Sunday, 28 November 2010

Battling To keep Warm In The November Freeze

Monday 22nd Nov, Dreamt & it was complex, but a call from the producers of a game show, who want me to audition for them woke me & made me forget it quickly. Checked my Inbox & finally I had a response from Hannah at The BBC re my Proof about doing "John Bishops Britain For Free"  saying......

Hi June

Please find enclosed a scan of your original release form from your participation in John Bishop’s Britain.

Best wishes

I will print & post that off tomorrow, still coughing & spluttering, but better than I have been for ages. The Call earlier said that, they wanted me to audition for the Game Show, tomorrow evening & they would cover my travel expenses. Had a Bowl of Porridge with Cinnamon For Breakfast to start the day!

Washed, did hair & make-up, then dressed in Olive coloured, Elle, Gym trousers, tucked into Beige Yeti Boots, a Cream, Cashmere, Polo-neck, my Beige, Oasis, Faux Fur, Gilet, Pulled on my Polar Bear/Panda Hat & Big, Black, Wool Coat, then headed out & got a paper, then took Aku for a run up the park & made a lot of fuss of him. He really can run fast & would give a Greyhound a run for it's money. Got chatting to a local woman Sandra who had the most Gorgeous Ginger Chow Chow (Chows are my favourite dog!!) I totally fell in love, if situations change I'd love to get a chow puppy one day, made a lot of fuss of the Chow & Aku bless him got quite jealous ahhhhhh!!

Chow Chow's, The Coolest Dogs In Town!!

Went to the Library & printed off the document emailed by Hannah, to post tomorrow, then popped to Wilkinson's to get some more treats for Aku. Headed home, with the November greyness, illuminated by the white & blue Xmas lights. Did the washing up, sorted the dry laundry & put away. Put another load in the washing machine & had a vegetarian pasty & steamed veg for a late lunch at 5pm, while watching "Come Dine With Me" Elliot on there looked like a less attractive version, of my Ex who got in touch recently, but without the posh accent, the French guy was rather cute (not often I say that!!)

Watered the plants & then settled down to watch the soaps & then "I'm A Celeb"  then the fantastic "V" while another load of laundry (that managed not to get thrown away by accident) went round in the washing machine!! Then had an early night to read today's paper & Closer Magazine as still feeling a bit rough & have an audition tomorrow! The money grabbing Ex wife (who left him for another man 10yrs ago) of this years  £56Million lotto winner, has taken him to court to get her hands on £2Million of it (obviously without shame) even though he made sure she was OK when they divorced 9-10yrs ago!! More about a feud between Wagner & Cheryl Cole behind the scenes at Xfactor (Yawn!!)

Dire news that although we as a country are broke we are bailing out Ireland's Dublin by £7.5Billion (how?  & why? they chose to go with the ill fated Euro & not opt out like us) The Catholic Pope has given the OK to condoms after a U-turn on the subject (about time) Someone who should use them is Lavine Samma who has had 5 kids taken into care but vow's to keep having them until she gets a council house, with her asylum seeking Jamaican boyfriend (neither of whom work, or are looking for work!)

Apparently when Prince Williams fiance was told by her friends she'd be queen Catherine of England, she shrieked in disbelief (oh come off it everyone knows he is 2nd in line to the throne & will be King eventually & with her education, no way is she unaware of that fact!!) Another Terror Fanatic Abbas Iqbal is back on our streets again (oh woopy fucking dooooo!!!) after being released from prison.

Tuesday 23rd Nov, Woke late at 9.30am but needed the sleep, posted off release papers from "John Bishops Britain" to relevant dept in envelope provided after I'd made myself some Porridge & jumped in the bath for a soak & washed my hair & pulled on some jeans & a jumper & got a paper from the shop on the way home.

Did my make-up decided to wear black rubber leggings with a long studded grey & black, leopard print, vest tunic, over a white vest top with a black jersey waterfall front cardie over that, with knee high black suede boots, made lunch of a steamed salmon fillet with roast potatoes & parsnips.

Read some of the paper then at 4.30pm I put on my Turquoise pashmina, my trusty polar bear/panda bobble hat & my cream Tommy Hillfiger coat. Put my A-Z in my Salvador Ferregamo handbag & headed for the station. Got my train ticket & receipt (to get my expenses back) then waited for my stopping train to Brighton, which wasn't too bad a wait, got off at Kentish Town then got the Northern line to Chalk Farm, then it was just a quick walk to Regents Park Road to Primrose Studios.

I went to reception & let them know I was there, then went to the ladies, where they had some Wonderfully Kitch wallpaper, a mixture of Black, Flock, Mixed Dog Breeds, on a old gold background.

I was then taken into a room with two others by three production staff, and had the rules to Override explained then we did a run through of the game & then were asked to give feed back good & bad on the games system, the questions were posed in he form of a Mensa like puzzle & you had to work as a team to agree on the answer, and you had a 60sec window as question was being read to decide if you want to double up (points) or switch (question) it was quite fun but we felt some cryptic clues were not quite correct, considering the answer!! they said the filming of the pilot would be in a few weeks & checked we'd be free.

Left around 7pm & Text BGFF Nat if he fancied meeting up & he said to join him & Terry for the local Pub Quiz, at The Village in Walthemstow. So I got the tube from Chalk Farm to Euston on the Northern line, two transvestites got on at Camden Town, they had done a good job on their outfits, but they were not young & there were certain give aways, the main one being one of their wigs which was a yellowish blonde one that hung straight, parted in the middle, which had a very nylonish sheen to it, one was wearing a fab pair of large earrings & I was tempted to ask where he got them, a lot of my carriage had clocked them & were either staring or looking back & forth & sniggering ignorantly as they stood up near the door, they were aware of this & looked a bit uncomfortable, so when I got up to go out the doors at Euston I said loudly, "You look fabulous lady's have a great night out!!" while giving the carriage a withering look of contempt, which put a big smile on the two transvestites faces, and they said "Thanks! night!" as I got off the tube. Glad they looked happier for my comment.

I hate how people are still so childish as to laugh at transvestites, why it's nothing new, they aren't harming anyone, its no more funny than someone in fancy dress, and people don't snigger at people in fancy dress on the tube (unless they are thick, as well as childish!!) If I don't get a job soon I am thinking of setting up a business called Tranni-formations, to help Transvestites to discover to get better wigs, make-up tuition, and clothing advice. As most get it wrong as they either go for street hooker look, or the Ann Widicombe/Barbra Woodhouse frump look!! Mainly because 98% of Transvestites are straight, so most don't have gay drag queen, or transsexual friends, to advise them & are afraid to ask male or female friends, in case they are ridiculed, so many buy wigs from fancy dress outlets, or clothes from charity shops under the guise of buying for wife or mother, or if living at home by secretly wearing wife's things. And somewhere that wouldn't mock or ridicule them, who offered expert advice in, applying make-up naturally (most are stuck doing the 70's blue, or green eyeshadow look) where they can get good wigs, at reasonable prices (& what colour & style looks most convincing on them) plus advice on dressing convincingly for their individual shape would be helpful to them, as well as where to get female shoes up to a size 12 foot (it's not just drag stores that do them)

Wanna Look Like a Woman?
Trannys Take Tips From Drag Queens!! Or Women!!

Got the tube from Euston to Walthemstow, and the boys picked me up from the station & we got to The Village & found ourselves a table. I had a Pint of Cider, and a pkt of salt & vinegar & we got our 3 quiz sheets, we called ourselves "Team Wagbo" there was a picture page round, a word connect page round & 3 general knowledge rounds. By one 3rd in our team was 1st despite our team having just the 3 of us & other teams varying in size from 4 to 9 people (quality quizzers, not quantity quizzers) We got all the picture page ones right, and all the word connect ones (which were far from easy) We chatted about a party they'd gone to recently, of a local gay guy, they said they wished I'd been there.

Harry Hill's Wagbo!!

We also talked about how nuts Candie's police friend Jenny was at the firework party, and chatted a bit about Candie's fun friend Stuart. By round 2 we were in 2nd place but there was only 1 point in it. My friend Mike called me briefly about Andreas Red & White Party on the 18th Dec.

The final part of quiz was over & Team Wagbo came joint 2nd (there was only 1 point between 1st & 2nd place!!) chatted for a bit & one of Nat & Terry's friends, who is a picture framer came it with his newish Boyfriend, sporting a scarlet Mohican & goatee beard, then we headed back to Nat & Terry's Place.

We had some cheese pitta's with Nat's home made chutney (they had some home brew on the go too) very tasty!!  then settled down to watch the 1st episodes of the comedy "Nighty Night" they are my favorite two episodes of this deliciously dark, extremely funny comedy, followed by the exercising in underwear episode. Below are some of my favorite clips/Episodes

We then went to bed, their sofa bed in the spare room is very comfy!! but as soon as I lay down the fluid on my lungs started a coughing fit, tried laying on my side, still the same, so propped up 4 pillows so to sleep sat upright & eventually the coughing slowed down & I fell asleep around 5am

Wednesday 24th Nov, got up and had a coffee & watched the freak show that is Jeremy Kyle, with Nat & Terry, then we went for a wander round Walthemstow Market, their are some weird and wacky outfits on those stalls, looked in some Afro Caribbean wig shops, cheap wigs but look it Annabelle's Wigs are far superior, looked round some of the shops & got the cheap day & night cream, that everyone raved about from Lidl for a couple of quid. Then we had lunch in a pub that was a shrine to Lady Di, wonder how excited they are by royal engagement? I had a tuna & cheese jacket potato & a cappuchino, Nat had a tomato soup & a tea, and Terry a sausage Baguette and a tea, wandered back to the boys place, then Nat gave me a jar of homemade chutney & Terry gave me a lift home.

Got in did some housework and fixed dinner, Garlic King Prawns, Roast Parsnips & Roast Potatoes. Then watched "V" then The Apprentice, then The RuPauls Drag Race Final, Raven, JuJu bee & Tyra Sanchez did battle and in the end Tyra got the Crown, that's a black winner in series one & two (hope your not bias RuPaul lol)


 Juju Bee

 Tyra Sanchez

Then I caught up with Tuesdays & Wednesdays  newspapers in bed. As I was busy at Audition, Pub Quiz and round the boys house yesterday.  

Tues - SAS heroes have killed 25 Taliban, The Husband of the pretty Indian girl who was murdered in South Africa was protesting at accusations that he had anything to do with it, meanwhile the taxi driver has been arrested, apparently he gave the attackers the tip off as to where they'd be. then there is more on how the minder of vile John Venables, missed all the paedo pics he had amassed on his PC.

There is also the news that the UK may also have to stump up tens of £Billions to bail out bankrupt EU country's (fuck right off!!!!) thanks to Labours last treacherous act in government (Wankers!! I am proud to NEVER have voted for them!!) that we can't get out of until 2013! Meanwhile Hardened Foreign Criminals awaiting deportation, are in a cushy Government immigration centre, enjoying Art Classes, Fancy Dress Party's, Quizzes & games of football, paid for out of our taxes (the rest of the world must be pissing themselves laughing at us & our softly softly approach!!) There's even a Sports Hall, gym, outdoors sports area, Cinema & Internet facility's!! Inmates get gourmet food, inc Oriental poached fish parcels & beef goulash & had an "Inflatable Games Day" using bouncy castles & wrestling in sumo suits (you couldn't make it up!!) that's the legacy of Labours laughable "Tough On Crime, Tough On the Causes Of Crime"

There was also the amazing image of Flamingo's feeding on mud flats & forming a Giant Flamingo !!

The Shri Lankan found sledgehammered & stabbed to death in the back of a white van was on the run from jail, after charged with £11Million fraud & a gun rap (so no loss to society then!!) no wonder neighbours thought he was shifty!!

JLS have a centre spread in the paper again & yet again hat loving Ortise is acting all hetero, which is odd seeing the amount of gay men I know, who have said they have been with him, or know a guy who has, both gay celebrity's & gay general public, just come out Ortise nobody would care!!

JLS (Just Lip- Sync)  Ortise in I Love Rock pants & red belt 

Wed, we will get a a bank holiday for the Royal Wedding on April 29th 2012, Harry to be the best man (of course) which is one of the few bits of good news along with the angler who caught a 34st (215.90 kg) Halibut (admittedly not so good news for the Halibut) plus ministers slapping a 21,700 cap on non-EU immigrant workers & cutting student numbers by up to 125,000, the rest were depressing at best ......

like Ora Dying at 84yrs after being mugged for the 3rd time in two years, obviously seen as a easy target in the area, obviously the area is not policed enough thanks to new Labour causing the police to spend more time in the station doing paper work than they do on the beat! She collapsed at home, weeks after being shoved to the ground & robbed of her £136.71 pension, wonder what brave little bastard did that??

Meanwhile a rapist, has forced the Prime Minister, to give scum prisoners like him, the right to vote on May 5th 2011, thanks to Labour & those wankers at the EU. We should pull out of Europe all we get is shit rulings & having to pay them shit loads of fucking money for the pleasure.

A 38yr man who begged his doctors for help 70 times because he thought he (rightly) had a brain tumour, was repeatedly ignored & told it was stress. When he finally got a brain scan after 8 months of visits, it showed a deadly 4" growth, and has been given a few years to live. At 1st he started to stumble when he walked, had shooting pains in his head & down his side, memory loss, plus speech problems inc a stammer. Despite these obvious symptoms he was refused a brain scan due to NHS cutbacks (it costs £1,500) adding he was too young to have a brain tumour (yet they will operate/treat foreign health tourists, who have paid nothing into NHS & who normally then leave the UK, without paying their medical bill!!)

My dad complained of chest pains for 2yrs & he got no X-ray by the time he finally got one 1lung was eaten away with cancer with the other lung half eaten away, and was given 5 months to live & he died exactly 5 months later, if they had not been such tight wads & given him a X-ray 2yrs earlier he may of been able to catch it early with chemo & survive, WANKERS!!! (never, never let the NHS tight wads fob you off!! it could cost you your life!!) The guys tumour has been removed & he has undergone radiotherapy, but the cancer is aggressive & he stil only has a few years to live.

 Mum & Dad RIP

Thursday 25th Nov, woke up at 9am with my throat, chest & lungs on fire wish this bloody cold/chest infection would sod off!!  Had a coffee & chunky kit kat for breakfast, then went to see Aku & make a fuss of him & gave him a lot of doggy treats & went for a walk up the park to get some exercises despite the bitter cold, really need a decent dark winter coat, must phone Primark Oxford St & see if the coat I want is in yet or not? Got home & did some sorting in the back room & put some laundry in the washing machine. Then had a fish & vegetable pie for lunch. Read the paper Katie Waissel's hooker gran is on the front page, saying she would welcome Simon Cowell anytime as a punter!! LMFAO!!

A fanatic Muslim Omar Khayam, who wore a suicide vest at a 2006 demo, has been jailed over a £2.6Million crack factory, yeah such a devout Muslim NOT!! the Koran says "Intoxicants are abominations, devised by Satan, Avoid them so you may prosper" so being involved with drugs (other than being a doctor etc) is against the Koran that he claims to be so devout about!!

More on the 2nd lot of rioting student scum I like Frank Skinner's idea in The Times today, "If a student gets a third class degree they would pay 75% of fees, if they get a 2.2 they would pay 50%, a 2.1 would pay 25% and a first pay nothing". The harder you work the less you pay, what a good idea

Geri Halliwell is looking hot in a bunch of bikini's for a photo shoot at 38yrs, she was always my favorite spice girl. Meanwhile there is more on the vile rapist cop & it appears there may be another 14 victims!! hope he rots in jail & gets battered while in there!! Another lag was charged with a bid to kill fellow inmate Paedophile Ian Huntley (Shame he didn't succeed!!) 

 Geri Halliwell

Had Cheese on toast with some of Nat's chutney for tea , watched the soaps & I'm a celeb then "Meet The Parents" on E4 hysterical, its a bit like "My New Best Friend" with a twist!! then I watched the True Blood Double bill finale Brilliant, so many twists & turns I loved it !! then went to bed shattered thanks to wheezing due to chest infection!!

Friday 26th Nov, Had a really complex dream that I occasionally woke from but went back into as I slept again, but I can only recall the end, I was filming a program with 5 other women I was doing a scene with another woman & the others were background supporting roles, we all had various Santa red dresses on with holly green inserts of fabric in various styles.

Spent most of the day in bed feeling rough with my cold/chest infection, which is still hanging around. Called Primark Oxford St, to see if they had the coat in I wanted, that is exclusive to only The Oxford St & Manchester Branches (which is annoying as Watford & Hemel branches are closer) I'd been phoning up the past few weeks & they had been telling me it wasn't in yet, but today they had it, but they didn't have a size 12 only a size 14 or size 10, but they don't sell things over the phone with a credit/debit card nor do they hold things for 24hrs, which is crazy when something is exclusive to just one or two shops (when I was a manager for Versace in Dickens & Jones Regent St, I'd hold things & post off phone orders!!) So I am now musing whether to get the £5 return bus to Oxford St tomorrow & risk it not being gone by the time I get there!! (Yes GLP spending money, start cussing now!!)

I brushed my hair, put coat over nightie & pulled on Ugg boots & went to local off licence, to get a newspaper & cough lozenges, then got in had a bath with menthol in, to try clear my head & chest, made a cheese sani & coffee, then went back to bed feeling lousy, slept some more on & off, I had a few texts from Nicky, Nat & Jennie, watched Home & Away, had a cup-a-soup as I felt to rough for a meal. Watched the Soaps then The Event, Peep Show & Graham Norton who had the fab Bette Midler on. Then I chilled with today's paper.

Bette Midler

On the front page is Arsene Wengers unattractive mistress, Sonia Tartar, who is now claiming to be pregnant, what a surprise, no mention of whether it's his or not, anything to get in papers & get some £££, what kind of a mistress doesn't use contraceptives?? (a gold digging one!!)

There was pictures of Cheryl sporting yet another new tattoo (her 8th) what looks like a ribbon/bow beneath an existing sizable butterfly at the base of her spine, only recently she is reported of being upset over being described as chavy & yet she has this skank tag added to her back!!??? Go figure?? She want's to be a style icon then gets herself another Tramp Stamp!!

Saturday 27th Nov, Got up at 9am, had a busy complex long dream, but I no longer recall it, decided to go into London to try get the coat that's exclusive to Manchester & Oxford Streets Primark, as I badly need a long, floor length warm coat, as for both health reasons & the impending cold with all this snow as I can't keep wearing Ivory Tommy Hilfiger one as it gets too grubby if worn all the time & Dry Cleaning is far from cheap!! And my Black wool one is too tatty to wear anywhere other than down the park or grocery shopping. So after 2 slices of toasted Polish sunflower bread, I wrapped up warm & set off to Halls to pay my rent (late) saw my friend Dave in there he said he'd just got a call from his BF that Betty (6month old choc Lab) has just been attacked by a dog in the park, and has a cut above her eye & is on her way to vet (poor thing) chatted a bit & then caught the 1.25pm 712 bus & got a £5 return to Oxford St, but was told by the driver he was only going to Baker st not Oxford St, as its closed to traffic with stalls & big screens put up in the road. 

Got dropped off at 2.45pm at Baker St, but luckily it was a short walk to Oxford St & I soon got to Primark & spotted the coat the moment I stepped in the door, it was in light grey or black, the guy on phone yesterday was wrong, they did have it in a size 12, in black they only had size 8 in the grey so I got it in black and quickly went to the tills & joined the queue, which though long, was rapidly moving due to lots of tills & good organisation. So I managed to get back to the stop at Marble Arch & caught the 3pm bus home, which was lucky or the next (& last bus) would of been at 6.10pm and I didn't fancy passing 3hrs in the cold & crowds, window shopping things, that I can't afford!! Candy Called me when on the bus home & has told me to look out for a top for her for a skirt she has bought for Xmas day (love doing a bit of personal shopping for my friends) 

Got in & made myself a salad baguette with some of Nat's homemade pickle, plus a coffee to warm myself up & wrapped my brother Bills Xmas pressie, read the Sun Paper.Wagner is on the front page, over his benefit probe as he is claiming incapacity benefit for a frozen shoulder, yet has been dancing, playing the bongos & throwing his arm's in the air when he gets through! Some seriously HOT pics of Kim Kardashian in a blonde wig (which she surprisingly suits) in Barbarella like shoot for her new Beach Bunny Swimwear. What a good looking family even Brody Jenner is a relative.

 Kim Kardashian

Brody Jenner

A pair of Vile Paedophile twins Patrick & James Blackie have been jailed for just 20 months (should be much longer!!) Meanwhile a vile Paedo gang in Cornwall got sentenced of 5.5, 14.5 & 16 years (the latter is more like it the 4th is yet to be sentenced vile scum!!) Formula One's Bernie Ecclestone is sporting one hell of a shiner thanks to scum muggers!! Turkey Farmer Bernard Matthews died Thursday ironically on Thanks Giving bet there are a lot of turkeys celebrating!! 

Police are on armed alert as a Mumbai type massacre is feared on Xmas shoppers, at venues such as Bluewater, Canary Wharf etc the threat has not gone away, yet people are so blaze I spotted a Fitness First rucksack left unattended in the Watford Harliquin Centre a few years back I asked all around customers & shop keepers if it belonged to anyone & it was a resounding NO yet nobody seemed bothered in spite of the fact that the 7/7 tube bombers used Fitness First Rucksacks filled with explosives to commit their carnage, it took me 45-60 mins to find a security guard & report it, meanwhile people could of been potentialy blasted to smithereens, too many people have the it wont happen here/happen to me attitude, British people just are not vigilant!!

There was a picture of Sharon Stone 52 with no make-up on & hair scraped back by a thin hairband, while out shopping, the article was about her not looking her glamorous self, but at 52yrs she looked like a fresh faced college kid!! Good on you Sharon you or your surgeon are doing something right!!

Headed off to Jennies for a girlie night watching Xfactor, put my new long coat on & dark grey faux fur Russian Cossack style hat, and black mittens. Knocked on Jennies door & she said "Wow you look glamorous!! loving the Russian Military look, it so suits you!!" I said "As its 2 degrees out it's thankfully very warm!"

Got there just as it was Xfactor time, the theme is Rock & each contestant sings 2 songs tonight (4-6 songs for Wagner if he does his usual cut & paste medleys) the show opens with the judges entrance as always, Simon looks his usual self, Dannii looks very pretty with lovely hair, and sparkly eyed make-up and a tomato red dress, Louie has gone for purple again & looks like a cross between Pewee Herman & a Spiv, Cheryl looks pretty today, the awful red in her hair has been toned down, to a chestnut-ish mahogany, nice smokey eyed make-up and a nice bronze dress that suits her, so the show begins...

 This Weeks Personal Critique Of The 7 Xfactor Finalists

Matt Cardle :- 1st Song - "I Love Rock n Roll" sang well & he worked the stage well, but not up to his usual standard, strange styling, dark jeans, a blue leopard print shirt, and a suit jacket with leather trimming on lapels & white trainers, doesn't really scream rock to me (does Grace think leather + Leopard print = Rock?)

2nd Song - "Knights In White Satin" much better styling (even if no hint of Rock) Matt back at his best, singing & playing guitar, one of if not his best vocal so far. 

Rebecca Ferguson :- 1st Song - "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" More leopard print from Grace (I'm sure Grace wore this dress when on Xtra Factor talking to Konnie Huq) the colouring of the dress suited Rebecca for once, but wasn't the right length for her, it should of been shorter or longer, as that length made her legs look chunky & the black opaque tights looked wrong, bare legs or sheer tights would of been better, hair & Amy Winehouse-esque make-up were pretty though. Good vocal but not outstanding!!

2nd Song - "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" hair better half down, much improved black PVC dress made her look slimmer, liked the thorn like spikes in the hooped earrings, good vocal very Aretha Franklin

Mary Byrne :- 1st Song - "All That I Want Is You" Yet again the severe hair, (if ever there was a time for down  long hair, its Rock week!!) and back in Dark Navy, though a bit of sparkle with a bit of beading & sequins, I don't recognise the song I assumed it's a U2 number, but she belted it out, a great vocal performance.

2nd song - "Brass In Pocket" the perfect opportunity to have her normal long straight hair (with a half wig) & fringe (so she got a pulled back fake ponytail wig) & fringe (so she got a pulled back fake ponytail, with no fringe!!)  The outfit mostly black, with a bit of silver silver Tiger stripe top & leopard pumps was dire, considering she was moving about & getting filmed from behind, harem pants were not a wise choice, they even make anorexic Cher look chunky!! I have to say I wasn't Impressed with Marys rendition, I sing "Brass In Pocket" as one of my covers when I sing in Evil Barbie & The Ken-Dolls, and I have to say I sing it better than Mary (lucky she is well liked, as I think she could be in danger otherwise with this performances!!)

One Direction :- 1st Song - "Summer Of 69" Dressed as US Jocks/ Preppy, hardly a Rock look, but good vocals from all the lads, will go down well with the young girls.

2nd Song - "You Are So Beautiful to Me" Drab non Rock looking clothes again, Only 3 sang, don't know why all the adult females fancy Harry the curly haired one? he looks the most infant like of them all, the best looking are the Asian one Zane & the one who sang 1st on this song. Good Vocals even if only three fifths sang!!

Cher Lloyd :- 1st Song - "Hey You I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend" Looked cute in doll like in her make-up, hair  and outfit except for her Pink Leopard Print (yet again!!) DM boots, which made her feet look too big for her body, fun upbeat & good vocal

2nd Song - "Walk This Way" Awful "street" outfit shape & colour did nothing for her at all, didn't like her vocal or performance of this song, it felt like she was chasing it & having trouble keeping up!! I agree totally with Dannii's critique

Katie Waissel :- 1st Song - "Sex On Fire" Quite a amusing choice after revelations about her hooker nan in the press, her smokey make-up was better and made her hair look less boyish, she has a pretty face, she just needs to get her ears pinned back as they distract from it, can't decide if I liked her tinsel like bronze tights or not? But she looked Rocky, but she had Tina Turner Leg Syndrome as she sang, and they shook and stomped away, brave attempt but the song was to big for her and her voice to weak to carry it!

2nd Song - Hold On, the REM song suited her voice, although the song was badly chopped up to fit the timing (I agree with Simon on that one) if she sang the whole song unchopped in it's entirety, I think it would suit her well, unlike the raggedy, creased, baggy, insipid pink, horror of a dress she was put in that did nothing for her at all & unlike 1st outfit did NOT fit the Rock theme or the song!

Wagner:- 1st Song - "Weirdo" Well what a surprise!!!! he sang a song all the way through & not a medley, actually it was his best ever vocal, maybe he is better off without all the dancers & gimmicks!!? His shirt looked like an abstract leopard print (Grace is obsessed with connecting Rock & Leopard skin prints!!)

2nd Song - "Addicted To Love" surprisingly he didn't do a medley for his 2nd song either, but he looked wrong in that suit & danced like your embarrassing Uncle at a wedding, and obviously he cant sing and dance at same time, as he sounded out of breath, but he's been worse!!

To Sum up :- The Xfactor had 2 themes Rock & leopard/ tiger print, thanks to Grace's lack of imagination also that Singing coach is an odd looking bugger!! I keep wondering if its because he has had some bad plastic surgery???

After that we watched  Sweeny Todd, the Johnny Depp musical version, you can really see & feel the Tim Burton Direction influence, loved it!! Headed home in the biting cold grateful for my warm coat, (which no doubt GLP will begrudge me of!!..... bet you get a rush every time you get a mention huh!!?) Made a hot lemon drink & went to bed, having a coughing fit due to coming into the warm from the cold, irritating my bad chest!!
Sunday 28th Nov, Stayed in bed until 1pm trying to sweat this chest infection/cold out, as it just doesn't want to shift from my lungs & throat, I had a load of long action packed dreams, all of which seemed to contain pairs of celebrity's at odds at each other & arguing!! Got up made a coffee & had a bowl of bran flakes for breakfast. Did a load of hoovering and dusting & hung up and put away the clean laundry, that didn't need ironing. Had a toasted cheese & tomato toasted sandwhich for lunch with some of Nat's home made chutney. Then cleaned the entire kitchen, all surfaces, utensils, inside cupboards & fridge etc, only the floor needs mopping which I will do when I clean the bathroom & bathroom floor tomorrow. I popped to the shop & got a News Of The World, and a miniature JD to make more hot toddy's for my chest & throat.

Time for the Xfactor Results show, Dannii looking very very pretty in black, her make-up was pretty and her hair stunning, in a Medusa kind of a way. Cheryl rocking a slinky gold number, but the loose pony tail was too casual for it, Louie still sporting the Peewee Herman look 2 days in a row, (with a bow tie no doubt taken from the collection amassed for Paije) and Simon doing his normal Playboy look!!


The 1st act up The Wanted (or The Unwanted in my books) bad singing if mimed so assuming it may be live, if not oh dear!! coming out on a fairground waltzer, with bumper cars on stage, quite apt as a couple of the unattractive ones (most of them) look like fairground pikey's!! then on a platform with The Wanted on (as we are likely to not retain their name) as a subliminal message, to remember them. Justin Bieber was up next, he mimed but put on a far superior show, than The Wanted cute & talented, Justin is adorable, but too young to fancy even for this cougar!! But loved Justin doing the "call me" sign to Cheryl lol. Pussy Cat Doll Nicole Scherzinger showed them all how it should be done & rocked the roof off showing Cheryl it is possible to have a hectic dance routine & still sing LIVE!!!  

The Results, 2 will be going tonight!!  Rebecca SAFE, Matt SAFE, Cher SAFE, One Direction SAFE, lowest 3 Mary, Wagner & Katie. With the fewest votes & leaving 1st is Katie, so its now down to Wagner & Mary in sing off. I said that Mary could be in trouble after her performance of "Brass In Pocket" I belt that out with my band, or at Karaoke better than she did, I was surprised she didn't make a better job of it!! but she need not worry Louie will either save her or abstain the other 3 judges will save Mary!

Wagner Sings "Unforgettable" actually did a quite decent job of it, had some emotion in voice, he must know the judges wont save him!! his outfit wasn't to bad tonight either.

Mary sings "This Is My Life" and for once sings with her hair down!! and looks younger, even if it is a bit messy, and in need of a brush!! Belted it out well, the way she should of done with Brass In Pocket yesterday!

Judges decision time :- Louie saves Mary, Dannii saves Mary, Cheryl saves Mary, so without Simon having to vote, Wagner is gone, Simon would of saved Mary though...... Well done for actually choosing one of your acts Louie, that's what you call judging, make some notes & take some pointers Cheryl!!

Watched The Xtra Factor Boring as usual, Grace going wow Rebecca in leopard print (yeah like practically everyone in Rock week thanks to your blinkered styling) it was the same leopard dress you wore on Xtra Factor around week 3 Grace!! Also cut the Louie's final word with Sinita it's as funny as genital warts & Louie's Limericks was 10 times more funny & that's saying something!!

So Five are through to the Semi Finals, I am surmising it will be another double eviction, The remaining 5 are :-  Mary, One Direction, Matt, Cher & Rebecca I am assuming if two go next week it will either be Mary & One Direction or Mary & Cher, I think its a safe bet Mary will be going, she is good at Bassy numbers she loves but fails to deliver on more diverse numbers so is a bit of a one trick pony despite being likable. One Direction have the teeny bopper vote but are not quite as brilliant as Simon seems to think, they are cute & (most of the time) are reliably in tune, but other than that are quite bland & not exciting to watch, Cher's swagger may be her downfall in the votes from girls, Rebecca is great when she has her confidence, but falters often due to lack of it but seems to have a following so I think she will get through, Matt will get through due to his talent & likability factor. 

Had a quorn Curry for dinner & then I did a pile of Ironing while watching Beowolf a brilliant Animation, using motion capture technology!!

Put fresh laundry on my bed, love the smell of fresh scented linen on the bed especially in winter, it may be winter outside but in bed it smells of spring!! 

Bit of Kylie Bed Bling 

Watched Desperate housewives, then took more laundry out of the machine to dry and did some washing up then it was time for those dreadful, Real Housewives Of New Jersey. Laughed when I saw Teresa's precocious brat Gia get turned down for acting rolls, after Teresa was bigging it up in front of other mum's, who's kids were up for the same auditions as her daughter. Her kid was turned down due to her New Jersey Drawl (bet it's not just because of that!!) and was offered voice coaching. Dina is about the 2nd/3rd most likable of the housewives, Danielle is the most likable even though she is paranoid & neurotic, I think her life has made her have a bit of a persecution complex, but with with vile bitches like Jacqueline & Teresa at her throat & stabbing knives in her back, who can blame her. I can't stand Joe Teresa's husband. Really don't like Jacqueline she looks late 50's to 60 but not sure as she seems to have young kids. Had a bath made a hot toddy & went to bed after hearing the sad news that Leslie Nielsen has died aged 84, of Pneumonia, so sad such a funny & likable guy!!! 

RIP Leslie Neilsen

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