Monday, 3 January 2011

Rushing into 2011

Monday 27th Dec (Bank Holiday Monday) We all slept in until 9am, which is just as well, as I didn't fall asleep until after 7am, due to feeling rough with my swine flu. Its an odd flu, you eventually think your on the mend then 3 or 4 days later, you wake feeling back to stage one again & rough as hell. Had a coffee & 2 slices of toast then got ready to go out with Candie & the kids while Costa went off to play tennis then to the Spa at The Grove, for some relaxation & a sports massage. 

 The Grove

Wore my wet-look black leggings, my long black, flat over the knee boots, my ivory jersey turtle neck, with ruched leg of mutton sleeves, plus my silver cardigan, under my long black coat & my new pink scarf, put on my Carley wig, as its bitter cold out & it will keep my ears cozy & my panda/polar bear on top of that! We then staggered over the black ice, coating the pavements & the private road where Candie lives.

We set off to Next as Candie wants to see if there are any nice kids clothes for Tiger in the sale? as per usual there was a queue to get in, which always amazes Candie & I, its not as if Next is expensive before the sales & its not as if they are so reduced, that things are selling for £1-£4. We eventually got in, most of the racks were bare, as if a swarm of human locust's had been through. 

So Candie took something back to Peacocks for a refund & we went grocery shopping in Salisbury's. We got home & watched "March Of The Penguins" while Candie had a bath to try ease her aching back, I'm now wondering if my recent back trouble, is part of the Swine Flu? As Candie never usually suffers back pain & is getting it in the same area as me! (unless its due to her hitting her back on Nov 5th, when Xavier pushed her off the dinning room table, when she was dancing on it! My back injury's always hurt when its cold!)

Candie wasn't feeling hungry due to the flu, so I made myself a plate of cheese & crackers for lunch. Candie dyed my blonde eyebrows & eyelashes brown (I've never had it done before) she did a good job, my eyes now have more definition without make-up (Candie thinks I look younger  & prettier without make-up for some odd reason!!) 

Candy got a email text on her iphone from Baby Ceylon that their Sale had started, so Candy said lets go have a look (as its her favourite shop) I said as its 5.30pm and a Bank Holiday it's unlikely they will still be open, but Candie was not convinced, so we took the short bus ride to Crouch End. The weather had changed dramatically, to much, much milder, the shop as expected was closed (it had been all day) You would of thought Baby Ceylon would of put their Yule Tide opening hours in their Sale email!!)  

So we walked back to Candies in Muswell Hill, from Crouch End, with much moaning from Xavier, saying it was cold (it wasn't it was extremely mild & I hate the cold!!) for a kid full of energy he has a lazy bone, when it comes to doing things that don't interest him. My friend Nicky text me, as we walked, saying she was going out with her brother New Years Eve, as he is over from Ireland, if I was doing nothing, could I mind her daughter Mini for her?? Which was rather insulting & insensitive, as originally we were meant to be doing something together New Years Eve & now that her brothers over, she has dropped me like a hot potato & instead of suggesting the 3 of us do something, she has lined me up as a baby sitter instead, I declined. We got back to Candies at around 6.30 Costa came home & was heading off again to either Lakeside or Bluewater to check out the Hugo Boss Sale, Xavier went with him. 

Costa came home a hour or so later with Xavier, a bag full of Hugo shirts, a jumper plus a jacket & some fresh cod to make dinner for himself, Xavier, Tiger & I (Candie doesn't eat fish & still has no appetite) with some roast veg. 

We tried to watch "Marple" at 9pm but Xavier wouldn't shut up & when not talking was playing his guitar, exasperated Candie put Tiger to bed, Costa went on the ipad & realising Xavier wasn't going to let me follow the TV show, I went on my notebook. Realising he no longer had an audience, Xavier took himself to bed. Candie came down and we flicked through the rubbish TV (mostly repeats, most repeats from only a day or so ago .... shocking!!) while having some cheese & biscuits & wine, then we took ourselves off to bed & I read the paper. 


CCTV footage of The Crossbow Killer killing poor Suzanne has emerged with him celebrating directly after (vile scum) & the Clifton suspension bridge could hold clues to poor Jo's killer. The results of Jo's post-mortem will be revealed today, her body was too frozen earlier to discover cause of death! Swine flu kills 2 more taking the toll to 12 in 2 weeks, lucky that Candie & I have strong constitutions!! 

A 15yr old boy has been found battered to death in his flat, in the bath in which he drowned, in East London. A downstairs neighbour raised the alarm, when water came through his ceiling, but amazingly it was not raised by the neighbour, Iqbal Husain, who heard a woman's piercing scream at 10.30am adding "I knew something was dreadfully wrong!!" (yet you didn't dial 999!!) continuing "I listened at the door & heard a man shouting "Don't worry he'll be OK!!" (still you didn't call the police!!) ending "Then there was the sound of internal doors slamming shut, it was very disturbing!" (yet not disturbing enough to get you to call the police it seems!!) If Iqbal had maybe that poor boy would not of died by drowning in that bath, due to being too injured to get out!!

The paper says Britain's top 10 spots to live are all in the South & *St Albans is number 7 the list is as follows :- 

1) Elmbridge (Surrey)
2) Hart (Hants)
3) Wokingham (Berkshire)
4) Sevenoaks
5) South Cambridgeshire
6) East Hertfordshire
7) St Albans (Hertfordshire)*
8) Uttlesford
9) Surrey Heath
10) Chiltern

Apparently the big freeze saw more Brits (16million) watching TV on Christmas Day (that should of read "more disappointed Brits" with our rubbish Yule tide TV line up!!) 

Proof that the Lunatic's have taken over The Asylum!! Bosses at Ashford Jail gave the 530 inmates (some lifers!) a £3 phone card, £3 extra for the canteen & a bag of sweets for Christmas, plus the 20 released on Christmas Eve got £25 of Tesco's goodies. So what about their hard working staff, who often face abuse, from inmates?...... They got........ a £1.99 chocolate bar!! You just couldn't make it up could you!!

Tuesday 28th Dec, (The Real Boxing Day) woke up late at 9am as the kids had slept in & they are normally my alarm clock, had a wash & a cup of tea & got changed into my black scooped neck, long sleeved Petit Bateau T-shirt, my black studded leggings, my long flat boots & my silver cardigan.

Petit Bateau T-Shirt

Candie wanted to pop into her favourite shop "Baby Ceylon" before they set off to Torquay, as she'd found out the 1st day of sale was today, so she said she'd give me a lift to Finsbury Park Station as the 712 Greenline bus wasn't running from Christmas eve until Jan 4th (which is a pain as its a £11- £15 fare instead of £5) pulled on my Carley wig & panda hat, which saves me time on doing hair for the journey home (One never travels, looking scruffy darlings!!) also put on new pink scarf & long black coat. 

Put my huge case in the back of the Merc hire car (while Candies Auldi is in the garage for a service) which Candie hates. We set off to Baby Ceylon Crouch End, Candie bought 3-4 dresses & a blouse (one of the dresses a really cute shocking fuchsia pink one, that I pulled out to show her) Then it was off to Finsbury Park tube station, where I trundled down to the platform, lugging my case behind me & my large hooked body form tucked under one arm. 

Then struggled up & down several flights of stairs (not escalators) on my journey to Kings Cross, with numerous men rushing/pushing past me (the age of the gentleman is well & truly dead!!) 

Got home around 12.30 - 1pm & bought a paper from the shop downstairs & a couple of Caffeine free Diet Cokes, I had a wholemeal tuna & salad sandwich & some Branston Pickle, Mini Cheddars (yummmm!!) for lunch, then unpacked my case & put dirty clothes in the laundry. I washed & blow dried my hair, then my blast from the past photos were delivered, by the postman, from my Niece Teresa, pics from when I was about 12-14yrs and lived in Warninglid Sussex, on Lydhurst Estate. Some examples of which are below. 

 On The Lawn With My Dog Silk
 Sunbathing With Sister-in-law Linda 
& Dogs Silk & Gunner
 Carp Filled Pond With Bridge Over It
Outside Our Back Door
 Clowning Around By The Driveway
 Posing By My Brother Allen's Car
Mum Walking the Dogs 
On The Driveway

Relaxed a bit with the paper, after answering my Hotmail/Facebook & Twitter messages. The front cover is poor Jo Yeates parents & boyfriends visit to the scene her body was found, what a god awful start to the New Year!! My heart goes out to them. Also on the front page is the targets that tragedy was averted from, when the 9 Terror Suspects were arrested. They include, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, The London Eye, The Stock Exchange, US Embassy, 2 Rabbis, St Paul's & Big Ben. What a lovely bunch of scum they are!

Talking of Scum there is a few pictures of The Crossbow Cannibal caught on CCTV, just after shooting Suzanne Blamires in the head with a Crossbow, giving the camera a one finger salute with the crossbow held aloft, followed by raising a bottle of drink, after dragging her corpse back to his flat to butcher, the family's of his 3 known victims say the video images haunt them! Evil Scum!

Crossbow Scum

Talking of Scum "YET AGAIN!!!" A RAF VET told how he was battered in the street by to vile thugs shouting "Death to Soldiers!!" The 69yr old was head-butted & punched to the ground by the Asian or Mixed Race, Evil Scum, before fleeing (so brave!!) He was attacked because he was wearing his RAF Blazer & Remembrance Poppy, in Manchester, where he was talking to pals about arrangements for a colleague's funeral, they approached him swearing saying "Fucking Shoot You All , You Bastards & blow your soldiers up. Death to all soldiers" (Grammar obviously not being their strong point!!) Poor Anthony O'Brien has been left with heart trouble, breathing problems & in a wheelchair.

There is also a photo of a idiotic mother skating over a frozen pond, with a small child in a pushchair, I really despair over the declining intellect of our younger generation!! A passing car slowed down to shout "Don't be so stupid" near by a toddler in a pink romper suit could be seen playing on the ice (it's known if the child was also hers) in Hampstead North London. IDIOT!! She should have her kid/s taken into care!!

I had porridge & blueberry's for tea as I didn't feel hungry enough for a big meal & then did some job searches & sent some CVs off, lets hope the work situation improves in 2011!! Watched "Funny Turns: Penelope Keith" I love Penelope Keith especially as Margo in "The Good Life" she was my favourite character!! Link Below

I watched "Upstairs Downstairs" which is a sequel set years after the Original and far inferior, this is on BBC1 I'm sure the original was on ITV I kind of recall commercial breaks in my youth! I made a coffee & had with a Daim bar then at 10pm to my amazement I was so tired I went to bed to sleep!!!

 Daim Bar

Wednesday 29th Dec, Woke at 9am I know I dreamt but cant recall what about, checked my facebook, twitter & hotmail & sent off a few job applications & applied for some auditions. Then I had a wash put hair up in a bun, did a natural make-up & wore black catsuit  tucked into my long flat black boots & put on my gold cardigan. 
Today I intend to start tackling my back room, its been a state since mum died & I put lots of stuff from hers in there to sort, keep, sell or give to charity shops, or throw etc as her home had to be emptied a week after she died for the council (who were charging us for each week it was not available for new tenants, despite her paying that months rent..... so compassionate!!) So van loads of stuff/furniture, had to be quickly given away to charity shops (that mum would of wanted us to sell & split the ££) as we had no time to go through it, so just taking some sentimental items & smaller items of use, home. 

Put on long Coat & went to Wilkinson's for some cleaning essentials & got 4 lines on the lottery as my Mystic Meg stars for Gemini in the paper said "The moon lights up your prize chart & can add winning luck to lottery tickets & bingo games" god only knows I could do with some luck! 

 Mystic Meg

I got home made a salmon salad sandwich for lunch & had some orange juice. Then took several piles of boxes & bin bags from the back room, to the lounge to sort out while watching the brilliant film "Strictly Ballroom" Camptastic!!! such a Fag & Fag Hag Film!!

Took a break at 8pm, to watch the final episode, of the 1st brilliant series of "V" and had fish pie & baked beans for dinner. Watched "Rock & Chips" the prequel to "Only Fools & Horses" which I found a bit disappointing if I'm honest, amusing but not as gut ripping funny, nor as fast paced as "Only Fools & Horses". Continued sorting stuff from the back room then got a craving for blue cheese, so had 100g of delicious Danish Blue cheese, on Wholemeal Krisprolls Yummy!!

Then after watching a very funny "100 Men Own My Breasts" on Channel One (about cyber begging for cosmetic surgery) which my actress friend Maxine & I were laughing about on Twitter, as we watched (listing what we'd cyber beg for) I continued sorting with gusto, until 1am, then got changed into my black baby-doll nightie, and went to bed with the paper. Cops think tragic Jo knew her killer & the post-mortem showed she died from strangulation! 


Children of Service Personal, killed in action are to get £8,200 a year to put them through university, at last a Government that recognises its brave troops, unlike the last Labour Government who treated troops & their grieving family's with contempt, despite the fact it was their Government, that sent them into war in the 1st place!!

More Lunatics taking over the Asylum at Heathrow, where custom officers, were ordered NOT to look for drug smugglers over Christmas!! The staff email sent on Dec 23rd said they should NOT actively seek to identify any customers, with internal concealment's (what if it was explosives being concealed & overlooked??) Staff shortage was made as the excuse for the 72hr demand. Meaning smugglers with cocaine, cannabis & heroin in their stomachs would of been waved through, the email also warned staff that if they DID arrest smugglers, they would have to work a 24hr shift guarding the prisoners. The UK Border Agency was rightly incandescent with rage!! Honestly yet again, in this time of drug cartels & terrorism you really couldn't make it up!!

Gordon Ramsay has had a hair transplant, wow fillers, Botox veneers & now this, is he having a mid life crisis? is he trying to improve his looks for himself, his career, his wife or the next mistress??

A Gang thug Alistair Bell died after a several hour siege, in a cop shoot out (one piece of scum down then) he ignored pleas to hand himself in, after 2 cops went to arrest him for threatening behaviour, one of which was blasted with a handgun by Alistair, luckily the cop was wearing a bullet proof vest. 

Checked my Lotto ticket was near my bed to check results in paper 1st thing tomorrow & saw to my horror the idiot in Wilkinson's had put it through for Saturdays draw not today's!!! If today's come up I will be livid!!! I watched "The Real Housewives Of New Jersey", they may have a few $$$ in the bank, but it sure as hell can't buy class!! They really are a bunch of aggressive, foul mouthed, skanks! Teresa being the worse of the lot. Of all the "Real Housewives" shows the "New Jersey" bunch are right at the bottom of the class & dignity pile!

Real Housewife/Skank Teresa

Thursday 30th Dec, I woke at 9am, can't recall my dream but know it was long & busy. I text BGFF Nat I wouldn't be able to come to the New Years bash, at their local gay club, as the 712 wasn't running & I just can't afford the £30 travel etc at the moment, with my bills all coming in now & with me still owing Decembers rent. He text back that, that was a shame. I had some Porridge with nutmeg for breakfast. Dressed in slate grey, ribbed leggings & my white scooped neck Petit Bateau long sleeved T- shirt & a Petit Bateau red, jersey cardigan. 

Petit Bateau Long sleeved T- shirt

I use to work for Petit Bateau (small boat) as a Manager, they sell clothes for from new born baby's, to adults, their 100% "quality cotton" wear lasts for ages & doesn't lose shape, or colour, a link to their site is below, for anyone interested in finding their local branch etc!!

I made myself a decaf coffee & got stuck into more sorting, like a woman possessed!! lots of fabrics dressmaking, toy making, upholstery & ribbons, lace, trimmings, fur fabric & lots of felt, but sadly no flesh coloured (been trying to find a roll of flesh coloured felt, to buy for ages) to make more dolls with, as John Lewis only do A4 square packs of the stuff (which is too small) I still haven't been able to make the Nat & Terry Dolls!!

Example Of Some Of The Dolls I Make

I stopped to have a VERY STRONG cheddar cheese sandwich, in granary bread with Twiglets & a decaf Diet Coke, before getting stuck in again! Checked yesterdays lottery numbers in the paper, with my ticket bought yesterday (but put through for Saturday by mistake) Luckily It wasn't a winner on today's numbers, there was 1 number on two lines & 2 numbers on one line & no numbers on one line, so lets hope that it being put through for Saturday accidently, is the luck (crosses fingers!!)

Found some "Minty The Lamb" comics, that I made when I was 9-11years old, which were funny to read years later!! They were quite racy for a comic, lol must be because I'd been living on farming estates, close to nature since young lol!! I kept sorting until 7.30pm then stopped to watch Corrie followed by EastEnders & the 2nd Corrie of the night, while having a dinner of King Prawns & Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Butternut Squash, with a sweet chilli sauce. 

I watched "Kerry Katona: The Next Chapter" while continuing sorting things, no matter what your views on Kerry its obvious CAN Associates are doing an excellent job of getting her back on track.

I watched "Celebrity Juice: Bang Tidy Year" very funny. Then it was back to sorting out the back room & putting another load in the washing machine. until 1.10am when it was time for "The Real Housewives Of New Jersey" while enjoying a Mint Magnum Ice Cream, those women are so childish, neurotic & skanky its unbelievable!!

Friday 31st Dec (New Years Eve) I didn't fall asleep until 9am, as I was so wired from doing so much sorting in my spare bedroom (changing room) last night, where a lot of my late mums stuff is still to be sorted. I got stuck in, due to a New Year about to begin, so its out with the (unwanted) Old & in with the New!! I was woken at 10am by my friend Mike wanting to sell things for him on eBay as he doesn't know how to. Then I went back to sleep until noon & then got up after about 2.5hrs of sleep since yesterday! 

Had a wash, tied back hair with a white jersey hair-band, into a low ballerina bun. Wore black leggings & black long sleeved, scoop neckline Petit Bateau T- shirt, my long flat, black boots, plus long black, calf length, cardigan. Popped to the shop got a paper & a few grocery's & made some porridge. Then continued to sort out the back room, sorting stuff to throw away & stuff to eBay & other stuff to put away/file etc. 

I had Channel One on, watching Star Treck Enterprise, Star Treck Voyager & Star Treck TNG along with The Fresh Prince, as I sorted stuff, as there was sod all on the other channels that wasn't a repeat or rubbish (typical Christmas/NY UK programming!!) lucky that I'm a sci-fi nerd!!

Groomed over 20 wigs & hair pieces (some fancy dress, some not) from blonde to red, to brunette, to black & colours such as turquoise. Putting them away in their pouches & then in my gold covered box for wigs & hair pieces. Also sorted out the chest with fancy dress costumes in (most home made!) lol I'm 47 in June 2011, I really should grow up! Stopped sorting & had a Cheese Sandwich & some Twiglets plus a Diet Coke (decaf) for a late lunch & continued sorting out more stuff sat on my lounge floor in front of TV. 

Watched Celebrity Mastermind & for once I recognised two of the contestants, kids presenter Kirsten O'Brien & Comedian Rhys Thomas (who won) I actually love Rhys a bit now, both for being smart enough to be a high scoring winner, but fun enough to go on dressed up like Freddie Mercury in a harlequin, legged leotard & cropped jacket with epaulettes, good for him!! He reminds me a bit of a young Brian Conley

Rhys Thomas
Brian Conley

Popped to the shop to get two cans of K Cider, in case I decide not to open my champagne at midnight, as to have at least something to toast the New Year in with, while home alone. Sent out a load of New Year Texts early, as the network often crashes at midnight due to the overload of text messages. I sent one to Nat, Candy & a bunch of friends as well as my brother & sister saying "Happy New Year, I know I'm early but I suffer from premature congratulation" my friend Alan (Sid James's son) replied instantly & made me laugh, with his witty text.

Sid James - Carry On Abroad

My Sister, BGFF Nat, friend Chris then Brother Bill text back, the rest are no doubt busy partying. My Friend/Ex Ryan sent me a Happy NY text & Alan later sent another text saying "After careful consideration of your performance as a friend in 2010, I have decided to extend your friendship for a further 12 months. Try not to fuck it up!" which made me smile.

I chilled with the paper for 30 mins while dinner cooked, 36 people have died from Swine Flu in the UK (Candie & I were lucky to get through it, seeing we self medicated) It seems Joanna's odd looking landlord Chris Jefferies is in the frame for her murder after being arrested yesterday at 7am 

Landlord Chris

I had Chilli King Prawns, with roasted Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato for dinner & a Mint Magnum Ice Cream for desert, then continued sorting the back room (rolls & rolls of fabric dressmaking/toy making/upholstery, some to keep & use some to eBay!!) plus clothes needing repair or alterations, design files, paperwork etc. Came across an old folder & the contents made me laugh & think of an old girlfriend George, who I use to work with.

Watched the soaps & "Come Dine With Me" & the Ch4 "Comedy Gala" (filmed in Easter) as New Years Eve TV is as appalling as Christmas TV. But I turned over briefly at 11.50 to see the New Year Countdown on my own, raising a Cider to Big Ben as it chimed in the New Year & watched the most amazing firework show in London, (Link below) set to music, and I got a bit tearful. I use to see in the New Year each year with my Mum & now here I am, on my own, without Mum & I miss her terribly, even though its been just over a year! 

My New Years Resolutions 2011!!

1) More SEX, I have been celibate for last 3yrs, due to Illness & no Boyfriend & enough is enough!!!
2) A Job/More Acting Work
3) Lose The 2st Gained due to depression/heartache over mums unexpected death. Back to my old routine of 3-4hrs in the gym a day.
4) Audition NEW Ken-Dolls for my Band, Evil Barbie & The Ken-Dolls & get it up and running & gigging!!

╔═════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ═════════╗
ೋ ❤❤❤~~HAPPY NEW YEAR~~❤❤❤ ೋ
╚═════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ ═════════╝


I continued sorting stuff out until 1.40am, when I settled in bed to watch "The Real Housewives Of New Jersey, Reunion Show Double Bill" & what a show it was, Teresa made a real show of herself & showed what a truly skanky, foul mouthed, moll she really is, the fact that she considers herself "a Lady" is a joke! Her horrific, vile, diva, precocious, brood of four girls will go the same way, I pity the poor guys that will end up dating them! Twitter was ablaze with people saying how badly Teresa dresses her daughters, as the show went out. That went off at 3.35am & I settled down to sleep.

Saturday 1st Jan 2011 (New Years Day) I fell asleep some time after 5.30am & woke at 11am, I had a really action packed busy dream, which involved being abroad in a hotel & the fashion industry, I was also in a relationship with a guy as usual (unlike real life!!) Jennie replied to my Happy New Year text at 11.30am, got dressed the same as yesterday, while drinking the half empty K Cider from the night before (lol classy!!) must be the influence of watching New Jersey housewives late at night!!

I went to off licence for the paper & some essentials, got the Sun Paper, but was pissed off that the Buzz Magazine (with TV Guide) was not inside it, as it hadn't been delivered to the shop along with the papers, which is a pisser as you pay 60p for a Sun on a Saturday, rather than the normal 20p, due to there being a magazine in it, so as there isn't one I'm paying 40p over the odds, and missing out on the new Bingo Card that was inside, to play daily in the paper too!! (so Much for my Mystic Meg Horoscope Wednesday, saying that I had "Winning luck with Lottery & Bingo tickets")

Continued with my attack, on sorting out my back room, with FIVE USA on, as New Years TV is rubbish as always, so I watched back to back "NCIS" as I sorted like a woman possessed. Nicky text me Happy New Year at 1pm. I stopped for a coffee then continued sorting, then had a Cheese Sandwich for brunch at 3pm. Continued sorting sat on floor, when an ornate walking stick of mums (from when she had a knee replacement op) fell down, and whacked me on my forehead with a thud, producing a bump & a bruise!! Great start to a New Year!!!

My French friend Greg text me Happy New Year, asking how I was health wise? as his mum is a doctor, and knows what I've been through health wise, over the past few years, suggesting we must meet up again soon, maybe bringing our friend Linda with him, who we both haven't seen for a while, since she got engaged, which I said was a good idea! Linda is great she is a grandmother but doesn't look it & I call her my little "Troll Doll" as her hair is almost as long as her body!!

Granny Linda
Troll Dolls

Candie Text Happy New Year at 6pm, I said she'd vanished from Facebook, she said she hadn't noticed, adding it must be a glitch. Had two hot dog style, veggie sausages, in hot dog buns with mustard for tea & some Twiglets, so I could eat & sort at same time. At 8.30pm I took a coffee break to watch "Take Me Out" Gutted that they decided not to put me on the show, as "Louie Spence's Showbusiness" will be out at the same time!! Bummer!! All  my friends say they are gutted I'm not on "Take Me Out" as they reckon I'd be ideal for it & very funny!! 

 No Likey No Lighty!!

Then I watched "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" which made Russell Brand a star in America, not sure why? he didn't do anything much, he was more or less just being himself & his part didn't have any depths of emotion to fathom, it also had the guy who plays Marshall in "How I Met Your Mother" and Kristen Bell from "Veronica Mars" & "Gossip Girl" enjoyed a White Magnum (Magnums have become my post Christmas to New Year treat) while watching though it was a tad sweet!

At 10.30pm I got a text from my friend George (Short for Georgina) who I haven't seen in years & use to work in Bond Street with, which was a coincidence, as I was only thinking about her yesterday! She said "Hi is this still Junes number? if it is then happy new year my darling. My new years resolution is to catch up with old friends. Lots of love George (from Ivory) Lets keep in touch." I said that I'd only been thinking about her yesterday & if she gets Sky1 I'm on Louie Spence's Showbusiness on Wed at 9pm. she text back " Just sky+ it. Shit girl if you are on that show you are gonna be a celeb! About time too. Your too fab for everyday, Always have been. Love George." I laughed & sent back that I wasn't sure, but I should be on 3 or 4 of the shows depending on how its cut together? she made me laugh when she text back "OMG. That means I'm almost fab by proxy. I could get pissed or hopefully shagged on the back of your name. God Bless You. You have made an old & dry woman very happy, love George" I text her back "You Crack me up Phoebe" a private joke from 1998, George is 6ft 3" & another GF is 6ft 5" and wears heels, so when we are out, I'm the short one for a change.

Then did some more sorting & threw out 3 extra large bin bags of rubbish, of stuff that I decided to bin, which I felt were not worth eBaying. Then settled with the paper more on murdered Jo's Landlord, who was described by ex pupils he taught & neighbours as weird. Xfactor's Winner Matt Cardle has had a 4 day romp with one of the shows dancers (he is definitely after Russell Brands Shagger of the Year Award!!) 

A 22yr Derbyshire man castrated himself, throwing his testicles into a park after, then waited 24hrs before staggering to A&E saying he felt a lot less pain than he had expected, he left after being swabbed & stitched & advised to get psychiatric help. The unnamed man was suffering gender confusion & may have been attempting a home made sex change. I hope he gets the help he needs whoever he is! 

Signs this country is still mad & putting the needs of scum before those of decent people, was on page 31 of The Sun. Prison Chiefs, of a prison near Rugby housing violent offenders & sex attackers, have paid put £35,000 of tax payers money on 8 full sized snooker tables (one £4,400 table for those criminal scum, is excessive in my eyes!!) What's wrong with one or two second hand one's, if they must have any?

Chatted to Political_Fun on Twitter & saw "the ideal New Years Resolutions for Gemini" come up on my time-line (shown below)

Gemini You have a vivid imagination and brilliant ideas but you lack the follow through. Take those ideas and finally accomplish them. Has there been something you have always wanted to try, do or become? Take that first step and then take the second and third. Your ideas are truly worthy of executing and you are the one who can make it happen. YOU CAN make it happen! Start small, try that recipe or look into that class you’ve thought about attending but once you take that first step, keep taking those steps! You will be a better person in the end.

Watched "Nothing But The Truth" on Sky3 with Jerry Springer (very funny Show) followed by a double bill of the new "Beauty & The Geek" at 4.30am to 6am which I got Political_Fun who was also awake to tune into it, she'd never seen it before & was immediately hooked, not sure if this is the 3rd or 4th series? I have lost count, but they threw a curve ball in the mix, and added something new, they added one more geek & one more beauty to the group, but the girl was the geek & the guy was the beauty! Brilliant I can't wait until the next episode!! 

Political_Fun sent me two great links to Dispairwear T-Shirts & Despair Inc Mugs very funny Links below

Sunday 2nd Jan, I had a very Bizarre dream, where I had a huge bodied black spider in my bedroom, it looked like a cross between a Huntsman & a Tarantula. I was living with my mum (who was alive again) I went to tell her & spotted another one, not quite as chunky (more like a Huntsman) in her room, she battered & crushed it but it wouldn't die, so I got a vacuum & sucked the thing up in it, tried to do the same with the massive one in my room, but only the legs sucked up, the body was too massive to go down (not sure what happened after that?) I don't know if we killed or disposed of it? Then I was in a town in a upmarket area, with lots of stores & I was with Candie & she said she had found me a flat right near her, so she could pop in & keep an eye on me, to make sure I was OK! (not sure what was meant by that??) then I was in a sports facility with her two boys, about to go swimming & going into the ladies, to get changed, then I woke up at 11am, buggered if I know what that's all about??

Got up had a bowl of Sugar free Alpen for breakfast & popped to the shop for a NOTW then continued sorting the back room, I got a text message from one of the agency's I'm with, telling me to email someone for an application form, for a part in a film called "Gun Estate" which I did. 

Continued clearing out the back room, then had lunch of a veggie burger in a bun, with cheese, while watching Downton Abbey, washed down with a caffeine free Diet Coke & a flake for desert, then it was back to the back room & the business in hand, getting quite stuck in, also cleaned the window & put a sheer curtain up to deter prying eyes, I need some more curtain hooks, to put up curtains too, in there. I put up more hooks for handbags, I took window shoe rack down (sunlight can fade shoe fabric/leather) 

Took a Diet Coke break, then got stuck in again, but after a few tweets a few chats on Facebook (I noticed Candies Profile is now back again) & took a few go's on Facebook's Scrabble!! Got a lot done, then steamed some salmon & roasted some new potatoes (they are surprisingly nice roasted, try it if you haven't already!!) I ate my dinner at 7pm & read the NOTW (News Of The World) checked last nights lottery not a single number (So much for that luck Mystic Meg!!) Gordon Ramsey is pictured on front with puffed up face, while out with the Beckham's, no doubt a reaction to his hair transplant procedure!!

Katie Price AKA Jordan is in the paper with Alex Reid finally admitting what we suspected all along, that her marriage is in crisis, I'm sure she is not to happy his new show "I am Alex Reid" makes him look like a delusional duffus with messiah aspirations! her smile at the breakfast table of their holiday destination, looked forced at best & beyond a grimace at worst! In fact it looked more frozen than a Iceland Chicken Tikka Pizza!!

Also there were pic's of 50yr old Paul Mason, the 60st Brit who was the worlds fattest man. What bemuses me is how he could afford to eat so much to weigh that much? He must of eventually got too fat to work, before becoming housebound. His old diet before a gastric band was fitted was, an entire box of Sugar Puffs for breakfast, lunch was a Fish & Chip take away of, 4 Large Cod's, 2 Meat Pies, 4 Battered Sausages, 6 Large portions of Chips, with mushy peas, curry sauce & 2 Litres of Cola. Later he starved off hunger with Takeaway Pizzas, Chinese, Curry's & Big Macs, amassing a gob smacking 20,000 cals per day 8 times what is normal for a man!! I waver between a mere 900-2,300 a day, in comparison. He has now lost 20st in a year with help from the gastric band & carers costing the taxpaying public £100,000, his sisters have disowned him & his widowed mother, lost the family home struggling to pay for his food bills, before she died in 2009 (I feel sorry for her, but she was stupid & should of put her foot down & made him have 3 normally large meals a day, no matter how much he wailed of being hungry, if he can cope with small meals & the hunger pangs now, he could cope on larger sized normal proportions before) she should of never allowed him to eat beyond HER means!!

Watched "How To Be Famous" on E4 at 9pm which was quite amusing & tongue in cheek, then "The 100 Greatest Stand Ups 2010" very funny some great comedians old & new, then read some of my Marilyn Biography & crashed at 5am.

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