Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Policing Crime, In The SE Of England, Today

Copy of a letter sent to local paper & The Sun on April 1st 2009 (It was no April Fools!!) showing how there is no point being a decent & vigilant citizen in Herts anymore, when the police do bugger all!!!

Yesterday afternoon ( March 31st 2009) I looked out my bedroom window, to see a drug dealer & buyer on my doorstep, selling wraps of some drug (my front door is round corner of my private courtyard out of sight of main road) 

So I called the police & told them a drug transaction was going on on my doorstep (a single woman living alone, who doesn't like the thought of undesirables on her doorstep) & gave them a very detailed description of both involved & what they were wearing even down to jewellery, and was told somebody would be sent out to check on situation . 

I told them if they (the dealer & client) move on soon, they should be caught on CCTV on the road I live on. 15-20mins later, after I'd been constantly looking out lounge & bedroom windows to see if any police arrived (to no end) I saw the dealer move away from my step. 

So I popped to newsagent (a few doors under the flats next to mine) to get my Sun Paper & there was the dealer getting a phone top up. When he left I told the shopkeeper to mark his top up receipt, or to put it to one side (as it had the dealers tel number on it, which the police may need it later) & to note the time, as he was also on the shops CCTV. 

I went back into my courtyard to see the same guy loitering in the front of my courtyard, near the pavement on his mobile (no doubt waiting & talking to his next client) I called the police back & said he was still in my courtyard. Another 15mins later they called back to say they had checked area but nobody fitting either description was seen (no shit Sherlock 45mins to 1hr had passed since I called) 

To be honest I had been constantly looking out window, for a bobby by foot, or by car to pass & saw no evidence of this (so unless it was during the 1min that the dealer & I were both in the newsagent I doubt this!!) 

I told them not only was there CCTV evidence of him in my local newsagents, but also a top up receipt with his telephone number on it & they said they would send somebody out to check on it. I had errands to do & popped back into newsagents after 2hrs to get a can of Diet coke en route home & asked what the police said?? & the shopkeeper said they had not been in ..... & now today 24hrs later still no police, they have his image & tel number there for the taking ...yet it seems they just don't care!! 

What's the point of being a good citizen, when they do sod all about crimes reported, when they can even find out by the tel number who it is & keep an eye on him & nab him next time he plies his trade?? ... I give up !!

They'd of known his name, number & appearance if they followed up my lead & also the patch where he deals, out of sight of main road, I as a single woman living alone don't want drug dealers on my doorstep & as many drug users commit crimes to support their habit, I don't want low life's buying drugs on my doorstep realising my homes entrance is out of sight of main road & then casing it for a potential home to burgle!!... I feel hugely let down by my local police!!...... 

A year & 7 months after this letter was written somebody from the police still had never came to check number or CCTV footage, in spite of the fact a year earlier, I handed in a flick knife, that I discovered  had been thrown behind my bin.

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