Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Evil Barbie's Katie Waissel Jokes

After The Sunday Revelations that Xfactor's  Katie Waissel's 81yr Gran is a £250 a hour Prostitute, it's obvious some jokes are going to be made, so here are some of mine, that I made up Sunday, I will add more if & when I think of them!!

1) Say what you want about Katie Waissels Hooker Gran, but at least one of them has a FUCKING successful career!!

2) Katie Waissel & her Gran have their knockers!!...... But at least her Gran makes money out of hers!!!

3) Q- Whats the difference between Katie Waissel & her Gran?  A- Her Grans FUCKING talented

4) Q- What has Katie Waissel & her Gran got in common? A- in the end Both are hoping to cum 1st!!

5) Q- Why did Katie Waissel get a Pixie Crop?  A- To go with her Elf Ears


  1. not exactly funny are they, and gutter humour at its worst good job you are not looking for a job as a comedienne

  2. Thanks Just won my bet, for me, as you said what I wagered you would "almost word for word" (getting predictable love!!) I'll raise a toast to you. at my winnings a paid for meal for two (don't think I have to report that to DHSS!)with my friend that lost the bet! xx