Monday, 17 January 2011

Showbusiness Time Baby!!!!!!!

Showbusiness Baby!

Monday 10th Jan,fell asleep around 6.45am & if I dreamt I recall none of it!! Woke at 10.45am & had a wash & a cup of coffee. Got dressed & wore dark blue jeggings (Jean looking leggings) & my Red & white, striped boat neck top by Petit Bateau & my long black flat boots. 

Petit Bateau Top

Had some Sugar Free Alpen & a coffee did a natural make-up then put hair up in a bouffant bun.I put on my long black coat & went for a hour power walk around the park, up & down hills & round the lake. 

It was beginning to look grey and overcast again,I think either rain or snow is on it's way! Then I did some essentials shopping in Tesco's, before going home, buying a Sun paper en route. Made myself a Jacket Potato with baked beans & a sprinkling of cheese & a cappuccino for lunch, while watching the repeat of loose woman on ITV2. 

Then it was back to some more sorting out of the back room, despite my neck and shoulders still being stiff & painful(No doubt thanks to the overcast weather (which is now raining!!)
I received a email today, from film director Angus, the backer for "Losing It" won't be back in England until the 17th Jan, so the Pitch Party planned for the 15th Jan, will have to be rescheduled for another time. Which means I will be able to go to the 50th Birthday Party of Andy on Saturday night, after all. 

I Stopped sorting, for a coffee some pain killers a heat wrap & a Daim Bar Yum! While I flicked through the paper, Front page is Posh & Becks expecting their 4th child & they are hoping for their 1st girl this time.

Peter Andre is apparently helping Ellen with her fitness workout's for Dancing On Ice. Also their kids met at Christmas (they have been dating for 2 months)Yawn! I think they are both Aquarian's, should be interesting, astrology wise, more than boring tabloid tales wise!

Nice Grey Socks Ellen!!

Apparently the 1000 Turtle Doves, that fell dead from the sky in Italy, all died of indigestion from gorging on too many sunflower seeds!! *Bull Shit!!* So all of them just happened to over eat & all happened to die from bad guts!! Oh Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze don't insult our intelligence!! At least try to attempt to offer us, something vaguely credible!! 

SCUM ALERT!! A Romanian Sponger, Nelu Stoain, who'd amassed £30,000 in benefit's, has been arrested & accused of smuggling in, an army of children into the UK, to train as pickpockets, like a modern day Fagin,to rob Londoners. The police were tipped off by Romanian police, warning that children as young as 3yrs were shipped here & sent to work at pickpockets & shoplifters, others forced into prostitution (what a lovely guy!!)

Cops from Scotland Yard found 8 youngsters living with him, 5 his own & 3 his partners. Neighbours in Ilford said the often saw up to 20 kids at their 3 bedroom home. One was caught by a resident, stealing a bag of clothes left out for charity, adding they were all really small children. He was running 2 cars & a van, while getting £15,000 in housing & council tax benefit & another £15,000 in child benefits & other handouts. Romania wants him extradited good send him & his thieving brats back & exile him!

I use to witness hordes of teens and youngsters pickpocketing, when I worked in the West End in the summer, while sitting in the small communal park area, just behind Regent St, during my lunch break. I use to spot them eyeing open bags, or jackets, on the grass, they worked in teams of 4-5 of various ages, one posted at each exit of park, so the thief could pass stolen goods to them, if spotted & chased by victim & so if they caught up with them, they had no item on them & the one they passed it to, will of scarpered with goods! I use to warn sunbathing tourists, or shoppers & often took photos of them, deterring them, as then, the police would have images of them, if they did anything. I sat on my camera, so they couldn't get it!! They often swore at me & kicked me, the human vermin, though sadly brainwashed & trained to be that way!

I was delighted to hear on the TV news today that the Romanian scum who were squatting in the £10 Million mansion in Highgate were being evicted, but the cocky shit *Ruddick said he had his eye on a new place, in Bishops Avenue round the corner(Millionaires Row) Shove the lot on a boat/plane back home & exile them too!!

Watched brand new show Celebrity 5 Go To..... This week they go to Atalya Turkey (I love Turkey & it's people it's my 2nd home!!) The 5 Celebs, were a now 'Blonde' Astrologer, Russell Grant, a newly slim, toned Anthony Costa from Blue, Jan Leeming Ex Newsreader (& embarrassing relative to a friend of my BFF Candie) Wild child Emma Ridley (vaguely recall her from the 80's though, I recall Amanda De Cadenet more!) & Derick (didn't catch his last name) a disgraced MP (is there any other type??)I don't recall him, knowing his last name would help I guess. Russell, Anthony & Emma were fun, Derick somewhat staid & Jan as pious & irritating as she was in the Jungle, on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!! 

Celebrity 5

Did some more sorting and threw some rubbish out. Had another coffee and some Twiglets, then watched some TV the soaps EastEnders & Corrie, then, The Biggest Loser, Where 7 overweight couples (some over 20st) are put on a diet, denied TV, Cigarettes & Alcohol, while exercising for 5hrs a day with often gruelling workouts, each week a poorly performing couple is voted off until the winner gets £25,000 as well as a, much slimmer, fitter body!! 

Before & After

Wish they would do a similar show for people with less to lose, its easy to lose a lot of weight when your huge & have a dramatic lifestyle change (I think you have to be at least 4-5st overweight to go on)But its when you have less to loose & have a fairly healthy lifestyle already that bit of extra weight is harder to shift!

Then I watched the new Matt LeBlanc sitcom Episodes (so disappointing!!) Matt isn't in it until next week, so hopefully it will improve then (or I wont be watching!)I had high hopes as normally Stephen Mangan & Tamsin Greig are normally funny (they were hysterical in Green Wing)but the script & they were just not funny with this show!! So if it doesn't improve next week, I won't be tuning in again, despite me having a fling with him, when he filmed "Lost In Space" over here!(I'm sure I'm one of many he had while here!)

Then I watched the new series of Glee, where they have a new football coach a woman who looks like a man in lipstick. I felt a tad peckish as I hadn't had dinner, so I had a bowl of sugar free Alpen with warm milk. 

Then watched a new show "Tool Academy" on E4 OMG if anything underlines the fact I'm wise to be fussy over men I date this show is it!! What a bunch of morons!! How they get anyone to date them with their shit attitude, minging looks, vanity & sheer lack of intellect astounds me let alone these girls who are attractive (though admittedly naive at best & thick & a bit common, at worst!) 

The idea is the lads think they have been entered into Britain's Biggest Lad contest, but after showing off their lad skills in a pub (where scum bag charmer, Liam) pulled a slag & snogged & fingered her in the toilets while his sweet & very pretty, naive girlfriend told the camera crew how she hatted how he doesn't listen to her but trusts him 100%..... (oh dear this ain't going to be pretty, when she sees pub footage!) Then on to a strip club & then they have a photo shoot with glamour models. They then do a catwalk in front of fake audience, then when they think one is to voted off, they then find out it's not what they think & Girlfriends have enrolled them in Tool Academy. There are the following couples enrolled:-

Bobby & Kirsty - She enrolled him for being a spliff head stoner as he smokes 15 joints a day despite being a father, with kids plural (loser!)

Max & Kimberley - The least offensive of the Tools, a up & coming footballer who wants to go pro, to make a good life for him & other half, she complains he is not attentive enough as football always comes 1st

Dave & Lyndsay - He is a Big, Fat, Lazy, Tool who does nothing round the home, that he shares with his other half, she looks after him like a mum does a child & she's sick of him never lifting a finger, and acting childish.

Lee & Jade - Big, Fat, Lazy, Black Guy, girlfriend sick & tired of his laziness.

Chris & Aimie - Vain black guy who says he will only talk to you if your an 8-10 in look departments (he should look in the mirror he's a 3 at best!) he is so vain he has spray tans even though he is black! Like most vain people, all he has is vanity, no personality or intellect!

Liam & Tonie - The vilest Tool of the lot, ironically with the nicest girlfriend. Naive Tonie says though she trusts him 100%, but she is tired of the fact, he never pays attention to anything she says. This butt ugly guy obviously betrays that 100% trust she has, by cheating on her! If he can snog & finger a random slag in a pub, when camera's are rolling, what the hell is he capable of when they are not? He had a hard on pushed against the bottom, of the glamour girls posing in front of them in shoot, he tried to swap numbers with them (the girls were in on the stitch up fake show) when asked "Don't you have a girl friend?" he said, he didn't have a serious girlfriend, just a casual sex partner. God I hope she gets shown all this before show ends (rather getting the shock of what he is like when watching at home!!) & she dumps him from a great height. He should win, he really is the biggest Tool there & so Ugly too! 

Jake & Bita - There due to Greek Jake's temper & unwarranted jealousy, displayed to frightening degrees, very soon into the show, this guy needs anger management & fast, wonder if she is with him because she wants to be, or because she is scared of what he'd do if she left him?

Danny & Becky M - Becky has problems with Danny's jealousy.

Pete & Becky - Becky is sick of Pete being such a poser (not surprised he has nothing to pose about!) he poses in a Robbie Williams stylie, stupid strutting, arrogant head jerks & stupid starey eyes!

Joe & ?? - Another guy who is not really a tool, a metro sexual guy with female friends, GF wants him to man up (his nicknames twinkle toes)& drop female friends!

Harry & Faye - Faye is sick of his Gambling, football & drinking (what a catch) he's minging too!!

Hug & Jill - She is sick of him being pissed all the time (mind you it must be easier to look at his face in the mirror when pissed than sober!)

In the End Tools Max & Chris got ejected from the school, as they were not as horrendous tools as the others, who need a lot of work done, before resembling something close to human!

Continued sorting out the back room until 3am (another 2 bin bags ejected) then watched Beauty & the Geek, eventually getting to bed at 4.45am Yawn!!(Today's Calorie intake 1,276)

Tuesday 11th Jan, Dreamt that I was out with Candie & a guy, helping him to buy gifts for a Girlfriend. We stopped at a bar & they advertised that Paul O'Grady was the pub entertainment there, which I looked forward to seeing, so we sat in pub garden where he was to perform. Paul came out as himself, which was a bit disappointing, as I hoped he'd come out as his Lilly Savage stage act. 

 Lilly Savage

I thought "Oh well he is still funny!" But he just sang ballad after ballad, with no chat, or comedy in between. Candie & the guy got up & said they'd be back in a minute, but they were gone ages. Paul was saying something about having no laughter in his life, and I said "Well at least you have the comfort of knowing, that you make others laugh!!" He turned to me & said "You look like someone who has no sleep, or happiness in their life!" I said "sleep is difficult & I have nothing to be happy about at present!" Wondering where Candie & guy was I tried to text her, but my two mobile phones, had no numbers to press on & I couldn't work out how they worked. Went to get a bus home, but the fare was hundreds of pounds & I didn't have it, and so I was stranded alone, with no way of calling anyone, wondering what to do? 

Woke around 10.30am after falling asleep around 5.30am, got up and had a wash my lower spine is painful like a gnawing toothache, can't have a bath as my cold tap wont turn on & if I turn my hot tap on it takes 20mins of struggling to turn it off fully. I have informed the letting agents but no response so far. I'm not surprised, they must use cheap unreliable labour, as my 1st floor lounge window sill is still unpainted & window half painted & he only started in August no wonder the Polish are getting all the work, if this is British craftsmanship these days ..... bloody atrocious!! 

So I had a wash & made myself a bowl of Alpen (sugar free)for breakfast. Then dressed the same as yesterday & popped to the shop for the paper and a couple of magazines. Cleaned the bathroom & mopped the bathroom floor then sorted out the kitchen cupboard, where I put my Christmas decorations. Then had a coffee & flake & a gander at the paper, while watching "May The Best House Win".Then did some more sorting until 5pm then stopped for a coffee & turned on Ch4.

Did some more sorting of the back room, listening to TV as I did so, then had a late lunch of a grilled, marinated, quorn steak, with steamed mangetout & roasted new potatoes, washed down with a Diet Coke & a Curlywurly for desert. Did a pile of Ironing & put the pressed clothes & bed linen away.


Then watched the new show "Celebrity 5 Go To" ....... Turkey, Jan Leeming being a prissy pain, as per usual, she is so self absorbed & vain. I bet she thinks the watching public are finding her refined & fascinating!! Er NOPE!! Checked my emails, Facebook & Twitter & applied for some jobs & auditions online!! 

Prissy Bore Jan Leeming

Then I watched EastEnders, followed by "Jack The Ripper: The Definitive Story" very macabre!! Then the new series of the fab CSI with Justin Bieber as a baby faced baddie!! Then watched CSI Miami & another CSI. 

I was peckish, but not hungry, so had a Tomato CupaSoup & a packet of Twiglets for tea. Then got stuck into today's Closer Magazine. 

According to the magazine Jordan finally admits it's over with Alex Reid, in under a year of marriage!! No big surprise there, if that's the case! Watching "Star Trek" the other day I suddenly realised who Alex Reid Reminded me of!! (see Below!)


There was an article on Cheryl & her relationship with Derek Hough, but I didn't bother reading it, I'm bored with her on TV, in Mags & Papers Yawn!!!! A bit on Charlotte church moving her boyfriend Jonathan in with her (again I wasn't interested enough to be bothered to read it) A bit on Amanda Holden's pregnancy & Dannii Minogue wanting to marry this year(again I didn't bother with either)

The same with an article on Posh saying she'd move back to England for David (Yawn, who cares??) & with an article on the OLD news that Gordon Ramsey's face had swollen up due to hair transplant surgery! Again Who cares?? A bit about Peter Andre's new romance with Elen Rivas, which said nothing new. Nice Pic of Ashton Kutcher's peachy butt in new film "No strings Attached" (Lucky Demi Moore!)

My favourite girls Allowed member Kimberley Walsh is the new face of Puma (maybe I aught to be, after all a Puma is a Cougar who's over 40!!)I was reading an Article on surprise newish couple Rav Wilding & Chantelle Houghton. When I was quickly reminded that it's January, when I read the quote "Rav admitted he can't get enough of Chan's new size 8 bod, after she recently lost over a stone & filmed a fitness DVD" 

I was also reminded it was January again, when reading an Article on Kerry Katona's change around when near the end the article said "And Kerry - who admits that she doesn't know where her £6.8million fortune went & is still fighting bankruptcy - has now lost close to another stone making her new fitness DVD Kerry Katona - Real Fitness".

There was an article on Sandra Bullock 41 falling for her newly single Co-Star & hottie Ryan Reynolds 34 (Go Sandra!! .... I Soooo Would!!!") Go team Puma!!!! 

Then there was the story of 32st, 25yr Lisa Kendall, who snapped her partners penis while having some energetic girl on top sex, tearing ligaments in his penis, causing permanent curvature unless he has £7,500 corrective surgery, which they say they can't afford (they could if she went without breakfast, for a year!!) She eats a breakfast of 6 Doughnuts,3 Bacon Sandwiches & a Brownie, as part of the 6,000 calories she consumes, a day. How do these fatty's afford to eat so much?? The odd thing is, as I looked at her 32st bulk in bra & panties, with roll upon roll of fat, around her midriff, all I could think was, how can she be so big and have such small moob like tits?

I damaged a partners penis once during sex, I went to meet my boyfriend at his flat, before my birthday dinner in a restaurant, soon as I got to his he was all over me, saying how hot I looked & pushed me up against the wall for some hot & heavy quickly sex, but although I'm tall(5ft 9")I have something in common with my late 4ft 10" mum, we are both very narrow in the downstairs dept if you know what I mean!!? (My mums midwife was shocked, when mum gave birth to her 5th baby, as she said she was narrow in the womb canal, she was like someone having her 1st child) Anyway I digress, in my boyfriends haste to enter me (without foreplay) he ripped the hood of his penis! But I not willing to spend my birthday night indoors, made him wrap a hanky round it & we went for the meal, then A&E. But I'd obviously underestimated just how much damage, being too tight, had caused & I felt mean when I found out, he needed 4 stitches, whoops!! 

Then it was back to January issues, with "Stars Bare All!! We love our new bikini body's" For those Celebs lucky enough to be able to escape to the sun in January (if they don't already live in a country with sun 24/7)

Black Eyed Peas - Fergie (dropped a dress size 12-10) with Diet Designs meal  delivery's, Cider Vinegar shots & Exercise.

Emmerdale's - Roxanne (dropped 2 dress sizes 10-6) due to hectic work schedule.
DJ - Zoe Ball(toned up after a 2nd baby last year)thanks to a personal trainer & yoga, banning booze & snacks. 

Socialite - Paris Hilton (gained around 1st, going from dress size 4-10) due to chilling out with boyfriend & less partying. 

Actress - Demi Moore (stays a trim size 6)by Bikram Yoga & has tried the Master Cleanse - maple syrup diet.

Actress - Cameron Diaz (stays a trim size 8)by working out 5 times a week adding when it's not consistent it shows on her body! 

Singer - Rihanna (Stays a trim size 8)eating spicy food to speed up her metabolism & cardio workouts, weights & running on the treadmill. 

Model - Caprice (stays a trim size 8)with daily workouts playing tennis & meditation. 

WAG - Lizzie Cundy (stays a trim size 8) doing 40mins of cardio on the treadmill every morning. 

Then there was a double page, naked photo shoot of Dancing On Ice's Nadia Sawalha, talking about how she lost 3st 7lb after (yep you guessed it!!)being "accidentally" PAPPED in a unflattering pose, in a bikini, shoving a big sandwich down her throat! Going from a size 18 to a size 10. She also happens to have a weight loss DVD out, and has a new column in Closer, revealing how to lose weight & keep it off!

Then there was a double page article on Ex Big Brother Housemate, Michelle Bass who wants to lose the 2st she has gained and get down from a size 14-16 to a size 10 over the next 8-10 weeks (what's the betting she will have a fitness DVD out, a few months later??)

Michelle before the weight gain

Read Now magazine, Jordan's Marriage break up & her Ex husband's new relationship are the leading topics,more on Cheryl Cole & Derick, plus fellow Girls Allowed Nadine V Sarah wedding wars (yawn!!)

Then The Now Bikini Awards (for those who can afford winter sun)

Black Eyed Peas - Singer - Fergie (break out boobs award)

Holly Valance - Singer (New Curves award, she's gained a whole 7lb)OMG! hold the front page

DJ - Zoe Ball (Frisky at 40 award)

Actress - Cameron Diaz (SPF award)for staying pail on the beach

Actress - Salma Hayek (Luscious Latino Award) for that amazing curvy body.

Actress - Denise Richards (Proud of my Boob Job award) for her 3 boob jobs. (Well at least she got rid of that massive Tit Charley Sheen)

Singer - Rihanna (body we want award) goes without explanation really!

Then was a great diet transformation Big Brother 2010 winner, 5ft 10" Josie Gibson has lost 3st in 3 months going from 16st 7lb size 20 to a 13st 7lb size 12-14, she wants to get down to a curvy size 12, but she already looks so much better like a new woman. She was always pretty but now she looks fab too. She went on the Go Lower meal delivery & 3-4 1hr weekly training sessions. No doubt she will have a DVD out soon too! how much do you want to bet?

There was an article about the characters in "The Only Way Is Essex" who are on the brink of mutiny as they face getting the axe, over their Diva like demands, they are paid nothing for the show "Just expenses" but are getting paid work offers, off of the back of it (I know Amy is already with Kerry Katona & Peter Andre's agent Claire)Kirk has already quit after being axed from Xmas Special Show. But may get his own show with girlfriend DJ Lauren Pope (The One who looks like an albino Somalian, with a Barbie wig, pasted a bit too far back on her rounded forehead) or a Alien Grey in a blonde wig (Why am I thinking American Dad? lol) So the show could end up being lucrative for him. Maybe Ian, Nerissa, the showbiz gang & I could do our own show "The Only Way Is Extras" now that would be funny!!

Jennifer Aniston has gone from a size 10 to a size 8, losing 12lb in 4 weeks, on a Vodka & Pilates diet.Using a Pilates Mega Former Machine, she has bought as a New Year's gift to herself! Her diet includes 4 small protein meals a day & her evening wine has been swapped for vodka with freshly squeezed lemon juice, plus lots of water to drink. Example below. 

Breakfast: Egg White Omelet
Lunch: Chicken & Bacon Salad
Afternoon meal: Tuna with Quinola
Dinner: Sea Bass & Broccoli

Then there is a double page spread on a Law student who went from size 16 to a size 10 in just 16 weeks, with Slimming World. 

Watched Beauty & the Geek, sad that my favourite Geek John was voted out last week (especially as it wasn't down to failing a head to head challenge!) The really nerdy Woody Allen look alike went today! I then tried to settle down to sleep at 4am (calories consumed 1,193)

Wednesday 12th Jan, By 8.15am I was still awake, so decided I might as well get up, so popped to the shop to get my paper, skimmed milk & some diet cokes (some not decaf) as I might as well stay up, as I can't sleep & may need a caffeine boost, if I have a energy dip mid afternoon. Today I make my 1st appearance on Louie Spence's Showbusiness, we will have to see if it's cut, to  show us at our best, or as to lampoon us? Only time will tell!!

Years ago Louie use to date a guy who worked in Dickens & Jones, and use to go to Kinkygalinky at Embassy along with the gang, Candie, Nat, Terry, Donald etc (Mostly in Drag!!)

Had a coffee & Sugar Free Alpen for breakfast, then read the paper. Today's front page is a premier league footballer, in his 20's is being blackmailed, over him having in an orgy with 3 Swedish blondes, & 2 male pals. I thought most  guys in their 20's would happily boast about that, so  blackmail would seem futile, so I surmise he is either married/in a relationship, or also had sex with the male friends at orgy!! what is it with Footballers & sex scandals? 

I know the identity of the footballer who raped Jordan, AKA Katie Price (Yes it did happen, she is no liar!)I will not say his name, that's for her to do, if she so wishes, or doesn't! But he is White & doesn't have black hair (lol so that narrows it down slightly!)

 Jordan AKA Katie Price

Saliva DNA has been found on murdered Jo's body  so lets pray the vile scum that did in will be in jail soon! 

A miserable pic of Alex Reid due to break down of marriage, while at gym was on page 9 looking even more like his Quark Star Trek lookie likey!

Edward Woollard the 28yr thug, of a rioting student, that threw the Fire extinguisher off the roof of Tory HQ, that for the grace of god didn't actually kill anyone. Was jailed for 32 months GOOD!!!!

Got stuck into tidying & sorting back room, hoovering & dusting as I went! Stopped for lunch & watched Loose Women & May The Best House Win, while eating a veggie bacon, veggie sausage & hard boiled egg sandwich, with some spicy Doritos & a Zero Coke. 

Then watched Celebrity 5 Go To ....... Turkey, Jan Leeming still being a prissy pain in the arse & a crashing bore, she would of done my head right in, she really has a superiority complex. She accused Emma Ridley of playing to the camera's, that's rich coming from a woman who sang (or rather screeched) every time the camera's were on her, in the Jungle, on "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here" Time came to vote off a holiday maker & smug Jan was so sure it would be Emma, while I was so sure it would be Ms Leaming! So Her shock & indignant horror, when she Jan Leaming, was 1st to be voted off was palpable!! and highly amusing. I'm betting bland Derick will be next.

Emma Actually Playing To The Camera!!

Back to more sorting, Jennie text & cancelled our girly night, as they have got complimentary tickets to the Hammersmith to watch Debbie Harry the Who etc at a Charity concert. 

 Debbie Harry
AKA Blondie

Had a Innocent Moroccan Veg pot with a side salad for dinner, while watching NCIS on Channel 5, while my "Showbusiness" friends are watching me & themselves on Sky 1 on "Louie Spence's Showbusiness" the texts & the tweets & Facebook messages flooding in saying I looked gorgeous & thin (Note to self Specksavers vouchers for my friends, for Xmas & Birthdays) As I look sadly I look anything but slim!

 Arriving With Paul 
In My Olive Reiss Dress
Wide Screen Doing Me No Favours!
 Some Serious Chat
 A Sip Of Wine, Then The Punchline!
 If Nobody Else Finds My Humour Funny 
At Least I Do!!
 Listening To Andy's Pipe Dream
Master Plan
Andy Discusses His
Shmoozing with Bob

Lots of People messaging me I was really funny & that, I & Andy the Bus driver were the stars of our bit, me for good reasons, Andy Not so good. We were warned by Nick Thomas-Webster, from NTW Casting that, they wanted a group of extras to use as patsies, who'd fuck up big time, at auditions etc. So forewarned we went in with our eye's open, so they could only make ourselves look as foolish/funny as we allowed ourselves to look. 


Fellow "Showbusinesser" Polly Russell Furse text me at 10.10pm saying "Your bit was soooooooo funny xxxx" which as Comedy is the arena I'm interested in, is good news. My Friend, BB7 Richard Newman's boyfriend, Dave Wall, posted on my Facebook "Fucking Genius!!;) xxxx" Nothing text wise from my sister Julie, who said she'd be watching, so either she didn't watch, or it's a case of "No Comment!" Oh well.......

My lovely friend Stephanie Ledigo was also on Louie Spence's Showbusiness, having a date with The Starman Himself, Andrew Stone! She is such a beautiful little doll, inside & out!!

 Angelic Barbie - Stephanie
Stephanie Catching Andrews Eye!!

I carried on sorting while watching/listening to Law & Order etc & went to bed tired at 2am after being awake for 39hrs 30mins. (Calories consumed 1,518)Will miss Beauty & The Geek tonight oh well, I will watch & catch up tomorrow.

Thursday 13th Jan, Woke at 7am, despite only having 5hrs sleep, after almost 40hrs with no sleep!! The sleep should of been deep, after almost 40hrs with no sleep!!And the sleep must of been deep, as can I recall no dreams. Had Alpen & Coffee for breakfast & then continued sorting back room, slobbing out in my Grey Juicy Couture tracksuit (normally only worn in gym) Polly phoned me saying my part in "Louie Spence's Showbusiness" last night was her favourite part of the show, adding, "I can't stop laughing, I keep rewinding & playing your bit over & over again!! Your Comic Timing is spot on, love how you say your bit, take a swig of wine & then deliver the killer punchline, before bursting out in a killer laugh!! Just genius!!"

The Maintenance Guy's boss came round, he said my window sill had been painted black, to tie in with the rest of the streets windows. I insisted it had not, the useless employee, had stripped the white paint & left the bare dark wood, to the mercy of the elements (lots of rain & snow) since August!! 

Not convinced he came upstairs to look & very quickly ate his words! Saying it looked black from the pavement, I'd go to Specksavers mate, matt Dark Taupe Wood, does not look like Jet Black Gloss!! 

He also promised to do the beading on my bathroom window that was meant to be done in July, plus put the door key hole surround back on the door that was removed when painted in July (honestly his employee is, a brain dead moron) 

Continued to sort through my & mums belongings, then stopped for a Strong Cheddar Cheese sandwich with chilli sauce & salad on a Granary bread & a bag of Twiglets & a Diet Coke. Then it was back with my nose to the grindstone of sorting!

 Nerissa Cole 
AKA Narissa Stone

Stopped at 5pm to Watch Celebrity Five go to... as expected MP Derick was next to go! Then continued to sort through back room. Spoke to Nerissa, who still wasn't impress that Pulse put her name wrong, on screen on Louie Spence's Showbusiness, naming her as Narissa Stone!! I joked they had married her off to Andrew Stone (AKA Starman) 

She said that Andy (from Houseparty Of The Dead) said that Pulse & Louie Spence's Showbusiness, are not going to be using our Zombie film footage. What!!? If they aren't using that, or the Polly Puts The Kettle On" Footage, with me dressed up as Evil Barbie (See picture at top of blog) about my band, are they also not using the pop video for Chase & Status footage of us?? If not what is the point of the Garden Party footage being being shown at all?? They said not to do TV appearances or to print story's in the press about the show, until the show has aired (Then we can!)But we wouldn't really have much to say as it seems the fun bits were all cut anyway, it can all be said in a few words ie - we did lots of fun things that were filmed & then cut!

Nerissa said "They wanted losers who would fail & could be laughed at!!" Adding "They got that with Andy" (Bus Driver) Adding "Your way too professional & funny on purpose, people laugh with you, or because of you, not at you!" Which was a sweet thing to say, oh well you win some you lose some,it was worth a try!

Spoke to Andy (Houseparty Of The Dead) He said "The Zombies are scrapped, because Louie Spence said they weren't camp enough!!" Adding "Since the show name has changed from "Showbiz" to "Louie Spence's Showbusiness" it seems he suddenly gets the power to say what goes in & Zombies are not Camp enough" I said "what about my filmed audition, for the wife in the Zombie movie, with Brad? That was 'Really Camp' & funny & everyone, including film crew were laughing & saying it was brilliant!!" He replied "Yeah that was hilarious! And even if I'm not camp enough, Brad certainly was as well!" He continued, "I'm also trying to get hold of the edit they did of the show with us in from Pulse...should be fun!" x I said if he gets it to forward me it, or the section of me auditioning with Brad, as I could use it as my comedy showreel. 

Various other people, including a few of my fellow Showbusiness extras, said that, they probably didn't use Zombie or 'Polly Put The Kettle On' footage etc, as I was such a great camp, comedy Character, that Louie probably wouldn't want to include, a camp, female, version of himself, just in case it took some of the the limelight off him. Which is very flattering of them to say!! 

But I certainly doubt it & hope that isn't the case. I'd hate to be cut for being good, due to an inflated ego! After all he knows himself how hard it is to get prime time publicity & become a household name, even after many years in the business. surely he'd know that denying somebody a chance, due to them being good is mean, even if it is a dog eat dog industry. 

I discovered however I now had a fan from appearing on Louie Spence's Showbusiness, after seeing me on screen he searched for me online & found this Evil Barbie blog & then my Twitter & joined Twitter as @paulkb69 to chat to me & said he was going to set up another as @EvilBarbiesFan, which he did lol, almost a stalker (Joking) I feel almost famous now!

Made a grilled quorn fillet in a hot spicy sauce (Burns Calories) which I had with steamed Mangetout. Watched the soaps, then turned to FIVE USA for a night of, CSI & NCIS as there is bugger all else worth watching on TV. Meanwhile I continued to sort as I watched/listened to the TV. Then stopped at 3am to watch Beauty & the Geek & went to bed. (Calories consumed 1,360)

Friday 14th Jan, Slept in until 1pm (must of needed the sleep) I know I had a busy dream but all I can recall is that Candie was in it. Had a wash then got changed into olive Elle leggings, chocolate Ugg boots & a rainbow stripped V-necked, long sleeved, French designer cotton top, by Casla d'Angel. Tied hair back in a pony tail & did a neutral make-up, then made myself a coffee & had a bowl of sugar free Alpen for breakfast!

Popped to the shop to get the paper & some Diet Cokes, then set to sorting the back room & managed to chuck out two bin bags full of rubbish, before I stopped for a late lunch.

Made a Egg Mayo sandwich & had it with a Diet Coke & Twiglets, while watching the repeat of earlier's "Loose Women" on ITV2. They had James Corden on I just do not find him remotely funny!! Chatted a bit to my friends on Facebook, then a bit on Twitter including @EvilBarbiesFan (Hi if your reading this!)Then set back to sorting more of the back-room out!! With gusto!! Checking my Facebook/emails & Twitter messages, whenever I had a coffee or Diet Coke break!

My friend Ian Mann called he'd been filming a dance scene, to be used in "Louie Spence's Showbusiness" he was sat looking like a office dude behind some rapper then they all break into a dance sequence. He said he didn't know it was for the show when he applied, but the crew were OK with him doing it. He said he hadn't seen Wednesdays episode (with the Garden party) Yet & he probably would after putting the phone down. 

My Mann

Got back to more sorting finding a few things I'd been looking for which was handy. Dusting & hoovering as I went along!!Stopping at 6pm to watch "Celebrity 5 Go To".......Turkey on Ch4+1, as I expected Emma got evicted & so Anthony Costa Came 1st, Russell Grant came 2nd & Emma Ridley 3rd.

Emma is a bit like myself in the sense she is spiritual & despite in her 40's still a big kid! The major difference being her ugly, massive, tattoo on her back that goes over her shoulders & over her upper arms. I'm not a fan of tattoo's though I do design tattoo's for people based on their star signs (Western/ Eastern & Aztec) plus their Numerology, so the tattoo is totally in tune with the person wearing it! (Maori's believe a tattoo that is not in tune with the wearer can cause bad luck & karma) An Example of one of my tattoo designs (designed this way) is below.

Continued sorting while listening to & half watching the soaps. Made a dinner of 2 quorn burgers, roast beetroot & baked beans then watched Comedy Rocks, with Jason Manford, I don't know about anyone else? but like James Corden's comedy, I just don't find Russell Kane's stand up funny!! 

Russell Kane

Still lots of messages coming in from friends who saw me on "Louie Spence's Showbusiness, but still not a word from my brother Bill, or sister Julie, either via text or email, despite me letting them know 2 weeks in advance, via text, that I would be on. 

At least Julie answered my text & said she'd be watching, Bill never answered me at all (Nor did he send a text at Christmas, his wife text, on Boxing day after I texted her, after getting credit, as my phone credit ran out early Xmas, replying Happy Christmas to all my friends messages)Mind you no word from Bill, re the show is no surprise. He told me if I ever got on Big Brother, he wouldn't bother watching me & the other nobodies.

I got a load of sorting done, only above the wardrobes left to do! woo hoo!! But by then it was 3am so washed & got in bed & watched The Final of Beauty & the Geek, Dave & Jasmine won & Sam the male beauty & his female geek came 2nd settled down to sleep at 4.30am (Calories consumed 1,518)

Saturday 15th Jan, crashed out until 12.30pm, woke with a neck stiffer than "A Sex Addict On Viagra!! The grey rainy day is no doubt to blame, along with lifting stuff up or down above my head, while sorting! Had Sugar free Alpen & a coffee for brunch, with a heat pack on my neck & took some pain killers with my coffee. Washed & dried my hair & put in pony tail & did a neutral make-up & put on my studded black leggings, long flat over the knee boots & my black scoop necked Petit Bateau top & silver cardigan. 

Pulled on my long black coat & headed out for some home essentials from Wilkinson's & then popped into Tesco's to buy some food with my Tesco vouchers. Got a lottery ticket in case this year is lucky for me. Then headed home & had a Tomato & Croutons CupaSoup to warm me up!

Did a load more sorting then at 7pm had a quorn fillet in a spicy sauce, with steamed sugar snap peas & a Diet Coke for tea then perused the paper. Front page is Alex Reid's last minute divorce jitters (probably worrying how he is going to get PR when no longer with Jordan?)Also a picture of Kim Kardashian looking foxy in a skimpy bikini, in a picture she posted on Twitter!

News of 3,000 shocked holiday Brits flee the bloodbath in Tunisia, as protests against the president turned into a blood bath. More on the inquest into the 7/7 London murders, committed by terrorist scum. 

Zaza Gabor had most of her right leg amputated last night, due to suffering constant blood clots & infections following surgery on a broken hip last summer. Three quarters of the 93yr old icons leg was removed, it's a dangerous op for a woman of her age, but she will die if it doesn't happen. What a shame loved her as a kid she was always so glamorous & feminine. 

Zaza Gabor

Some stupid woman, in the West Midlands, dialled 999 (emergency services)& when paramedics arrived said the emergency was her washing needed taking in off her line, as she was afraid of slipping on the icy path (they should charge her, the cost of the emergency services attending her home, that will stop the stupid bitch ever doing it again!!)Another wanted a dead pigeon retrieved from a park, another man dialled 999 to ask the temperature, while another reported a facial haemorrhage, which turned out to be a squeezed spot that was bleeding (good god, there are some Morons in this country!!)

The Yorkshire Ripper is on suicide watch after his appeal for release was turned down. Good have a coffee break & let him get on with it & free up a cell for some more vermin!!

I was just about to get ready for the party, in a sassy black number, while watching Take Me Out, when Jennie text, BTW it's a Hawaiian themed Party. Oh bugger re think time! I have 3 Hawaiian shirts (1 lilac, 1 Baby blue, 1 orange) scallop shell bikini top & a grass skirt, somewhere in my back-room (probably in one of the cases/bags on top of the wardrobe, but no time to search for any of it!!

So I settled on my strapless multi coloured, paisley dress that looks sarong like, some flip flops, several shell necklaces, my Carley wig, a few flower hair corsages in my hair & the rest clipped along the top of my dress & lots of semi precious stone bracelets & did an exotic emerald, turquoise, yellow & pink eye make-up & pink lipstick. I Had no camera to take any pictures with, so had to take a pic with my PCs grainy web cam, for  my fancy dress album, as my notebook webcam kept saying, camera can't be found for some reason?? (see grainy pics below)

 The Dress, Not A Webcam Pic
 The Rubbish Grainy Webcam Pics
In my Lounge
My Chest Is

Set off up the road to the private party in Bar 62. It was a shame I had no camera as almost everyone had made an excellent effort & we were all given lei's as they came in, found Jennie & Edgar by the buffet & nibbled on a couple of vegetarian kebabs & olives & two mini wholemeal rolls. Got myself a Bulmers Cider (so classy) as it will last longer. My Ex boyfriend Kieron turned up along with his best friend Vaughan, who's younger brother Walt I also use to date.

 Class In A Glass lol

Keiron was his usual funny self in his sarcastic, insulting Jack Dee style. Vaughan said it was really good to see me, as he'd really missed me. Caught up with the latest gossip from them & chatted to Martin, who dressed as a tart, at Edgar's Tarts & Vicars 50th Birthday Party last June. I spotted the customer I use to fancy, when I was the manager of !CE BAR & Adelaide's, (he looks quite a lot like Duncan James from Blue)I still would!!

As The door person continued to hand out the Lei's (pronounced Lays) Jennie said "Its funny how for most people in here, that's their 1st Lei of the night!" I replied "And In Keiron's case also the last!!" laughing. Jen said "Oh I don't know he may try & get another one on the way out!" to which I replied "Same Old Keiron!!"

Vaughan was getting decidedly pissed, and was saying "you know there's nothing I wouldn't do for you June, I'm only a phone call away, anything you want just call or text me & consider it done!! you know that! you still have my number right??" I assured him I did, adding, "actually there is something you could do for me, the brackets of both the poles in my wardrobes have broken (due to weight of clothes)so they have been hanging from the edge of shelf (above where the poles should be)for over a year meaning I cant close the wardrobe doors" 

He said "No problem give me a call/text & let me know when your around & I'll sort it for you when I can find the time!" (Vaughan did a brilliant job of putting up lots of clothes rails in the bedroom alcoves in my old temp flat in Tottenham, before moving to St Albans & a great job of helping me move in to my St Albans flat, along with Walt)

A pissed Vaughan headed home, after giving me a hesitant kiss on the cheek, which is funny, as when Kieron 1st introduced me to Vaughan as his girlfriend. Vaughan planted a big smacker on my lips!!! Jennie & Edgar left at 11.30pm as they had to get back for the baby sitter. I had a vodka slimline, and chatted some more with Keiron, who was loading up his plate, with 2 massive Home Made Burgers from the BBQ (they looked more like Bison Burgers!!)Chicken Wings, Sausages, Coleslaw & a Roll, well I guess a 6ft 5" frame needs feeding. 

Kieron & I bantered, taking the mickey out of each other, as always. Kieron bought me another Vodka Slimline eventually, he decided it was time to go & he gave me a kiss goodbye & left. I chatted to Martin & his wife, for a bit before heading home myself, around 1am as I had contact lenses in & they were stinging!! Oh for laser Eye Surgery!! Got undressed stripped off the war-paint & collapsed in bed.(Calories consumed 1,296)

Sunday 16th Jan, woke at 1pm, Dreamt about having a new home & having dogs & cats, driving in a fast car & getting a train somewhere, can't recall details but Candie was in it. Got up had a wash pulled hair into a topknot & dressed in same attire, as I did in the day yesterday. Had some porridge with raisins & Cinnamon, plus a coffee for breakfast. Then popped to the shop for my NOTW paper, wrote a bit of this blog & posted Hawaiian pics on Facebook & Twitter. 

Perused the paper, the headline was "Jordan: I dumped Alex for turning into a fame-hungry whining sponger" No doubt she found his delusional belief he was a A list celeb, on his car crash of a show "I am Alex Reid" embarrassing!! The way he talked in the 3rd person as if he was the next messiah, here to save the world through his celebrity status!! It was truly a cringe worthy show!

Apparently Louie Walsh claims Simon Cowell & Cheryl Cole are quitting Xfactor, well Cheryl won't really be a loss she is not much more than a pretty face, with suspect taste in clothes. There is a article on David Beckham's court papers, which show up Hooker Irma Nici for the lying skank she is!

More on Shrien Dewani, who's new bride was murdered on their honeymoon in South Africa. 

A bit on Michael Douglas beating throat cancer (good for him) such a evil disease!! 

Damon the brother of my Ex boyfriend Murray called & we had a chat, about what's been going on in our lives, then at 6pm I had to ring off as my cooker buzzer was going & I had dinner of a nut roast with baked beans & a side salad, finishing just in time to watch dancing on ice! 

The Second lot of 8 contestants vie for their place to compete in Dancing On Ice!! This weeks contenders are Comedy Dave, Jenifer Matcalfe, Craig McLachan, Elen Rivas, Dominic Cork, Chloe Madeley, Denise Welch & Sam Attwater.  

Not so keen on pregnant Holly's Black Roman Toga-esque floor length dress today! Philip looks much the same as last week! The skating begins.....

Craig McLachan & Maria - Sexy Devil Outfit for her, Foppish Count outfit for Craig, she looks quite mature. Dancing to (Sympathy For The Devil) Steady skating, you can see he is enjoying himself getting into character, with cheeky wink to camera, but nothing outstanding ....... YET!...... think he may be a dark horse & one to watch. I think his personality alone, will get him through to the series next week.

Jenifer Matcalfe & Sylvian - Lovely Lime Green outfits, nice skimpy nymph like dress for her, she fancys him. Dancing to (Crazy For You) good foot work, graceful on the ice & good posturing. A slight stumble on the Ice, then a bit of a mishap with a lift, but pretty safe to go through I'd Say!

Comedy Dave & Frankie - Colourful yellow, pink & purple outfit, she seems sweet. Dancing to (The Safety Dance) Fun routine that Incorporated his tendency for being a bit stiff into the routine! Looked pretty steady on ice except when he had to get in & out of crouched position! Might be in final 3 though not sure he'd be known by most of Dancing On Ice's audience. 

Elen Rivas & Lukasz - Very sexy Hot Pink outfit for her, he is odd looking & somewhat arrogant. Dancing to (Your Love Is King) She looked uncomfortable, her face was grimacing a lot, she needs to sort her face out, IF she makes it through to show starting next week! Steady on ice, but a bit stiff reasonable posturing. I think she may be in the bottom 3!

Dominic Cork  & Alexander - Very attractive Electric blue outfits for them both, She seems cute. Dancing to (Are You Ready For Love)  Good solid performance, looks comfortable on the ice, routine lacked oomph though.   

Chloe Madeley  & Michael - Very pretty mauve-ish pink outfits, he seems a nice guy. Dancing to (My Ma Ma Told Me) Very confident on ice good performance, needs to work on confidence & posturing!

Sam Attwater & Brianne - Very lovely pail silver outfits, she is a cute feisty little bundle. Dancing to (Club Can't Handle Me) A Excellent, Exciting, Confident routine, but he unlike the others use to go to ice skating disco's to pull, so not a beginner! Shame he wasn't such a dynamic actor in EastEnders (I'd forgotten about his character already) god only knows the doom factory could of done with it!

Denise Welch & Matt - Cute Khaki GI outfit's though the 50's hair & make-up really aged Denise badly, Matt is a Charming Yank. (Dancing to I Don't Care) Skating has done wonders for Denise's figure she has become very toned, she managed well on the ice with quite a fun comedic performance, no stumbles or wobbles & her loose women viewers should ensure she gets through!

My guess for the bottom 3 are Elen, Comedy Dave & Dominic due to the audience less aware of them in the public eye sense, and Elen's Poe face throughout her performance! 

The Skate Off Show, I reckon the 3 to be up for the skate off are Elen, Comedy Dave & Dominic.

During the hour between shows, I had a Mint Magnum Ice cream, and did a bit of laundry & washing up. 

The Results Show & the results are in:-  

Comedy Dave - THROUGH (that surprises me as it was an OK, fun  performance but nothing special)  

Sam - THROUGH (no surprise)

Dominic - THROUGH (bit surprised skated well but performance was bland)

Chloe - THROUGH (no surprise  good skating & votes of Richard & Judy fans)

Denise - THROUGH (expected with her Loose Women fans)

Bottom 3 are Craig, Jennifer & Elen, Elen I expected, Jennifer did make some mistakes, but with her gracefulness  before that, I expected that to be overlooked. 

Craig has had less time to practice but I expected his personality to win him through!!

Hopefully it will be Elen as one of the two out, as her stroppy face & demeanour are not attractive to watch! I thought she said since she began dating Peter Andre she couldn't wipe the smile off her face!! Well she excelled at wiping it off tonight! 

 Sultry Latino
Or Just Plain Miserable? 

They danced 2nd time round, Craig was better, as was Jennifer, even Elen managed a smile this time! Claire her manager must of checked the tweets on her performance & had a word!

The votes were in Jennifer is in, Craig & Elen are out!!!



Did a bit of housework, then a bit of sorting then watched, Comics Choice: Alan Davies. Pottered round the house watering the plants etc then went to bed at 2am(Calories consumed 1,349)


  1. "saying I looked gorgeous & thin "...really? I think they must have been joking sweetheart, or just being nice. It makes me laugh that you have so much to say about fat people (not a lot of it nice either) and yet here you are looking 2 stone over weight looking like a plump sausage in a figure hugging dress unbelievable. Also what sort of person runs their brother down in a blog seriously you come across as disliking him intensley, i think it is awful. As for you saying you suddenly realised Alex reid looked like Quark, NO YOU DIDN't there is a facebook page saying that not to mention a few things on the web........basically your blog seems to lack a lot of honesty and be full of sad vanity . it's disturbing

  2. Yes my friend did say I looked gorgeous & thin & Like I SAID MYSELF (specsavers vouchers are in the post!!)Yes I do look 2st overweight, as you must know, if you read my blogs, I have said I AM 2st over weight, after gaining 2st while depressed over my mums unexpected death, So that is common knowledge!!

    I have NEVER said anything unpleasant about fat people the worst I have said, was Britain's Fattest man Should never been allowed to of got into that state in the 1st place. His friends & family should of stepped in long before he was over 60st & he wasn't paying for all that food his mum lost her home paying for it & she should of refused to let him ruin her before she died & refused to bring him the obscene amount of food while bed ridden. And an a mere observation on, how SOME massive women, who gorge (via Feeders or their own hand) to be over 40st put weight on everywhere except their chest, which looks quite unusual.

    I Have never run my brother down, and I most certainly DO NOT DISLIKE HIM, I only said I never heard back from him after contacting him via text, about show & the FACT that, as he said he'd never watch me on Big Brother, that may explain why! Hardly a character assassination!

    I have never seen the facebook page you talk about re Quark & Alex Reid, So I did actually realise that on my own, but if that group does exist I guess I'm not the only one who thought so.

    Your Entitled to you opinion & to assume by how you have (wrongly) interpreted my blog that I'm vain & dishonest, but those who know me, know different. if I was that self-obsessed & vain, I'd just delete negative posts like yours or GLP Goddesses (But I Don't!)

  3. Wtf difference to this blog does what June looks like make? And for the record ...I would! I think she's gorgeous! I read her blogs all the time because I find them entertaining and interesting, which, correct me if I'm wrong, is the the whole point!


  4. Love your blogs, great work June! Gemz. xxx