Sunday, 21 November 2010

Film Premiers, Wigs & Fisherman's Friends!!

Monday 15th Nov, Woke from a complex dream (that I no longer recall) due to Mini (AKA Emily Louise) stroking my face saying "Dooooonie!!!" .....cute!!!...... mouth dry & throat feeling like it had been concreted & I had no voice!...

Nicky dropped me home around 1pm, I dropped my stuff off & then went to the shop for a paper & then dropped some bags of rubbish in the wheelie bin. Went for a walk around the park, as I was really feeling lardy from lack of exercise, due to my bad back/neck & now my cold, plus the extra calories taken in from all the honey & JD in the hot toddy's & all the throat lozenges!! I Popped out to get my nails done (they have gone over 6 weeks without being manicured) had them painted black with a fine multi coloured china glaze glitter on top, they look like a night sky full of stars!!

Got home & had some grilled Haloumi with salad as I was craving cheese (I use to eat lots of cheese, before I got gallstones & then for 9 months, until I had my operation to remove Gallstones & Gallbladder, I had to avoid it!)

 My 4hr Operation involved 4 keyhole surgery's 
one through the navel
 15mins after coming round, modeling my surgical stockings
 Showing off my name tag, feeling the best I'd felt in 9 months
 My 3 bruised incisions on my abdomen & 1 in navel
Navel stretched stomach bloated from being inflated with gas
But no more 9 Gallstones, Hurrah!!!!

Went to bed as I was feeling rough from this bloody cold (I use to be able to get rid of a cold after a few days of hot toddy's, but this bitch is lasting for weeks, colds now seem to be harder to shift, since I had double pneumonia a few years back)

Read a bit of The Sun newspaper, very sad about that poor newly wed Indian couple, who were carjacked in South Africa, the beautiful bride was raped & murdered, they didn't even  end up keeping the vehicle after all that, that beautiful girl died for nothing & that cute couple was destroyed for ever. Whats wrong with some of the people in this world!

Also more on Paul & Rachel Chandler, who had been held captive by Somalian Pirates for over year with them demanding a £million hostage fee (wrongly assuming the couple were wealthy) Its odd only a few days ago I was wondering what had happened to them? as we'd heard nothing about them for ages, then all of a sudden there they were released on the news (what a coincidence!!)

Watched Lost In Space (I had a small fling with Matt Le Blanc when he was in England filming that back in 1997/8) I forgot I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here was on! thanks to my muzzy head at the moment, then watched the Graham Norton Show, then crashed out feeling really rough!!! wish this cold would sod off!! I was offered a role as human statue in a film on Thursday, but just don't think I'm going to be well enough. So I sadly had to turn it down.

Tuesday 16th Nov, Dreamt but due to my restless sleep due to waking on & off due to being unable to breathe, I can't recall any of it! I woke with a mouth & throat as dry as the Sahara (no doubt due to sleeping with mouth open as I can't breathe properly, how attractive!!!....NOT!!) I pulled back my curtains & visibility was very small indeed, there seemed to be a smoke filled fug in the air & thought a neighbour must have a bonfire going!! But when I did get out of the house for a bit of exercise, round the park I discovered in was actually fog!! Wow how apt for the day of the Zombie Premier I thought!......

Got home & heated up some of my home made spicy quorn casserole, put loads of Chili, Garlic, Ginger, Paprika, Mustard powder & Curry powder (to try & burn those germs out) but can hardly taste the heat, as my sense of taste is gone, due to being unable to smell anything, due to my cold!!

Then got ready, not feeling great in anything I wear, at the moment, as I'm piling on the weight constantly, thanks to, 1st my bad back & now my bad cold keeping me out of the gym! Grrr plus eating bread at Nicky's & Candie's recently (seems to be a stable food source for them both) which adds lb's to me even by sniffing the stuff. (wheat is certainly not my friend!!) Plus all the alcohol lately due to party's, or in the hot toddy's trying to soothe my throat & chesty cold, plus clear my nose! Tonight's another party & then that's it, once this cold is out of here, I am back to my usual 3-4hrs a day in the gym, to get old self back!! & if my back goes again, I will just have to drug myself to the hilt with pain killers!! I've had enough of feeling pudgy now!!
My Thighs, Hips & Tum  are getting Chubbier!!
So it's back to the gym, until I'm back to when I was much slimmer, than I am in this pic!!

Watched The News & Loose Women its all about Prince William announcing his engagement to Kate Middleton (well that was a while coming, but expected!!)  it will be in the summer of 2011

Started to get ready for The Premier of Houseparty Of The Dead 6 eventually deciding on studded black leggings, with a black & white lace corset look top, black knee high boots & my black sequined jacket. I felt too ropey to put in hairpieces or clip in hair extensions, so just had my normal boring wavy hair (which never photographs well) shoved on some diamante earrings, wrapped a sky blue pashmina round my neck & pulled on my cream Tommy Hilfiger coat to keep me warm & set off at 6pm. Got the train to Kentish Town & then the tube to Mornington Crecent, the Purple Turtle was 2mins walk from the tube.

 The Venue 

Saw fellow Zombie David Sellicks outside having a smoke in full zombie mode. Got inside & saw Zombie Photographer Paul McGraff, who Immediately said hello & we chatted about how fitting the Foggy weather was for the premier. My friend & fellow Zombie Nerissa Cole turned up & I had a few straight Brandy's to try kill this bitch of a cold off!!

 David Sellicks creeping up on Paul McGraff, Nerissa & I

Saw Paul Ewen who was the Zombie with the pole through him & we had a chat, Also the Zombie make-up artist Sophia Disgrace, who was also acting as Zombie Pole Dancer tonight. Then I chatted to Andy the Director & Brad Moore (who I Auditioned with as his wife!)
 Zombie Pole Dancer Sophia Disgrace
Brad, Nerissa & I

Watched the 1st band & went to look at the merchandise with Paul McGraff, who created one of the posters for the film. One lad looked out of place like he had one a competition to play guitar with the band, rather than actually being a member of the band.

At 9pm the film was shown, I was shown quite a bit, 2 parts with me licking blood off the car window screen, a few of me attacking and chewing on the main black DJ character, then a shot of me on the car bonnet trying to get into car & one of me being shot & sliding down the front of the bonnet.

Next was a Zombie themed Burlesque act & then the DJ played some wicked tunes from my youth, as our Zombie Pole Dancer took to the pole, there was a zombie puppeteer mingling with the crowd, making them laugh or cringe.

 Zombie Puppet creeping up on Brad & Nerissa
 Andy Introducing The Film & Acts

Then the band Bi Girl took to the stage. Andy said if I got my new Ken-Dolls Sorted by next year when they make Houseparty Of The dead 7 then we can have a gig at the next premier! Cool!!

I spotted my Sister-in-law had text me at 9.15pm saying "Hey, how is the Jungle?! We turned on out TV this eve with the kids & baby, there you are!! Xx" for some weird reason I remind her of Xfacters Stacy, god knows why? She's a lovely girl but not the brightest of sparks, I don't act like her, nor talk like her (thank god!) but I guess that's just how some Northerners see us Southerners??

I headed off for home at 11.45pm as I needed to get the last tube to Kentish town to Get my train home, caught the 12.20am Bedford train & chatted to a student lad, that was studying to be a travel writer & we spoke of places we had travelled to which we like.

Walked home getting in at 1.50am still coughing & spluttering (bloody stupid soddin cold!!) had a read of today's paper (as I'd had no time earlier) Xfactors Katie has had death threats (FFS lighten up, its only a talent contest you freaks!!)

Sickeningly the traitor Brits who claimed they were tortured in Guantanamo Bay are to get around £1million in compensation pay outs!! bloody disgusting!! Also more on that poor, beautiful,  murdered Indian bride Anni Dewani. Also the ludicrous story of a cute toy pig being removed from a farm set box, at Early Learning stores "for religious reasons" in case it offended Jews or Muslims (God give me strength!) Then I crashed out for the night, but had trouble sleeping due to being unable to breathe!!

Wednesday 17th Nov, After a restless nights sleep, due to fighting to breathe & violent coughing fits, I woke feeling more dead than a Zombie!! with a dry mouth & throat, and a foul taste in my mouth (great I can't taste food but I can taste that!!) The News papers & TV shows main topic of conversation is Prince Williams Wedding (getting bored of it already!!! and the weddings some time off in summer 2011) even Loose Women harped on about it, far too much!

Meanwhile Cornwall has had a flood chaos, as a 6ft swell traps 100's that's untold family's lives ruined by a natural disaster, let alone their Christmas & New year. Now lets see just how many country's (EU or otherwise) rush to raise aid funds for OUR victims of a National Disaster, the way our government, as well as its charitable people, do for every other nation (rich or poor) that has had a disaster, despite the UK practically being bankrupt itself!! How many do you think? I bet you can count them on one hand & 4 of them will be England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland!! will there be a 5th? I won't hold my breath!!

 Cornwall South England

I Had Some hot lemon with honey & peanut butter on polish bread for brunch, hoped the roughage would clear my throat. Coughing like some wheezy old man!!.... spent most of the day in bed

Watched "V" and then The Apprentice, this week the idiots were to make a background for playing on a green screen on a shopping centre for kids & parents to perform in front of to create their own video clips to buy. To help them they were to go to Pinewood studios, for ideas, when told they were meeting at Pinewood Studios (before learning what the task was) one female Doofus asked the other "Whats Pinewood Studio's??" the other Doofus (Sandishe) said It's a furniture shop isn't it!?" how can anyone be that dumb!! how could they NOT KNOW England's most Famous film studio? If they are are future business hopes god help us all, what a bunch of morons!! One team chose to do a ski slope backdrop the other a racetrack with toy car to drive in in front of screen, both were shoddily organised or thought through & neither a big success takings wise, the idiots didn't take cash up front so many discs were made without anyone coming back to collect & pay for!!! In the end the ski slope team won & Doofus No2 Sandishe got Fired (I'd not apply for any jobs at Pinewood if I was her!)

Had some more lemon & honey in hot water as I couldn't breathe & my throat was sore from coughing, then watched RuPauls Drag Race, it was a look back on all the past contestants from season 2, that had not made it, before one of the final 3 is crowned top Drag Queen next week, Raven, Juju Bee or Tyra Sanchez? very funny I'm going to miss it when it's over next week, then crashed out as I felt delirious.

Thursday 18th Nov, I had another awful night struggling for breath (I have difficulty breathing without a cold/flu due to adenoids that should have been removed when I was a kid, but the Dr's ummed & arred & in the end sod all was done) but now I spend each night & day feeling like a victim of waterboarding!! Also had terrible coughing fits that made me retch & bring up wallpaper paste like phlegm (how ladylike!! NOT!!) and water consumed off my lungs & stomach.

Had some honey & Lemon to drink & had some porridge as I was famished, but couldn't really taste it, but it managed to stop my belly rumbling, I popped to the shop for some Lockets lozenges & the paper & went back to bed covered in Vicks Vapour Rub & Olbas Oil, and dozed on & off!!

During my on & off lucid moments I snatched moments to read snippets of the paper before falling asleep again, A white van was stopped near Windsor & 4 eastern European men arrested & then 45mins later when they checked the back of the van, they found a man barely alive in a plastic sack, that had been kidnapped & beaten with a sledge hammer & stabbed (the savagery of foreign criminals in our country is sickening & sadly young home grown scum is learning to do the same from them) and twisted violent video games that seem the norm now (don't try telling me that they don't affect youngsters & desensitise them to violence!!) the victim died of his injury's shortly after despite attempts by the police to save his life. Those bastards better be deported to be jailed abroad, why should the UK tax payer pay to keep that foreign scum in a luxury jail (our jails are too soft, they should be like the US jails or better still Turkish Jails)

More on the royal engagement (yawn) apparently Tesco's launching a copycat version of Kate's engagement announcement dress for £16...... errrrr its got a V neck & it's same blue that's where the similarity ends!! Kate's has long tight sleeves, tescos has short flared cape sleeves, Kates is a A-line bias cut & Tesco's is pleated & full & flared...... so as copycat goes its shite!!!.........If you want a similar looking dress go to Ingenue at Chica Boutique or for £84 (OK £68 more than the Tesco one, but unlike the Tesco one this one looks like a copycat dress)
 Tescos £16 Look Alike Dress
Ingenue £84 Look Alike dress

Paris is apparently infested with a plague of bed bugs, that doesn't surprise me, I'm surprised it's not something worse after living & working in Paris in my youth, because for a country that produces so much soap, deodorant & perfume, the Parisians sure as hell aren't keen on using it!!! they reeked of BO!!

More on the flooded homes & businesses in Cornwall, one Pub/bar was waist deep in muddy water, and a bridal store hat thousands of pounds of wedding dress stock ruined!

Then there was the sickening news of the Evil sick Bastard Darren Newton, who unknown to his girlfriend repeatedly filmed himself torturing her 15month old son, Charlie Hunt, for his own sick viewing pleasure . Charlie died of severe head injury's was on several clips on his phone under titles such as "Crying no toys in pen, ahhhh" "Squeezing toe in cot" "Two minutes of pain" & "shivering no water" taken naked in an empty bath. Jurors held their hands over their mouths as they witnesses the clips as poor Charlies cries & screams rang round the courtroom, he hit him in the head time & time again, forced his finger in his ear, his devastated girlfriend is in shock thinking he was a quiet caring man. This Vile Bastard Darren is the kind of person the death penalty should be brought back for, the sicko watched those for his own sick, depraved, sadistic, sexual pleasure!

Also 5 Muslim boys aged 12 were expelled from school after death threats to a fellow Muslim pupil who posted a touching Armistice day tribute on Facebook. One claimed to be a terrorist (wouldn't surprise me as the sick bastards brain wash & use children) one little shits facebook profile was littered with extremist rants & a picture of him with a AK47 Rifle, I hope MI5 have been interviewing him & his parents/family.

Talking of vile scum sadistic robbers tied a hot iron to a pensioners back for 30mins scaring him for life (another example of how sick & violent criminals in the UK are becoming) you only heard of such violence before, when it was one criminal gang/mafia against another, when wandering on each others turf, not done to meek, elderly members of the public, they also threatened to pour boiling water over their sleeping 3yr old granddaughter (sick bastards) if he didn't give them the location of the house safe (which he couldn't as they didn't have one!) in the years New Labour were in power, this country has changed completely ......... for the worse!!!

The UK's barely recognisable the teens & younger, have become feral scum, plus the huge amount of young violent, armed, criminals of today, were unheard of in my youth, a bit of punk rock rebellion was as bad as it got. Now there are masses of people who grew up under New Labour, who see spawning huge numbers of illegitimate kids & getting a council house, plus see living off the state as a lifestyle, not a awful state of affairs, I spend every day, healthy or not looking at job sites & applying for copious amounts of jobs, where as they refuse to work, let alone look for it & just continue spawning brat after brat (that will do the same) yet are somehow allowed to get away with it! Whats even more annoying is that one of the Extremist scum who burnt a giant Poppy & chanted during the minutes silence on Armistice Day now has a police guard outside his home in Luton (the world has gone mad!!!) saying officers began to fear for his safety!!!......WTF!!!! what about our safety from Extremist scum like him? (give the British bulldog its bollocks back god damn it!!)

Then we have the British kill joys. A vicar enraged some of his flock by going to a vicars & tarts party as a tart. Good on him, a vicar would be a bit of a busmans holiday & predictable!! That's the kind of vicar I'd like to have & how unchristian were those of his Christian flock that complained, do they have no sense of humour? If I had a vicar like Rev Martin Wray I might end up going to church more often!! & I have to say he looked good as a tart & not over the top tawdry in any way!!

One uplifting thing in the news, was a plucky cat that whacked a alligator, who'd tried to steal its food & chased it back into the creek!!! go puddy cat go!!! My cat stripe attacked the face of a burglar who was trying to get in a window of my ground floor flat in North London years ago!! Sometimes they're better than guard dogs lol there was even footage of another cat seeing off two Alligators the link is in Yellow below

Was feeling rough & thought I must put my red wash in the laundry, as it contains my only pair of Pyjamas, which has a warm fleecy top with matching satin bottoms, but on searching my kitchen it could not be found, I have a horrible feeling that I threw it out with the rubbish, into the wheelie bin, either Monday or Tuesday, when I was feeling weak & run down due to my cold/chest infection & the lack of sleep I'm getting, in which case, as the rubbish is collected Wednesday I've lost my PJ's & prob all my pink & my red knickers & probably my red nose day sox (don't know what else was in the red/pink wash? it wasn't a big bag load?! )

Had some King Prawns in Garlic butter with parsnips & mangetout for dinner watched True Blood & crashed out feeling shattered from lack of breath & coughing fits.Is it feed a fever starve a cold or the other way round I can never quite remember?

Friday 19th Nov, Very, Very, VERY ill, I've spent all night vomiting up phlegm & fluid off my lungs, not that unlike how I did when I had double pneumonia. Don't recall any dream, at times I was hallucinating rather than dreaming, at some point the guy let himself in, to do a gas meter check, with keys from the landlord, no Idea what time exactly as I was quite delirious, I recall replying that I was ill in bed when he called up to see if I was in, no idea how long he took? or when he left? as I conked out again (very unlike me when there is someone in my home, that's not a friend, partner or family member) I had a few text messages come through but felt too run down & out of it to read them, let alone reply.

At 3pm I woke & dragged myself out of bed & put on my Ugg boot style slippers & pulled my big black wool coat over my dressing gown, and emptied out my piggy bank of coppers & 5p pieces, and scraped together enough  for the sun paper & a packet of fisherman's friends for my throat (which was very sore & dry) as I'd been too ill to walk into town to go to an ATM the past few days. Walked to the shop downstairs in the drizzling rain, and the shop keeper said to look after myself, as I didn't look well at all. Got back home & straight into bed, had some of the lozenges & passed out again, only waking intermittently to vomit phlegm & water off my lungs, before passing out again.

Came round again at 6.30pm just in time to watch Home & Away on Fiver. Had another coughing fit where I struggled for breath, sounding not unlike whooping cough, then threw up another lot of phlegm & water off my lungs, my eyes & nose were streaming from me fighting to breathe, in between coughs, but by 7pm I began to feel somewhat better & my nose less blocked, thankfully!! Also I was pouring with sweat "Like Gary Glitter in Mothercare" despite having no heating on for once, hopefully this means I'm turning the corner on my ill health. There is thick fog outside again like Tuesday, weirdly cant recall last time I saw fog before Tuesday? I think I must of been still at school.

Had some porridge at 8pm my 1st meal of the day with some green tea, with ginger & lemon, while watching Come Dine With Me" very funny. Then I'm a Celebrity, Gillian being a pathetic wuss as always, squealing at a few Lobsters/Cray fish in a tank & a few baby crocodiles (OK the BIG spiders fair enough but the others, child's play!) Then watched the Brilliant "The Event" and funny Film "Good Luck Chuck" before making another hot drink & crashing shattered for a bit.

Gillian No Jungle Bunny!!

Eventually checked my Facebook, checked my twitter intermittently too, also got round to reading my text messages. One from  Andrea saying the Red & White Pre Xmas Party date has changed to Dec 18th. My friend Nat saying "Hello hope your feeling better. We need to plan a get together, next time your down London for something, stay at ours he night before or after" shame I had to turn down M&S Ad (due to not being able to guarantee I'd be well enough) that would of been 3days of paid work & I could of seen Nat & stayed with him & Terry then. Maybe when I do a quiz show next Tuesday! Continued to hack up stuff off my chest, unpleasant & unladylike but if it means getting better ..... bring it on, bringing it up!!!....

Looked at the photos of wigs on Annabelle's wigs, they do very good wigs, at a cheap prices, being a Drag Queen trapped in a Woman's body, I love a Wig!! I have quite a few (proper ones & fancy dress ones, some expensive ones of over £100 each <from the days I was earning good wages> to cheap £2 fun ones) If I had a lottery win tomorrow, I'd buy a load from Annabelle's, plus other expensive ones & have a wig room like Cher!! For those interested to have a look, or to buy, a link to Annabelle's Wigs in Yellow below plus a few photo examples underneath!! Or for Drag Wigs look at my blog on MadSid McMad .....

Read a bit of the paper, though I still felt weak & heady from coughing so much & not eating anything except for a bowl of porridge & a few green teas, but I felt so tired & sweaty, despite having no heating on, so I wasn't feeling much like eating!

More about the Royal Wedding (yawn) & more on Jason Manford, quiting The One show, over his scandal of having Cyber sex with 12 girls online (funny!!)

I see Jack Wilshere who plays for Arsenal (who all my brothers support) has been caught cheating, bad boy, but at least unlike most footballers it was with a very pretty girl, with a fab figure not like Rooneys ropey old hooker, or hairdresser! (not that it makes what he did any better, I'd never cheat on a partner!)

Emma Watson (Hermione in Harry Potter) says her new haircut was inspired by Mia Farrow, which is like her own mothers haircut, personally I'm not a fan, I think it makes her look like a boy!!

 Emma Before
 Emma After
Mia Farrow

It seems the murdered guy found in the back of the white van near Windsor owed a Tobacco Baron money, I know cigarettes kill but that's ridiculous!!

There is a Fab Grey Amazon Parrot in the paper today that is a Manchester United FC fan, he reminds me of my Green Amazon parrot Charlie who you could practically have a conversation with see Pigeon the Parrot in the link in Yellow below

I just Can't believe the news of a American couple who set up the sick site who put up scans of their unborn son called "wiggles" and are getting people on the site to vote on whether to abort him or not the biggest vote by deadline of Dec 7th wins. How sick, if you can let strangers decide your unborn baby's fate you can't have any emotional attachment to it, if its aborted the poor thing dies, if it doesn't the poor thing gets to live with them, and may one day discover his life was once in the hands of strangers, how much would that knowledge fuck you up!!??

Crashed out tired from all the coughing & retching, but at least I can breath a bit at last now!!

Saturday 20th Nov, I dreamt for the 1st time since I've been ill, a odd dream I was sitting on the edge of a curved edged bath, in a bathroom, peeing into it, instead of peeing in the loo, while talking to someone, I can't recall who though?? I didn't seem to be embarrassed that I was using the bath & not the toilet though? there was more connected to my work in the fashion & TV industry but I can't recall the details, stayed in bed dozing on & off until 1.30pm as I was still feeling weak & want to save all my strength as I'm going round Nicky's again tonight.

Had a shower & washed & dried hair, then popped out into town to draw out some cash & get a paper & some milk, & spotted a couple of things on the market to buy as Xmas gifts. Had my 1st meal of the day at 4.30pm (I was either sleeping or feeling too rough earlier) I had a Tuna Melt Jacket Potato with some salad & despite it being the 1st non chilli & spice laden meal I've had the past 2 weeks, it was the 1st I've been able to taste & was yummy!!

Got my overnight bag packed & picked up the 7 Disneyland day trip from £9.50 tokens Nicky asked me to collect from The Sun paper for her, checked everything was switched off, then set off when Nicky Picked me up at 6.45pm Mini was very sweet but very tired due to chesty cough & cold she has had for past 2-3 months. Mini went to bed around 7.30pm & Nicky & I chatted while drinking a couple of shandy's, while watching Harry Hills TV Burp then it was Xfactor time & The Xfactor theme this week is, The Beatles.

Dannii looks absolutely stunning, in her chocolate halter-neck Grecian inspired dress, Cheryl looks a chavy mess, in a a chain-mail dress, that looks like aliens have cut crop circles in it, but hair looked better straight, Simon has the same uniform look as ever, and Louis has pimped himself up in purple & grey, Dannii's hair looks fab as do her earrings, Cheryl with the larger grooming/styling budget, loses to Danni yet again! Apparently according to today's Sun paper, Cheryl was reduced to tears by Julian MacDonald, who was slagging off her red hair & chavy dress sense, at band mate Sarah's Harding's party, he may have been tackless due to drink, but he was bang on the money when he told her to sack her stylist, Xfactor should follow suit & do the same!!

 This Weeks Personal Critique Of The 8 Xfactor Finalists

Matt Cardle :- Great Voice as always, "Come Together" was a good song choice by hands on judge Dannii, nice to get a glimpse of the guns, but but still bloody awful styling from his squeeze Grace!! He looked like he was about to do a bit of his painting & decorating!! 

Rebecca Ferguson :- Her Vocals were shaky, on "Yesterday" I think this one of her worst performances, off key at times and a wobbly & nervous performance, lovely make-up & nice hair, but bloody awful red pant suit, looked like a 70's Santa outfit without the black belt & Fur trim. DIRE!!!

 Mary Byrne :- Yet again the severe hair, this time with a big hair band (bloody change it for once guys!!) and back in black again, though a bit of pattern with a B&W leopard print waterfall front Cardie, She was back on her vocal form singing "Something In The Way She Moves"

 Paije Richardson :- Last week the stylist styled him The Nutty Professor moonlighting at Butlins, tonight a young lounge singer, without another stupid bow tie thank god (which is a step in the right direction of sorts) he sang "Let It Be" well, but he still has no stage presence or star quality!! Dressed in Purple like Louie, maybe he hoped to be compared to him this week instead of a young Lenny Henry!!

One Direction :- Pretty much a carbon copy result as last week, a Safe song choice, but so lacking in dynamics I can't even recall which Beatles they sang now 10mins later (think it might of been "Come Together") consistent vocals, but backing was a bit off, by the Asian lad again, bland no stage presence, they all looked kind of static, stood atop those large cubes, used for 2nd week running, in spite of the fact they didn't work last week (sloppy Simon, did you think we wouldn't notice? have you run out of ideas?) Styling again not good & for once I can't blame Grace the awful stylist, as the boys put their own outfits together, much the same as last weeks styling (the school kids allowed to dress themselves for a wedding/funeral look & missing the mark) all in all bland & unexciting, I expected more from them!!!

Cher Lloyd :- Good make-up, Copy of Cheryl's side swept hair do, cute girly dress but more Cheryl's style NOT Cher's she looked out of place in it,Poor song choice, didn't do her voice any favours, a weak, limp, lifeless, performance of "Imagine" which was a John Lennon NOT Beatles hit! all in all, a weak, wobbly, lack lustre disappointing performance by Cher.

 Katie Waissel :- Awful hair colour (are you getting a backhander, every time someone sports that Loreal Red Cheryl?) & awful haircut!!..... she obviously saw Emma Watson (aka Hermione, in Harry Potter) at The Harry Potter Premier she went to last week, and decided to copy her new pixie crop new look!!  (NOTE TO SELF Katie an elfin Pixie crop is NOT a good look when you have Pixie/Elf ears!!!) The 60's Twiggy make-up also did nothing for her & as for that god damn awful Beige & black 60's ish baby doll dress, if your colouring is as insipid as yours Katie & you want a 60's inspired look, at least go psychedelic Pucci !! HELP was an apt an apt song, considering her hair & styling, but the performance was insipid weak & wishy washy & dreary, it will put her in the bottom two tomorrow!!

 Wagner:- Well what a surprise NOT 2 songs cut and shunted together AS ALWAYS!!!, this week we got 3 songs cut & shunted together!! "Get Back" "Hippy Hippy Shakes" & "Hey Jude" I guess he really can't remember the lyrics of one song all the way through?, Totally out of tune, off key, and flat, as well as timing being off, but in spite of that still his best vocal performance in the contest so far!!! on Halloween he was dressed as a Ring Master, the next week as Elvis & last week as Liberace moonlighting as a Ring Master, Tonight it was back to a Circus Ringmaster moonlighting as a concierge.

I have to say tonight's Xfactor has been the most lack luster, bland, disappointing episode since the Xfactor 1st began feel very let down, they have definitely cut down the clothing & set budget this year, a lot of it looks very down market & cheap!!

Then I watched The Xtra Factor & Yet again In a Word - Boring!!..... The reason ? .......  In two words - Konnie Huq, A performance as bland and beige as her & Katie's Frocks!! But I did actually learn that One Direction sang "All You Need Is Love" the perform ance was so unmemorable, I'd of never known without being told.

Watched a film called Inside Man, but Nicky & I talked through most of it, went to bed but was still awake at 4am, partly due to coughing & partly due to hunger I'd only eaten once the Jacket potato at 4.30pm & Nicky had nothing in to eat, not even milk for a milky drink, so luckily I had my Paul McKenna "I Can Make You Thin" CD in my bag so lay there in headphones listening to it! reading the paper, Apparently the murdered kidnapped guy in the back of a white van, was a Sri Lankan born "Business man" (neighbours said he was only at his £3million rented mansion (£9,000 a month) rarely, mainly popping in late at night, looking shifty & not saying much!!) A 2nd kidnap victim has been found tortured to death by gangsters in North London 48hrs before the Sri Lankan's death, but they are not linked.

There has been another mining pit disaster, not in Chili this time but in New Zealand. Four of the 29 miners trapped are British. Two English & Two Scottish.

A Romanian Gypsy who lived in luxury has been jailed (good) for a £114,000 benefits scam, blowing the cash on flash cars & motor cycles & quad bikes. He also built his family a 9 bedroom home in Romania while fraudulently raking in jobseekers allowance & child tax credits he got away with this unchecked for years (yet I get called in over a TV appearance I did for free, as a favour!!) he is said to be part of a gang accused of smuggling 181 children into the UK to be beggars & pick-pockets (lovely guy!!) he sought asylum in UK under a false name (we need better checks) buying land in Romania, a BMW, Audi, 4x4 motorbikes a plasma TV & other electrical goods with the cash. He is set to be sent back to Romania where 26 alleged gang members are already on trial (good I hope he goes to a shit hole of a jail!!)

Everyone is moaning about the 9% hike in gas bills in winter (when people use it more for heating) before Xmas, I'm glad I'm with EDF who won't be doing so until later next year, when it's warmer!

Sunday 21st Nov, woke on and off once I fell asleep some time after 6am eventually getting up at 11.30am Nicky was feeling rough with stomach problems again. I think she has either got a ulcer, IBS or the start of gallstones!! She said she was going to take her parents up to see the fair & our friend (Elvis Act) El Vince switch on the St Albans Lights, so she'd take me home then, I said when would that be? as I'd not eaten since 4.30pm Saturday & my stomach was having killer hunger pains, & there was no bread for toast or milk for a coffee or cereal, mini was being cute although she was suffering from a cold/chest infection too. We eventually set off at 3.30pm & I said I'd drop my overnight bag off get a bite to eat & meet them in town later. 

I got in at 3.45pm buying a NOTW paper en route & made a cheese & reggae reggae sauce sandwich as soon as I got in as I was too hungry to wait to cook something, Nicky text to say they had got a table outside the old town hall, near the stage & El Vince was on at 4.30pm then at 4.15pm she text "sorry gotta go. Dad & Mini playing up (well they are both poorly & its cold out) Popped out & saw El Vince's set then went home don't need to see lights go on, they are the same every year & someone always cocks up & the lights go on before the countdown gets to 1 every year too lol anyway its too cold to be standing outside when I'm still poorly!!

I got some cough lozenges from my local shop in case I have a coughing fit in the night, checked my 2 lucky dip lottery lines, no luck today, so no holiday, or new house with a wig room lol oh well *sigh*

Grilled a Quorn Veggi burger & roasted some potatoes & parsnips to have with it, did a white laundry wash & did the washing up, ready to watch the Xfactor Results Show. Dannii (the most honest & most hands on judge) looks cute, Louie in another bow tie that he doesn't suit, not sure about Cheryl's dress, the camera shots were mostly too distant to tell... hmmmm on a close up sat down shot, of Cheryl the top half of dress is a NO!! Hair & earrings look Chavy too!! not impressed concidering her clothing & grooming budget for the show!

Ollie Murs (more like Ollie Bores?) sang a stinker of a song, which if that's his new single wont break the top 40 if the UK has any taste!! I always thought Ollie had a big future ahead of him ........ BUT As the face of Ginsters Pies!!! Never rated him on Xfactor, he is as irritating to watch, as Robbie Williams is on stage.

Next the Help For Heroes, fund raising single called Heroes, made by all the Xfactor Finalists, A Great Cause, not such a great arrangement of David Bowies Heroes, with them all dressed in white (standing for peace I hope, not the surrender flag!!) they looked like an over sized Daz Doorstep Challenge Ad, my pal Jake made me laugh when he tweeted......

jake seaford JakeMSeaford When Wagner sings his bit of the song, can we blast that out at the enemy in Afghanistan? That would help. #Xfactor

Couldn't agree more!! Now its result time ........ Katie SAFE (Are you kidding me??) One Direction SAFE (thanks to teenage girl vote) Rebecca SAFE, Matt SAFE, Mary SAFE, Wagner SAFE (surprise, surprise NOT!!) so its Paije (as expected) and Cher (a surprise) in sing off !! to say bye bye Paije now!!.....

Paije sang "You Better Stop" ironically styled the best he's looked on the show, except for his trousers tucked into his boots, not a bow tie or granddad waistcoat/cardie in sight!! though he sang well still no charisma or star quality to his performance.

Cher sang Twisted Sisters "Stay" which she sang at Halloween & got a good response from in her street gear

Simon sent home Paije , Cheryl sent home Paije, Dannii sent home Cher, so Louie do you take it to deadlock or do you send home Paije (who has no stage presence, or star quality) so Louie sends home Paije .... Like I said Bye Bye Paije!!! I thought he'd of left long before now, to be honest!

Watched "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here", then "Desperate Housewives", how Eva Longoria's husband cheated on her is beyond me, what a schmuck!! He was already punching above his weight, the ugly idiot!!

I then watched "The Real Housewives Of New Jersey", fab car crash viewing!! Typical Soprano's Moll type, Teresa has given birth to a baby girl called Adrianna. Yet another daughter to turn into a vile, precocious, brat like the rest of her obnoxious brood of girls, like her unlikeable 9yr old daughter Gia, who could do with a damn good slap!! The most likable one of the lot with the best well adjusted kids is Danielle, (in spite of her too tight face lift)  ironically the one that all the other Housewives hate!!

 Arrogant Teresa
Teresa's Precocious Brood
 Neurotic, Paranoid & A Bad Face Lift
Danielle Is Still The Most Likable New Jersey Housewife!!
 One Of Daniels Well Grounded Daughters
Unlike Teresa's Brats!!

On the front page of NOTW (News Of The World) today they said A SHOCK POLE want Prince William & Katie as our next King & Queen, NOT Charles & Camilla..... errrr Helloooooo what is shocking about that? everyone was saying they'd want a King William rather than King Charles, when Lady Di was still alive, so where is the shock???

Also that Xfactors Katie Waissel's Gran is a 81yr prostitute..... well at least one of them is guaranteed a fucking career then!!! Apparently Katie Waissel had a secret affair with Storm Lee (not that I was interested enough to read any details)

Despite a restless night I didn't get to settle down to sleep until 4.35am wondering after 2 weeks of illness what next week would bring?


  1. Keep up the good work June. I love your blog. More gratuitous underwear pics please, lol. xxx

  2. Your easily pleased hun, if one thunder thigh shot & a snap of a gas bloated, scared, abdomen is considered gratuitous lol xx