Wednesday, 19 January 2011

My Taster 2011 Year Ahead Horoscope - January

June 20, 1964
07:40 PM [BST=GMT+01:00]

Kensington, United Kingdom [51N30 0W12]

Your Birth Planet Positions:

Sun      29 Gem 25'55" in  7th house   

Moon     12 Sco 57'55" in 12th house

Mercury  21 Gem 29'18" in  7th house   

Venus    28 Gem 06'54" in  7th house

Mars      2 Gem 20'44" in  6th house

Jupiter  15 Tau 57'11" in  6th house

Saturn    5 Pis 00'47" in  3rd house
Uranus    6 Vir 33'21" in  9th house

Neptune  15 Sco 23'52" in 12th house  
Pluto    11 Vir 48'11" in 10th house

N. Node   2 Can 04'54" in  7th house   

ASC       9 Sag 59'34"

MC        9 Lib 34'34"

A very warm welcome to your exclusive trial Personal Horoscope for 2011!  You are part of the way of discovering your route throughout the year. You have in your hands what could be your ultimate personalised guide to the whole of the coming year, which you can refer to each and every day; look ahead at upcoming events or even just be miles ahead of anyone else with their daily horoscope fix! 

Included in this trial version is your Life, Love, Luck and Loot forecast for the year; together with a sample of the first few days of January - including your monthly forecast. The full report includes the full 365 days of the year and your monthly horoscopes from January thru December! 

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This unique report gives you instantly the prediction for the day in question - no need to read over countless transits that are happening all at once in your chart and over varied time periods. This report is designed as an easy, quick and exact snapshot reading for you - each and every day!

Once again, congratulations on making this wise choice in your future. I wish you a wonderful year, full of love, money, success, happiness and whatever else your heart desires - and look forward to providing you with your FULL VERSION report very soon!

Best regards, Russell Grant


A passion packed romance blossoms as 2011 gets underway, but you shouldn't let a lover or relative rain on your parade on the 7th. The 10th is ideal for going on a date with someone who stimulates your intellect. A terrible argument between you and your boss could erupt on the 11th. Wait until the 12th to smooth things over with your employer. Spend the 13th creating a budget that includes a long term savings plan. Your sex appeal is undeniable on the 14th, and draws lots of admiring glances. Push yourself to try something new on the 15th, even if it makes you uncomfortable. A passionate encounter causes you to do something totally out of character on the 17th. The days surrounding the 18th force you to come to terms with an unfair financial agreement. Payment for a job arrives on the 19th, and it may be less than you expected. Your social circle could be increased twofold in the days surrounding the 22nd. If you've been thinking of starting a family the 23rd would be a good time to make some practical plans.

Saturday 1st
Your attention is focused on family matters, home improvements and personal affairs. Try not, however, to get into arguments otherwise these will only get you down. You aren't as patient as normal and other folk feel you're being a bit 'grumpy'. Don't let inner worries make you distance yourself from close ties. 

Romance: 65%

Sunday 2nd
You are well on your way to achieving a special goal. Your life improves as a result and home improvement plans or a change of residence will be in the headlines of your mind. If future plans extend beyond your current resources, seek the backing of your bank manager or another financial house now 

Romance: 95%


Monday 3rd
Clear the clutter from your life. Rid yourself of commitments, ties and responsibilities that no longer benefit you. Renovate your home, transform your personal circumstances and any changes made now will ultimately have a steadying effect on your future. This is a positive period of self-renewal through sprucing up your image, attitude and outlook.

Romance: 39%

Tuesday 4th
You sense moods, atmosphere and feelings and this helps you understand what other people are expecting from you. Intuitive responses are likely to lead you in directions that will be good for you even if you sometimes find yourself doing things you wouldn't normally do. Trust your intuition.

Romance: 4%

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