Sunday, 7 November 2010

Remember Remember The 5th Of November!!

Monday 1st Nov, Had a really complex but interesting dream, but I forgot to write it down, so I can now no longer recall the details, Had apple & raisin Oat So Simple with sliced banana in & a coffee for breakfast, my neck is really stiff again today, I really must book some acupuncture sessions, popped out for a Sun paper & got some free Match Attax cards in WHS, with vouchers from The Sun (will put in Nephew's Xmas stocking) and some free chocolate coated toffee's from Thornton's, with a voucher from The Sun & went to get a free 2ltr Zero Coke from Tesco's with a Sun voucher but they were sold out (surprise, surprise)

I saw the gorgeous St Bernard dog I saw when I was out Sat, spoke to the owner I thought the dog was a half grown St Bernard as it wasn't as big as most, but it turned out that she was a rescue dog that had been badly treated (awe bless) apparently she was one of 200 dogs in a breeding farm, the owner went a bit loopy & did a runner leaving the animals to fend for themselves 5 or so sadly died!! But its good to see this big soppy dog now has a happy home (all my pets came via rescue organisations) with bonfire night coming up a lot of animals are going to be spooked by fireworks this week!!

I did a load of dusting etc in my bedroom and cleaned out my make-up draw, took some pain killers as I was beginning to really ache! My friend Nicky text at 2pm saying "Xmas Market in Brogue Sat 11th Dec day trip by euro tunnel! let me know if you want to go. Limited tickets available" I had to laugh I haven't got money for Xmas presents let alone for travel to France!! I'm sure when you say your broke, people think you mean, you only have a few hundred or a few thousand in the bank, when I say I'm broke it means I have £10 - £40 in the bank tops!!.....

Sauteed some marinated Tofu & had it with watercress salad in a gluten & wheat free pitta, for lunch with the toffees I got free for desert, did some ironing and boring house chores then took a coffee break to watch Home & Away on fiver at 6.30pm, Andrea text at 8.45pm to say She was having a Red & White themed, Pre Xmas Party on Dec 3rd so to put it in my diary! Later when I felt hungry I had some macaroni cheese.

Watched The Ghost Whisperer (I have had lots of ghost experiences one day I will do a blog on them, I have a half written book on them) Then caught up on "V" which I accidentally missed last week. I think the Baddie female leader looks a lot like my niece Teresa!! See bellow....
 "V" Baddie
Niece Teresa 
Later I watched the wonderfully tacky "A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila" The arsehole Jay from Jersey got dumped & proved what a tool he was by his response, which only showed how right she was to ditch him!!

Read The Sun more about the al-Qaeda scum & their plans to use cartridge bombs to blow up cargo planes over certain western city's, we are too easy on terrorism in the UK all "proven" active terrorists should be executed, only the other day the piece of shit known as Abu Izzadeen was allowed to rant against the poppy appeal, he says Muslims are being murdered & tortured, well his suicide pals are murdering innocents off all religions & hacking off the heads of non Muslims, people like him (& I use the term people loosely in his case) cause problems for normal decent Muslims, who in some cases get the backlash caused by the actions of the fanatics, I have Muslim friends & Muslim in laws and they are disgusted by al-Qaeda & their sympathisers (who are as guilty as the perpetrators if they raise money for or do not snitch on active cell members) The fact that Many Muslim Mosque leaders, do not speak up against the terrorists smacks of cowardice or sympathisers, It seems free speech in this country, is only for fanatics spouting hate & inciting mass murder, speak up against it, and you soon find your freedom of speech quashed, and yourself called a racist!!

I remember when I was 1st looking for somewhere to move to in 2001-2002 I looked at a flat in Victoria St, St Albans, The Estate Agent let me in & the flat smelt weird kind of like a hairdressers but with a bitter under taste to the smell, I went into what seemed to be a lounge with a sofa bed and there was a large, white semi translucent, plastic, barrel that stood approx 5ft high, it was apparent the aroma was emanating from the remaining 2" deep of liquid in the barrel, it smelt like peroxide bleach or perming solution, but there was another smell I recognised but couldn't place at 1st, then it dawned on me it was the semi opaque white crystal fertilizer that was used on the dairy estate, that I use to live on in Buckinghamshire. At the time the scenario felt odd & I had a bad feel about the place, it had a bad vibe about the place & so I declined renting. I asked the estate agent, what that was? that had obviously been left behind by the last tenant, & she just shrugged her shoulder's in a blase manner, I thought "aren't you curious about what the hell your ex tenants been doing? or concerned that whatever it is, is stinking the flat out? It was only years later I learnt via the media that both peroxide & chemical fertilizer is used to make suicide bombs etc,

Lots on Xfactor gossip in papers & Now Magazine, quite frankly I couldn't care less who's in a relationship & who isn't & which housemates are getting it on BORING!! Yawnnnnnn!!! Wagner could be shagging the whole of One Direction & Belle Amie for all I care!!
Also in the papers was Deuces being burnt down, so I was wrong Sunday it was genuine (BUT they must of staged the back of the bar with bottles of alcohol for the filming) if the fire burnt the bar top, the way it looks on TV, the searing heat would of definitely made the flammable bottles of booze on the shelf behind explode!! FACT!!! I have worked in Bars & in Clubs in the past!!..... one fact left out of The Only Way Is Essex is that it wasn't just Mark Wright's Bar it was joint owned with Jack Tweedy. Police think it may be down to a Turf War between rival gangs (more likely someone with a grudge against Tweedy!!)

Tuesday 2nd Nov, had a really intense dream, that I was holding this huge party friends & boyfriend & relatives past & present was there, there were costumes & I was talking to my friends Anna & Candie, it turned out they had both been in a relationship, with the ex love of my life & was telling me the weird things he did to woo them, I thought that's so not like the man I use to know & love, what the hell happened to him to make him so odd? I was chatting to lots of people but guys kept giving me odd looks, then when I walked past a mirror I saw I had the huge lashes on I wore for Halloween. I was sat on a sofa after putting food in the oven to cook for the party & was looking through magazines that had been in a big clear zip fasten plastic envelope, I ripped out a few pages with fancy dress costumes patterns on, from a Woman's Own magazine, then I realised they were my friend Nat's magazines & thought that's not the kind of magazine Nat or I would buy, it's more for old people, wondered why I pulled out the patterns as I don't have kids & thought "I guess I planned to upscale them for adults" I took a roast dinner out of the bottom of the oven & then cup cakes out of the top half, then I woke.

Had Breakfast & popped out for a newspaper & discovered a set of dumb bells put out for the rubbish, so I had those!! Popped to Jennies for a Coffee, made a big fuss of Stanley with lots of cuddles, had a slow walk round the park & really wished my camera wasn't broken, the yellow, orange, copper & red leaves on the trees against the purplish grey sky looked stunning & would of made a great photo. Went back to Jennies again for another coffee & she said to come over Thursday night, for a chilled evening in front of the TV when Edgar goes out with the darts team to play a match, I will be back the following Thursday with flowers, for Amy's grave, (Jennie & Edgar let me bury Amy in their garden as I couldn't in my courtyard) as it will be a year on Nov 11th since she died. Jennie headed out to pick up the kids for school & I headed off to pick up more Match Attax cards with my voucher from The Sun from WHS.

Had Fajita Quorn Strips in a wheat & gluten free pitta with humus, for lunch followed with Total Yogurt with sliced banana & peanut butter in. Read The Sun & was in Tears reading about the poor, sad eyed, bear, in a filthy cage outside at a cafe, in Gabala, Northern Azerbaijan, Starving & forced to drink Cola from a 2ltr bottle, for the amusement of the cafe patrons, two days later the poor darling was dead, and quickly replaced by another one, the vile cafe owner said "we just catch a new one up in the mountains!" I hope next time he is mauled to death by one, the evil scum!!....... (video of it's torment below)

Did some more housework, still angry & hurt about the bear, I love animals & animal cruelty breaks my heart! There was a bit about a waster who doesn't want to work, in the paper yesterday, who the BBC had portrayed as a victim (like they also do to terrorists, which is why I never watch the BBC news as it is so biast & New Labour driven, news should be impartial)  James Van-Cliff quit because his weekly pay of £93 was not enough (now if his weekly rent was £150 like mine I could understand a bit as he'd need a 2nd job to pay rent & bills) but his rent was £9 a week!! BLOODY HELL!!!!!...... that's £39 a calender month compared to my £650 a calender HOLLY COW,  if my rent became £39 a month tomorrow I would think all my Christmas's & Birthday's had come at once & I'd have a job & a sense of security within 24hrs!! he is whining because his benefit is going to be reduced by £9 FFS!!!! with rent that low you shouldn't be claiming benefit you should be off your arse looking for work!! especially as he shares the flat & rent with his Girlfriend, so that's £4.50 rent a week or £19.50 a month!! My god he couldn't be in a more easy place to get work, how the BBC could portray him as a victim of the new government & their cuts (due to the BBC's darling Labour)
Poor Work-shy  James & Girlfriend
Don't they just ooze intellect & charm!

Meanwhile I have been on the waiting list for 30yrs for affordable housing & no higher up the list, as I don't have enough points to get higher up the list (which I could get by being, a criminal, a druggie or spawning a brood of illegitimate children!!!) so I have to pay private landlord rent of £650 a month & when I find myself out of work due to company liquidation, I am competing in an industry where 5000 and sometimes more can be trying for the same job, which increases with every retail outlet that goes under!! not only that, but I am limited in my options, as I need to ensure that the job will be able to cover my rent, my bills, my travel to the job, and food & other essentials, let alone enough for a treat or occasional holiday!! How the Fuck can this guy feel he is hard done by? I bet he doesn't put a dressing gown & beanie cap on over clothes indoors in winter to delay having to use the heating, or only have the lights on in the room his in, or live on porridge for weeks to pay winter bills!! makes you sick!!...

Talking of which no response from jobs I reapplied for yet, but Oaklands College did contact me, Re me doing a featured minor part for free, in their St Albans Film, but the auditions are in Oaklands in Welwyn Garden City on Nov 5th, NOT Oaklands St Albans, so not sure I can afford the fare to go? especially as I'm trying to see if I can get to Candies for her fireworks party.

Did some washing up and other household chores, then watched The Vampire Diary's. Sold another item on ebay for a few quid, so I will put in the post tomorrow. Then Chilled with the paper, and some home made salted popcorn, The Sun contained more on the scum trying to blow up aeroplanes with ink cassette bombs, ironically its Guy Fawkes Night, on Friday, when we celebrate him trying to blow up a corrupt government, in The Houses Of Parliament (rather like New Labour) I wouldn't be surprised if Scum Fanatics tried to attempt the same this Friday!!.....

Did some more job searches & sent off 30 job applications & 6 audition applications, I am betting I can count those that reply on one hand!!......watched Numbers & the brilliant Flashpoint and then crashed for the night!

Wednesday 3rd Nov, Dreamt I went to a huge club with Ian & (BB8) Jonty as guests of honour & went down a huge curving staircase into the throng, I recall Jonty getting spanked by someone & being outside later, doing something (which I cant recall) & having to walk down a pitch black path having to feel my way along, and I felt a body it didn't move or make a sound & I felt it must be dead, then I was in a house having some kind of disagreement with my brother Bill, also I seemed to be packing up stuff in a room.

Grey and gloomy out popped to the shop to get a Sun Newspaper & a few home essentials, then had a plain Oat so Simple & banana, and coffee then popped out & got my free 2Ltr bottle of  Zero Coke from Tesco with my voucher, then popped to WHS and got my free Match Attax Binder & cards with my other voucher & bought a Closer magazine. Saw the Dwarf city bin refuse collector & street sweeper that I often run into & had a chat, he has his own Facebook Supporters page bless him!! Then famished I went home for a Jacket potato & chili backed beans Yum!!

Read the sun paper and flicked through Closer Magazine, they had an article on Lauren Goodger from The Only Way Is Essex, They described her as the vulnerable one we can all relate to!!!..... Errrrrr NO!!! Not me I think she is a vile, vindictive, up herself, unprofessional, petty, spiteful, bitch!!!  who walks round like she is something special, and has a bad smell under her nose!!

She was Vile to poor Lucy I don't know if some of it was staged for the show or not (I'm guessing not, as you would not willingly agree to do, something that makes you look like a bitch, if your not!! unless your extremely stupid!!) although she doesn't come across as very intelligent to be honest!

If your pissed off your ex has moved on fair enough!! If you need to be catty (even though it makes you look pathetic!!) be catty to him, not his new girlfriend who has done nothing wrong by dating your ex!!

She has slagged off poor Lucy every opportunity she had, saying she looked like a teenager & that she is ugly (knowing Lucy will watch the show & see that, as will Mark) Lauren is jealous (or Jell if you want to use Essex speak) because Lucy is younger, slimmer & prettier than Lauren is, with her wide, flat, sour face!!

Lauren Goodger

If her actions were not staged then she was pathetic, petty & unprofessional, especially when she left Lucy off the Essex Fashion Week posters, when her designs were on the catwalk, & then, despite saying to Lucy she would keep things professional  (after a talking to by her far to lenient bosses) but then left her off of the catwalk, when she put all the other designers on the catwalk at the end, to thank them all for their fashion contributions. Also she slagged off Lucy & her clothes to Amy & Sam when she got them to model them (funny, as she liked them enough to choose them, before she knew who Lucy was....... pathetic bitch!!)

If The Essex Fashion Week bitchiness to Lucy was not staged for the show, then her bosses in the rag trade (if she really does work for them are fools!!) If I had been them I would of fired her!! (she should at the very least have got a official warning!) I have worked in the fashion & beauty industry for 30yrs as a Model, Designer, Illustrator, Stylist, Sales Assistant & Retail Manager, If I had let my private life interfere with my integrity at work in any of those positions, even once I would of been picking up my P45, If those to guys really do have a fashion business & have allowed cameras into it, then if they had any brains, they would of held a meeting before filming started, and told all staff that they represented the face of their company & at all times they should be setting a good example for the business!!

Lauren's actions could loose them customers & clients, when they see somebody with a "supposedly" high position in the firm, omit a client from advertising/promotion, exempt them from recognition & thanks publicly and on camera & slagged off their clothes in front of others just because they are dating an Ex of hers (I certainly wouldn't want them to have any of my business in case I as a client got the same treatment!) Her actions will have cost them business!!

Also in Closer mag was a article on a Swinging Gran, Carol Bone (apt surname) who has had 200 one night stands, with toyboys. I thought regular sex was meant to keep you youthful yet at 62yrs Carol looks more ancient than my mum did at 79yrs!! Proving yet again its no accident Swingers rhymes with Mingers!!.... she said she doesn't like overweight people, but she has a quite a chunky torso & belly herself on top of her thinnish legs, she looks like an old Joe Pasquali, in cheap lingerie, with a peroxide crop!! I wonder how attractive the toyboy swingers are? She makes my present over 2yrs of celibacy look positively frigid lol

Swinging 62yr Old Carol Bone

Then there was the article on vile mother Joy Watson, who lets her 14yr daughter Sophie Watson have permanent tattooed make up, drink (I grew up from 7yrs having the occasional small glass of wine with Sunday dinner or at Xmas or birthday celebrations to teach us responsible drinking as not to go crazy once at legal drinking age) go clubbing (I was allowed to from 11yrs with certain rules to adhere to!!) & put her on the pill knowing she has been having sex, (four so far!) I went on the pill at 11yrs due to having agonising periods from 9yrs & I remained a virgin (through choice) into my 20's!! Sophie is determined to become famous (a famous what, SLAG??) her mum Joy said "I laughed once when she grumbled once that she had, had a crap shag!!" adding "that doesn't make me an irresponsible mum!!" (oh yes it fucking does you stupid cow!!! you should be horrified that your daughter has racked up 4 sexual partners at 14yrs NOT F**KING LAUGHING!!) She drew the line recently though, when she found her daughter in bed with a girl & boy of the same age, but Sophie claims she "ONLY" had sex with the boy!! (oh that's OK then!!!) Sophie who is dating a 17yr old says she goes out on a Thursday night & her mum won't really see her again until Sunday!!! (yeah your not a irresponsible mum are you Joy!!!) My parents would be pulling their hair out with worry if I was 15mins over my night curfew let alone be gone for days!! Joy says Sophie is Very mature & acts within the boundaries she sets (what fucking boundaries??? that will be NONE from what I can tell!!) she use to drink 5-8 pints of larger a night, but now has half a litre of vodka a couple of times a week. She once threw up in the sink when drinking at home & the pic was put up on facebook before heading out clubbing  which her caring mother was aware of!! (my parents would of never let me get into that state at home, and wouldn't allow me to go out clubbing after being sick due to too much drink, in my 20's let alone at 14!!!) I did use to go to over 21 nightclubs at 13yrs because I looked older & I'd have enough cash for 3 rum & blacks my drink of the time, but my dad drove me there & would be parked directly opposite the exit & for the leniency of my parents, the rules were the minuet the last dance ends I was to get my coat & go directly to the exit to my dad in the car, no going off anywhere with anyone & I never did. I lived in a small village that had nothing but fields & livestock & houses, and I was into fashion & dancing, so my parents trusted me to go out & indulge in my love of dancing, but nothing else, and I never wanted to disappoint them!! Joy knows Sophie has slept with 4 boys & doesn't think it's too many as her 13yr old friend has slept with 20!!! fuck me do these young girls of today have no self respect?? (my parents would of been horribly disappointed with me if I'd slept with one guy at 14 let alone 4 & if they found out one of my younger friends had had 20 sexual encounters, they would not allow me to hang out with her anymore!) That girl will end up either dead from either booze, or drugs, before she hits her 30's or Raped/Murdered or on the game! Tragic!!

 Vile Joy & tragic daughter Sophie
Watched the inept morons on The Apprentice (if this is the cream of the crop from the applicants, what kind of useless tossers got rejected??) This week it was a fashion retail task (one I'd excel in!!) So it was a case of  who had the task sewn up & who Over-locked what was needed to win!! one collection made me laugh a dress was sold for £400 that was made from men's ties sewn together, I made a skirt out of my dads old ties when I was 16yrs old in 1980, maybe I should rake it out of my fancy dress box & sell it lol!!!

Watched The Only Way Is Essex, Harry was in his pants & shower cap having a spray tan, I knew he was thin but OMG!!! he is emaciated, he looks like a victim from Belsen Nazi Concentration Camp. That can't be healthy!! Amy's other little fat pug was on today (the black one) is probably heavier than Harry!! Lauren was as sour faced & unpleasant as usual, and Kirk his normal nice but dim self (which makes it hard to believe he owns/runs a club!) The nicest guy (even if a bit cheesy!) is Arg.

Chilled while sending off some job applications, while waiting for RuPauls Drag Race to Come on, I'd been offered an audition to be in a new quiz shows pilot, but they only pay travel expenses when making the pilot as your not paid for it, but not for audition, so I can't afford to do that at the moment.

Watched RuPauls Drag Race BRILLIANT!! ...... it was Dragmothers theme tonight, very good sadly the very funny Pandora Boxx was told to Sashay Away (I'd of preferred "The Other Tyra" to go, she is pretty when done up, but just a Beyonce wannabe, but without any of the Sasha Fierce-ness!!) I think it will be Raven, Juju Bee & Tatianna in the final three!!

 Ravishing Raven
 Juicy Juju Bee
Tasty Tatianna
Pandora Boxx, Gone But Not Forgotten

Thursday 4th Nov, Had another of my odd dreams, connected to TV & party's again. I'm having a better social life in my dreams than in reality!!!...... Woke with a rough sore throat, knew it was coming (despite trying to avoid it with warm clothes & scarfs) I popped out to the post office to send off a parcel & popped into WHS for some more Match Attax cards, & popped to see Aku & give him some fuss & a cuddle, as the fireworks going off are scaring him, as he sleeps outside in a kennel, I'd have him round mine (even though I'm not allowed to have my pets here) this week but I'm going to be out Friday night at Candies Firework Party, when most will be setting off fireworks round here & I have lots of breakables that could get ruined if he went a bit crazy due to fear of the noise, or wee'd or poo'd in my flat due to fear!! or ripped up soft furnishings, if I was home at the weekend I would of stolen him away to be with me, I'd hate to think of him being scared! so he got lost of kisses & cuddles.

Went home made a hot toddy (JD, lemon juice, honey & hot water) to soothe my throat & clear blocked sinuses &  bought some lockets to suck on, also went to buy a Now Magazine & saw they were doing a 2 magazine offer, so I bought that & when I got in I found the other mag was Woman (which is a bit like woman's own in my dream, I'll laugh if there is a dressmaking pattern in it that I pull out!!) had some pea soup for lunch then made a big batch of my Spicy Winter Warmer Soup, with lots of Chili, Ginger & Garlic in, that should hope attack my sore throat/cold germs!!!

Around 6pm Fireworks started going off, already? I thought & then realised it must be Diwali today, that always gets a lot of fireworks set off round here over the past 5yrs (guess the Asian population in St Albans has increased over the past 5yrs) thought of poor Aku I hope there is not any going off near him, poor baby.

Had some of my homemade soup (very good) then went round Jennies for a chilled girly night in front of the TV, while Edgar played darts, Watched Drop Dead Diva & Nikita (think Living is one of the few stations I'd consider paying for if I had the cash) Then I watched Celebrity Juice which was excellent this week but I was shocked to discover Jennie had never seen it before!!! I guess she is out watching Edgar play darts most Thursdays.

Went home after a coffee when Edgar got home, and watched True Blood (it just keeps getting better!!) Read some of The Sun Paper, this country is way too soft Police allowed Islamic's to protest over attempted murderer, Roshanara Choudhry

Friday 5th Nov, despite not falling asleep until some time between 7-8am I was awoken at 9am by a screaming brat, kicking off about having its haircut downstairs & he continued to screech on the top of his lungs for at least 15mins, obviously not wanting his hair cut. What the hell was his parent doing? I would of got a slap or at least the threat of one if I'd shown my dad up in public like that!! I was tempted to go downstairs & wring the brats neck myself!! Throat so sore & voice gone there is no way I'm going to be able to do that audition in Welwyn today, even after another hot toddy & locket lozenges. Got some sad news by phone at 10am meaning I definitely wasn't going to be able to make it, I was just about to text the Oaklands student when he text me, I replied I was unable to come explaining why, then popped out to see a friend.

The sky has been dark since 10am, looks like today will be an eternal evening, also its piddling down with rain outside, hope that doesn't put a dampener on Candie & Costa's fireworks....... packed an overnight bag for Candies & made a jacket potato with homemade ratatouille on it for brunch.

My Aussie soldier friend who is moving back to Australia soon (now his tour of duty in Iraq is over) is meant to be coming to stay the weekend (arranged weeks ago) but he hasn't been in contact recently, so I bet he has forgotten (and I'm not the type, to chase after a man to see whats happening, I always work by the rule of never letting a man become your priority, while allowing yourself to be his option!!) If I'm not important enough for him to remember, he is not important enough for me to hang about for or to remind!

Washed & dried hair though don't know why as it will be ruined by the rain & wind, did a smokey eyed with pail pink lips make-up. Wore capped sleeved, cowl necked, military styled, black, sweater dress, with a long sleeved black T-Shirt underneath, with thick black tights, and knee high KG pull up boots, put my black sequined knitted beanie/beret in my big black sequined shopper bag, Pulled on my Cream Cashmere Tommy Hilfiger Coat & grabbed my Black & white Versace umbrella & headed into town in the pouring rain at 4.20pm popped to WHS to get some more free Match Attax cards, then waited for the 712 bus to London, it was due at 5pm but arrived at 5.15pm due to traffic, then changed at Brent Cross for a 102 to Muswell Hill. London to my surprise unlike St Albans, was not chucking it down with rain!!

I got to Candies at 7pm & was greeted by an excited Xavier, and an equally excited Costa showed me his huge array of Fireworks for the evening (think he may put an organized event to shame, think he has enough to blow up the houses of Parliament) chatted to Candie in the Kitchen with some Mulled wine as I was the 1st to arrive.  Candie asked if I'd be spending Xmas with them? I said "Yeah if that's OK & your not going to be in Torquay" She said "Yeah I just thought maybe your sister or brother might of asked you to spend it with them" I laughed & said "There's no chance of that happening!!" soon after Candie's Policewoman friend Jenny arrived, with her two boys, then some more neighbours shortly after.


I had some more mulled wine (good for bad throat) Nat & Terry arrived & I caught up with the gossip & what had been happening with them, had some of the cheese, salad & pesto pasta from the buffet Candie had prepared, with some red wine. Chatted to Nat & Terry about the fantastic Season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race, we think Raven is very much like, the fabulous Shannel from Season 1.


Candie's Film making next door neighbours arrived, and also her soon to be divorced neighbour & his two kids (one boy, one girl) Despite bagging herself a new man in France, Policewoman Jenny (who is soon moving to France, with her kids near the Swiss boarders) set the soon to be divorced daddy in her sights & it was a master class in seduction, as she cock blocked him, and manipulated him into being in parts of the house away from other people, with a lot of touchy feely rubbing of his arm, leg, waist as they spoke!! The only fly in the ointment was his daughter (older of the two kids) who kept looking daggers at Jenny (and to me when I spoke to her dad) apparently although she is happy for her mum to be in a new relationship with a toyboy, she thinks she is the only female that needs to be in her dad's life! Nat, Terry & Candie were making me laugh saying I'd let them down by not bagging the eligible soon to be single man in the room!! adding "Pipped to the post by Jenny of all people who already has a man!! tut tut your losing your touch!!" I laughed I wasn't even looking to pull & he is shorter than me anyway!! chatted briefly to the divorcee to be.

Chatted to Candies Fun friend Stuart (who was at the burlesque fundraiser the other week) and Candie & I were telling him our (before we are 50) plans to have a Vajazzle & had to explain what it was, then I joked I might get a Penis Fly Trap done, he asked what that was? & I joked it was the same as a Vajazzle but instead of using rhinestones, you just slick very long eyelashes at the edge of each lip, opposite each other so it looks like a Venus Fly Trap lol......

We also said about our other (before we are 50) plans to do burlesque classes together, and to be life models, for art classes, makes a change from being the art student taking the classes!!

One Of My Life Drawings, When A Teenage Art Student

Stuart made me laugh when he said we could get our Vajazzles before we do our life class, that would certainly be a surprise for the art students, lol!!.... I said you could get a plain or multi coloured vajazzle & I thought I'd go with the plain, Stuart agreed that the multi coloured ones would look tacky!! & then we cracked up again, as if either would look classy!!

The excellent Fireworks show went off, Costa definitely got some excellent fireworks!! The house was full of smoke from the gunpowder from the fireworks let off in the garden, and Candie took rounds of Camembert out of the oven which we had with chunks of fresh bread & more red wine! Chatted some more to Stuart, like my friend Ozzy he is moving back to Australia, with his wife & two kids, she & the kids have gone ahead & he is tying up a few loose ends before following them on Tuesday (or at least he should be, but plane problems in the news lately has meant he may have to have his scheduled flight delayed) Jenny was getting more pissed and getting more full on flirty & she managed to get the soon to be divorced daddy's telephone number (you go girl!!) Nat & Terry gave me "that should of been you" looks which cracked me up!!

I could see Costa sat talking to Stuart was inebriated as his eyes were looking tired and heavy, when the Numbers had lessened to only a few kids & mostly close friends Candie put the music on & at one point was dancing on the table, while her son Xavier (Mr I love doing the clearing up) was putting bottles in the recycling & wiping surfaces & mopping the floor Costa was video tapping the bunch of us singing along to 80's hits, and I started to laugh & said he should send it into you've been framed, as you would of seen a bunch of boozy adults singing & in the background a 9yr old in a hi visibility jacket mopping the floor, it would look like child labour lol.....

But then he got over excited with an audience & with Candie dancing on the big wooden dining table he wanted to clean, Xavier shoved Candie & she went flying off the table into the large fireplace (luckily with no lit fire) hurting her back on the marble hearth!! OUCH! (She could end up with back problems like me now!!) after checking she was OK (Xavier was rapidly dispatched off to bed!!) We joked could she do it again? now that Costa had the video camera with him again, as we could make £200 for that on "You've Been Framed!!" 

The gang chatted some more & I went on the Cognac (good for throat) I coughed & ended up with a mouth full of phlegm (gross!!) so had to make my self scarce to rid myself of it (but Terry had clocked what happened by the look of horror on my face) Nat was looking fantastic, he'd lost more weight & had gained muscle, he said I looked better for gaining weight as did Terry, saying I looked so much better with some weight on!! I said I still wanted to lose the 1.5 - 2st I have gained, they said not to! Nat said it was when he looked at some pictures recently that he realised how skinny I'd got before.
 A Much Thinner Nat
A Bigger Nat, With A Slimmer Me

Saw Jenny in her coat wheeling a bike out the door, and assumed she was wheeling one of her boys bikes home, before coming back for the kids, a while later Candies phone went, Costa answered & there was some drama involving Jenny & Xavier's bike, that Candie & Nat had to go into the NOW pouring rain to sort. Super nosey Xavier heard his bike mentioned & stormed downstairs demanding to know where his bike was!!? He was dispatched back to bed & a while later Candie phoned my mobile, apparently Jenny had taken Xavier's bike to go to the garage for cigarettes & pain killers for Candie's back. As a policewoman you would of thought she would know she she shouldn't be on a bike while under the influence & especially a kids bike while pissed. 

Apparently she was covered in blood after coming off the bike & needed her kids distracted not to see her, well one was asleep on the sofa the other absorbed in poker game on the PC so it was not difficult to usher up to the bathroom unseen by them, she had a lump on her temple, a cut knee a cut elbow, the stockings she was flashing earlier were now shredded, eventually a Cab came & Jenny & kids were dispatched into the night. 

So then there was 8 of us and we let off the 2 giant flying lanterns off in the garden (that Nat & Terry had brought with them) the 1st Red one got caught on the shrubs underneath the boys bedroom window so Candy Knocked it down with a broom handle before it caused a blaze (in spite of the rain) the 2nd a white one sailed off like a rocket in the sky. Eventually everyone left except me & another of Candies friends & we crashed out on the blow up bed in Candies spare room. So with the excess of fireworks, Candies tumble off the Dining room table & Jenny's somersaults over the handlebars Candies Nov 5th Party definitely went off with a BANG!!!

Sunday 6th Nov, got up around 8-8.30am when I heard Candie up and about, her back is still very painful, I am sure she will find she will have troubles in the future with it!! I said Xavier would go ape when he sees the tate Jenny has got his bike in (he only had a few minor repairs a few weeks back) Chatted about the party & laughed about the goings on in the evening, and some neighbours networking each other like it was some cooperate suaray!! Showed Candie some old pics I found amid mums stuff in my back room, of me as a kid and my parents etc to scan

 Me & Monkey
 Me & Vicky
Me & Whisky
 With Mum & My Sister Julie
 Mum & Dad, At A Party, In A Bar
Me Aged 6yrs 

Had a Coffee plus Haloumi & Tomato roll for breakfast, Xavier came down and went into melt down over his bike (as I knew he would) and Candie was none to pleased when she looked and saw just how much damage Jenny had done. Costa headed off to his office for a bit & at 1.40pm I headed off to get the 102 bus as the last two 712 buses on a Saturday are at 3.30 or 6.40pm so decided on the 3.30pm one. Got a Sun paper from news agents en route to 102 stop & the bus arrived as soon as I got to the stop (great timing!) got to Brent Cross a hr early at 2.30pm so thought I'd pop to WHS for more free Match Attax tickets & have a nostalgic wander round Brent Cross. I was shocked when I lived in London I use to go to Brent Cross occasionally on a bus from Bounds Green, I use to think it was a big shopping centre but today it seemed tiny, The Harlequin in Watford dwarfs it!! it doesn't even have a Primark I thought ALL shopping centres did!? 

Got the 712 to St Albans & went to WHS in St Albans & got a 2nd lot of Match Attax tickets, then went home, could feel cold coming out more. Warmed up some of my spicy soup & downloaded some of my scanned photos into my facebook,  family tree album. then chilled in bed, still dressed, watching the TV as I felt Cold (having a cold didn't help) had a few texts from Nat, Candie made me laugh on Facebook.... saying....

Costa's excelled himself tonight I was just tucked up in bed when who knocks on the door ? Oh just the people he invited over to dinner, he'd forgotten about it and not mentioned a word to me!!! And although was great to see them I may actually properly kill him this time!!!!

Had to laugh that's typical Costa!!.... I asked if that's what he meant, when he said he had made arrangements with Stuart tonight? she replied.......

Oh no he would have gone out and left me with my surprise guests by myself if stu hadn't cancelled !!! 

That's so funny & with Candies ability to sleep through a bomb blast ..... literally!! (I once went to visit her in her flat in Cadagan Place, Knightsbridge, there were police & firemen & camera men everywhere the house 3 doors down from hers had been victim to a bomb attack, it had exploded & the firemen were putting out the flames, I was smashing on her front door & sitting room window <where she had fallen asleep on the couch> for 45mins before I managed to wake her!!) I said to her Lucky Stuart did Cancel & Costa was there, or your guests would have been hammering on your door to no reply!!!

I watched Harry Hills TV Burp, then The Xfactor..... I had to Twitter people to find out what this weeks song theme was & I found out it was American Anthems, well from the choices tonight, that really was not apparent!! For once I Don't like Dannii's dress tonight the colour was too washed out for her & she looked like a badly wrapped Xmas present  (even though Gok Wan was raving about it on Twitter) nor Cheryl's look she looked like she was playing dress up with a black childish Doyle like bow on her head!!

This Weeks Personal Critique Of The 10 Xfactor Finalists

Matt Cardle :- Good Voice, but not his best ever performance, bloody awful styling though!! That Air force Blue Mandarin collar shirt & Mustard strides should NEVER be seen together again!!! looked like some nerdy electronics shop floor worker!!

Rebecca Ferguson :- Her Vocals are good, not keen on her eye make-up, dress OK, she didn't set my world on fire though!

Mary Byrne :- Yet again the severe hair, but they have swapped the black clothing uniform they give her, for purple, BAD song choice, her worst vocal in show thus far. Didn't like it, was in wrong key for her,made her look like a bad singer!! She could be in trouble!!

Paije Richardson :- F**k me the stylist's have styled him as The Nutty Professor tonight!!! Fun but not "Crazy" about it!! No Pun intended!!

Treyc Cohen :- Good Make-up, Nice clothes & hair (for someone 20yrs older than Treyc) Good Vocals but not amazing!!

Aiden Grimshaw :- He is back to a song that suits him, good performance despite a few odd facial expressions, looking handsome from chest up, styling from waist down still bad!!

One Direction :- Good God its the Glee kids minus the non cheerleader girls, Cheesy performance, not their best performance, stylist was channeling High School Musical!

Cher Lloyd :- Good make-up & hair, the prettiest she has ever looked so far, eyebrows so much better, good vocal, but not crazy about it! Surprisingly a tad Karaoke rather than original, Clothes were better this week too!!

Katie Waissel :- Oh Dear Cheryl, each week the judges (especially Louie) Compare Katie to Gwen Steffani & so this week, you choose No Doubt's "Don't Speak" so a predictable choice & a BIG FAT FAIL!! she doesn't have a strong enough voice to project that song!! Katie is in trouble again this week!! FACT!!.... on the plus point, the only styling I liked 100% and the wig hid those ears & roots again!! Don't Speak is one of the songs I use to sing out of the Covers I did with Evil Barbie & The Ken-Dolls

Wagner:- Well what a surprise 2 songs cut and shunted together again, can't he remember the lyrics of one song all the way through?, bad, the 1st half worse than the last half, my friend Jake was bang on the money, when he said that Wagner looked more like Evil Kenevil after the crash, than Elvis, in that Rhinestone Jumpsuit, he should be out tomorrow night, but whether he will be is yet to be seen!!

The Xtra Factor, the show this week was pretty boring, BUT I found out two things, 1. that vocal coach Savan's face can continue to get stranger!! & 2. That Katie's 1st successful outfit was due to her completely ignoring Xfactors SHIT stylist Grace & doing her own thing!! (Well done Katie!! I take my multi coloured perspex hat off to you!!) That in mind seeing that Cher Lloyd is musing over sounding more Street by becoming Cher-L, how about Stylist Grace doing the same she could become Dis-Grace, as that aptly describes most of her styling attempts & which in turn means that most weeks I'm left with no choice other than to Diss Grace!!...

Caught the end of Million Pound Drop, Nicky wants me to enter for it with her, as we have a good source of general knowledge between us!! Then Dark Blue on Fiver USA then crashed out for the night, not many fireworks tonight so hope if Aku isn't indoors he is not scared!

Sunday 7th Nov, Had a odd dream that I was with Xfactors Katie Waissel & a black girl and we were being part of a 3 part girl group with a black girl I couldn't recognise from my dream, Katie was done up in a cross between her Halloween outfit & last nights Xfactor rock chick look, I was in Evil Barbie mode with big 18" blonde Beehive, the black girl had long hair & looked edgy & funky too!!! I was helping Katie make a Collage like poster as we killed time while camera's were being set up for either a photo shoot or pop video!

Woke with a sore throat, singing Friday night no doubt didn't help!! so stayed in bed drinking hot lemon & honey until 1pm trying to sweat the bitch out!! Then I got up washed & dressed & popped out for a News Of The World Paper a packet of Lockets for my throat & a mini JD to go in my hot toddy's for my cold!!...

I got on the scales I'd gained 2.5lb since Thursday, I knew I would as I ate bread & drank wine at Candies, Fri & Sat. Had Oat So Simple for brunch & later I had two quorn burgers with mustard & beans with lots of chili & curry powder in (to sweat cold out more)

Watched Coach trip while wrapped up like a Mummy trying to sweat out cold, I met the gay Hairdresser Pasquali when I auditioned for Coach trip, my friend Gemma & I got through but they changed the time period we were originally slotted into & Gemma couldn't get those dates off work, I ran into him again for another audition for a game show about a year later, still bunged up I had more hot toddy's.......Read the Sunday paper (didn't win the lottery with my 2 lucky dip lines!!) bugger another broke week next week then!!

Watched The Xactor Results Show, Dannii looked stunning in her figure hugging black dress, Cheryl cute in her beige number, Simon his usual self, but Louie looked stupid in his bow tie, the look just doesn't suit him, after the work done to make him look more youthful that look ages him!!!

The joint contestant song started Pinks "Rock Star" the girls looked OK but yet again the stylist's gave Mary severe hair that made her look even more like the picture below

Xfactor Stop with the pulled back piled high hair look for Mary PRONTO!!!!.... It's not flattering & unlike all other female contestants its bloody repetitive, like constantly dressing her in dark colours!! 

Shayne Ward was on & was looking a bit gaunt & looking at his styling tonight, I wouldn't be surprised if he is the next ex Xfactor contestant, to take a step out of the closet, oh dear what has happened to him?, I use to find him handsome, not tonight!! Song was also a damp squib, I wont be rushing out to buy it!! 

The Other Fab Minogue, Kylie was up next, Kylie looked pretty & cute in her little red mini dress, but for once not blown away by her new song, catchy, the kind of tune to blast out as a girl, when driving along in an open topped car, on a sunny day but more an album track than a single track!!

The break arrived and I felt Katie, Mary or Wagner could be in trouble, when the show came back it was results time!!!..... time to see where the public axe fell!!.... Aiden SAFE, Rebecca SAFE, Matt SAFE, One Direction SAFE, Paije SAFE, Cher SAFE, Wagner (amazingly) SAFE, it's now down to 3 Mary, TreyC & Katie, will the public's love for Mary Save her? or will my prediction of Mary & Katie come true? or like my dream will it be Katie V TreyC (the unknown black girl with long hair <TreyC's hair is down tonight>) Mary SAFE, OMG my dream was prophetic, as it was Katie & TreyC in the final sing off, so singing together, only my presence is missing (though at home watching!!) Katie sang 1st, Singing don't give up on me, not her best vocals quite weak again!! TreyC was next with Unbreak My Heart, a great song, but again her vocals were not at their best tonight, not quite sure who will be saved or maybe it will go to deadlock, then probably Katie will go! Hmmmmmmm?

Cheryl was gutless & refused to vote on either of her two acts so it was down to Louie after Simon Saved Katie & Dannii Saved TreyC & he predictably saved Katie!!! Which I thought was a cop out as Cheryl didn't vote it should of gone to deadlock!!

The Xtra Factor, dull show other than a caller telling Louie he looks like a Young Liberace, Konnie Huq is rather boring to watch tonight! Bland & Beige presenting yawn!!

Watched "The Only Way Is Essex" wondering if Cheryl Cole got her red hair look idea from Amy, the only difference being it suits Amy!! Arg bless him looks so shy judging the boxing ring card girls who were auditioning. Lydia is being pathetic, over Arg auditioning the girls, leave Shy, sweet Arg alone. I was with the footballer & property guy cracking up at Sam & Amy when they asked where North London was!! But nice to see them do the old secret code re guys on date or at a party, that my girlfriends & I have used over the past 24yrs we even used lip gloss as one of them, at one legendary Party I went to with Anna, Andrulla & Andrea in my Gori girl days!!! Kirk is on his date with the Ex Model DJ Lauren. She has a good tall slim body, and thick long hair but she is Fugly man!!! her big forehead and egg shaped head makes her look between a cross between an Albino Somalian or one of the classic Greys (in Alien sightings) & has that common accent!! PML Amy thought Guy Fawkes died on Nov 5th what do teachers teach in schools these days? to turn out so many people in their teens & 20's that are so ill educated?

Read some more of NOTW big double page spread on Christine Bleakley by Dan Wootton, didn't read it as She is boring enough to watch as it is, let alone to read about, don't get the Christine B hype at all, average looks, boyish body, average presenting skills & zero charisma!! YAWN!!!.....

Browsed through Now Magazine, Kirk is in it in his pants (turns out his dad owns Sugar Hut nightclub, so that's how he got to be a manager!!) Also an article on Noel Biderman's dating website for married people 

Watched The Real Housewives Of  New Jersey,  divinely Bitchy!! Teresa's daughter Gia is a spoilt, vain, precocious little brat!! But Teresa is an up herself, pain in the arse, so it's no surprise her kid grew up so annoying. Can't stand Caroline, or Teresa's husband  Joe either. Daniel has a hard as nails face (not helped by some too severe cosmetic work) but with her life story that's not surprising and of all the housewives of New Jersey she is actually the most likable, and has the best well adjusted kids, and Christie made a very pretty model. 

Went to try to sleep after that as I have a meeting I have to attend at 11am, don't know what it's about but as I have been emailing re money I should be reimbursed, after money I was due wasn't paid by mistake into my account, meant a direct debit couldn't be paid & I got £25 bank charges after I sent my bank statement as proof, the idiots wrote to me asking me to send it, after I already had!! I emailed them this NO REPLY I have continued to email them for 3 months STILL NO REPLY!!  You can bet your bottom dollar that, if it was me owing them money, they would be answering me back inept useless assholes!!


  1. You are so nasty and bitchy about other womean it is unpalatable. And you simply do not live in the real world you say you are broke all teh time and drop hevy hints to people to try and get them to pay for stuff for you and yet you are always buying JD and magazines and treaats, when people are really brok they save a lot of money by NOT drinking alcohol and no magazines, you can read magazines online for nothing. You have no idea what broke is your comment "am limited in my options, as I need to ensure that the job will be able to cover my rent, my bills, my travel to the job, and food & other essentials, let alone enough for a treat or occasional holiday!! " is incredible, you are basically saying that if a job will not cover all that and treats AND a holiday then you will not take it. I think the DHSS would be disgusted if they found out this was why you were not taking jobs. Sorry but I found this to be very disturbing reading

  2. Ahhh honey there you are I soooo missed you!! Err heavy hint's to who??? PML I think a miniature bottle of JD to put in a hot toddy is hardly splashing out!! sorry to dissapoint you but my friends & I have a magazine rota scheme we all buy 1 and swap round (and as i got a free yearly suscription to Heat as a Birthday prezzi that cost me £0 for my contribution..... As for your other wrong accusation NOPE!! I'm saying I need one to cover the basics..... let alone hoping for something left over!! (NOBODY will take a job that doesn't leave you enough to pay the rent, travel to work or the bills with or you would be running at a loss & be homeless & unable to pay your rent in 2 months!!)& at what point did I ever state I turned down any jobs?? In fact I stated I apply for over 20 a day & find it frustrating, when there is no response, especially when it's one I am well experienced for & extremely good at, unlike the lay about above who refuses to work or look for a job!! So I suggest you read properly & not just between the line's. That stated, good to have you back I was worried you may be poorly or poisoned by your own bile. Have a nice weekend!!

  3. Oh and as for being bitchy to other women (or Womean)I'm merely making observations, or commenting on those who are bitchy themselves, everyone is entitled to their opinion (that is why, no matter how wrong & bitchy your comments are, I have never deleted them!!)