as victim in his version) 

I did what Candie said, with a straight face & almost lost my composure & nearly cracked up laughing, when he said "What's Wrong with You? Your in a right Grumpy mood for a change!!!" I managed to stifle my smirk! Took Tiger home, while Xavier took his class, then picked him up in the now torrential rain. Spent some time playing with the kids & also helping Xavier customise his blog.

Made them some dinner, Tiger was a bit moody, as he missed Candie & was not wanting to eat his vegetables & rice, so instead it was lots of cheese on toast (I think he ate his body weight, don't know where he put it all!!) Then Tiger had a bath & eventually so did Xavier & I put them to bed at 8.30pm (although Xavier kept finding excuses to come back down, lol deja vou) I said I'd come up & invent/read him a bedtime story once I'd eaten something. So at 9.15pm, starving I had some pesto pasta, with a sprinkling of cheese on top! 

At which point Costa came home he'd been in his office all day, being filmed by GMTV, for Daybreak about the new parking & clamping laws. He said he has a cab picking up at 6.30am to talk live on Daybreak tomorrow (I said he must be on at around 7-7.30am to have a car at that time!) I said we'd all watch tomorrow before the kids went to school. I noticed that Nick had text me at 8.40pm asking "How did the audition go?" I didn't reply

I had a glass of white wine with Costa. Then Costa, who was shattered, had a early night ready for tomorrow & I went up and told Xavier a bedtime story, making it up as I went along, which he loved. Then I read him two chapters of a book of his, about a cat, he was just asking for another chapter, when I heard Candie come in around 10pm, So I went down. We had a coffee & she told me about her night out with the girls. I said about Costa going on Daybreak live tomorrow. 

Then we laughed about Xavier & his little antics & his attempts to groom me, that the fight was the other boys fault & he was totally innocent, of course! Candie was talking about how self obsessed & ignorant Sarah Burge was, on Beauty & The Beast, she was laughing about how the disfigured one had to comfort the Sarah, over her looks. (see clip above in yellow) We also talked about Married man Nick, who I'd gone to dinner with the day before, she couldn't believe his blatant cheek either!

We chatted a bit about this weeks "Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" my audition & impending auditions, I said "Sometimes I think my siblings think I'm lazy & that I'm not looking for work & don't want to work". Adding "They really have no idea, just how many jobs I apply for a week, and that's just normal work, not including auditions etc!!" She said "There is nothing lazy about you!, you do every job you do, whether it be a proper full time job, or a small part time job, giving it your all 100% . Anyone like me who has ever worked with you, knows how hard working & dedicated you are, to all that you do, even when making things to help friends out!" Adding "Anyone who thinks your lazy, should try working with you for a day & see if they can keep up, or do it with such determination & dedication!" Which I was really touched by! 

The Iron Lady - Meryl Streep

Then we talked about her neighbour who is producing the new movie "Iron Lady" with Meryl Streep, on Margaret Thatcher, which as Tory's Candie & I are eager to see. Candy went up to bed around 11.30pm & I was not far behind her at midnight after sending off a few job applications online. (Calories consumed 1,728)

Friday 11th Feb,  Woke around 6.30am when there was a mad crashing about in Candie & Costa's bedroom (NO!!..... you pervs!!) Due to Costa over sleeping & his car from Daybreak arriving, then I heard Candie talking to Xavier, about his fight in school the day before, and what he was saying back (which left me giggling under the covers) He can be a little sod at times, but he is also very intelligent & adorable too!! 

I got up & had a coffee & we watched Costa (Director of FlashPark) on Daybreak on ITV +1. Candy found it most amusing that Dan Lobb was interviewing him as she thinks we'd make a fantastic couple (PML Candie is forever the matchmaker!!) Costa came indoors, just as we'd finished watching him & we were ribbing him a bit & Candy said "I hope you slipped Dan Junies telephone number!!" I got my stuff together & Candie did the same & she got the kids ready for school, then we dropped them off, before driving on to The Grove. She said the England team had been there last Monday.

Got to The Grove, with Candie, signed in, then went to changing room & changed into my England Bikini & Candie into her Black Tankini, we went to go in the steam room, to ease her sciatica & my bad neck & shoulders, but it was out of order, typical so we went in the jacuzzi, she said I must be gutted about gaining 2st, when mum died, after being so slim & fit, I said "Yeah especially on my hips, tummy & thighs that were so slim & muscular before! The diet tablets I'm trying out don't seem to be doing anything, but I know what I need to do is get back in the gym, to lose it & being broke & eating cheap stuff that's not quality fresh produce isn't helping!! Once my neck & shoulders are better I'm back off to the gym again!" 

Where It's All Going Wrong!!

We sat on the loungers for a bit & read the papers & then went into the spar area that has lots of jets of water to pummel different parts of your body the bits pummeling my neck & shoulder was somewhat of a relief to me! then around 1pm with stomachs rumbling (We'd not had breakfast) we had a shower dried hair & got dressed & went to one of the restaurants. As we waited for a menu she said it was a shame that I'd wasted, 5years of my 20's, with my arsehole of an ex boyfriend Suki, adding "Your great with kids, your very loving & caring, you'd of made a fantastic mum". (Something I have been told often by people, including my late mum!)

We asked what the soup of the day was? We were told there were two options, neither vegetarian. She asked the waitress if they had a vegetarian option? & a guy came over & said they may have a tin of tomato soup they could open. Candie declined saying she didn't mind paying £7.99 for freshly made soup, but not for a can of soup!! 

We ordered Candie had some veggie option that came with hash browns & I had a portion of fish which came with a kind of cold minty mushy pea relish, spicy little peppers that looked like over sized olives on a vine & a ramekin with chunky chips in. We'd munched on some Wassabi Peas & Rice Crackers, until it arrived & we also had a banana for dessert. I felt surprisingly full after (I rarely eat so much, that I feel stuffed!) Then we drove back & picked up the kids from school, popping in a few shops en route & I got a Sun Paper, to read on the way home.

Got in & had a coffee & we watched "May The Best House Win" on ITV +1 & then "Come dine with Me" had a couple more coffee's & a packet of crisps & had a bit of a natter then around 7.30 - 8pm Candie gave me a lift to Finsbury Park Station, & I got the Victoria line tube, to Kings Cross. 

I got on the tube & sat down & sat opposite me was this tall gorgeous man that looked a lot like a more handsome version of an ex Gideon, with really lovely, but yet very manly hands. Even half blind, without my lenses in, I could see him checking me out & I was thinking, "Please start a conversation with me" over & over in my head, but he didn't, but he gave me a beaming smile & a wink as I got off, bugger!!! Then I suddenly thought "Damn I don't have a watch on, I could of instigated talking to him, by asking him the time!!!" double bugger!!! 

Got on My platform & got chatting to a fab 50yr old blonde woman called Elaine, who was also going to St Albans, she was great fun, she had gone to live in & work in the USA for a while, but was now back & we told funny commuting stories to each other & the time flew past, we said goodbye with a hug & a peck on the cheek as we went our separate ways, outside the station, I was half way home & thought "damn I should of found out if she was on Twitter or Facebook", as it would of been good to of had a local friend, in around my age group, who is a good laugh. 

Got in around  9- 9.30pm & made a salmon salad sandwich, as I was now hungry, with a Chunky Kit Kat for dessert & caught the end of 'Comedy Rocks' then had an early night, as my neck was painful & giving me a headache. (Calories consumed 1,730)

Saturday 12th Feb, Woke  at 9.30am, quite grey & dreary out, YUCK hurry up Spring/Summer!!.... I had Special K Clusters for breakfast (I'd never tried them before, tasty & not sickly sweet unlike Honey Nut Clusters!!) Had them with a Diet Decaf Coke, to wash my slimming pills down with (they do not seem to be working for me, although they are for my friend, but they make her & her husband defecate a lot, like Allie, but they don't with me, maybe an extra pee or two a day!! but that's it!!) Wonder if the fact that, I no longer have a Gallbladder & therefore no bile that breaks down food, has any connection as to why it's not working for me?? 

Dressed in a electric blue velour sweat-suit & Ugg boots as I'm only going to be indoors doing housework etc at home, with my hair in bunches (lol very Baby Jane Hudson)

I did a load of chores & popped downstairs to the shop, for some Flash Wet Wipes & some Milk, plus today's paper. Put some washes in the machine & hung out the clean laundry to dry & then did the washing up from last night & this morning. Watered the plants & dusted. I did a bunch of job searches, and applied or some jobs & some auditions. I had a Triple Cheese Deep Pan Pizza for lunch, then perused the paper. 

While watching "Harry Hill" I was called on my mobile around 7pm by a withheld number, I answered it, and a chirpy male voice Said "Hi June it's Steve how you doing?" Confused as to which of the many Steve's I know it was? I said slowly "Steve?" Then he added "From ITV!!" oh cute Steve, funny he didn't have his nervy nerdy phone voice on, he sounded more the Steve I'd met, I so wasn't expecting a outside hrs call from him on a weekend!! He said he was calling to see how I was & double check that, I was OK to come down to the studios for filming next Thursday? I said I was! 

I Spotted that I also had a text, it was from my friend Ian he was at a studio opening event, called 'Victims Of Glamour' his text said "Wish you were at this studio opening with us. You'd love it! X"  I know I so would of too, damn this lack of work & ££££££. I watched the new Ant & Deck 'Push The Button' show, love them, but not so keen on this show though! Then watched 'Take Me Out' followed by the brilliant 'The Tudors' (Sometimes, just sometimes the BBC does get it right) I got peckish, so I had another bowl of Special K Clusters & Branston Pickle Mini Cheddars, chatted a bit on Twitter & Facebook, watched 'Fast & Loose' & with my neck & shoulder aching like crazy I had an early night. (Calories consumed 1,986)

Sunday 13th Feb, Woke at 9am, after quite a busy dream which I can no longer recall, got up & got on the scales & I have gained a quarter of a pound, so that's a three quarters of a pound weight gain, since I have started the diet tablets, on Friday the 4th of Feb (on alternative days) which isn't boding well at all, so far, but it's only 9 days in, so things could change! I had a wash & pulled hair into a pony tail & pulled my long coat over my nightie & popped to the shop & got a News Of the World, a pack of Twiglets & a Caramel chunky KitKat (for later).

I made myself a bowl of Special K Clusters for breakfast, with a coffee & slobbed out in my nightie, with a face full of moisturiser & the eyebrow & lash treatment on, while trying to finish off last weeks blog Mon 31st Jan - Sun 6th Feb. On a day I'm meant to be finishing this weeks. Since I changed my hotmail log-in, there seem to be no more spam emails, being sent from my account! So I guess I was hacked & not infected with a virus! 

Had a text come through at 2pm, it was married Nick again, saying "Another grey weekend. Kids everywhere. Suddenly found myself thinking how nice it would be, to be snuggled up under a duvet.... with you! Would be nice to see you again. N x" Ugh that made me cringe, I have no desire to snuggle up with him, with or without duvet!!! Ignored it! Had a Diet Coke break with my Twiglets & Chunky Caramel KitKat at 3pm, and read a bit of News Of The World

At 6.35pm I began to watch 'Dancing On Ice' and updating my 'Dancing On Ice Critique Blog' as I did so. If you wish to read it click HERE After that finished I had another diet coke & wrote some more of last weeks blog, finally finishing it before the 'Dancing On Ice results show' came on at 9.30pm. I had a Diet Coke while watching that & putting results in my 'Dancing On Ice' Blog, then hungry, I had another bowl of Special K Clusters. 

Chatted on Twitter & Facebook a bit then Checked new auditions on audition sites. Watched 'That Sunday Night Show' & 'Chatty Man' (Again) then 'LA Confidential' Russell Crow looks a bit like my Ex Walt. Except Russell wouldn't still be living with his mum in his 30's & after 18months of dating, I would think Russell would of had sex with me (I had more chance of sex with my gay friends, than I did my ex..... hence why he's my ex!! A woman has needs!! & 18 celibate months was enough, 1-2yrs with no sex is fare enough when your single, but not when your supposed to be in a bloody relationship!!) 

A text message came through at 11.45pm, "Oh no not Nick again!" I thought, but no it was Chris, who I'd met in the Two Brewers, the day after I met Nick saying "Look out for the valentines card tomorrow." I replied "I won't hold my breath, You don't know my address & none will be coming through my door tomorrow, that you could claim as from you lol" he replied "I work for a bank. I know everything about everyone. I am disappointed you're not getting me anything, but I will be getting several so not to worry x" I laughed & replied "Well I didn't want my card getting lost in that card mountain of yours!" finally went to sleep at 3.30am. Wondering what lay ahead next week?? But I know what's NOT ahead tomorrow!! (Calories consumed 1,354)

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