Saturday, 8 January 2011

A New Year Begins, What A Weighty Issue!!!

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ೋ ❤❤❤~~HAPPY NEW YEAR~~❤❤❤ ೋ
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Monday 3rd January, Yet again I had a very busy complex dream, which I don't recall now on waking. I had a wash & slicked hair back into a low pony tail & did a natural make-up, I still have the bump & bruise on my forehead which I got New Years Day. Dressed in studded black leggings & black polo neck, plus my long black flat boots, looking not unlike a mime artist, or cat burglar lol. I had Sugar free Alpen for breakfast & 1ltr of water. 

I checked my emails, Facebook, Twitter & StarNow, no response back yet re the Film "Gun Estate" but I doubt anyone will be in the office until tomorrow!! Two Casting Agents have approached me to be on their books which is a good start to 2011!!

Popped to the newsagents for my Sun Newspaper, it's very grey and overcast out. I'm chilling a bit on the back room sorting today, getting other small things needing doing done instead, so I can return to sorting again with gusto Tuesday. Had a Curly Wirley & perused the paper. Jo's Landlord has been released uncharged & the investigation to her murder by strangulation continues! There is the news that Amanda Holden is 6 months pregnant, which isn't news to me as she announced it on Twitter Saturday!

Jo's Landlord

Watched Downton Abbey, then did some job & audition applications, some hoovering, dusting & the washing up, then did some squats with my Swiss exercise ball & had a chicken style quorn burger in a bun with salad & a vegetable CupaSoup for lunch. 

Filed away some of my paper work, bank statements/bills etc & finished off last weeks blog, adding photo's and links & posted it. Got on scales yesterday, I've lost 1lb since Christmas, which isn't a lot, but not bad at a time of year, when most people are putting "ON" weight!! I intend to continue in this vein, until I have lost the 2st I put on while devastated & grieving, over my mums unexpected death. 

R.I.P Mum

It totally pulled the carpet from beneath my feet & I went from a happy gym bunny, who worked out 3-5hrs a day 5-7 days a week, to someone morose, who lashed out & yet struggled to find the energy to walk from the bedroom, to the bathroom, grief drained every last bit of strength from my body.

So next week once sorting out back room is done, it's back regularly to the gym for me!! I need to shape up quick anyway, as The Photographer to the stars, Alstair Morisson has contacted me, wanting me, to be one of his nude photography models, for his new exhibition & in return he will do me a set of photos, in a variety of outfits/naked, for my modelling/acting portfolio, which is handy as I needed new recent head/body shots, to update my portfolio!!

 Alistair Morrison
 One Of Alistairs Real Women Shots
Keeping Fresh For Alistair?

I watched the soaps, EastEnders was rubbish as usual, they need the writers they had in Den & Angie years back, they knew how to create well rounded characters & gripping story-line's!!

Had another bowl of sugar free Alpen for Tea as I was peckish but not hungry! Watched "The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year" amusing but not hysterical, TV after that was pretty diabolical!! As per usual over any holiday season in England!! Settled down to sleep at 1am but was still awake at 6am grrrrrrrrrr!! But on the bright side I only had 1,175cals today (oooh how very Bridget Jones Diary!!)

Tuesday 4th Jan, Fell asleep some times around 7am & woke at 9.30am I had a disturbing dream that made me wake with a start at 9.30am my heart pounding in my chest!! I was living somewhere & I had a ginger cat, I saw out of the corner of of my eye the cat seemed to be having spasms, I went over & realised it was only skin & bone & thought "OMG!! its starving to death" & tried to recall when I'd last fed the cat & couldn't (my cat Amy died Nov11th 09) I thought "OMG it's suffering & dying of starvation because of me" & was most distressed!! waking suddenly. 

I had a wash, dressed in black studded leggings, black studded long sleeved T- shirt & my long flat boots, did a light make-up & pulled on long black coat & black beanie hat. Then I set off for a 45min walk round the park as I haven't had any exercise since sorting out the back room, except for a few squats, with the Swiss Ball yesterday, the weather is mild but overcast and very grey. Then I had a brunch of Spanish Omelet & Salad & a Cappuccino, healthy & yummy!! Popped to Tesco's & got some Soya Milk, Mangetout, Carrot Batons & a bag of salad. 

My Friend Polly Furse Called me & we had a chat, she said she has spoken to Sarah at Pulse & we should be on "Louie Spence's Showbusiness" next week from what she gathers, but info is still a bit vague. She also thinks they may not be including the "Polly Put The Kettle On" her chat show pilot, which would be a shame as that's where I get made up, as my ulta ego Evil Barbie (my main pic, at the top of blog, in pink fluffy jacket) Guess only time will tell how much or how little they include us in the show!!!?

 Polly Furse

Applied for another casting agency Extra Factory (the more the merrier, to try get some paid work!!) Then spent a hour filling in the registry form for Aardvark Casting, that they sent me, only for the Java on my notebook to crash just before sending & wiping it all, meaning I had to do it all over again before sending (not happy!!!!) re did and sent it off. Watched EastEnders (depressing as usual) & later the lovely "The Bear Family & Me" 

Had a Golden Vegetable Cup-a-soup & munched on some carrot batons, New Years Resolution here I come, I will also be thinner for new modelling shots!! Then watched "David Walliams' Awfully Good" which was quite funny especially an awful 70's male beauty pageant, most looked like bigger geek's than the ones on "Beauty & The Geek"

Read The Paper, It is thought that there may of been more than one Killer in the Jo Yeats case, I hope they catch whoever is responsible soon, for her family's sake! More on puffy faced Gordon Ramsey (Yawn) 

Then more on Britain's fattest man Paul Mason, I feel no pity for him he has cost the taxpayers £1.5Million via the NHS & there is no excuse for his obscene gluttony he did it to himself!! Although somebody should of put a stop to his ridiculous portions, long before his normal daily diet became the one bellow:

Breakfast: Either 1entire packet of Sugarpuffs or 1pkt Bacon, 4 Sausages, 4 Eggs, 4 Hash Browns & Fried Bread. (2,060 cals)

Snack: 6 Large Sausage Rolls & 6 Cornish Pasty's (1,740 cals)

Lunch: 4 Large Cod with 4 Large Chips with Mushy Peas, Bread plus Curry Sauce & 2 Large Kebabs (2,200 cals)

Snack: 40 Chocolate Bars & 40 pkts Crisps (10,400 cals)

Supper: Roast Dinners, Takeaway Curries, Pizza's & Fish & Chips (2,590 cals)

Evening Snacks: Extra helpings of Kebabs, bread & chips (1,030 cals)

Total Daily Calories: 20,020 (more than I consume in a week!!)

Gorge On 20,020 Cals A Day 
& You Too Can Look Like This!!

Watched Beauty & The Geek, I don't rate Male Beauty Sam at all!! I think Geek John has a nicer face, with a hair make-over & a gym work, out he'd out beauty Sam!!..... crashed at 4am!! (Calorie Count today 1,008.)

 Geek John

Wednesday 5th Jan, Had a dream something to do with an event & drinking alcohol with friends, but can't recall the details. Woke at 9.30am. Today is the day Louie Spence's Showbusiness starts, at 9pm on Sky1, but if I am on it at all, I wont be able to view it, as I don't get Sky with my Freeview TV. 

 The Showbusiness Posse

Munched on a packet of Mini Cheddars for breakfast, washed & dried hair straight, burning my forehead as I straightened fringe (goes nice with the bump & bruise I put on it on Jan 1st) then I popped to the newsagent for the paper, some milk & diet cokes, packaged up Andreanna Wig, to send back to Annabelle's wigs, to swap for Dolly, did the washing up and mopped the kitchen floor (it badly needed doing, but which I was too weak & felt too crap to do, while I had Swine Flu) did a delicates wash in machine. Checked my Twitter, Facebook & emails. 

I have been invited by Film Director Angus, to come to a pitch party, as the short independent film I was in, called "Losing It" may be being made into a Feature Film & the backers want to meet the cast, that the director has selected, as the actors he wishes to use in the feature length version (me being one of them) on Sat Jan 15th, food, drink & a chance to play on the big screen in a actual role, safe to say I'm there!! I was also contacted by a casting agent, asking if I had a smart suit & shirt & was free Sat, for something for Sky? I messaged back I was, now the wait to see if I'm selected!!

As IMP On "Losing It"

Had lunch of a grilled marinated quorn fillet on a bed of rocket salad & sliced beetroot, drizzled with balsamic vinegar. Hung laundry out to dry & had a Diet Coke. Washed the crockery, threw out some more rubbish. Watched "Come Dine With Me" then chatted to Ian who phoned me & said maybe I could come over to his next Wed & we'd watch our 1st appearance on "Louie Spence's Showbusiness" together? Which sounded good to me (I won't stay over though, as its too expensive to pay two fares) 

Hoovered the lounge, hall & back room (the bedroom tomorrow, after I have changed the bed, as the feathers from the pillows get everywhere, so would have to hoover again tomorrow anyway, if I hoovered today) I had a fish pie with steamed mangetout & a glass of champagne for dinner. I couldn't watch the start of "Louie Spence's Showbusiness, at 9pm as I don't have Sky1 at home so watched "The Bear Family & Me" on BBC2. It's so sad that these sweet, friendly, black bears, are hunted (legally) in Minnesota USA where they live. 

After that I watched "Britain's Fattest Man" about Paul Mason who I have already talked about, this week and on Sunday. It was gross & I am sorry but, I do not feel sorry for him, although somebody should of stepped in long before he got to 20st, to force him to get a hold of his eating, long before it escalated to 60st, and the ridiculous amount of consumption he was devouring!! Which was obscene!! At one point after he had lost 20st (thanks to a Gastric Band) he had 1st 7lb of hanging skin & fat, hanging on each thigh removed to aid him to walk, that's 3st in total, that's 6 baby's worth, 3 large new born baby's per thigh!!

Candie messaged me about "Louie Spence's Showbusiness" saying "this show is genius, I can't wait to see your bits on it!!" Watched Barbara Windsor: A Comedy Roast, very funny, especially Alan Carr's bit, Timothy Biggins bit was lame tho. I read the paper, more info on poor Jo's murder, one sock was missing, either what was used to strangle her, or was kept as memento by murderer, also 2 people were seen walking 27 seconds behind her en route to Tesco (The odd looking landlord, who is released on bail, did say he saw 3 people leaving what looked to be Jo's flat, the night she vanished!! 

More on Britain's Fattest man, who's care bill is  over £1.5Million (paid for by the tax paying public!!) Saying he twice took a drug overdose to kill himself, but because he was so huge the amount didn't effect his organs. Before he could be operated on to be given a gastric band, the operating theatres floor had to be reinforced, at a cost of £5,000. A Jumbo ambulance (Jumbulance) had to be built to carry him costing £90,000. His yearly care bill alone came to £100,000, after the operation he survives on 2,000 calories a day when before it was 20,000!!!

Britain's Fattest Man

There was the sad story, of the funeral of handsome, up and coming football goalie star, Dale Roberts 24, who unable to get over the hurt of his fiancé cheating on him, with his Rushden & Diamonds, team mate, the extremely plain, Paul Terry 31, the brother of England player John Terry. So sadly he hung himself. What a tragic waste of life of a very handsome, gifted lad! Shame he didn't have a decent girlfriend that appreciated him, or one who realised how deep his feelings for her were!!

R.I.P Dale

Watched The Morgana Show (very funny) & Beauty & The Geek, before retiring to sleep (daily calorie intake 1,301)

Thursday 6th Jan, Had a dream that I was with Candie & Some other friends in a bar, she was chatting and flirting to some guy, she was drinking & dancing, with her coat & bag unattended, when I saw that the guy she'd been flirting with, grab her bag, hiding it behind two carrier bags, that he was also holding & exit the bar. I rushed after him down the street, when he turned a corner, I turned the corner too, but he'd vanished, I walked a short way, then I turned around, surmising he must of gone into one of the stores, near the corner he turned!! I spotted him just inside a door, at a counter of a takeaway, the bag & his carrier bags on the floor. I lent in door grabbed bag off the floor & fled with the bag, but as I walked up the street, I couldn't find the bar we were in, to give Candie her bag back & I knew there was no point trying her mobile, as it would be in her bag which I had. Suddenly I saw her in the street & went over. 

Woke up at 9.30am, with my neck & shoulders in a lot of pain, base of spine aching too!! Dull grey & rainy out (no doubt, that's what's elevating my pain) I hate this weather in winter, because the whole day feels like dusk & night when there is no brightness/sunlight!! I'm sure I get a touch of S.A.D. I got on the scales I am 3lb lighter since January 1st (that's a loss of half a pound a day!) which is a good start to my health drive. 

My Agency got back to me & I'd not made the final selection for Sky gig Saturday. Checked my Emails & Pulse have contacted me wanting me & my 8 friends for the shooting of the finale show of "Louie Spence's Showbusiness" at Wimbledon Theatre, on Friday 28th January, which no doubt will be, the Extravaganza Show that he is putting together throughout the series. 

My Friend Jennie Called me & invited me round for a few glasses of red wine, at 8pm tonight. So I will be off round there later. I had a veggie bacon sandwich & Twiglets for brunch, washed down with a decaf Diet Coke! 

My friend Mike called after that & we are meeting for a coffee in town at 1pm tomorrow. Popped to the shop & bought a paper, the front page is Samantha Womack (Nee Jannis) quitting EastEnders (hardly front page news!! Yawn!!) plus Jordan (AKA Katie Price) admitting her marriage is in crisis again (yawn)

Record store HMV is closing 60 stores (a tenth of its UK stores) after one of its worse Christmases ever, blaming the snow & supermarkets (well if you can buy a Album in Tescos, Asda or Morrissons etc £5 cheaper than HMV obviously you will go there, stop being greedy & have equal, or competitive prices & you would be busy again!!) There were pictures in the paper of Fern Cotton on holiday in her bikini, her body was covered in a revolting, mishmash of tattoo's.

Oh how the mighty have fallen. One of London's hero firemen, from 7/7 terror attack, Simon Ford 41, has been jailed for 14yrs for his part in a £100Million Cocaine ring. He turned to cocaine to cope with the stress of 7/7 & spiralled downwards, to become a key player in a drugs network. He was caught in his Surrey flat with 100kg of coke worth £5.5Million. They had been dropped on a Kent beach by dingy, the packages still wet, in their waterproof pouches, when found. Ringleaders netted more than £100Million via a taxi cab outfit. Royal Oak Taxis was run by one of the key players, the network was linked to 10 criminal gangs & had interests in Columbia, Spain. India, Dubai, Israel, Morroco & other states in North Africa.

I had a Grilled Quorn cutlet, with baked beans & Rocket salad on the side & a coffee, chatted online, to my cheeky, funny, pal, TV Psychologist Jo Hemmings, who has a fab caustic sense of humour. She is just back from holiday & she has a new book out called "Sex Games" available for £6.99 at Amazon, Link in Yellow below for any of you raunchy lot, wishing to buy one!! I then Changed into navy leggings & navy & beige stripped Reiss top, my long black boots, Carley wig & long black coat. 

My Reiss Top

Jo's Book

Then I popped round Jennies, with bottle of Merlot & chin wagged for a few hours & had 2 glasses of wine, with 2 chocolates. She said seeing me with long hair again (Carley wig) made her start thinking about getting extensions again. We chatted about my ex neighbour (her ex boyfriend) who has really larded it up & what hair he has left, has gone white, ageing has not been kind to him. Which is quite funny as he was always so vain & critical of every one's looks!! Instant Karma???  Edgar got home from darts at around 11.45pm & I set home at around midnight. 

I did a few chores, when I got in & then went to bed, I checked Twitter & Facebook, then watched "Beauty & The Geek" it was Geek make-over time & as I thought, Geek John looked cute after his make-over. Better looking than so called Beauty, Sam Horrigan!! & he won prom king, bless him, he looked so chuffed!! Then I settled down to try  to sleep (daily calories consumed 1,469)

 Geek John's Make-Over
Beauty? Sam

Friday 7th Jan, I was still awake at 8am, so I put my coat over my nightie & went to newsagents, to get my paper & a carton of milk, then made a warm milk drink & tried to sleep again. I fell asleep about 8.30am & woke at 10.30am, I had a bowl of sugar free Alpen Muesli & decaf Diet Coke & then watched Xfactor Katie's, 81yr Prostitute/Escort Gran, on "This Morning" I wouldn't disown my mum/nan (like her family, it's not as if she has murdered someone!!) but I would be concerned for her safety & happiness/state of mind & would rather the world didn't find out!! For her sake rather than my own!! My Agency asked if I was available for another part in the Sky Ad Saturday? I said "yes!" they said they'd get back to me!!

Dressed the same as yesterday & had a toasted "veggie" bacon & boiled egg sandwich, on granary bread for lunch & met up with my friend Mike at Costa Coffee, in the Maltins. I had a large triple shot Cappuccino (need the lift as only had roughly 2hrs sleep!) & downloaded Mikes photos from Halloween, off of his camera memory card, onto a disc at Jessops & pic of the sink he wants to eBay, he was with his son Ryan, who has really grown & is VERY cute & cheeky. He looks like a blonde mini Mike. I posted off my Andreanna wig, to Annabelle's Wigs & will wait to get the Dolly one in it's place. I went to Doctors Surgery & booked  myself two acupuncture sessions, as my neck is killing me!! (but the earliest they could do was Feb 8th!!) Bummer!!

Agency got back to me I wasn't selected for Sky Ad. I got home downloaded the photos off the disc & downloaded into a Facebook Album & added a few to my Halloween Blog on here (A Sick Countdown To Halloween!!) I had my Swine Flu even back then, I can't believe that, I have only just got over it!! Feel much improved this week!! THANKFULLY!!!!

 Carry On Halloweening!!

I Had a CupaSoup (golden vegetable) then chilled with the paper, The Sun is offering a £50,000 reward to catch the killer of Jo Yeates. I hope that makes someone, who might know something, dob the killer in!! Somebody swore at Sam Womack (Ronnie in EastEnders) calling her a "Murdering Cunt!" FFS get a grip & a life woman, it's only as Soap & she is only an actress, delivering lines someone else wrote!! Anyway Ronnie didn't murder anyone, her baby died of "cot death" in the soap & she just swapped her baby, for someone else's!! The mentality of the viewing public, sometimes is a worry!!

Gun Cops have been called in to guard London rail stations & airports, amid a new terror alert & a possible Mumbai-style gun massacre. Security on the tube has also been stepped up, at bridges & bus terminals too. Luton airport will also be guarded. Intelligence has been picked up causing heightened concern of an attack, as al-Qaeda are targeting the UK, France & Germany (Easier targets than the USA no doubt!!)

Latvian Scum *Ruddick (*what he calls himself, real name unknown) came to the UK "because it's easy to squat" showed off his Chandelier festooned £10Million Mansion home he is squatting in, in Highgate, North London. Adding "Britain is an easy touch why would I ever need a job!" Adding "I'd be arrested in Latvia if I did this there!" He lives in the palatial home with elegant fireplaces & marble floors with 30 other immigrant squatters, after climbing through a toilet window on Boxing Day. The property is strewn with beer cans & cigarette buts, with graffiti on the walls, showing the contempt & disrespect they have for the property & it's actual owner. The property was empty while it was being renovated (obviously needing a lot more work, once this human vermin are eventually evicted!) Horrified neighbours have begged them to clear the rubbish piling up outside, worrying about it attracting rats (tho not as big as the ones squatting there!!) 

The owner is rightly outraged, even more so as he has been told he has to leave the electric, water & other utility's on, as they can not be turned off while someone is living there (so they are running up those bills at his expense!!) while they ignore the bills piling up!! The squatting laws in this country need urgent readdressing, if he cant get them arrested for squatting surely he can for criminal damage of his property?? (the graffiti etc??) *Ruddick laughs "We know our rights!"  brandishing a Squatters Handbook, adding "I'm disappointed there is no wallpaper!" (it would of been graffiti'd anyway!!) adding "I want my next home properly decorated !!" (cheeky C**t!!)

More word on the Indian Bride, who was murdered in a Taxi in South Africa, while on Honeymoon. Apparently days before her wedding she ripped off her engagement ring & threw it at the groom to be, after a row, later telling her pal she was glad it was over as they were not compatible. also six days before she died she answered a text from a pal, who'd asked her how she was? with "Cryingys before her wedding she ripped off her engagement ring & threw it at the groom to be, after a row, later telling her pal she was glad it was over as they were not compatible. Also six days before she died, she answered a text from a pal, who'd asked her how she was? with the reply "Crying has become my new hobby!" Hardly the blissfully happy bride, her accused groom portrayed!

Happy Couple?

More on Britain's Fattest Man Paul Mason (who has dropped to 37st with the aid of a gastric band) The self pitying, lard arse, now plans to Sue the NHS, that's frittered £1.5Million on caring for him (the ingrate!) Claiming they ignored his plight, as he headed towards 70st, saying he begged for help at 30st but was told to ride his bike more (well he should have, its his own fault that, he's a lazy glutton!!) Then once at 64st he asked to see a eating disorder specialist & got a dietitian (pay for one yourself if you were that desperate <saving the money, by cutting out your 280 chocolate bars & 280 packs of crisps "A Week" AFTERNOON snacks!!>  that alone should be enough!!) You Selfish, Self Absorbed, Arrogant, Arsehole!!....  I can't get a Chiropractor on the NHS, for car crash injury's that were NOT self inflicted, or my fault!! But you don't see me suing anyone because of it!!

Watched Corrie at 7.30pm, then the Misery Factory that is EastEnders, my neck & shoulders, have had a gnawing pain in them all day!! Pain killers just don't ease it, at all! at times I could kill for a Morphine injection in the area to kill the pain!! I had 2 Quorn Burgers, with Baked Beans & Salad for dinner, while watching 2nd episode of Corrie for the night. 

I chatted  to a few pals abroad, online, then watched "Penn & Teller: Fool US" a fun show! Then "The Graham Norton Show" with Keano Reeves,  Emilia Fox (no idea who she is!) apparently she's on Silent Witness. I have watched that when Helen Miram was on, it but obviously not now that Emilia is!? Also comedian Marcus Brigstocke, with singing by Imelda May (no Idea who she is either!!) I was still none the wiser after she sang! Nor had I heard of her Mayhem Album? OK kind, a of 50's Jazz Blues, Irish singer.

Read Closer Magazine, Jordan saying she is looking out for number one, no change there then! (not that that's necessarily a bad thing, if Kerry Katona had, had that attitude, she never would of been fucked over by that tosser Mark!!) 

Kerry & Tosser Mark

Vanessa on blowing her wedding fund on a gastric band (predictably, as always the 1st few January, women's magazines will all be about dieting, & shifting the weight you piled on at Christmas....... I didn't!!)

Also an article on 73yr granny prostitute/Escort Libby Ellis, I'm not one to judge how a pensioner, or anyone else for that matter, manages to pay her/their heating bills, especially these days, I struggle myself!! But I could of done without the shot of her in scarlet underwear, on all fours if I'm being honest!! I Googled her to see if undie's pose was online, but instead found her site & free gallery's & nearly went blind!! Blimey she is a right game ole girl!! The link to site is below in Yellow BUT be warned, it's a VERY EXPLICIT site do NOT click on it if :-  Easily shocked, or offended, or under 18yrs!!

Twitter is going mental over A1 Wanker & Ex Big Brother Arsehole @MrKennithTong . As he is encouraging girls to starve themselves, to become zero's or less, saying "only the real dedicated girls are the one managing to live on no food at all!" Praising Anorexics, when they have gone days without eating. Who are sending him their super skinny pics. He's saying fat size UK10 women are not brave enough, or dedicated enough, to starve themselves, to a perfect zero or smaller! Well that little twat wasn't brave enough to last a few days in the Big Brother House, he jumped over the wall to escape!! The Wimp! Either he likes Anorexics because, he is a control freak & likes someone he can manipulate, or because they make his weedy childlike body look big & manly by comparison, or he is a sad fuckwitt willing to do anything for attention & publicity either way, the world will be a better place without him in it, the repugnant little misogynist!!

What Warped Misogynist, Kenneth Tong
Is Encouraging Healthy Women
To Do To Themselves!!
How A Hot, Healthy, Woman, Really Looks

Ate a Mint Magnum Ice Cream, while reading a double page spread in Closer magazine, on Weather Girl Clair Nasir (the one supposedly shocked by her papped pic in lime green 2 piece - when that was so staged - like every "before pic" a celeb is "supposedly papped" in, either with flab out, in small outfit/changing room, or cramming a cake/sandwich down throat - 6 months before taaaaa  dahhhhhh!! a fitness video is out!!) This time her pic inside is in lime panties!! With of course all about dieting from a size 16 (and the rest!) to a size 6, with how she did it & plug for her DVD!!

 Before & After!!
 So......The Horrifying (staged) Pap Pic
Makes It On Front Of DVD!!

Then there was Coronation Streets Debbie Rush who was horrified (again) when Accidentally (on purpose) Papped, with it all hanging out in the changing room. Well I say "in the changing room" but in reallity, more conveniently half dressed, standing just "outside" the changing room curtain (well she wouldn't get "Staged" papped if she was inside the changing room, while half dressed, with the curtain closed, like normal shoppers do, would she? As male paparazzi would have to go into, the no go zone of the women's changing rooms to get the shots otherwise!!) She has gone from size 16 to size 8 & is in a skimpy leotard, after losing 3st & is telling how she did it & surprise surprise has a fitness DVD out too!

 How Did They Pap That? Hmmmmm?
 The New Improved Debbie
The Pap Pic, With "Conveniently" Sad Face
Makes It On The Front Of DVD!!

Then Coronation Streets Bev Callard (Liz McDonald) tells how she lost 2st to be the perfect bride & tells what she did, to go from a size 14 to an 8 & a mention of her fitness DVD no surprise there!!

Then Kimberly Walsh (my favourite from Girls Allowed) talks about how she keeps in trim, without dieting, but by exercise. Then there's a Closer Diet for the start of the New Year.

Then there's a page to show your chubby boyfriends, how Anthony Costa from Blue lost 3st. Telling how he is finally happy with himself, also how he did it, but no mention of a fitness DVD .............................Yet!!

Anthony Before
 Anthony After

I watched Robin Williams stand up "Weapons Of Self Destruction" while chilling, with another CupaSoup, very very funny!! So much material don't know how he recalled it all!? Then I settled down to the midway show of "Beauty & The Geek" (for those of you who don't get the show in your country, you can download episodes via link below!!) Then I went to bed (calories consumed 1,254)

Saturday 8th Jan, Dreamt Candie was having marriage problems & I and my brother for some reason were round her home. Her husband (not sure if was Costa or not in dream) came back so my brother & I had to hide for some reason, in the spare bedroom. I hid in a wardrobe, not sure where Bill went, then I woke up. The pain in my neck & shoulders is bad today, it's spread into my arms & hands!! If I move neck & arms there are loud grinding & cracking noises (isn't ageing grand!!) I got on the scales, I've lost another lb lost since Thursday, that's 4lb since Jan 1st (so still losing half a lb a day) at this rate, I can lose the 2st I gained when mum died, in 8 weeks!! wooo hoo!! I'll be back to the pre grief me again!!

Its really bright out for a change, no grey gloomy sky that has been the norm of late. I had sugar free Alpen for breakfast, dressed similar to yesterday & tied hair in a pony tail, then popped to the newsagents, got a Sun paper & a bottle of skimmed milk. I popped the TV on while having a coffee, there is no escaping the fact its the start of January, as all the Ads are either for holidays or Diet orientated as in, diet pills Alli or Jenny Craige Diet Plan, Weight Watchers, Special K etc. One Weight Watchers meals one, is funny with the sound track "Don't Leave Me This Way" showing different fitness apparatus, being used for things other than what their meant for, ie doorstops, coffee tables etc

Washed up breakfast bowl & coffee cup, then got stuck back in, to sorting out, the back room, moving more stuff in the lounge to sort. Clearing more floor space to hoover. By 3pm it was still bright out much to my surprise!! I stopped to make a toasted Tuna & Salad sandwich, which I had with Twiglets & a decaf Diet Coke. 

I sorted some more things, and polished all my shoes (over 100 pairs) then took a break to read the paper, as my neck & shoulders & arms, were so painful. Then had a mug of golden vegetable Cupasoup. Gabriela of the Cheeky Girls has been caught shoplifting £40 of groceries from Sainsbury's (definitely over her Anorexia then!)

Cheeky cheeky!!! 
Scrawny Scrawny!!

Ex Labour MP David Chaytor has been jailed for 18 months, for him fiddling £18,000 of tax payers money in false expenses. It's not as if he was broke & needed the cash!! 

Vile Asian Paedophiles Abid Saddique & Mohammed Liaqat have been jailed indefinitely (the judge saying they'd only be freed when they are no longer deemed to be a danger) The two married dads prayed on girls aged from 12-15 grooming them & plying them with booze & cocaine before having orgies with them in front of fellow cheering paedo perverts! Abid must serve at least 11years minimum but unless proved no longer a threat he will stay in jail Mohammed at least 8yrs. 

The Mysterious series of mass deaths amid fish/crabs & birds worldwide has left scientists baffled? Religious groups & theorists are having a field day, predicting the end of the world! Flocks of dead birds are falling from the sky (just like a few scenes in US TV drama Flashback, which was suddenly shelved after one excellent series...... Hmmmmm to close to the truth with the government/ scientist/ alien plot??) Shoals of fish are being washed up on beaches, or river banks. It has fuelled frenzied speculation, about secret government weapons experiments, Aliens & even Armageddon (Also quite like Flashback) Some point to the End of the world as Mayan Calendar's end in 2012. 

Science can only come with:- unusually cold weather, pollution, poisoning, disease & a shift in the magnetic North Pole affecting animal navigation. 

The latest episode was in Northern Italy, over the past 5 days, where more than 1,000 dead Turtle Doves rained down. All with a strange blue tinge to their beaks! Which could be due to lack of oxygen, or poisoning. They could of been suffocated by being swept up to a deadly high altitude by a freak wind. On New Years Day 5,000 Red-Winged Blackbirds (like in Flashback) plunged onto Beebe Arkansas & 100,000 fish died in the Arkansas River. Later 500 dead birds including Blackbirds & Starlings (like Flashback) were found along a highway in Louisiana. 200 dead Coots were also found on a Texas highway. In Maryland 2Million dead fish washed up on the shore, Thousands more were found in Florida. In Sweden 50 Jackdaws crashed down dead onto a street, on Tuesday. In New Zealand 100's of dead Snapper Fish washed ashore. A astonishing 150 ton of dead Red Tilapia Fish were found on beaches in Vietnam, there were also dead fish in Brazil. In England 40,000 Velvet Swimming Crabs washed up in Kent, hypothermia due to cold spell was blamed. 

In the USA a jilted lover faces jail, because he made a sex toy bomb, to give to his Ex as a Christmas Present, putting gunpowder, shotgun ball bearings & buckshot inside the pink vibrator, with wires connected to a trigger with a battery port. Telling room-mates he'd pull the trigger & blow her up (I'm guessing they blew the whistle) when America does nutters, they do some bloody unusual ones!! If he'd succeeded she wouldn't of known if she was cumming or going!

Battery's Included!!!!

Boffin's say eating Plums gives the skin a golden glow that makes you look more attractive (how many Husbands & boyfriends are going to try dipping their plums in their partners mouth, with that excuse!!??) Apparently it only takes 2 months, of munching away on these (& other yellow pigment fruit & veg) to see the difference. 

There was the most adorable picture, of orphaned baby bats, being dried off, after Australia's worse floods, just want to plant a kiss on their cute little noses, I use to have a pet Short Eared Bat, called Borris as a kid, after he fell from the eves of my home in North Dean, when I lived in Buckinghamshire & got stuck down a drain pipe. I rescued him before he drowned & fed him milk via a fountain pen cartridge & bread soaked in milk, then any dead insects found, until he was old enough to fend for himself, he use to hang upside down from the sleeve of my jumper & sometimes on the rope on my garden swing! One day he vanished I hope he met a mate & moved on & didn't meet a grizzly end!!

 How Adorable Are These Little Bat Cuties!!?

Did today's Sun Bingo as the card for the next 3 months came through the post today, after emailing the paper that my newsagents, didn't receive Buzz Magazine & the new bingo cards with its Saturday Sun delivery last week, so they have posted me one (maybe it will add to it's good luck karma!!?) 

Enjoyed a Mint Magnum while watching Take Me Out on ITV, NO LIGHTY!!!  For all the guys on offer tonight!! YUCK! but the cute blonde, well spoken guy who got a date, was so sweet on the date with the belly dancer, but was dumped as she decided he was not her type (I'd have him!) then I thumbed through H&M's Spring Season 2011 Catalogue (some cute little summer holiday numbers in it, with a bit of luck maybe I'll get a holiday this year or next year!!)

Did some more sorting out until I got more peckish & had another bowl of Sugar Free Alpen & chilled with Now Magazine. More on Jordan's flagging marriage. An article saying Cheryl Cole is burning bridges with American stars, due to her bitchy comments, before her move to the USA, to judge on American Xfactor, when she is going to need American friends. An article on Dancing On Ice, starting soon, plus Xfactor Matt's Sex-a-thon, Victoria Beckham is up for child number four. Plus Tome Cruise's marriage is apparently shaky at the moment. 

Then it became more of your typical January Mag with "The Now Row" the debate being "Do You Feel Pressured To Diet In January?" Clair Sweeny (who has made a fitness DVD) says YES, Angelica Bell says NO. Weather woman Clair Nasir, in that lime green two-piece again, saying how she lost 3st & plugging DVD. 

Then an Article saying Megan Fox is too thin, after losing a stone to be 7st 4lb, but yet she wants to lose even more, thinking it would help her get more serious roles. Then an Article on "The Only Way Is Essex's" Lauren Goodger (who I can't stand) who has lost 7lb to become 10st I'm sure she has lost a lot more than that, at least a stone (but no doubt doesn't want to admit she was 11st or over) she looks better but still hate her attitude. 

Plump Lauren Before losing 7lb

Then Corries Tina O'Brian (again) about losing her mummy tummy, Cheryl Cole's 10min body shaper, some fashion pages, then back to the 10 Weight Commandments & a Now Promotion of Slimming World. 

Mat LeBlanc

I flicked through the Buzz mag, that came with today's Sun Paper. There was a bit about Matt LeBlanc (had a fling with him, when he was over here years ago making "Lost In Space") & the new comedy show he is in, called Episodes (Monday BBC2) A bit on Boyfriend Boot Camp (Monday Ch4) which looks like fun. An article on "Dancing On Ice", "Glee" & "Hotter Than My Daughter" some fashion pages & surprise surprise Clair Nasir on losing her 3st & her exercise DVD!!

I was still was wide awake at 3.30am & so I had a mug of CupaSoup to make me feel warm 7 drowsy & watched trash TV until 5.30am (Calories consumed 1,596)

Sunday 9th Jan, Fell asleep around 6am, dreamt I was working putting information I'd gleaned on-screen, into forms, then I was round the house of someone I use to work with, she had long blonde hair & I think it was either Rachel Bennet from Dickens & Jones or George from Ivory, we laughed at stories of when we worked together & I was interacting with her children. We went out for a walk & she asked me what I was doing for Christmas? I said "well that's a long way off!! I'm not sure?" she replied "That's settled your spending it with us!!!" Then pointed up to a window of a top floor flat (about 3-4 stories high) saying "See the tree is up & ready" and I thought, but it's January? (after the 12th Day of Christmas) then I woke up at 11am.

Woke to another bright day, still in a lot of pain in my neck, shoulders & arms & the base of my spine, the pain is so bad I could cry. I downed some Nurophen (it wont kill the pain, nothing does, but it is the most effected at decreasing  it somewhat) I really need a good Chiropractor after damage done from 7 car crashes (I don't even drive, I was a passenger in all & was with 5 different drivers, all were NOT the fault of the drivers of the car I was in, not even the 3 different crashes in one 40min period in one car) But I can't afford one & the NHS won't provide me with one (although they will happily operate on health tourists, who have never paid a penny into the NHS & who then skip back home to their own country without paying medical bill!!) 

I had a wash & changed into grey lounge suit & grey Uggs & made a coffee & a bowl of sugar free Alpen for breakfast, crunched my neck & rotated my arms & shoulders *crunch, crunch, crunch* Sometimes I wish I had one of those medieval torture racks, the ones they use to use, to stretch their victims on to get confessions, to stretch out all the tension in my neck & shoulders & lower back. Or syringes full of Morphine or Epidural to stab into my shoulder/neck area when the pain becomes too unbearable!! Or those rings round your neck, like those Masai tribes women, that stretches their necks!

Popped to the  News Agents for my NOTW paper, Edgar called inviting me over & said his friend has invited me to his 50th Birthday Party, in Bar 62 Saturday, only after putting down the phone, did I realise I'm going to the Losing It Film Pitch Party do on Saturday, maybe I can pop in later after do if they are using their late licence that day! Mike & Nicky called & chatted briefly. Checked my job & auditions sites & applied for several of each. 

Did a bit of sorting then had a diet coke & read The News Of the World. The EastEnders dead baby, swap plot, is front page news (yawn!) on page 2 is the relationship of Peter Andre & Ex WAG Elen Rivas, who met at their joint manager Claire Powell's Birthday Party. She states "I'm very happy with Peter, I have a permanent smile on my face at the moment!" which is quite funny as she is not beaming in any of the 3 pictures that that accompany the piece, at best a moody pout in two & a staring grimace in the last one. 

Elen & Her Permanent Smile??
& Horrid grey Socks

There are pictures of a healthier looking Michael Douglas surfing, looking much better than of late after battling throat cancer, cancer is a evil disease it has killed off 80% of my family. I have aunts, Uncles & Cousins battling with it at the moment. Also a story of a sweet  3yr old girl who has beaten breast cancer, the worlds youngest person to get it. A Bit on Amanda Holden's pregnancy & Victoria Beckham's pregnancy, plus Elton John's adoption. 

A debate about whether Prince Williams Bride to be Kate, was wearing a bra under plunging sheer panel of her black outfit at a friend Louies Stourton &  Harry Aubrey-Fletcher's wedding. She doesn't have big boobs anyway, so what if she did, but you can also get self adhesive bras for those kind of outfits, with cups that stick to you, which I'm sure she could easily get her hands on. So Big Deal!! 
Oooooh How Daring??

Ex Big Brother contestant Sophie Reade tells how her vile Footballer boyfriend Mario Balotelli (Manchester City) Cheated on her with her friend (some friend!! slag more like) at a New Years Party, they were all at & threw her out of his flat shoeless at 4am, when she discovered them both & rightly asked them what the hell they thought they were doing?? To be honest I have no idea what she saw in him in the 1st place? he is one Ugly Munter!!

My buddie Ian Hyland's TV Critic page always worth a read & funny. Checked my bingo (no win) Flicked through fabulous  Mag, a interview with Cheryl Cole under the title "I'll never be happy with my body" YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Body Concious Ms Cole!!

An article on young boys beauty pageants with pushy mums, wanting their young boys to be models, in Essex (where else lol) Fashion & beauty features, and Horoscope predictions for 2011 & instead of a diet feature like most other mags a "Don't Ditch It Switch It!" article. Had a CupaSoup & a pack of Twiglets, did some washing up & a bit more sorting & went online to check emails, Twitter & Facebook & did a bit more of this blog. 

Then I Read Heat Magazine 1st section Gym body V Normal Bods (oddly not picking very nice picture examples of either) Normal - Christina Hendricks, Lauren Goodger, Stacey Solomon & Ke$ha.  Gym - Madonna, Christine Bleakley, Cameron Diaz & Alexandra Burke. 

Then there was an article, on guys back on the market in 2011:- Zac Efron (Cutipie!) Liam Payne <One Direction> (Sweet) Matt Cardle <Xfactor Winner> (boy next door) Dougie Poynter <McFly> (Hot!) & Ryan Reynolds (Phwooooooooooooooooooor!!! Helloooooo!!!)

 Newly Single Ryan Reynolds
My Personal Torso Of The Year!!

After the usual boring fillers there was the top 10 Torso's Of The Year:

10) Kellan Lutz - No idea who he is? but cute with buff bod!
  9) Danny Miller - No idea who he is? Looks a bit like an Ex Ryan
  8) Tom (The Wanted) - Total Munter!
  7)  Robert Pattinson - OK Torso but ugghh, No thanks!!
  6) Tom (McFly) - Seriously Hot, Manly Torso ....Well done!!
  5) David Beckham - Not as Buff as normal & Tattoo's spoil him.
  4) Zac Efron - Cute & Fit
  3) Harry (McFly) - Oh Hell Yeah Baby!! The Face & The Torso!!
  2) Taylor Lautner - Hottest Werewolf In Town!!
  1) John James Parton - Cute but #2 & #3 have hotter Torso's!!

Watched The "New" Dancing On Ice Show, I feel a weekly Critique like my Xfactor one coming on! The Contestants this year are as follows:- 

  1) Steven Arnold - AKA Ashley Peacock in Coronation St
  2) Angela Rippon - News Anchor
  3) Laura Hamilton - Kids Presenter (Never heard of her or show)
  4) Johnson Beharry VC - Afghanistan War Hero 
  5) Nadia Sawalha - Actress (with weight loss/fitness DVD out)
  6) Kerry Katona - Ex Atomic Kitten (Has fitness DVD out)
  7) Jeff Brazier - Reality TV (All round sweety & nice guy)
  8) Vanilla Ice - USA Rapper (I love this guy in spite of his tattoo's)
  9) Comedy Dave - DJ Chris Moyles sidekick (I've never tuned in)
10) Jenifer Matcalfe - Hollyoaks (I don't watch but know of her)
11) Craig McLachan - Neighbours Actor (Still hot & funny!!)
12) Denise Welch - Actress/Loose Women
13) Sam Attwater - Eastenders Leon (Don't recall him or character!)
14) Elen Rivas - Ex WAG (Apparently dating Peter Andre)
15) Dominic Cork - Cricketer (Never heard of him!!)
16) Chloe Madeley - D list Celebs Daughter

The Show started Phillip Schofield in Chocolate shiny 3 piece suit, white shirt & red tie & Holly Willoughby in a lovely bosom heaving strapless, corseted, floor length dress!! There are 16 contestants but only 12 will make it to final show, chosen by the audience & not the judges, 8 will skate this week  & 2 evicted, the same next week & then those final 12 will compete & the judges points will start to count towards their points & in the dance off tonight & next week, there will be a triple dance off decided by the voting public. This week the line up was Steven Arnold, Angela Rippon, Laura Hamilton, Johnson Beharry VC, Nadia Sawalah, Kerry Katona, Jeff Brazier & Vanilla Ice. The Skating begins........

Steven Arnold & Nina - Clown like costumes, can't see if Nina is pretty or not under wacky hair & make-up. Dancing to (House Of Fun) Steven very stiff & awkward, moves nervously, when he moves at all, Nina is doing most of the work for him in their pairing rather than skating backwards he was pushed backwards by her as she skated forward. He almost tripped in funny walk, think he will be gone unless there is someone worse, or stupid Corrie viewers vote for him, just because they liked his Corrie Character Ashley!!

Angela Rippon & Shaun - Nice Ivory sparkly outfits, Shaun looks like Nightclub bouncer. Dancing to (At Last) A decent but safe unexciting performance, hardly a wobble, skated unaided by partner, even slight stumble was graceful. She may be joining Steve in the skate off.

Laura Hamilton & Colin - Lovely sexy hot pink outfits, American Colin is also hot, in a cute Gavin Henderson kind of way. Dancing to (Because We Belong Together) A very good Skater very graceful, impressive splits & also great back flip by Colin. The only thing going against them will be the public, like me, not knowing who the hell she is!

Johnson Beharry VC & ? - Pretty mint dress for her his outfit OK except for the Waist Coat which was a bit naff. Dancing to (Wishing On A Star) The Victoria Cross awarded War Hero is to be commended, when blown up at war he damaged, neck, shoulders, arms & spine, so must have mobility of movement disadvantages & suffer pain (I know how debilitating my neck & back can be at times, and my problems are nothing compared to his) Smooth skating not exciting, but to be commended.

Nadia Sawalha & Mark -  lovely purple/blueberry outfits, he looks like a nice guy. Dancing to (Proud Mary) Somewhat wobbly & all over the show in places & serious work needs to be done on her legs when posturing, when lifted off ice. She may be joining Steve in the skate off

Kerry Katona & Daniel - Lovely Turquoise outfits, He seems nice. Dancing to (Make You Feel My Love) Surprisingly smooth set, with good graceful posturing, and good lines, she surprised me.

Jeff Brazier & Isabelle - Very nice slate grey outfits, she seems cute. Dancing to (not sure of songs name) He was very good, great lines, very fluid movements & looked relaxed & confident, only a slight wobble, when getting up from a knee slide. 

Vanilla Ice & Katie - Saucy sexy black outfits, she looked much older face wise, done up in this outfit & makeup, than she did in training video though. Dancing to (Word Up) Great fun routine LOVE him, despite all of his tattoo's.  

There was a 1hr break where I had 2 chicken style quorn burgers in a bun with Mayo & salad for dinner & a diet coke & put a heat bag on my neck to ease neck & shoulder pain that was gnawing at me! Helped a bit but I really need a chiropractor!

The Skate Off Show came on, I reckon the 3 to be up for the skate off are Steven, Angela & Nadia. The results are in ;-

Vanilla Ice - THROUGH, 
Johnson - THROUGH, 
Jeff - THROUGH, 
Steven - THROUGH (Are you Frigging kidding me!!? Must be stupid Corrie fans Voting for Ashley not for Talent) 
Kerry - THROUGH, 

which means Angela, Nadia & Laura were in the skate off, Nadia & Angela were not a surprise as I said they were at risk earlier, Laura was. I think she is there because of what I said earlier about the public not knowing who the hell she is? Also many may not of voted assuming she was so good she was bound to be safe!

They Did their dance again, Angela was consistent, but there was nothing exciting to the performance it was kind of staid & bland. Laura threw herself into it again, and was maybe not as polished as 1st time, but exciting to watch. Nadia was much improved on her 1st performance. But it would be a farce if Laura didn't get through.

The votes were in Laura is in, Angela & Nadia are out!!!

Chilled the rest of the evening watching trash TV, Including "Nothing but The Truth" with a heat bag on my neck & shoulders. It had a hot Turkish guy on it called Oscar, ooooh helloooo!! Just my type, very cute & cheeky & individual  (calories consumed 1,226) Next week I'm on TV Wednesday & have a Film Party to go to Lets see what happens from there!??

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