Monday, 15 November 2010

A cold and frosty start to November

Monday 8th Nov, I woke to a very cold grey day at 8.30am, Brrrrrrrrrr!!! Had a meeting to go to at 11am, still no idea what it's about?, made a hot toddy as my throat is so bad I can hardly speak, went to my meeting hoping it was about the £25 they owed me (forget the £300 in bank charges they cost me when they failed to pay me, due to clerical errors, for 6months when I was off sick, due to them repeatedly putting my bank details in wrong!!!.... (& in effect making me more ill & stressed in the process!!) Wore chocolate leggings & KG boots, a pistachio green Giorgio Armani Cotton/Rayon sweater, over a cream vest top and my Cream Tommy Hillfiger Coat & Peacock Green, printed Versace umbrella & my favourite Salvadore Ferregamo handbag. Just because I'm broke right now, it doesn't mean I have to look it!!

I got there & I had to laugh when I found out what it was all about, some vindictive, bitter, little shit, had tried to report me for being on the John Bishops Britain Show, wrongly assuming, that I was making money, cash in hand & fiddling any benefits I get!!.

WRONG!!!! Any paid work I do is taxed plus National Insurance paid & declared, and benefits adjusted accordingly, any unpaid work I do is also declared, and listed, so is known about, by the people in charge of any payments I receive, while looking for full time work!! So I have a *Frenemy in my midst!! (*an enemy who pretends to be a friend) Nice try Frenemy but you didn't do your homework!! tut tut!!.....

Because to report me (wrongly!!) You first need to know my full name, my address, the fact I am looking for full time work at the moment, plus to know me well enough to  recognise me on John Bishops Britain. I think it would have to be a woman, to try to be so spiteful, also someone who I'd no longer in my close circle of friends, to not know all that I have been doing lately. As to only try to dob me in for John Bishops Britain, not any of the other films or Videos, Ads etc (mind you they would of still wasted their time, as I declared all of those too!!) So I think it's safe to assume that, unlike my close friends, they only knew I was on it, by seeing me on  it!!!....

There is only one girl I can think of, who is no longer a friend in my social circle, who got the hump with me because after a few years living in St Albans, everyone knew me & would say hello to me in the street, when they didn't do so to her, who'd lived here practically all her life, she got the right royal hump when one of her neighbours, that had never spoken to her, after years of being neighbours, said hello to me in town once, that's hardly my fault!! (try smiling instead having a moody face love, it might help) she threw a strop over nothing, then blanked me & deleted me off her Myspace, Bebo & Facebook, and tired of walking on egg shells round her, I didn't bother going running after her!! After all I'd done nothing wrong! I have heard through the grapevine that she never misses an opportunity to slag me off if my name arises, I have never said a word against her to anyone, the worst I have done is surmise this scenario is of her making!

I have been wracking my brain & I can't think of anyone else at all, who knows my address, name but not the fact that I declare all acting work etc done? So I'm sure my guess must be right!!!......

Showed the interviewer the booklet that I list jobs, auditions, and interviews in, and pointed out the section in June, where the spot on John Bishops Britain was listed, plus my payment/non-payment documented, I said I could prove the details listed in booklet were correct, as I probably had the original email with my fee details on it & if not I could email them to send a email giving those details!!!.....


Came home in the cold dank weather & made myself a spicy tomato & bean soup to help chase my cold away as well as chase my hunger away, then emailed the BBC to resend me my contract details for "John Bishops Britain" to send off with my declaration, as I couldn't find original email. Text my friends Candie, Nat & Nicky laughing about the ludicrous situation, a certain someone had tried to put me in. Bloody Idiot!!! One day some serious Karma will come their way!!

Caught up with Fridays "Home & Away" that I missed due to Candies Firework Party & then today's episode, then flicked through the Woman Magazine (8 Nov issue) & saw no costume patterns to rip out (like in my dream last week) but on page 35 I found my Friend Polly Russell Furse 44 in a article called "We Look Better Now Than In Our 20's" which I did rip out for my diary!!


At 7pm I was hungry so I had some macaroni cheese & polish sunflower bread. Read The Sun newspaper, there is more on Arsene Wengers Mistress "Sonia Tatar" good god with all his money you think if he was going to cheat on his wife it would be with someone better looking not this munter!! she is one hell of a minging *Bobfoc (*Body Of Baywatch Face Of Crimewatch) seems men are into thin but ugly women, Arsene Wengers mistress (Sonia Tartar) David Walliams Wife (Lara Stone) Kirk's (the only way is Essex) DJ date Lauren!! Id rather date a *Fobboc (*Face Of Baywatch Body Of Crimewatch) any day!!!

 Supermodel? Lara Stone AKA Mrs Walliams

Also in the paper scientists did MRI scans on 8 women, who pleasured themselves to orgasm, so their brain reactions could be monitored, they discovered strong orgasm's shut down the nervous system so that women are less susceptible to pain, I could of told you that, a strong climax can render me mute (which no doubt, would make me even more appealing, in some men's eyes!!  lol) 

At 8.20pm my sister text me "I'm going to be a grandma!!!.... ;-) " I text back "OMG!!!!.... XX" wow that makes me a Great Aunt for about the 5th time now!!!  (there's so many I'm losing track of my nephews, nieces & great nephews & nieces) I watched the soaps, Jacks exit dying from Cancer was unconvincing, he was lively and healthy looking in the pub enjoying his 74th birthday, by the time Cancer sees you off, you are emaciated, and pumped so full of morphine you don't know who you are let alone the people around you, let alone have the memory to reminisce, so unless he died of a heart attack before the cancer had advanced enough to finish him off, then that's all bollocks!! All my grandparents died of cancer, as did my dad & 90% of my uncles & aunts that have died (and many Aunt's & Uncles & cousins that are at present fighting the Evil Disease!!) Believe me it is a far from peaceful end, if only you went out like Jack did on Coronation Street tonight!!

Watched "V" at 10pm Brilliant it just gets better, the subtle craving pregnant woman (unknowingly carrying an aliens child) looking at a mouse in a trap & salivating, whilst being horrified at the same time ..... brilliantly subtle lead in & a nod in the direction to the original "V" in the 80', Watched The Graham Norton Show with the fantastic Joan Rivers on it!! & then the excellent US series Damage....

 The Fab Miss Rivers

I spoke to some members who facebook joined my group dedicated to supporting a sex change soldier Ian Hamilton, who was put through hell by both his family & the Army, for becoming the person her really is on the inside, on the outside. For those of you who are non Bigots & want to see/join the FB group the link is below

Made myself a coffee Then chilled with my book "The Secret Life Of Marilyn Monroe" by J.Randy Taraborrelli, aching today thanks to bloody rainy weather, my friend Nicky text me asking what I was doing for Christmas? I text back that I was spending it with Candie, Costa & the kids, she replied. "Oh OK I was going to ask if you'd like to come to us. If you want to come New Years Eve, Mini & I are going to the local to watch The Push. Think the tickets a tenner, you can stay at mine." I might take her up on that I expect Candie & Costa will see New Year in in Torquay.

Tuesday 9th Nov, Woke up with a fuzzy head, blocked sinuses & a throat that felt like it had swallowed a cheese grater..... to a miserable dark, grey rainy day, YUCK!!! I hate winter, all grey and depressing!!... Dressed up in my thick tights, jeans, vest top, day glow peach polo neck (to inject some colour into the drabness of the day!!) my faux fur Oasis gilet & my big black wool coat (need to keep warm, as after having double pneumonia a couple of years ago your more in danger of a bad cold/bronchitis turning into pneumonia again!!)  popped to the shop for a paper some honey, more JD, and some lockets & Halls lozenges..... bought some peanut butter too & a packet of rich tea biscuits (I can't stand them, but their for Aku, I'm worried he isn't being fed enough, he seems hungry & looks to thin) Went back to bed wrapped up with a hot toddy to try sweat this bloody cold out!! Checked my facebook & was delighted to see that Shannel had got back to me & given me his/her twitter @Shannel_Watkins   I was delighted, I'd been searching unsuccessfully for her twitter some time.


Watched "Come Dine With Me" & "Celebrity Coach Trip" then read the paper, more on uproar over TreyC going out Sunday, if it had gone to deadlock it would of been Katie!! Also more on Arsene Wenger's ugly French mistress, Sonia Tartar (a surname that both contains the word TART and also refers to something you have on the side, when something fishy is going on!!) she is apparently threatening to come to England for a showdown, angry at being ignored (angry at the thought of money & fame slipping through her fingers, more likely!!)
Sonia Tartar Sauce On The Side

Made another Hot Toddy & another batch of my Spicy Winter Warmer Soup, going to burn this cold out one way or another, Watched EastEnders my friend Paul was filming there last week, being a customer in Ian Beals Cafe (I'd love a regular extra job on there, that would tide me over!!) My friend Ian called me earlier said he had the offer to present a quiz night in St Albans 3 horse shoe pub tonight, but he wasn't up to going, I said I was ill in bed, and although the £40 would come in very handy, my throat is too sore & voice way too unpredictable to go on the mike. Plus with my Frenemy getting me called in over suspected (wrongly) benefit fraud, it would be just my luck for me to do it, and have staff from the DHSS in there, before I have had the chance to declare it & for them think I'm dodgy all over again!!

Had some of my soup and watched One Night Stand With Scissor Sisters, love the Scissor Sisters (Take Ya Mama was also one of the songs my Band Evil Barbie & The Ken-Dolls covered) then The Vampire Diary's followed by what I'd been waiting to see the Joan Rivers Documentary, True Stories: Joan Rivers - A Piece Of Work.

It was quite touching & moving, it was said when she said a man had never called her beautiful in her lifetime, funny, smart, charismatic but NEVER beautiful, how sad not even her dad as a child! I remember my dad always saying I was beautiful as a kid, I remember having a tantrum over it once, I was about 3-4yrs old and at some fair & was going round on a roundabout type ride in a princess carriage, in my girly pastel striped dress, my dad said "Your beautiful"  I said "No I'm Not!" he repeated I was & I repeated I wasn't, this went on for some time with me building up to a tearful mini tantrum, "OK" said my dad "If your not beautiful what are you?" to which I replied "I'm just very, very nice!!" PML what a Diva I was!! I was surprised how needy & insecure Joan appeared in the documentary, I thought she was a lot more confident & ballsy!! guess it's just a front she puts up, to protect herself, I guess all the surgery is a similar security blanket, she mentioned Phillis Diller a comedian I love (but whenever I mention her unless over 50 people say who???) She was so funny still on stage in her 90's, my friend Candies Brother-in-law was her plastic surgeon. 

 Phillis Diller

After that I watched Joan Rivers Comedy Roast & her Shrink Wrap interview with Pamela Stephenson, where Joan also confided she thinks she is fat (there is nothing of her) no doubt due to no man in her life ever complimenting her figure, and she has been married numerous times & had lots of boyfriends how sad!

Wednesday 10th Nov, Had a bizarre complex dream (do I have any other type??) I was in an apartment that appeared to be mine I was at a desk that had 3 flat screen PC monitors attached to one key board & I was typing some info onto one of the screens (have no recollection of what?) the flat had fed velvet drapes at the windows, and was street level, it was snowing out & Simon Cowel came round and I showed him some clothes I'd been customising, one blouse had sleeves covered in pearl buttons like pearly kings & queens do, another white blouse had sleeves covered in white fabric rose buds. I thought is this for the Xfactor contestants, does this mean he has finally got rid of that god awful stylist Grace Woodward ?? and if so have I got the job, I also had a pillow there, made of fabric that reacted to touch, like a touch screen PC it change colour & texture patterns at a touch, I swirled my nails across it in a repetitive curved motion when I looked it formed fuchsia pink & black striped K's where my nails had trailed on a black background, was that K for Katie I mused? Simon invited me to come to his house later, I was on my way & tried to divert via a short cut through a concrete entrance to a building complex, I went through a big arch that had a raised silver metal shutter, into a maze of patio'd garden, lined with immaculate  hedges & containing shaped shrubs I came to the end and there was a small jetty, but no boat to take me to the other side, the water was a murky khaki, the homes on the other side were surrounded by more immaculate but much taller hedges, One of those must be Simon's I thought!!! I went to leave & two green/blue metal shutters came down & I thought I won't be able to get out, then I recalled the entrance shutter was silver & I walked round a Concrete pillar & there was the exit with the silver shutter still up!!..... if your into dreams & their meanings you can go to and share your dreams with others, or go to their Facebook Page or tweet them @REMcloud.....

Woke at 9am throat more rough & sore & base of spine in a lot of pain, made myself a honey & lemon hot drink, had a wash dressed same as yesterday, tried two rich tea biscuits (not as bad as I use to remember) then took a pocket full of them, and went to visit Aku and spent some quality time with him, and gave him the biscuits, he wolfed them down, he is obviously hungry, I'm concerned he is not being fed enough, he looks less thin than a few weeks back, but that may be down to his thick winter coat growing through. 

My friend has a female Husky Mix called Ellie, who is a quarter Husky, and 3 quarters Timber Wolf, she is so cute & loves being dressed up ( if you put your shoes lined up together she puts her paws in them) & as a female is bigger than Aku is at the moment (that can't be right!!)

 Ellie Typical Woman, With Her Shoe Fetish

Popped into town to get a few essentials (inc pain killers for my bad back) from Wilkinsons as well as some liver flavoured dog treats, got talking to a quite cute posh guy with a tan puppy. A bare Minerals store has opened up & so I got them to give me a sample pot of the medium golden tone face powder to try!! lets see if these mineral make-up's are what they're cracked up to be!! Grilled a quorn cutlet & had with home made ratatouille, did some more job searches, no word back from any of those jobs retail I applied for over past 2 weeks (only 40+ of them!!) bloody stupid Retail Agency's (I'd be ideal for every single job I applied for, it's just so F**king frustrating!!) just wish I knew who their client was so I could contact them direct!

Also my Australian Squaddie friend Ozzy who is going back to Australia (now that he has finished his tour of Duty in Iraq) has not contacted me, 3 weeks ago we arranged that he'd be coming over to stay the weekend after Halloween, (which was last weekend) I kept Saturday & Sunday free accordingly, and nothing not a call not a email & no turning up, so he obviously bloody forgot. I do not do chasing up after people, so haven't contacted him to ask "what happened?" even though I'm pissed that, as a vegetarian I bought in some meat for him, for his meals during his stay!!  Which is most thoughtless of him, but it seems to me these days all men are in the main thoughtless, even those who at 1st seem quite the reverse! Maybe Aku will end up eating it!

Also talking of rude I have had no reply from Charlotte Lewis, from John Bishops Britain despite messaging her I needed a confirmation from her that I was NOT paid for my appearance, making it clear I could be in the brown stuff without proof!!..... stating the following!!

Hi Charlotte, 

long time no speak, I hope you are well, I wondered if you could help me? As you know I filmed my bit for your Johns Bishops Britain, back in June & apparently it was aired in August (I'd watched it each week & of course it had to go out the one time I'm at my brothers sons christening party, so I missed it) anyway somebody saw it & reported me to the DHSS (as I'm at present unemployed) obviously unaware that it was unpaid (other than my refunded travel expenses) I have just been called in & interviewed over it. I explained it was unpaid (I even put it down in my job-search booklet) but I need to have proof that I was not paid a fee for appearing, I looked through my emails, as I was sure I had one from you at the start explaining it would be  an unpaid appearance, but I guess I can't of saved it or I cant see it for some reason, could you send me an email that confirms my contribution was unpaid? so that I don't get in to trouble for no reason & lose any of my benefit , thanks sorry to trouble you.

You would think that, as I'd agreed to give my services for nothing, the least they could do was send a quick email back confirming what I'd said, so I would not be penalized due to no fault of my own!!!

Read  The Sun news paper apparently Xfactor was fixed, if info supposedly from Dermot O'Leary is correct, also a big piece on George Bush & Waterboarding, I do not know why all the bleeding hearts are all up in arms about the so called torture? Waterboarding, where you put a flannel over the captured terrorists face & pour water over it which simulates the feeling of drowning...... Yes it's unpleasant!!!...... but so what!!!! your not doing it to some sweet old pensioner, who has done nobody any harm, your doing it to a terrorist piece of scum (actually they should to it to paedophile scum like Myra Hindley & Ian Brady then maybe that poor mother might now know where her son's remains are!!) War is War, & war is not nice & I wish the human rights brigade would fuck right off!!! (have to laugh at how much I swear when I write, as I don't in conversation!!)

Scum of the earth have no human rights, once they have massacred, or attempted to massacre 100's  to 1000's of innocents!!! Those still alive who fought in the 1st & 2nd world wars, must find this new trend of compassion for those trying to blow us to smithereens, quite abhorrent!! I know my dad would be turning in his grave at how soft the west has become!! There are so many hypocrites out there, watching TV shows like 24, where Jack Bowers Kicks ass & kills or tortures the bad guy to save the day, everyone sat at home cheering him on & yet the next min they whinge about somebody, who was attempting to mass murder a load of people, getting a bit of water poured in their face. Its a damn site more humane than any torture the al-Qaeda would inflict on any of our boys they capture, in fact a damn more civilised than the torture the Tyrant Saddam Husein inflicted on his own people!!

If we have to torture to get information to save hundreds of thousands of innocents, then torture away I say, I'd do it myself if the need must, and I'm the most non violent person you could meet. But for certain instances both torture & the death penalty should be allowed!!! Cherie Blair & her Human Rights Bill has a lot to answer for!! The only people it helps is the scum of the earth & not the victims of that scum!!! the UK need to Man Up!!

Watched the Apprentice (what a bunch of Knobs!!) God help the future of British Business if this bunch of no hopers are our future!!! Alex said he was individual, & that if he was an apple pie, he would contain oranges. Yeah & if he was a milkybar, the milk would be off!! I guess Sir Alan is not a fan of orange pie, as Alex was FIRED!!!

Then The Only Way Is Essex, Marks Ex Lauren continues to be her repulsive repugnant self!! Vile Cow!! If Mark goes back with her he obviously is as thick as 2 short planks & is devoid of any taste!! in which case they deserve each other!!! It seems that the fat Black Pug, might be Sam's not Amy's!! Apparently vile Lauren was offered a job in Dubai (are her bosses soft in the head? or do they think the only way she will get some work done is by moving her as far away from Mark as possible??) I guess she didn't take it (if the offer really did exist!!) seeing she was in England to do the nude photo shoot, that was in  Closer Magazine last week..... shame our loss, would of been Dubai's loss!!!

Cassette boy did one of his  funny compilation videos of The Only Way Is Essex (link in Yellow below)

Watched RuPauls Drag Race & the prettiest Drag Queen Tatianna went out which surprised me, as I thought Tyra Sanchez would be the one to go, after that I watched Natalie Cassidy: Becoming Mum, it became 2am & it was now a year ago that my Beloved Amy Died in My Arms which makes me very sad !!

 My Beautiful Amy

Had another Hot Toddy then settled down to sleep, I think I'm finally coming out the other side of my cold Hurrah!!!.......

Thursday 11th Nov, Woke to a grey day pouring with rain & with howling winds, whistling down my chimney!! Dreamt I was in a building, there was a Greek restaurant at one end & a clothing factory at the other end & a home in the middle, I had a shower in the house and was sitting on the loo in a white fluffy toweling robe, when Peter Andre walked in saying he was a bit OCD and had to have another shower 10mins after his 1st, weird....... then I woke up!! Checked my post got my £30 of Capital Bonds in the post today, that will help with shopping costs this week. Washed & dried hair wore black jeans, Day-glow peach polo neck, green body warmer with hood, leopard print wellys, big black wool coat & my panda bobble hat.

Went off to see Aku with rich tea biscuits, and liver doggy treats in my pocket, the group of builders I usually pass said hello & we had a bit of a chat! I popped in the garden grabbed his lead & took him out for a walk, luckily the rain had stopped & he gobbled down the treats ravenously, bumped into my friend David in the park, with Stanley & Betty, had a chat while the dogs played, then continued on with my walk  bumped into the attractive well spoken guy with his puppy who I chatted to yesterday, when I came out of Wilkinsons. Chatted and walked the dogs together, then I went home!! Got in just before it started to pour with rain again!!

Chopped up a grilled quorn fillet & then put it in some home made ratatouille & heated it through like a stew for brunch, and read the papers a lot on the anarchist arseholes who merged with the students turning their protest into a violent Rally Attacking & smashing Conservative HQ....... MORONS their is a shot of one idiot in a purple T-Shirt & combat trousers, wielding a chair trying to smash it through a window, while wearing a police hat knocked from a policeman/woman (his parents must be so proud!!!!...... NOT!!!) most of this brain dead lot couldn't of even get a place at college/university if they tried (& I doubt most want to, most are there for a bit of mindless thuggery!!) I think all of those who entered the building, or were arrested outside or recognised via CCTV doing damage, or being violent should get a spell in prison, have to pay back the costs of damage however long it takes (otherwise our national debt is worse thanks to £1million damage caused & why should decent peoples taxes pay for it!!) plus everyone who was arrested or inside the building should be denied further education in the UK if they want it the Scum can F**k off abroad to get it!!)

Andrew Stone actually chatted to me on Twitter today calling me pretty!! (thanks!) RuPauls Drag Race have a Lip-Sync T-Shirt out which I love but they're out of small sizes (bummer!!) link to T-Shirts below in Yellow

I was meant to go over to Jennies tonight, but she is in bed with women's problems, maybe just as well, it would be emotional by Amy's grave. Watched "Have I Got News For You " very funny then "Celebrity Juice" hysterical then watched the brilliant True Blood. Charlotte Lewis has still not got back to me, Re John Bishops Britain (how rude!!) seems once your not of any use to them, they blank you, & too hell with the grief it causes you!! So I sent her a message in her inbox on Facebook, as she is a friend of my friend Ian.Then Had an early night to sweat my cold out.

Friday 12th Nov, Dreamt but it wasn't clear enough to recall, its pouring with rain out & grey but not as dark as usual, which was a nice change, checked post I had £8.50 in Tesco reward vouchers arrive today. I had a shower & dried hair & did make-up, wore black 90 denier tights, long KG black boots & my black knitted military style Jane Norman sweater dress, pulled on my cream Tommy Hilfiger coat & Chelsea Girl Panda bobble hat & grabbed my Kingfisher blue & gold Versace umbrella, to brighten up a drab day, then popped to Tesco & Wilkinsons for some essentials, bought with my Capital Bonds & my Club card reward vouchers. Then got a newspaper from my local newsagents & had a chat to the guys before heading home!

Got in did the washing up & put some laundry in & wrapped up nephew Andrews Match Attax Christmas pressie, then made a spicy tofu & quorn stew, which I had for dinner later. Did another lot of various retail job applications online (30 in all) & also applied for 15 auditions. Saw I had a email from This Morning, wanting to talk to me about going on there to discuss the Menopause. I emailed them back my telephone numbers that they had requested so they could discuss the topic with me. Got to keep busy somehow. Made a coffee & watched Raef & Ben do their stint on Celebrity Coach Trip, then Home & Away, then got down to some more housework, hoovering, dusting & putting the rubbish out!! The usual boring stuff I'd never be a Stepford Wife!!

Noticed my Hater GLP Goddess (GLP??? Greater London Prostitute??) had spread her bile as usual, on my "Remember, Remember the 5th Of November" blog on Tues 9th & as per usual she miss read, a great deal of what I said, no doubt due to wrongly reading between the lines, to make me conform to his/her (wrong!"! preconception of how they think I am, rather than read what is actually being said!! Funny how they "always" say the word sorry (when they are not remotely sorry) before bitching at me & then say that I'm bitchy Errrrr it's a Evil Barbie-Alter Ego!!!! when my blogs are full of both positive & negative comments, where as their comments are always 100% negative, I don't know if they are hoping to goad or upset me with their snipes? (unlucky if that's the case) if I was bothered I'd just delete them, what really makes me laugh is their constant repetitiveness, especially the line "This makes for uncomfortable reading" yet they continue reading, (obviously they like to punish themselves) ...... So my hater leave your address bellow & I'll send you a cushion in the post, next time I'm posting off some Ebay Sales, so it's a Tad more comfy for you in the future!!!.....

At midnight I began today's part of my blog, in a 50's style Baby doll nightie, Ugg Boot style slippers & a mud face pack on...... not a good look!!! (unless your Grace the Xfactor Stylist, Expect Katie Waissel to be sporting something not too dissimilar, on future Xfactor shows, going by past form!! If she isn't voted out soon) talking of styling, I have just seen my friend Ian Mann on "How To Look Good Naked" having a hair style make-over!! on E4

Awe James & Charlotte's winter themed wedding on "Don't Tell The Bride" is so sweet, what a lovely groom & what a lovely couple they make, almost brought a tear to my eye!!.....

Read the Paper..... God only knows with all that's going on, how Xfactors Wagner groping some 61yr gran in his car is a front page story??? (is Simon giving The Sun a huge lump sum to put it there, in the hopes it will discredit him enough to put off the people, who are voting en mass to keep the rubbish singer in for a laugh?)

One story that was pipped by Wagner was a sun reporter was Waterboarded to experience how humane it was or wasn't, he said after 12 seconds he could take no more & would of told his interrogator anything they wanted to make it stop. Which tells me its a bloody good tool to get info quick!! it certainly doesn't put me off it being used on extremist Taliban/al-Qaeda blood crazed scum, who cares if someone so sick as to brain wash people into being suicide bombers, suffer? I certainly don't !! I couldn't care less if they actually drowned let alone felt they were, as long as valuable info was gleaned!!

Another story Wagner kept off the front page was about the approximately 40 vile extremist scum that Jeered "British soldiers burn in hell" (while the civilised  gave a minutes silence at 11am) & burnt a giant remembrance day poppy. Every one of the Anti British scum that are happy to live here (most off of state hand outs they paid fuck all into) should be thrown into the back of a police van taken to a holding centre, while their family's are collected with only the shirts on their back & then Exiled from the UK for life all property & assets seized & sold off to put back into the states purse. If they hate the UK that much they can Fuck off elsewhere, whether born here originally or not!! But this country, thanks to weak soft Nannying New Labour has become a pussy!!! They have systematically taken the Great out of Great Britain & have chopped the balls off the British Bulldog and neutered him!! So much for "Rule Britannia, Britannia Rules The Waves, Britain Never, never, never shall be slaves!!! Thanks to those C**t's New Labour we don't "rule the waves" anymore  as due to there excessive wastage of the country's purse, on pointless nannying projects, miss management, shocking expenses fiddling & creating non jobs, or ones where no department talks to any other & nothing is achieved (prime example Baby P) we now have not got enough money in the purse for defence & so Navy Air Carriers are being retired & as for the "never never never shall be slaves" we are already slaves to Brussels & The EU & the Human Rights Bill thanks to those prise Wankers & deceitful C**t's Brown & Blair who denied us a referendum on the EU & made sure a general election was delayed, until eventually after 3 lots of NO votes Ireland (who did get a referendum) after a lot of badgering, finally caved in, ensuring it was all signed & sealed before Cameron got into power & in doing so, ensuring Cameron was no longer able to give us the referendum, that he could & would of  if Ireland were still abstaining!! The Rage I feel over how Tony & his Hench man Gordan, Raped & Pillaged the UK, England in Particular (as Scotland still gets many perks we south of the border don't!!) is Palpable!!....

Also in today's paper, was the little tosser in the purple T-shirt & camouflage pants & police cap, I wrote about yesterday, when he was caught on camera during student riots at The Conservatives HQ. Apparently 17yr Lewis O'Callaghan said his parents would be pissed off (and then some you prick!!) & made false excuses as to why he did it, which were easily disproved by witnesses & photographic evidence, ironicaly this moron hopes to take a sociology degree. Well how about instead of studying social interaction & the development of the human society & what binds & separates people, he actually takes a long look at his self & his fellow morons & works out, why they behaved in such a anti social way? more like an animal, than part of the human society (though that's unfair to animals) & muse on what bound him to the mindless thugs & what separated him from the law & law abiding citizens!! Arsehole!!

Also there was the disgusting story, of how some vile thug bastards, cut the head of a guys friendly tabby pet cat & stuck the head on the end of a firework stick & walked round parading it in the air, sadly the worst sentence these vile C**t's can get is 6 months in jail, well when the little shits are eventually caught, I hope they are put in a cell with a lifer pet lover, who impales them on a broom stick from up one orifice & out the other, and do us all a favour, as that kind of sick teen is the sort that turns into a serial killing adult!!

On a lighter note there were some fab pictures from the Annual Victoria Secrets Catwalk Show, I Love Victoria Secrets underwear & they always use pretty models with stunning figures, where as Haute Couture these days sends far too many scrawny models down the runway, with ugly or androgynous faces, on top of malnourished, emaciated looking body's that look like famine victims, not someone to aspire to!! The Pirelli Calendars also features stunning models.

 Amazing Victoria Secret Models
 Fab Victoria Secret Underwear
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Super Models Really??

Oh for the Super Models of The 80's & 90's, Karen Mulder, Linda Evangalista, Christie Turlington, Claudia Shiffer, Naomi Cambel & the gorgeous Cindy Crawford, now they Were (and still are) Supermodels, the closest we have of the new crop of models for the millennium are the Victoria Secret Models. The Drag Queens from RuPauls Drag Race, put the latest recruits to the runway, to shame!! & in the shade!!....

Saturday 13th Nov, Dreamt something about a relationship I was in & a online web page I was running, then later I was in a brides dress & veil & my friend Jennie was in a long black strapless gown with big bouffant blonde hair (not unlike Frankensteins Bride) with a streak of black hair at one side, I went into a shop to take the dress off & give it back, but suddenly realised I had nothing to change into...... at that moment I was woken by my phone & it was my friend Jennie calling to apologise for cancelling Thursday, I said not to worry & we'd catch up soon.My throat is no longer feeling Like I have gargled gravel, but I have a tinkly cough & feel like I have inhaled dust, or some fine powder like talc & its on my lungs!!

Got washed & dressed & popped out to get some laundry detergent (with last of Tesco vouchers) & got a lottery ticket (hope that's OK with my hater GLP!!) that would help pay a few red letter bills!! Got a call from my friend Nicky to come over for a girly evening, she'd pick me up at 6pm & drop me home in the morning, her 2yr old daughter Emily has been saying all day "Wanna see doooooney!!" (me)

Made myself a hot toddy for my cold (Yes GLP I squandered another £1.50 on a mini JD, to make another 4 hot toddy's for my cold, I guess I should feel really bad about it huh!!, even though it works out cheaper & more effective than buying cough medicine!!......But don't worry I'll flagellate myself later in your honour!!) & then had 2 rolls with Quorn imitation meat & mustard in, as I hadn't eaten or drank anything since I'd got up, then packed a few things for my overnight stay at Nicky's, then had a diet caffeine free coke before Nicky arrived at 6pm.

We popped in to see Nicky's mum & dad, as Nicky's lovely dad Jim has been quite ill lately, & I love Jim to bits & Vice versa. Saw Nicky's brother too who was over from Ireland on business. Emily AKA Mini was on my lap and we were joking about with her Pepper Pig slippers & she was being very cute!! The Rugby was on the TV New Zealand against some other team, never been into Rugby guys but caught a glimpse of NZ's number 21 phwoooor hello hottie!! whoever you are???? Then we went to Nicky's for some girly time in front of the TV & caught up on all the gossip!! Then it was Xfactor time!.....

This weeks Xfactor show is Elton Johns Songs, in a no doubt Ass lick Homage to one of their future guests!! Danni looked fresh & pretty in her little Grecian number, didn't like Cheryl's platted fringe hair, dress was so so, pretty but not spectacular, but her earrings were too heavy for her lobes and kept jiggling distractingly & didn't really go with it!! Louie's Just For Men was going strong, aptly enough!!!

 This Weeks Personal Critique Of The 9 Xfactor Finalists

Matt Cardle :- Great Voice as always, "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" was an excellent song choice for him, Styling so so, average to bland but OK

Rebecca Ferguson :- Her Vocals were good, "Candle In The Wind" was a good song choice, (expected Louie to steal it for Mary!!)..... Hair & make-up was lovely but horrible frumpy beige dress was too big for her (almost looked like a maternity frock) and the colour did nothing for her, she looked like a cross between a black Jackie O & Michelle Obama, but not in a good way!!!

Mary Byrne :- FFS!!!!!!!Yet again the severe hair, this time with a big Silver, tacky, cheap looking, fabric star, hair decoration. Every week in her VT she is out & about with her hair down, looking prettier & younger & yet Still they insist on a style that doesn't flatter her, continuing to make her look like picture below, but they have swapped the black clothing uniform they give her, for purple, last week and for chocolate tonight, soooo unimaginative, never a splash of bright colour, which you can tell from the VT's she likes to wear!! Not a good song choice, her 2nd worst vocal in show thus far. Didn't suit her voice she faltered a bit at the start, and improved towards the end!! She would of been much better off with "Candle In The Wind" than with "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" if Cheryl didn't bag the song 1st Louie was mad not to!!

Paije Richardson :- Last week the stylist styled him as The Nutty Professor, tonight she styled him as The Nutty Professor moonlighting at Butlins, awful far to old for him, he's dressed like his granddad..... Crocodile Rock wasn't really the right key for his voice, OK vocal, but he has no star quality or star presence, nice enough lad but that's it!!

Aiden Grimshaw :- He looked good, the silver jacket kinda suited him & the "Rocket Man" song but the song was too big for him & at times he was flat & off key!!.... far from his best again, but at least he gurned less & managed a smile tonight!!

One Direction :- Safe song choice, Good consistent, in tune vocals, but bland no stage presence, they all looked kind of static, stood atop those large cubes, Styling not good & for once I can't blame Grace the awful stylist, as the boys put their own outfits together, all in all bland & unexciting, I expected more from them!!!

 Cher Lloyd :- Good make-up & hair, the prettiest she has ever looked so far, even beating last week, her eyebrows so much better, good vocal, Stylist obviously decided to turn her into a Cheryl clone, hair & make-up totally Cheryl Cole & the same with the clothes & It would not surprise me in the slightest if she was actually wearing Cheryl's clothes, the leggings with sheer cut outs looked a tad big for her, I bet they are Cheryl's, as Cher is even skinner than Cheryl! "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" was a good song choice.

Katie Waissel :- Again her styling looked better this week, so I think it's probably safe to say yet again she ignored Grace the (shite) stylist & did her own thing, good for you Katie!! The Ghetto head scarf did a good job of hiding those ears & dark root's (have you been reading my critique Katie??) The Song "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting" was to big for Katie's vocal range & she rasped & shouted it, more than sang it, Simon said that although not her strongest vocals, it was the most entertaining performance of the night (no doubt to justify keeping her in last week) really Simon was it really? take away the backing dancers dancing round her it would of been a big fat nothing of a performance!!

Wagner:- Well what a surprise YET AGAIN!! 2 songs cut and shunted together AS ALWAYS!!!, can't he remember the lyrics of one song all the way through?, Totally out of tune, off key, and flat, as well as timing being off, Halloween he was dressed as a Ring Master, last week as Elvis & tonight as Liberace moonlighting as a Ring Master, cheap & tacky like he'd raided a fancy dress reject box.

The Xtra Factor - In a Word - Boring!!..... The reason ? .......In two words - Konnie Huq , there was one shock though ..... Nichola McKlean!!.......OMFG!!!!! What the hell has happened to her?? she looked dead skinny (positively anorexic) and dead ropey, her once lovely hair has been cut into a kind of bob, and looks dry, yellow & brittle!!! YUCK!!!!.......

Went to bed at 2am after some very funny drunken conversation with Nicky & read the paper, apparently Xfactor Katie & Cheryl have had a load of bust ups with Cheryl calling her a Bitch!! & she chose the Elton song "The Bitch Is Back" for her to sing, but she rebelled & chose "Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting" trying to recall how "The Bitch Is Back" went to work out if it would of been better suited to her voice (as her own choice wasn't!!) Also more on the moronic piece o shite Lewis O'Callaghan, apparently his father Melvyn is also a moron, despite being a university professor, as instead of stating he was ashamed of his sons behaviour, he said he supported him, saying he was exercising his right to protest...... Yes he had a right to (peacefully)  protest!! BUT he had NO right to commit criminal damage & vandalise the place!!!!

Sunday 14th Nov, I was still wide awake at 7am but by 8am I thought I might be able to start drifting off, just as I thought that I heard Emily (AKA mini) get up & call "Mummy!!" & shortly after seeing Nicky for a cuddle, she came in & dived on me, for some of the same, a cuddle & tickle session later we went downstairs & I had some peanut butter on toast & a coffee for breakfast. Nicky wasn't feeling too well, she had a few periods of illness over the past 2-3 months & they sounded very much like, the symptoms I had before I reached the agonizing stage of my gallstones. Which were bloated stomach, belching (which I never did before) vomiting clear thick sticky mucus like bile, cramps in stomach, pains in back, shortness of breath, feeling cold & shivery but forehead clammy & sweaty. Nicky got steadily worse over the afternoon so I stayed with her another day. I kept Mini amused while Nicky was mostly sofa bound, popped out for a NOTW & a few snacks when she had improved a bit, but she still felt scared to eat (like I did when I had had my gallstone attacks!) Watched TV burp Then The Xfactor Results show.

Danni & Cheryl looked nice, except for Cheryl's red hair that doesn't suit her, thought if Wagner still wrongly survives eviction the bottom two would be out of, Paije, Aiden & Katie. the contestants mimed their group song poorly, Wagner totally hiding his mouth with the mike so you could not see that he had know idea what the lyrics he recorded earlier were. I wasn't impressed by JLS (Just Lip Sync) their new single & performance left me indifferent. Westlife were fine & looking good, but Take That's performance was marred by the distraction of Robbie Mad Eyes Williams who's manic eyes & facial expressions, looked like those of someone, who was brain damaged/insane & not like the face of a man who had won his battle with drugs!! The results came through & Aiden & Katie were in the bottom two, Aidens nerves got the best of him & he sung both out of time and flat at times, Katie sang better of the two, so I felt Aiden was out unless it went to deadlock, as Katie had got the least actual public votes for the past 2 weeks, Louie took it to deadlock but to my surprise Katie survived (no doubt by the skin of her teeth!!) Skimmed through NOTW earlier, apparently Xfactors Matt Cardle is having a fling, with Ropey Xfactor Stylist Grace Woodward, so his taste in women is obviously as bad as her taste in clothes!!.....

Nicky then put Mini to bed, she is in Love with Simon Cowell, no interest in other judges or contestants, she just sits there mesmerised & shouts "Simon" as soon as he is on screen, we asked her why she liked Simon so much? & she said "Money!!" we cracked up (talk about out of the mouth of babes she's only 2yrs old!!) Half watched I'm a Celebrity while chatting to Nicky, plus Take That: Look Back, Don't Stare which was pretty boring!! Went to bed at 12.30am after being awake over 24hrs straight!...... Tomorrows the start of another week!!


  1. Oh dear me, I sincerely hope youa re declaring al those vouchersincluding the luncheon vouchers and all your ebay sales

  2. Ha ha ha ha Stupid bint! should I declare my Nectar points too??!!! I'm entitled to the vouchers, and ebay sales of own 2nd hand goods don't have to be declared, any more than pawning your jewelery to pay the bills does!! it would only matter if it was a ebay business & I had more than 10K in savings, which I'm sure your already aware of!! The DHSS are well aware of my ebay sales anyway, as 2 of them have bought stuff off there from me (sorry to dissapoint you!!) have a lovely week!!x

  3. You may laugh but all your vouchers etc. are still classed as earnings and you have to declare it ALL. So you are basically saying you are NOT declaring them, interesting

  4. When nectar points gained from store card's points & points from bills paid are converted to vouchers it is no more earnings than interest on money in bank, so up yours!